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War, Oil and Omicron – Then, Now and Trump: Part III – Dynastic Bush

16 Dec 21

War and oil intrinsically merged together to build the foundation for dynastic politics at the hands of the Bush family. This dynasty has impacted most if not all of my 50 years, centers on George H. W. Bush and is directly responsible for the removal of President Trump and the fraudulent pandemic that caused it.

That’s why the title of this article contains Trump and not Bush. It is to say that in order to really understand what happened to Trump and what is continuing to happen to all of us; and what may or may not impact any return to office by the President and specifically one outside of the election cycle, one must know the Bushes; especially GHWB.

GHWB is the Godfather, here, and his syndicate and bosses – the bosses being the Clintons, GWB, Obama and Biden – didn’t invite Trump to the table and required his removal. So they removed him and they used COVID-19 to do it.

It appears Obama is the GHWB successor and Godfather, now.

In Part I of this sub-series, we established a long war history that entangled and enmeshed the United States, China and Japan on a merry-go-round of changing alliances dating back to the 1800s and bearing down with great impact on a timeline from the outbreak of World War I in 1914 through to the Korean War; and up to the present irregular, asymmetrical and undeclared third world war being waged in the context of biowarfare.

In Part II, we focused broadly and historically on oil to expand on war and position us for the discussion now on the Bushes and dynastic politics that circumvent constitutional governance.

Let’s set the appropriate tone with a review.

We can’t talk about war without talking about oil.

We can’t talk about oil without talking about money.

We can talk about money without talking about the dollar.

We can’t talk about the dollar without talking about the Federal Reserve.

This means we can’t talk about war without talking about the Federal Reserve.

We said that in simple terms the Federal Reserve has two critical attributes: 1-it’s a private central bank that is not a branch of the federal government and 2-it controls U.S. policies for banking, money supply, interest rates, etc.

We also said this about World War I as it relates to the Federal Reserve and with 1914 being a hard marker on our timeline, “The Federal Reserve System was put in place 23 Dec 13 and 187 days later, on 28 Jun 14, World War I began with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.

From here, we begin putting our Bush cards down onto the table.

There were two patriarchs to the Bush family and the dynasty it installed: Samuel P. Bush and George Herbert Walker.


Samuel P. Bush served on the Board of Directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and helped found the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Our research based upon work from Sundance at Conservative Treehouse hold the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as an adversarial force for America; one aligned with the Left.

During WWI, S.P. Bush served as Chief of the Ordnance, Small Arms and Ammunition division on the War Industries Board. This positioned Bush to leverage wartime business ventures in conjunction with the Rockefeller family, which owned Standard Oil and Chase Bank. During WWII, Standard was shipping oil to the Nazis via Switzerland. This relationship laid the foundation of riches upon which the dynasty was build.

At the same time during WWII, The Rothschilds were engaged in ensuring that the Nazi oil supply remained in tact as a counter to Standard’s ambitions. The ties draw back to Deutsche Bank; not surprisingly and in consideration of the bank’s contentious relationship with President Trump.

In 1900, the other patriarch, George Herbert Walker, founded the investment firm of G.H. Walker & Co., which eventually became a part of Merrill Lynch in 1978.

In 1920, G.H. Walker became President of W.A. Harriman & Co. Owner Averell Harriman was in close circles with then President Lyndon B. Johnson and G.H. Walker used his position and influence to groom that circumstance to his advantage; especially in Germany and Russia.

In World War II era Nazi Germany and as we’ve discussed ad nauseam at Moonshine, Prescott Bush, GHWB’s father, financed the Nazi Party.

The Bush family fortune was created by Prescott Bush at Union Banking Corp., which was an investment bank and massive beneficiary of WWII that facilitated the global transfer of gold, oil, steel, and coal and had its assets frozen during WWII for funding the Nazis.

