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Unmask the Monster and Never Acquiesce to Fear: Common Sense, Logical Deduction and Empirical Data All Tell the Same Fraudulent Story So Fear Not and Live On

Ever notice how the horror movie monster isn’t quite so horrific after he’s unmasked? It’s really as simple as that yet feeble-minded Americans can’t seem to arrive at this conclusion because their misinformed, dogmatic and partisan ways prevent independent and critical thinking that could deliver them to this destination.

Rather these elixir-slurping folks with intellectual shortcomings decide to remain inebriated on the propagandized Kool-Aid as dished-up by a cartel of criminals executing a world-wide fraudulent construct in violation of the RICO statute and as enmeshed entirely in a corrupt and criminal political system that’s been broken for decades.

After another round of substantially heavy, incredibly long and highly complex articles laden with intricate, complicated and technical language and data points, let’s take a step back to address something in the broader spectrum that Anthony Fauci stated himself back in the very beginning of it all; and it’s something that has plagued [pun intended] him for decades.

That something is Fauci’s inability to convince the U.S. population writ large to accept widespread vaccinations of the mandated sort. What if Fauci’s tactic simply shifted from trying to convince us to trying to scare us?

Look no further – that’s the answer and it’s entirely evidenced by empirical data; often of Fauci’s own creation.

The Monster

Fauci is a monster by all conventions and un-skewing his fraudulent data equates to removing his mask. Beneath that mask is a petty coward of petite stature and tiny hands who is incapable of throwing a ball; much less fending off any ordinary alpha male taking exception to his actions and wants.


I’m not a violent man nor do I condone violence but everything has a time and place. Five minutes alone with Fauci and he’d eat out of tube for the rest of his life and that’s assuming he survived. You understand, no? Eye for an eye. Biblical. At what point is the term ‘modern day holocaust’ applicable and how many times do I have to ask that particular question before people see the evil for what it is? Everything has a time and a place.

So these diminutive Napoleonic types that repeat all throughout history compensate for their inadequacies by enshrouding themselves with absolute tyranny and authority and they get after us in ways often times not obvious or perceived.

Un-masking Fauci by leveraging common sense and applying logical deduction to a fulsome understanding of empirical data permits one to see the monster’s real face and as always, it causes the fear to dissipate and entirely so. Therefore, embrace it, fear not, live on and freely so.

The pandemic is empirically and objectively demonstrable as constructed entirely by fraudulent data ergo the only thing to fear is the feebleness of one’s own mind. The entire pandemic only exits in the mind.

Therein and by embracing all of the work and evidence proffered [especially at Moonshine and exclusively so] it permits one to simply refuse to acquiesce it all and that’s exactly what Americans cut from the traditional cloth of individual ruggedness should do and are doing.

In our last article – another one endorsed by Mr. Lin Wood and very proudly so on Moonshine’s part – Dr. David E. Martin put it this way, “From 2016-2019 at every one of the NIAID’s Advisory Counsel board meetings, Fauci lamented that he couldn’t find a way to get people to accept the universal influenza vaccine, which was his favorite target [objective.]”

This single fact delivered the COVID-19 “pandemic” to our doorstep because the circumvention or resolution to Fauci’s problem was to simply change the pathogen from the flu to a creation of their own – SARS-CoV-2. Despite being identified as a novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 isn’t novel [new] at all according to U.S. patent filings.

What does the pathogen change provide? Easy. Fear. It creates the mask for Fauci to don and use to scare us all into his ultimate and longstanding objective – mandated universal vaccinations. Un-mask him and the fear evaporates altogether.

Augmenting the existing body of Moonshine work are the U.S. patent filings and the stringent and rigid U.S. patent office. Therein, SARS, which has been in the public domain accordingly, is drawn back on a timeline of over two decades and entirely as a man-made, bioengineered and bioweaponized [gain of function] pathogen. Moonshine work covered this ad nauseam including the stalwarts of the University of North Carolina’s Ralph Baric, the NIAID’s Anthony Fauci and the National Institute of Health director Francis Collins being central to all of it. Tip of the iceberg.

