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COVID-19: Public Crisis or Opportunistic Marketing Campaign Part III, Additional Confirmations and Relevant Data Points from Dr. David E. Martin

20 Nov 21

This is the third article in a sub-series detailing the forensic examination of over 4,000 U.S. patent filings respective to SARS-CoV-2 that has been conducted by Dr. David E. Martin/MCAM. Martin’s work is critical to the broader Moonshine body of work because it provides empirical data sets via U.S. patent filings that are incontrovertible while they also substantiate, validate and confirm important timeline positions that evidence COVID-19 being a construct of enterprise fraud.

The first and second articles provide the foundation for the following paraphrased transcriptions from recent interviews and appearances by Martin. The video segments are linked at the bottom in the order in which they appear transcribed as paraphrased like with the first two articles.

The video sources for the paraphrased transcriptions that follow are linked at the end below the presentation of the corpus of patent filing documents provided by Martin and MCAM.


Video 1: We are on the precipice of the mass murder of 5-11 year olds with the administration of experimental mRNA pseudo-vaccines and “the issue,” which aligns entirely with foundation of Moonshine work is that it’s all predicated on enterprise fraud at the emergency determination and renewal processes, which provide emergency use authorization for mitigations.

Since the EUA permits the circumvention of the standard vaccine development protocols, which generally takes around a decade, the current standards under the EUA are entirely insufficient in determining whether the “vaccines” are safe and effective and with robust risk mitigations.

Martin characterizes the vaccines initiative as a genocidal one with depopulation objectives while accurately destructing the “public health emergency” as fraudulent.

Drawing back to 1984, which coincides with Anthony Fauci’s entry into the federal apparatus, the objective was to create a singular model of what health was defining it as the genetic manipulation of an organism to build a perpetual dependency on the pharmaceutical industry. Martin’s word choice is critical as it’s the exact same qualifier that the Moonshine body of work assigns to the the cycle of enterprise fraud – perpetual.

Fauci is positioned as the genesis of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which was a bill to, “amend the Public Health Service Act to establish a National Vaccine Program for the development of new vaccines and the improvement of existing vaccines and a program to compensate the victims of vaccine-related injuries and deaths, and for other purposes.”

Martin asserts that Fauci was specifically chosen for his role due to his personal attributes: conquest orientation; trained to believe in crusades and the holiness of divine causes; inclined to impose his will on humanity; short in stature and replete with Napoleonic tendencies.

Diverging into a topic presumably little known by most Americans and one that we’ve addressed at Moonshine but not terribly in depth, Martin breeches eugenics circa 1914 and the Eugenics Office of the U.S. [Eugenics Records Office] created by Andrew Carnegie. Notably, it was American eugenics that served as the blueprint for World War II era Nazi Germany, which served as the full spectrum blueprint for COVID-19. It brings us full circle in Moonshine work with George H.W. Bush at the epicenter and drawing back to Prescott Bush’s funding of the Nazi party.

In 2013, a two year-process was put in place to develop the emergence of an adaptation of the S-1 spike protein and Ace-2 receptor cell science associated with the coronavirus model that was derived from bats in Chinese caves. In 2014 and in violation of the U.S. moratorium on gain of function work, NAIAD, permitted Ralph Baric/UNC Chapel Hill to develop a chimeric, synthetic, modification that was an alternative of the emerged adaptation that caused a severe pneumonia illness in 6 Chinese miners.

These points represent existing and evidenced work but they bear repeating. Advancing further on the 2-year timeline to 2015, we come to another evidenced position, the Peter Daszak statement first reported on in 2016. Martin characterizes it as “the evidence” of the criminal [RICO] conspiracy equating it to seeing a bank robber outside of a robbed bank holding a blue dye pack compromised bag of cash. Bearing down on RICO is the 2008 WHO declaration that SARS had been eradicated thus calling into question the motive and need for a pancoronavirus vaccine per the 2015 statement.