Moreover, Prescott Bush was directly involved in his own coup effort,

In the early 1930s, a coalition of America’s wealthiest industrial magnates allegedly hatched a scheme to topple the Roosevelt Administration and replace it with a fascist dictatorship.

Known as the Business Plot, the plan was supposedly dreamed up by a prominent tycoons and Wall Street big shots who controlled many of the country’s major corporations like Chase Bank, Maxwell House, General Motors, Goodyear, Standard Oil, Dupont and Heinz, as well as other noted Americans, including Prescott Bush, grandfather of former U.S. president George W. Bush. [1] [2]

The conspirators were fuming over the 1932 election victory of Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt. Once in office, FDR pledged a raft of measures to alleviate the effects of the Great Depression, which were known collectively as the New Deal. America’s 32nd president was also an advocate for the abandonment of the gold standard, something that horrified many elites. Critics condemned the White House for placing the country on what they saw as a slippery slope to outright Bolshevism.


These notions about oil, war, corporations, Wall St. and politics all coalescing in overthrow is not only well-evidenced on a long timeline, it’s undeniable and it entirely strengthens our work and positions.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” the Bushes continue to repeat. And try, try again the Bushes continue to do; and by that the Bush dynasty.

Oil entered the picture with Prescott Bush and Dresser Industries. GHWB got his start at Dresser and in the late 1990s it merged with Halliburton.

GHWB helped finance the Bush-Overby Oil Development Company as a Foreign For-Profit Corporation in the State of Texas on Wednesday, April 4, 1951. It is no longer active and after expanding to become Zapata Petroleum in 1953, it became Pennzoil in 1963, the same year as the Kennedy assassination, which bears down below.

In 1977, GWB started Arbusto Energy, which saw investments from other Bushes. James R. Bath also invested in Arbusto and he was the bin Laden family’s money manager; 9/11 and its fraudulent narrative bearing down.

During his father’s presidency, GWB also served on the Board of Directors at the Carlyle Group, which is positioned in an aggravating fashion in Moonshine work and in a bunch of ways.

The Bush dynasty contains additional Wall St. and other aspects that we are omitting for brevity. Wrapping up with more war tied to oil, William H.T. “Bucky” Bush, was CEO of the financial services holding company Bush, O’Donnell & Co. As a defense contractor for the Pentagon in Afghanistan and Iraq, he incurred a substantial profit from the sale of approximately $2 million in Engineered Support Systems stock in 2005.

That’s the broader but incomplete Bush backdrop. Now we focus on GHWB more closely.

A blind-spot has caused Americans to fail in identifying that the real damage was done decades ago and that today, they are only living out the consequences of it. Those who don’t learn their history… they say.

Robust evidence demonstrates that currently, the corporate landscape is bent back against Americans just like federalism, two-tier justice and other institutional considerations. It means it was a target all along. Big Tech, Big Media and Big Money, as we like to say. They were were co-opted and leveraged collectively to become the circumvention for something the Constitution prevents, dynastic rule. Using war and oil, we can take it all back to GHWB.


The Bush approach was a logical one – to function like a dynasty without being one on paper. In a dynastic kingdom, the King or Queen simply passes power and rule down through the bloodline; to the children. There is little distinction between a kingdom and what the Bushes accomplished with their dynasty.


If the contentions about U.S. dynastic politics springing from the Bush family tree are erroneous, why did power flow to George W. Bush for two terms and why is it that Liz Cheney, whose father is Dick Cheney, is spearheading the fraudulent Capitol insurrection investigation; including now targeting Trump with criminal charges? Why are Cheney and Pelosi’s House referring Mark Meadows to the DOJ for criminal charges?

The elder Cheney was Ford’s Chief of Staff in 1975. He then served in the House and even as its whip, before going on to serve as President George H.W. Bush’s Secretary of Defense. Cheney then served as George W. Bush’s Vice President from 2001-2009.

What happened in 2001 on the heels of George W. Bush’s inauguration? 9/11 happened and the evidence suggests that Cheney ran the operation from the vice presidency as President George W. Bush was reading books to kids.