Digressing and returning to our monster, this very short video that I made by compiling CDC data maps and animating them is about a minute long. It demonstrates the fraudulent pandemic succinctly because it visually represents the harvesting of co-morbidity data [primarily derived from flu/pneumo, diabetes, heart disease and obesity data sets] as the data driver for the fraudulent pandemic construct. Most importantly for our conversation today, it contains something that I’ve included in about all of my videos on the pandemic.

Hold on to the end of our very short video to hear Deborah Birx proclaim that the flu is gone followed by Fauci’s self-indicting proclamation. You’ll know it when you hear it because it’s unmistakable.

“It’s the fear of the unknown which causes the panic.” In other words, it’s the fear of a pathogen of Fauci’s own design that overcomes his decades-long problem of the U.S. population refusing to accept mass vaccination writ large. As stated, they didn’t change the objective; just the tactic moving from convincing us to scaring us. Remove the mask and there is no fear. We’re nearing full circle on this monster.

The Horror Story

How do recent headlines inform our positions on Fauci? With precision; that’s how. We’ll get to them after the horror story at hand.

If folks are paying attention to the emerging narrative – just ask the Capitol “insurrectionists” – they note that the noose is being further tightened around the necks of the deplorable, freedom loving, Trump voting, MAGA believing, no vaccine getting, America first crowd. We call them “us.”

In true Nazi form, the U.S. federal apparatus is being leveraged to persecute and prosecute the political enemies of a fraudulently installed communist and Marxist regime. History repeats for those who don’t learn it and this is especially so given that the U.S. State Department falsified dossiers post World War II to permit the worst of Nazi war criminals and scientists to illegally immigrate to the U.S. under false pretenses. Again, infiltration bears down as does the presidency of George H.W. Bush and the funding of the Nazis by Prescott Bush.

The criminal enterprise executing this fraudulent, politically enmeshed and, by means of the RICO statute, criminally constructed COVID “pandemic,” continues to propagandize the media with their twisted and forked snake tongues while blaming all of “us” for its own evils.

Duplicity rules the day and as previously stated, it’s the culmination of Sun Tzu and Chinese war doctrine overlaid with Word War II Nazi style propaganda and tactics that have the nation on the brink of collapse and defeat in what amounts to an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared third world war. I even branded this dynamic ‘Chinese Nazis’ in a previous article and as odd as it sounds, it’s accurate.

The labeling. The differentiation. The division. The hate. It matters not if it’s vaccines, masks and social distancing or rewriting history, removing statues, faking white privilege and claiming that black lives are more valuable than white ones – it’s all intentionally sown division as a war tactic by China and devised to fracture the U.S. populace; to divide us in half and forever.

Hint: those “vaccines” which aren’t vaccines at all because they fail to align with the clinical, legal and patent standards for the definition of a vaccine; and accordingly were originally rejected by the U.S. Patent Office; and which are only even available for widespread inoculation by a national emergency declaration the predicate for which I can obliterate using the CDC’s own data and now said patent work from Dr. Martin, function to genetically alter the recipient forever. FOREVER.

Read that as permanent division of Americans in America, let that marinate for a second and then reconsider exactly and precisely just how nefarious this all is.

We’re at war, people, and if you know anything about the Chinese relative to war, we’re in immense trouble if the status quo continues to progress unfettered as it has.

Forever is how you sow division effectively. Look around you. Look at the headlines.

The Headlines

As it stands, the division and hate is literally being injected into “us.” Moreover and in the brand of Sun Tzu and the application of Chinese doctrine to America as Moonshine has outlined and evidenced previously and copiously, this infiltrating Chinese effort manifests as getting Americans to split and fight against themselves [ideologically] without fighting at all [an actual hot war like in the first Civil War.]

This is why American feeble mindedness is a nail I both detest with my full might and which I routinely hammer. To win this war, one only has to defeat the opponent’s mind. When the opponent owns and controls BIG TECH, BIG MEDIA and BIG MONEY, that objective becomes a simple one relative to the feeble mind that is dependent upon all three – BIG TECH, BIG MEDIA and BIG MONEY – and incapable of independent and critical thinking. Look around you. Look at the headlines.

