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COVID-19: Public Crisis or Opportunistic Marketing Campaign Part II, Martin on Stew Peters with Confirmations and Relevant Data Points

In a recent Moonshine article, we took an incredibly intricate, deep and highly complex dive into the fraudulent construct we call the COVID-19 pandemic and in it, we examined the testimony of Dr. David E. Martin of MCAM. Therein and respective to SARS-CoV-2, Dr. Martin provided a copious amount of evidence available in 4,000 U.S. patent filings that MCAM examined to produce analytical findings and whereby MCAM presented all of the findings and evidence to all of the requisite legal, judicial, legislative and otherwise appropriate parties and entities in April of 2020.

For fidelity’s sake, this is several months following the 27 Dec 19 [and later revised to 17 Nov 19] first reported outbreak respective to Martin’s general knowledge of all of this information dating back to 2002. The effort was resoundingly and completely met with crickets. Just like when Bill Barr, whose background I scoured and linked directly to the stolen election and China respective to his tenure at Kirkland & Ellis, met that stolen election with crickets and even issued letters ensuring it. There’s a sub-series of Moonshine articles detailing it all.

The U.S. patent filings draw the timeline back to 1999 recalling that one Moonshine position is the ascendance of George H.W. Bush to the presidency. See the 1999 timeline contiguously and in both directions as far back as World War II Nazi era Germany and to the present. That’s old work for us.

It was a massive article containing a pseudo-transcription of Martin’s statement as tethered to Moonshine positions and whereby relevance and confirmations were discussed. The project caught the attention of Mr. Lin Wood again and gratefully so.

The findings were extraordinary and they support longstanding and exclusive Moonshine positions on the table for over a year and a half. Today’s article provides a few briefer points to expand on the previous ones and where I’m omitting redundant content.

The video is 52:19 long and this will save you a bunch of time if you understand the last article.

In between these two articles is another and it leverages Martin’s work on top of the body of Moonshine work to unmask Anthony Fauci as the monster he is.

Here’s more from Dr. Martin courtesy of the Stew Peters Show and the video is linked for you at the bottom.

The Interview

What follows is a paraphrased transcription of Dr. Martin’s interview on the Stew Peters Show published 19 Jul 21. It is linked at the bottom. 

The paraphrased transcription is interlaced with Moonshine commentary and noted accordingly. It will also appear in […] brackets. As we move through the transcription, I’ll indicate the Moonshine positions accordingly and they serve to provide meaning and tiebacks.

To bring emphasis to Dr. Martin’s points, I’ll underscore them. 

All of the following information is sourced directly from Dr. David E. Martin of MCAM International Risk Management except where and how Moonshine content appears as noted above.

Supportive of a Moonshine insistence that we’re living through a ‘modern day holocaust,’ Martin opens confirming Stew Peters’ assertion that the fraudulent COVID construct is premeditated mass murder tying it to the language of applicable statures and treaties.

Contrary to mistaken popular belief, the mRNA “vaccines” aren’t new and they aren’t conventional vaccines but rather a computer simulated, synthetic, chimeric, computer generated code, that was uploaded by the Chinese in January, and given to Moderna to put into an injection.

As we know, the injection of this “pathogen stimulant” becomes the primer to trigger the body to begin the synthesis of spike proteins, which in turn and theoretically triggers an immune response. The immune response becomes the defense against SARS-CoV-2 infection; and it all ties back to early veterinary science specifically on canines.

Martin goes on to quote Peter Daszak as quoted in the previous article and with Moonshine having already given attention to him in several previous articles. The quote compels Martin to characterize Dasazk as a “mercenary of death.”

Moderna, Pfizer, NIAID/NIH, CDC, etc. are again enveloped by Martin as a perfect capture and match for Moonshine’s existing fraud construct diagrammed as the “criminal enterprise” relative to RICO statue.

As an example, Pfizer patented the first S-1 spike protein vaccine back in 1990.

By definition, the crimes rise to prosecution under section 802 of the Patriot Act relative to domestic terrorism [see the definition at 7:54 in the linked video.]

Fully supporting a long line of published thoughts on ‘institutional preservation’ included in the full Moonshine body of work relative to COVID and the politics enmeshing it, Martin describes the failure of the U.S. institutions writ large to serve and protect the American people in as much as they participate in the opposite; and beginning with the DOJ. It’s here Martin again states how he has provided all evidence of crimes to all of the necessary institutions; and circa April 2020.

It’s here that decades-long Chinese infiltration of U.S. institutions bears down.

After a longer recapitulation of the facts from the previous article, Martin confirms that the patent for SARS precedes SARS first known emergence and that makes it a creation of man. One of our own – Ralph Baric, Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, et al.