In January 2019 and bearing down on RICO patterns, many of the coronavirus vaccine patents were permitted to lapse sans one. Subsequently and as already evidenced, in April 2019, Ralph Baric/UNC Chapel Hill were required to transfer the rights of the S-1 spike protein/Ace-2 binding domain patent to the NIH despite its march in right provision resulting from the NIH’s funding of the work leading to the patent. Martin calls this patent “the real bioweapon.”

The CDC’s 25 April 03 patent on coronavirus was permitted to lapse in 2018 for failure to pay the maintenance fees. Bearing down on RICO, this is a sleight of hand maneuver to permit other parties to vector in on the proprietary work or as Martin puts it, “to roll the entire program out.”

Citing President Trump’s 19 Sep 19 Executive Order 13887 and recalling that the initial 27 Dec 19 outbreak in China, which was later revised to 17 Nov 19 and farther back to October 2019 as per a 13 Nov 19 FBI Tactical Intelligence Report, but still after 19 Sep 19, was not first reported in legacy media until 31 Dec 19, Martin suggests that Trump wittingly [as a conspirator] or unwittingly [on bad guidance from advisors] was complicit.

The previous day, 18 Sep 19, the WHO document ‘A World at Risk,’ which was signed by Fauci, CDC, Gates, et al, was published outlining a global respiratory pandemic exercise to be completed by September 2019. The exercise entailed the release of a pathogen as the impetus for a global vaccine platform.

This evidenced position bears down on the Martin distinctions that I regularly draw [that there was no outbreak event since there was no isolated gene sequence for a virus in the public domain for over 20 years], on the timeline and on existing evidence suggesting that there was a release event at the World Police and Fire Games in China in August 2019. This release event plausibly stands as a guaranteed and controllable mechanism to commence the pandemic by driving viral transmission internationally [relative to designed flaws in RT-PCR testing and faulty high cycle thresholds that create false positive results in abundance] and recalling the longstanding and exclusive Moonshine position holding that impeachment and COVID are enmeshed and entangled on the exact same timeline; and where Pelosi mismanaged impeachment on purpose to calibrate it to COVID-19 so as to deflect away from it.

So, was Trump acting on intelligence respective to the August 2019 outbreak even or to bad guidance from his advisors using the WHO document as justification or was Trump complicit?

It should be noted that the red font language from Martin’s slide above can not be found in Trump’s EO and it represents Martin’s interpretation of what is contained in the EO.

It should also be noted that in private conversation, former White House official Garrett Ziegler stated that Trump received bad guidance on vaccinations from his advisors. By reading the EO, you can immediately identify the language being in alignment with Fauci, his work and his objectives, which center on getting the American people to accept mass vaccinations. COVID-19 was the remedy to this by forcing vaccinations as per the growing initiative behind mandates.

Martin agrees in that he states the EO was written for Trump, which is our position.


Martin makes time to go after Trump which will align peculiarly with a video consumed the other day and not featured in this article but in which he steers the conversation away from the prosecution of Fauci, et al instead preferring to say they made a series of bad decisions during difficult times. Rather, the focus should be on a new opportunity to remake humanity, he said. That sounds a lot like “build back better” and it’s bothersome.

Since our introduction to Martin, I’ve explored possible disinformation avenues; especially in light of his choice of Masonic symbolism. What I outlined above is the Comey “no reasonable prosecutor” Clinton company line that Martin could be proffering. The reasoning here is simple. The patents were always there and were always going to be found. So then, it stands to reason that you would put your own guy on point to assume control of that messaging and then use his influence to gradually steer it to desired ends.

Martin is a UVA graduate and former naval intelligence. This is an evidenced, hypothetical and plausible scenario I’ve outlined for him. We’ll see continue to monitor. Digressing.

Relative to immunity and notions of Throckmorton as the doctrine that vitiates fraud, Martin outlines RICO considerations [imaged below.]

