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A World War III No One Can See

Why can’t Americans see it? Or is it simply that Americans don’t want to see it? It appears that it’s an easier and more convenient endeavor for many Americans to bury the same curiosity that killed the cat in order to embrace the mainstream narrative and just get along with the masses – following orders, wearing masks, getting vaccines and with some shouting “orange man bad!” Some shout it until the vessels in their eyes rupture turning white to blood red and as emblematic of their own deep-seated sense that something is fundamentally wrong with the status quo; and it’s eating at their very core, but they’re reluctant to even acknowledge it, much less reverse course on it and their own conventions in order to do something about it. None of that is very American.

For many, there is an impenetrable barrier standing between the reality these people perceive and the reality in which they live and whereby the latter remains sequestered and inaccessible.

Even for those who are on board with an off-reservation understanding that COVID-19 is something beyond the MSM narrative explanation, there is a barrier preventing them from logically extending the position to include an actual, asymmetrical and undeclared third world war that began with the release of a bio-WMD by China in October 2019.

Perhaps this is an indictment against public education. The people certainly weren’t taught accurate content in important civics classes just as the onus to be an engaged and civic-minded individual has been contorted away from original intent rebranded as a doctrine of social justice.

Moreover and more importantly, it seems Americans were never taught how to be or were encouraged to be critical and independent thinkers. This opens the door for the liars to insert their “fact checkers” whom many Americans blindly trust while not realizing that the fact checkers are Judas goats of the unaware truth seekers.

Had they been properly educated, Americans would have booted Fauci to the curb around the same time I first zeroed in on him over a year ago because they have access to all of the same information I do.

Perhaps this is indicative of a public education system that more closely resembles a public indoctrination system. Is that system compromised by China. In short and from prior work, yes. Is this coincidental? No.

The MSM narrative substantially reinforces the effectiveness of this barrier by working like a river flowing with a complex system of interlaced tributaries thats deliver downstream a brew of propagated government elixir that Americans swill as if out of dependency.

Logical deduction, half a century of observing humans and psychological armchair quarterbacking makes me reasonably think that this barrier may be, at least in part, created by their own fear that in some way, they may perceive a tinge of culpability for having been duped into the status quo by their political idols and heroes.

If you know humans, you know that they love to double-down in situations exactly like this one, which is why they still wear masks, get the vaccine and insist that you do all of the same.

After all and as we know it to be, it’s easier to lie to people than to convince them they’ve been lied to.

If you know humans, you know that deep down inside them something like what I’m describing exists whether they consciously know it or not.

It’s important to note that there is also a segment of the population that just plainly believes differently and sadly, no degree of logic or volume of evidence is going to remove them from the dissenters.

In tragic form, it’s all nonsense, too, because quite frankly and with open arms, a bunch of us have been eagerly waiting for them to awaken and arrive to join us; and the sooner the better.

On varying timelines, some Americans have progressed faster than others in acknowledging our reality, divesting from the MSM matrix and establishing a self-imposed doctrine of critical and independent thinking prerogatives applied to the consumption of trusted and vetted sources that routinely deliver reliable information.

These Americans have likely already pondered the angle of a third world war; perhaps even accepting it as factual. Others not.

I wrote this a little over a year ago on 06 May 20 in the article Making the Case for Treason,

What did the headlines look like after the virus arrived stateside? Why did all of those same people – AFTER IMPEACHMENT; AFTER THE OUTBREAK; AFTER THE COVID-19 US ARRIVAL – then change their tune and drag the President through the mud publicly criticizing every single measure he took or didn’t take? Everything he said or didn’t say… almost as if it were planned that way.

President Trump was placed into a trap by his political enemies and it ravaged the country and all because criminal infiltrators are trying to steal back their ‘stolen’ possession. You don’t need me to tell you the consequences – you’ve been living them and consider yourself fortunate because they killed others, but not as many as they want you to believe.

Had Mr. Trump resisted his compulsory experts initially, he would have been removed with the 25th Amendment and the world as you know it would have ended FOREVER. If he deferred and played it to the letter of the law, which he has, they would seek to wreck everything he accomplished, which they did, and it almost worked; right up until they got caught.

The adverse forces that Mr. Trump has been able to withstand at the same time he worked to rebuild a broken and corrupt country presents a remarkable scenario; truly remarkable and historically worthy.

What people don’t understand; however, is that in so doing, he keenly managed an act of war without firing a single shot; and he did that against our chief economic, military and political rival. Domestic enemy combatants conspiring with foreign nations to import highly virulent bio-weapons of mass destruction into America for the express purpose of removing a sitting President and overthrowing the US government is most certainly an act of war. Thinking otherwise is again naive. Beware of China recognizing this and attempting to flip the script by rattling the war sabres. It’s already happening.

Instead, Mr. Trump sagely decided to braid a rope from the strands of impeachment, treason and war, which he then cleverly handed to his political enemies for them to hang themselves.

The virus – bio-engineered and weaponized to achieve political objectives – is as real as the people whom sadly lost their lives in this travesty. The rest of it; however, is FRAUD.

The only thing remaining for you is determining whether the case has been made for treason.

Yes it has.

I wrote this more recently on 21 May 21 in an article entitled Standing on the Truth and Staring World War III in the Face,

So where do we stand? Where do Americans realistically and objectively find ourselves 121 days into the Biden/Harris administration?