Importantly, Martin also revisits a possible required veer from an existing Moonshine position asserting a deliberate release whereas Martin says the virus has been in the public domain since we put it there and doesn’t require an “outbreak.” Moreover the pursuit of the leak origins as a newsworthy story is merely a deflection and distraction away from this very point; a wild goose chase, if you will.

This makes our broader Moonshine case that the pandemic is one entirely of fraudulent data.

Martin then delves into the “story” [fear porn] that Peter Daszak required [and so did Anthony Fauci] to get people to accept mandated vaccinations. In so doing, he visits a major premise in the previous article.

Here, Martin revisits the concept of changing the pathogen to deliver the story to scare folks instead of trying to convince them into vaccinations. From the last article, Fauci said it best at the end of the flu (and a lot of other Moonshine) videos, “It’s the fear of the unknown which causes the panic.”

Importantly and falling back on established and foundational timeline elements in Moonshine positions, Martin cites a Chinese produced article featured in the Lancet Report and further cited by the CDC. It shows evidence citing 41 “laboratory confirmed 2019 COVID infection[s]” in hospitalized patients on 02 Jan 20. How can the lab confirmations confirmations precede the supposed isolation of the virus that didn’t occur until the following week?

Critically, also remember that amongst a heap of other evidence, our timeline evidences the fact that “COVID” was never designated for the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak until 11 Feb 20. How can you call something before the something even exists?

As Martin like to say, you can’t have a thing without first having a thing. Copy?

As submitted by one our independent epidemiologists, Moonshine has even provided copies of spreadsheets evidencing exactly this fact. They pertain to the ordering of “COVID” supplies dating back to 2017. You know, a thing before a thing.

Delving into another foundational Moonshine position – the asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared third world war as I first identified and wrote about in early May 2020 and revisited more recently Martin diverges from objective dialogue underpinned entirely by empirical evidence to more subjective discourse and touches on a significant Moonshine concern that once again drags the Chinese boot licking Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley into question.

It’s this question. If by definition the vaccine can be deemed a bio-WMD and its being deployed during a war as described; and it has all of the known detrimental and permanent health effects, along with the certain but not yet known ones, what happens to your national defense capabilities when this vaccine/bio-WMD is mandated to be given to the entire rank and file?

Chinese doctrine – win the war without ever having to fight it [in conventional terms.]

A toxic gene sequence uploaded into the vaccine and administered to the entire U.S. military by mandate accomplishes this effectively. As for the armed U.S. militia and constitutionally defined and as outlined in the Second Amendment is us, then look no further than everywhere around you trying to force you to take it.

Chinese doctrine. Win the war without ever having to fight it.

Martin describes how moving forward dissemination of the truth and the changing of mind is the most formidable weapon in undoing it all. I’ve long agreed with that and feel welcome to share Moonshine work toward that end.

Laughing in our faces and with evidence everywhere, the criminal enterprise has caused a prognosis for the vaccinated to be quite dire; especially since the road ahead is an experimental one. Especially so, since the U.S. Patent Office rejected Fauci’s prior vaccine filings because they failed to meet the standards of a vaccine in the multiple definitions.

Importantly, Martin is reluctant to debate the actual contents of the mRNA injections because the full spectrum of contents can not be found, identified, accessed or otherwise.

Martin discusses the nature of humans not being encoded to produce spike proteins and that this self-replicating vaccine will in transmission accomplish this.

Another longstanding Moonshine factor often discussed and most certainly in play relative to the Capitol “insurrection” event is prosecutorial discretion. Martin uses it to explain the judicial stand-down in the face of volumes of produced evidence. How the DOJ-upward, et al. have stood idly by. Martin’s positions mirror’s Moonshine’s in that there is clear evidence of crimes committed under RICO but where prosecutioral discretion permits two-tier justice and whereby one of those tiers also lashes back at those it considers antithetical to its causes. Or in other words, us.

Touching on a backdrop Moonshine item – a sidebar conversation about Tucker Carlson being great while also being on a leash and as partly evidenced in a Hunter Biden email, controlled opposition – Martin says the same even down to Carlson’s normally late timing. He’s essentially just really good, contagious, provocative rah-rah-rah, controlled opposition. Martin even goes further into the “Uniparty” dynamics with Rand Paul respective to his questioning of Fauci as an impotent campaign tactic for reelection; not a measure to seek the truth.

The interview ends with Dr. Martin talking about being on the right side of history.

Moonshiners will be on the right side of that line and with a robust fact set to back it up.



Here’s the Dr. Martin interview on the Stew Peters Show.


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