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OMICRON: Further Positioning and Evidencing Omicron Within a Perpetual Construct of Enterprise Fraud

11 Dec 21

We hit the ground running with established evidence, analysis and positions moving us while providing little in the way of recapitulating everything that has us to this point. For those unfamiliar with Moonshine work evidencing COVID-19 as a perpetual construct of enterprise fraud, our timeline helps for fast consumption and quick uptake. Otherwise, there are ONE TWO previous articles that provide needed backdrop to this article.

Taking the second linked article first, the work identifies ties to an independent and European Union funded lab and center named Omicron, that was established within a Poland university. The name, capabilities and functionality of the center relative to COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud, make it very worthy of close scrutiny while the evidence shows direct overlays with components in the evidence we’ve uncovered in the U.S.

In the first article that coincides with the first reporting of the Nu and later renamed Omicron “variant,” which was rolled-out over the Thanksgiving holiday, we assume the Martin position on “variants” and the nature of the “outbreak.” Doing so made our first priority identifying the utilitarian purpose of Omicron in service to the construct at the time it presented on our established and ongoing timeline.

I put it like this in real time,

The Nu “variant” is going to be used to exacerbate what would otherwise be a normally occurring and statistically unremarkable peak flu 2021-2022 in a very specific way. The Nu “variant” is likely going to begin another round of draconian lock-downs in one to several states that will expand to others while it also is going to expand the drive for or perhaps tip us over to mandatory vaccines for all.

Through a lens, the Nu “variant” can be seen as an extra-legal appeal from the 5th Circuit’s recent ruling against the Biden administration’s OSHA vaccine mandate and it may shift the landscape of opinion, thought and rulings to our disadvantage. It’s similar to how Fauci circumvented the U.S. Patent Office – he revised his application to include a deliberate or accidental release and upon doing so, previously denied vaccine patents were granted. That’s what they do – change the rules and circumvent.

This cartel’s long history of rules changes and circumvention are hallmark indicators of fraud.

Let’s augment our understanding and positioning of Omicron [Nu at the time above] to include this plausible scenario. It involves mortality rates in the U.S. climbing in statistically remarkable ways to demonstrate a correlation between COVID-19 “vaccination” rates and anomalously higher levels of mortality that comports on the same timeline. In this case, Omicron may be used to explain away mortality that is actually being caused by the experimental mRNA “vaccines.”

Here is more contemporaneous evidence that our positioning here is on point.

From 10 Dec 21, Summit News as posted at Zero Hedge, we learn coming out of south Africa that not only is Omicron not deadly, but that despite the increases in infection numbers, the mild nature of it is not only mostly unremarkable, but through the lens of herd immunity, it may represent an exit from the pandemic. Regardless, it in no way lives up to the fear being manufactured over it.

In an 11 Dec 21 article from Zero Hedge, we learn that across the U.S., there is only one hospitalization and that there are zero deaths due to Omicron. In that same vein and from the article, don’t forget that, “CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, the bureaucrat who coined the term “pandemic of the unvaccinated” (only to see the virus cut through vaccine protections like butter), confirmed Friday afternoon that the US has only seen one patient hospitalized due to omicron, and that nearly all cases of the variant found in the US so far have been notably mild.”

The 800-lb. gorilla in the room is the continued insistence and mandating that people receive these experimental mRNA injections when the evidence suggests that they are ineffective and will require lifetime boosters and new shots altogether for each new emerging “variant.” It’s exacerbated by coming to understand that we are experiencing a pandemic of the vaccinated; that the vaccinated are accountable for transmission and hospitalizations.

The very fact that the “vaccines” appear responsible for transmission is direct evidence of the perpetual nature of the enterprise fraud construct. We get further confirmation of this line of thought from Pfizer.

In a 09 Dec 21 piece from The Gateway Pundit, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said vaccinated individuals would require a fourth dose sooner than expected. No matter the context, the goalpost always gets moved: one shot to, two to three, and now four.

According to whistleblower Brook Jackson and her tranche of evidence, that’s the same Pfizer that falsified trials data, unblinded patients and had employees that were not adequately trained for vaccine administration.