The answer presents in two basic and plausible ways as best it can be interpreted, understood and applied:

1) As Commander-in-Chief, an outgoing President Trump fulfilled his sworn Constitutional onus to defend the Republic against all enemies foreign and domestic and therefore he took any and all necessary steps to effectively advise military leadership accordingly. This would include the delineation of a commenced and asymmetrical World War III begun by leveraging biowarfare by means of launching of a bio-WMD (as classified by the FBI) against the U.S. This would include the objectives of infiltrating the America’s institutions writ large for the purpose of removing a sitting president to overthrow the U.S. government. Logically this advisement occurred prior to the 2020 election and even possibly leveraged the newly minted U.S. Space Force in response. Therefore, we would find ourselves resting in a state with a divided government where the military recognizes President Trump while the Congress and Judiciary recognize President Biden. This division


2) We are in real trouble likely facing the end of America and the beginning of Amerika.

For the sake of the dialogue, let’s further define “real trouble” as the Biden/Harris administration being installed by China and the CCP by leveraging COVID-19 as a bio-WMD and with Biden, as a placeholder, proxy and pawn, serving both them and Obama and the Deep State/Shadow Government. Thus far, Biden has functioned largely by means of an unprecedented level of executive orders despite possessing all three requisite components to pass legislation constitutionally – the Democrats posses the Executive and both chambers of Congress. It all means that the United States has been flipped right back over to this broader and long-tenured plan that is playing out as a de facto Obama third term.

Actually, if all had gone according to plan, it would be a Hillary Clinton second term and Amerika would look much different than it does today; and not for the better. Even worse, that’s given how utterly shitty and contemptible the state of Amerika is right now. All of it has led to this, which is my new favorite mantra – “Amerika is a shit hole banana republic. All of the good banana republics are laughing at us.”

How frightened would Americans be if they had a full grasp of what I’ve been outlining for a long time, now? Would their stance towards Biden, COVID-19, masks, vaccinations and – most importantly – President Trump all change if they demonstrated fulsome comprehension of the actual status quo? Americans are largely feeble-minded sheep easily herded up by the powers that be so if they were to shift their focus away from MSM news to the truth, then the answer becomes, “hell yes” – they’d be scared shitless. Perhaps that’s what they need so share this far and wide.

If we could only inject the masses with a solid foundation of civics, accurate information and the ability to apply it objectively to the facts and circumstances (as outlined here and in the full body of Moonshine work).

There is only one logical and accurate explanation describing the situation in which the U.S. finds itself, it embraces Occam’s razor and it’s now a redundant message – we’ve been in the midst of an asymmetrical and undeclared war since China released a bio-WMD against the world in October 2019; and specifically targeting the U.S.

Today’s headlines are littered with that implicit rhetoric and messaging if viewed through an appropriate lens to parse it out.

We’re in the midst of a World War III that no one can see and it matters not why most Americans can’t get past the barrier, see through the obvious propaganda and make their way to the truth.

It only matters that they come to see the truth and see it soon.



  1. Taffy53 June 4, 2021

    “…it matters not why most Americans can’t get past the barrier, see through the obvious propaganda and make their way to the truth.?

    It might matter. The biggest issue for people waking up is the fact that ego can never ever be wrong, such that changing one’s thinking doesn’t even get contemplated when it means admitting that previous thinking was wrong, and I’ve seen people ruin long-term relationships as a result of this. However, the Fauci e-mails may open the door for even this type of people, which might be as much as 40-50% of today’s population, because they also like being victims, and seeing themselves as victims of Fauci’s lies may just crack the door open for viewing the events of the past year in a more enlightened manner.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | February 26, 2022

      Ego is a very powerful factor… for many, it’s easier to simply continue feeding the lie.

  2. Dream Function June 5, 2021

    Your article is well written.
    I particularly liked your final statement re: the why.
    -It does not matter why they (Americans) cannot make their way to the truth, it only matter that they see the truth and see it soon.

    Very true and accurate in that the author recognizes the importance and urgency that all Americans now face.

    However, there is one basic flaw in your article which is explained below:

    The SARS-Cov-2-virus does not exist. It has never existed.
    Many individual citizens have petitioned the various governments and medical institutions all over the world for proof of the existence of this alleged SARS-Cov-2 virus.
    All of the responses have been negative in that they either cannot provide evidence or none exists.
    This means that the virus has not satisfied neither the modified River’s Postulates nor the original fundational Koch’s Postulates for the existence of a virus.
    We are being scammed.
    Everything about COVID is a lie.
    Below I have excerpted the appropriate reference and evidence showing that there is no proof of the existence of SARs-Cov-2:

    Author: Makia Freeman
    Title: Virus causes Covid-19: Imaginary and Theoretical Virus ?

    #9 SARS-Cov-2 the Theoretical Virus: Over 40 Institutions Worldwide Can’t Answer the Basic Question

    In fact, Christine Massey and her colleague in New Zealand “have been submitting Freedom of Information requests to various institutions in Canada, NZ, Australia, Germany, the U.K., the U.S. etc., seeking any records that describe the isolation of a “COVID-19 virus” (aka “SARS-COV-2”) from an unadulterated sample taken from a diseased human … As of December 16, 2020, >40 institutions in Canada, U.S., New Zealand, Australia, U.K., England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Denmark, and the European CDC have provided their responses, and none could locate any record describing the isolation of any “COVID-19 virus” aka “SARS-COV-2” directly from a diseased patient.”

    There is no virus.
    We have been scammed.

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