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Nu Reason to Be Very Afraid: What the Latest COVID Boogeyman Is v. Is Not

26 Nov 21

By design, there is more out there to read on COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 and the “pandemic” than can be reasonably consumed; much less understood. That’s how it’s supposed to work. It’s a layer in the complexity of the perpetual design of enterprise fraud that comprises COVID-19. That and a real bioengineered pathogen qualifying as a bio-WMD by legal, medical and patent standards; just like its supposed and worse remedy – the pseudo-vaccine platform of S-1 spike protein/Ace-2 binding domain features that induces immune response and dependency scenarios proving dangerous and deadly the world over.

The work at Moonshine is tedious, arduous and often dry and difficult to read. Such is the nature of enterprise fraud and if one cares to understand it relative to this supposed pandemic, those are the weeds through which one must go. Today, we’re sticking to basics and keeping it short.

I’ve outlined, documented and diagrammed the elements of enterprise fraud in COVID to include things like bulk data revisions in August 2020 and May 2021; moving the measuring stick from declining mortality data to made-up “new cases” in mid-April 2020; and the use of the mid-April shift to “new cases” and “variants” to serve at contextually critical times.

In the spring of 2020 and 2021 and moving into summer, the mid-April shift [2020] and the Delta “variant” [2021] were leveraged to circumvent the seasonal die-off of the primary comorbidity data harvesting reservoir, flu/pneumo season. In this instance, the “variant” became a bridge linking peak flu season of one year to peak flu of the next; while circumventing the die-off. This is a component of the build-in of perpetuity.

Latch on to peak flu and the timing of the emergence of the Nu “variant” because it’s another contextual boogeyman. In this instance, the Nu variant isn’t going to be used to circumvent a seasonal die-off. In this light, recognize that criminals rarely create levers that accomplish only a single objective. They prefer multipurpose tools that are highly malleable and adaptable.

The Nu “variant” is going to be used to exacerbate what would otherwise be a normally occurring and statistically unremarkable peak flu 2021-2022 in a very specific way. The Nu “variant” is likely going to begin another round of draconian lock-downs in one to several states that will expand to others while it also is going to expand the drive for or perhaps tip us over to mandatory vaccines for all.

Through a lens, the Nu “variant” can be seen as an extra-legal appeal from the 5th Circuit’s recent ruling against the Biden administration’s OSHA vaccine mandate and it may shift the landscape of opinion, thought and rulings to our disadvantage. It’s similar to how Fauci circumvented the U.S. Patent Office – he revised his application to include a deliberate or accidental release and upon doing so, previously denied vaccine patents were granted. That’s what they do – change the rules and circumvent.

This cartel’s long history of rules changes and circumvention are hallmark indicators of fraud.

It’s important to remember that the CDC begins its annual peak flu every 01 Dec, runs it for two months and this is a well evidenced component to the fraud. So is using national holidays as cover as I put it last night [links provided at the bottom.]

As I put it this morning.

The evidence is solidifying that this is by design a pandemic of the vaccinated being propagated as one of the unvaccinated so as to compel the latter to join the former in lockstep to what appears to be our collective demise. Psychological warfare is fully at hand; especially the Chinese variety. It’s why the truth is so important.

With 40,000 “variants” of SARS-CoV-2 gene sequences existing in patent filings [Martin/MCAM] and positioned to serve an enterprise fraud construct of perpetual design that capitalizes on the same annual flu/pneumo season that always has been and always will be in existence, COVID-19 is never going away and these people will never stop until they are made to stop.

Favorite dead horses kicked. Broken records played. It’s Groundhog Day all over again. But Nu reasons to be very afraid.

Only for the timid and feeble-minded, folks.

Dead horses kicked again.




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