Who thinks four will be the last? It’s as laughable as it is tragic and half of the nation is blindly marching in lockstep to it and their own demise.

As the vaccine adverse reactions, injuries and deaths continue to mount; and as the already identified myocarditis and pericarditis concerns do likewise; and often in full public display like professional athletic events; and in light of deliberate under-reporting and the obfuscation of reliable VAERS data, the criminal enterprise [RICO] is grasping for answers and explanations. The data and the narrative don’t comport; never have.

It’s causing them to fabricate nonsense from thin air. Like this as reported by Summit News and posted at Zero Hedge 09 Dec 21, where in the UK, the “explosion in new heart illnesses in younger patients can be explained by a new condition called “post-pandemic stress disorder.”

That is utter bullshit. Fodder for the feeble minded and intellectually challenged who are afraid to confront their own conventions, assume personal risk and actually fight back.

This criminal enterprise is hoping that we’re all so abjectly stupid that we’ll buy their snake oil.

Speaking of snake oil, Lord Fauci – the so-called expert who’s been in place since 1984 – can’t even define what “fully vaccinated” means. It seems to me that we are in the midst of a pandemic of self-proclaimed experts who are wrong and not expert at all around every single corner.

That is by design and that is why this is all enterprise fraud.

On 09 Dec 21, Summit News reported and Zero Hedge posted the article saying, ““It’s going to be a matter of when, not if,” Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said during an appearance on CNN.”

Understand this – the definition of “fully vaccinated” impacts the data that determines if someone who is vaccinated [fully] becomes infected or dies from SARS-CoV-2 or any variant or for any other cause respective to their vaccination status and timeline.

It fits in with the back end rolling window [diagrams in linked article help] that permits the cause of death process/death certification to continue to be altered for weeks following any such death. This means the cause of death can change during this time.

In the world of fraud, we call this a lever and it’s one that Fauci can and does pull at will. That’s what in-part makes this enterprise fraud under RICO.

In the State of Oregon, the back end rolling window for cause of death manipulation is 74 days.

The CDC’s current definition of “fully vaccinated,”In general, people are considered fully vaccinated: 1) 2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or 2) 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine.”

It’s the overlay in the open weeks that is the effective lever. The 2-week open window that permits disregarding vaccination status relative to cause of death inserts into an already existing rolling window of about 5-8 weeks that permits revisions to cause of death.

This is why Fauci is again changing the definition of “vaccinated.” It’s being adapted to account for statistical irregularities that are now evident. Moreover, it will allow him to further pull this lever and shape the data to bring it into alignment with their fraudulent narrative that discounts or dismisses vaccinations based on fraudulent data.

Now consider aspects of this that don’t get any darker and I will tell you that there are brilliant people – doctors, nurses, lawmakers, attorneys, investigators and more – on the teams I serve and that some of them believe as I do in that despite SARS-CoV-2 being a bio-WMD, the real bio-WMD of concern is the mechanism of the nanoparticle envelope/mRNA/S-1 spike protein/Ace-2 binding domain that is the mRNA injections.

To evidence this consider this report from The Gateway Pundit coming out of Canada and specifically, I’ll refer you to the video of an interview with Canadian doctor, Dr. Daniel Nagase. The heavy hitter inside of that video is this. The norm for stillbirths occurs at a rate of about 1 every 2 mos. Recently and relative to the vaccination timeline, stillbirths rose to 86 in 6 months.

All 86 stillbirths occurred with “fully vaccinated” mothers.

Now ask yourself, “Why is Fauci changing the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ again?”

Omicron exists as we thought and the evidence positions it accurately.

We’ll close with this.

On 11 Dec 21, Zero Hedge feature a piece from The Epoch Times and it opens with this, which reads as a perfectly succinct synopsis of what Moonshine has been saying all along, “The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of fear, manufactured by individuals who were in the nominal positions of authority as the virus began to spread across the globe last year, according to Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch.”

COVID-19 is absolutely a construct of enterprise fraud and the Moonshine continues to age well like fine wine.



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