Martin further delineates the “Martin distinction” stating that coronavirus was never bioweaponized as evidenced by the facts surrounding it being a “model of a family of sequences of various proteins” and that “there is not a coronavirus, there was never a novel coronavirus, there will never be a novel anything.”

This bears down on the patented, synthetic, chimeric and programmable aspects of the gene sequences, Baric’s work at UNC Chapel Hill that draws back to 1999, Fauci’s NIAID funding of it and the emergency determination process, which contains specific threat qualifiers that must be present in order to declare a public health emergency. The synthetic chimeric version was patented in 2002.

The medical, patent and legal distinctions that Martin makes are important to understand – that coronavirus as it is commonly known is not the same coronavirus associated with SARS-CoV-2 and the distinction begins with the fact that the gene sequence is patented and naturally occurring things can’t be patented by law.

Therefore, SARS-CoV-2 is a virulent form of the S-1 spike protein/Ace-2 biding domain by gain of function work defined as a synthetic product [man made and therefore subject to being patented] designed from a model of coronavirus. It was a recombinant [assembled] virus that was “an infectious replication defective coronavirus model [gain of function].”

The synthetic gene sequencing makes it programmable as described given the capacity to upload the sequence to servers all over the world as a means of propagation [enabled others around the world to conduct further GOF and other work.]

Another concept within the distinctions that Martin makes is that the bioweapon is the spike protein; recalling that the mRNA pseudo-vaccines cause your body to produce the S-1 spike protein.

Therefore, it bears down directly on our exact and precise target for enterprise fraud – the predication and data sets underpinning the emergency determination. Anything subsequent to and resulting from that determination is vitiated by the Throckmorton doctrine – fraud vitiates everything. This should include immunity protections. We defer to the attorneys here.

The immunity consideration also include The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 that causes liability fines to paid by the U.S. taxpayers rather than vaccine manufacturers. Martin paints the totality of the shield of immunity as the objective.

Further contributing to the discussion on the Criminal Enterprise under RICO, Martin offers the “Privateers” and “Pirates”; tying it to immunity and concerns about the Prep Act, which is the authority for immunity, on the part of the manufacturers. Martin delineates how ANSER is a CIA shell corporation respective that received a contract shield of immunity.

In any liability suit, the manufacturers [Pfizer, et al] would funnel the liability to ANSER. Since ANSER is a shell, this equates to compartmentalizing the liability into a single container to then be bankrupted and terminated. Problem solved. That’s how enterprise fraud works.

ANSER is the prefabricated container designed to receive the liability on the back end of the enterprise fraud scheme similar to figure 1 above. This speaks to premeditation, motive, means and opportunity.

The “Privateers”, “Pirates” and “Conspiring States” will factor into further delineating the Criminal Enterprise.

Video 2: The second video is an historical dive with Martin demonstrating the constructive nature of the founding elements of America centered on creating debt slaves through live insurance and the Federal Reserve. It’s relevance to COVID-19 are limited in scope and I recommend taking-in this video in full.

Martin hypothesizes that relative to the debt slave construct with the Federal Reserve at the center, Social Security is expected to be insolvent by 2028 with too many Americans relying upon it. Therefore, it makes the depopulation vectors of COVID-19/mRNA pseudo-vaccines applicable as a remedy for Social Security’s insolvency and in greater service to the debt slave construct. This directly ties to the eugenics angles upon which he expands including broader discussions on humanity.

Martin states that with DARPA becoming the number one funder, Fauci has spent over $191 billion on weaponizing viruses; and that he’s audited every dollar.

Martin concludes in a way you’ll want to see for yourself by planting a seed that the Apple corporation deserves close scrutiny.

The Martin and M-CAM Corpus of Patent Evidence


Video Sources:

  1. Video 1 [published 07 Nov 21 WAPF Wise Traditions Conference] beginning around the 7:00 mark
  2. Video 2 [published 11 Nov 21 Red Pill Expo]



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