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Abundant Confirmations From Dr. Paul E. Alexander

A recent Stew Peters interview gives credence to the accuracy of the reporting at Moonshine while providing yet another credible set of confirmations on a wide swath of proprietary work and positions. The short interview is with former Trump administration and WHO COVID advisor Dr. Paul E. Alexander and it unfolds like a synopsis of the full body of Moonshine work. This article and the interview is best suited for the informed reader because it serves to confirm information already delivered copiously and in fine detail. Anyone dropping in fresh and looking for a fulsome explanation on COVID may want to exit, dig in from the homepage and then come back to this with a better foundation.

Each of the following represents Dr. Alexander’s confirmation of established positions at Moonshine except where noted:

  1. The criminal enterprise [“The Task Force” as per RICO statue] engaged in fraud to usurp President Trump’s emergency executive authority by effectively leveraging the legal mechanism [as per the Stafford Act] of “presidential competence,” thus compelling the President to defer to his experts in epidemiology, virology, pandemics, etc. and with that group being the criminal enterprise.
  2. The fraud entails the propagation of fraudulently constructed data derived from the harvesting of co-morbidity data: flu, pneumonia, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.
  3. The fraud included deceiving the world about the effectiveness in treating CV19 with known effective treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, which could have prevented hundreds of thousands of deaths.
  4. The criminal enterprise opposed the Trump administration and conventional, established and effective approaches on a “daily” basis relative to guidelines, mitigations, recommendations, etc.
  5. The mitigations and guidelines have catastrophic effects on society especially on the most vulnerable populations like children and the psychological damage they incur from social isolation and masking policies [and health and physical harm.]
  6. Lock-downs are an ineffective mitigation.
  7. President Trump’s desired plan and approach to respond to the outbreak would have circumvented the catastrophic consequences that resulted from the criminal enterprise’s [intended] response.
  8. Fauci, the WHO and China all coalesced to directly and deliberately oppose President Trump early on and specifically on the fraudulent information on viral transmission and Fauci’s initial stand-down when he said it was nothing the American people needed to worry about.
  9. COVID-19 is not a pandemic except for being a pandemic entirely of constructed fraudulent data.
  10. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is mild and doesn’t not affect healthy people while those who are affected by it have an underlying average of 4.0 comorbidities [flu/pneumo, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.]
  11. The survival rates for SARS-CoV-2 infection are 99% across all demographics negating the need or mandate for any vaccination.
  12. Seasonal influenza is far more deadly to children than the SARS-CoV-2 virus ever was.
  13. Legacy media/MSM is complicit in engaging in this fraud with the criminal enterprise to propagate known fraudulently constructed data to deliberately deceive the American people.
  14. The Delta variant is highly infectious but non-lethal and is serving as a narrative talking point to circumvent the seasonal die-off of the co-morbidities serving as the data drivers for the fraudulent CV19 construct.
  15. The CDC’s data sets, including the VAERS data, is compromised and respective to adverse reactions to the vaccines, only about 1% of the data is captured by VAERS.
  16. The development protocols for mRNA vaccinations were entirely circumvented to include the exclusion of harms and are authorized only by emergency authority [that is constructed and justified by fraudulent data.]
  17. President Trump was leveraged out of “presidential competence” and deliberately misinformed in his advisement of the mRNA vaccines by the criminal enterprise.
  18. The detrimental health effects of the mRNA are a significant problem that is under-reported; including concerns about the S-1 spike protein/ACE-2 receptor site dynamic.
  19. The mRNA vaccinations are failing in effectiveness; especially relative to variants [and with the understanding that there are 40,000 SARS-CoV-2 variants already contained in U.S. patent filings respective to Big Pharma/Pfizer’s recent announcement to produce a vaccine for every variant 95 days from its emergence. This represents a perpetual cycle of profit within the fraudulent construct driven by the criminal enterprise.]
  20. *Emerging development/not established position: in what is described as deliberate misinformation from the FDA, the recent Pfizer approval letter[s] are for a vaccine that is unavailable and anyone requesting it will defer to the current mRNA vaccinations only available through the fraudulently constructed state of emergency. This means that the FDA approval does not apply to any vaccine available now.
  21. *Important note/not established position: Dr. Scott Atlas was an arbiter of truth who brought a balanced approach during his time on the Task Force.
  22. Validates the harm and detrimental health effects of wearing masks scientifically demonstrated to be ineffective against viral transmission; especially relative to children in schools and further calling for the immediate halt to all mRNA vaccinations, which were never needed.

This is Dr. Paul E. Alexander.

Here is the interview.

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  1. Taffy53 August 28, 2021

    Great article.

    The video is one of the best I’ve ever seen. So much truth and confirmation of what many of thought was going on as it was happening.

    There’s something else that went on related to Big Pharma, and which just cropped up in the past week. It’s an interview with RFK Jr., wherein he discusses what happened with the vaccination commission that Trump spoke to RFK about in December, 2016, and wanted RFK to head up, and which subsequently disappeared into thin air. The first thing that happened was that Pfizer donated $1 million to Trump’s inaugural committee. Kennedy goes on to say that after Trump appointed Scott Gottlieb (former Pfizer lobbyist) as head of the FDA and Alex Azar (former Eli Lilly lobbyist ) to run HHS, Kennedy’s efforts/commission were shut down. The contrast of Trump asking Kennedy to investigate and reveal vaccination issues, and then appointing people who wouldn’t tolerate that is very strange and makes no sense. I hope the reason is that this is one of those things where Trump found out he had less control of the process than he expected to have. Either Trump has never given Kennedy an explanation for why things went the way they did, or the outcome became part of the plan and Kennedy is playing the part he agreed to play.

  2. Michael Buhagiar August 28, 2021

    Great interview, great article. I would say that one aspect of the fraud that has been relatively neglected is the role of Remdesivir in killing people in hospitals. Dr. Bryan Ardis (his videos are on Bitchute) has actually clicked through the links on the NIH site and examined the papers on which Fauci based his mandating of Remdesivir in the hospital therapeutic protocol. They show that R is actually extremely harmful, especially in regard to causing kidney disease. Ardis argues that the kidney disease causes fluid retention and pulmonary oedema, and it is the latter, and not pneumonia, that causes the respiratory distress of Covid. This is horrifying when you think about it. The criminal enterprise has had it all covered, from detection through to treatment.

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