Short of going hot on U.S. soil and even if that did occur, the ONLY way to defeat the U.S. in a war is to ideologically fracture the people in half.

Enter a pathogen they created and unleashed on us.

Enter an evil and fake narrative of systemic racism they unleashed on us. One unleashed with a summer of burning, looting, rioting and murder and all four years after America’s first black president served two terms, the Civil Rights movement and all of the subsequent legislation, rights and progress and the balance of history to this end.

Both – the pathogen and systemic racism – are entirely Chinese war tactics constructed to leverage American feeble-mindedness as instituted by the American indoctrination system – public education – and wittingly reinforced by the Marxist state mouthpiece – legacy media. BIG TECH, BIG MEDIA and BIG MONEY.

In all, welcome to the asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared third world war that I began writing about in early May of 2020.

From here, let’s stroll through contemporaneous headlines to provide specific and exact evidence of our claims and headline are all we’ll need. Given what’s already outlined, you’ll need no further explanation. The links are provided if you care to go deeper with any of them.

“It’s Time to Start Blaming Unvaccinated Folks – Not the Regular Folks” – Alabama GOP Governor Dehumanizes Unvaccinated People (VIDEO)

Watch: Fauci, CNN, White House, Newsom, & Cuomo All Ratchet Up Attacks On Unvaccinated Americans

Dem Senator Schumer Attacks Trump Supporters: ‘How Could 74 Million People Vote For a Despicable, Racist, Vile Man?’ (VIDEO)

CA Governor Gavin Newsom Compares Unvaccinated People to Murderous Drunk Drivers (VIDEO)

California & NYC Require All Public Workers To Get Vaccinated Or Submit To Weekly Tests

Megalomaniac Dr. Fauci Argues Unvaccinated People Are Going to Cause the Virus to Mutate into Deadly New Variant

“We Can’t Rely on the Honor System” – Doctor on CNN Demands Mask Mandates Nationwide Regardless of Vaccination Status (VIDEO)

Here We Go: CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Warns of “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” (VIDEO)

JUST IN: Los Angeles County Reimposes Indoor Mask Mandate Regardless of Vaccination Status

CDC Reverses Guidance, Will Mandate Wearing Of Masks Indoors

Bay Area Health Officials Strongly Urge Everyone to Wear Masks Indoors Regardless of Vaccination Status

‘Proof of a Negative Covid Test Will No Longer Be Enough’ – UK PM Boris Johnson Says Proof of Full Vaccination will be Required to Enter Nightclubs (VIDEO)

Regime Says Free Speech Is Killing People: Biden Surgeon General Holds Press Conference – Labels ‘Disinformation’ a National Health Threat (VIDEO)

Chicago Mayor Again Defends Speaking to Only Minority Reporters, Throws Shade at ‘White Guys’

Psaki Says US Going in the Wrong Direction Because of “Large Population of Unvaccinated People” (VIDEO)

Fake pandemics. Fake pathogens. Fake racism.

Real hate. Real division. Real feeble mindedness. Real war.

Fear not the fake anything and live on – it’s all fraud as war tactics and it’s all subject to defeat with independent and critical thinking.

Unmask the monster to see how “un-scary” it actually is; and rest comfortably knowing that you did so with common sense, logical deduction and empirical data.




  1. Taffy53 July 27, 2021

    Fauci is a sadistic sociopathic little twerp. The good news is that his fear tactics haven’t worked on most of the US population. I’m not minimizing the damage that’s been done, nor the future damage we’re likely to see, but I am pointing out that Fauci’s fear tactic doesn’t appear as successful as he thought it would. I think its lack of success is why he so often appears exasperated in his interviews, i.e. he’s bewildered and aggravated that we haven’t all succumbed to his fiendishly clever plan.

    The one difference I have with your presentation is that I don’t believe the CCP orchestrated the bioweapon event. I think the whole thing was run by the global cabal and that they own the CCP to the same degree they own the rest of the world’s governments.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | February 26, 2022

      Probably a fine line between the two… make no mistake about the CCP, though. Their preferred and stated priority warfare vector is biowarfare.

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