Hold on to the vice presidency angle relative to GHWB and Cheney because it underpins all of this.

Just like John Durham is Bill Barr’s clean-up operation, Liz Cheney is running clean-up for her father and the Bushes; and the Clintons, Obamas and Bidens – the dynasty.

Old work sees GHWB entering politics through oil and ascending all of the way to the Presidency replete with stops at the Vice Presidency and before that, the directorship of the CIA. His first round of damage was done at the CIA constructing the portal for the President’s Daily Brief, an intelligence product, to be paired with an in-face meeting with the President. This intersection of the Intelligence Community with the Executive set the nation on course for decades of damage while delivering everything needed for the status quo.

Bush formally entered the CIA during the 1970s and at a tumultuous time when morale was low, revamping was necessary and the agency was ripe for change; whether that be for good or bad.

Bush ascended to the CIA’s directorship being sworn-in on 30 Jan 76 before exiting to eventually become Vice President of the United States under President Ronald Reagan. Bush’s vice presidency began in January 1981 and he served accordingly for Reagan’s two terms through January 1989.

Bush went on to succeed Reagan becoming the 41st President of the United States and serving one term. There he enjoyed the full slate of influence, access and capabilities permitted by occupying the Executive Branch from January 1989 to January 1993.

Bush was the only U.S. president to serve as both president and CIA director. This positioned him as the genesis for the intelligence community as it would come to intersect the Executive and thread the entire COVID construct top to bottom.

One of Bush’s primary directorship objectives and accomplishments, which substantiates our positions on the intelligence community, HPSCI and SSCI, pertains to the “restoration” of the relationship between the CIA and Congress.

In July of 1976, the SSCI became operational to provide it “vigilant legislative oversight over the intelligence activities of the United States.” This deliberate confluence of Congress and the intelligence community destroyed any sense of the CIA operating outside of political influence and the pressures that emanate from it.

Therein, Bush courted U.S. senators and held private dinners with SSCI members while providing them a comprehensive briefing of CIA covert action programs. This occurred at the same time that agency officials educated committee members about intelligence collection and production methodology.

Coming into the CIA’s directorship in 1976, Bush had previously served as the Chief of the U.S. Liaison Office in China between 1974-1976. This positioned Bush to begin collaborating with the Chinese while enjoying full Title II Executive authority when he served his one term as president beginning in 1989.

As CIA director, Bush embraced the power and effectiveness of the PDB and paired it with his demand for a direct interface with then President Ford. This intersection accounts for the intelligence community’s ability to effectively impact the Executive and caused the CIA to become an indelible factor and variable to wield considerable weight and capabilities in the governance of the United States foreign and domestically.

The CIA is not authorized to operate domestically on Americans except where authorized in limited cases. Therefore the CIA’s directives have it operational outside of the U.S. and therefore it becomes a perfectly situated as collaborator with any willing hostile nation seeking to overthrow the U.S., like China.

The presidential/CIA portal that Bush created is responsible for the lion’s share of travesties and abuses coming from the federal apparatus. For one example, consider former Obama CIA Director John Brennan’s ability to launder the fraudulent Steele Dossier into a reliable intelligence product suitable for dissemination simply by including it in the President’s Daily Brief. GHWB created that capability.

When Bush was inaugurated as the 41st president in January of 1989 his roots were already deeply entangled with the Nazis, the intelligence community and China.

Bush would later write his book ‘The China Diary of George H.W. Bush — The Making of a Global President,’ which coincided with the ascendance of Barack Obama to the presidency in 2008 and heading into the 2009 January inauguration.

Historical evidence positions George H.W. Bush as the container for the U.S., the Executive, the CIA, the intelligence community, the Nazi Party and China as interfaced with Congress.

Political Moonshine

Dick Cheney used the Vice Presidency just like GWHB.

GWHB is the Godfather of the Intelligence Community infrastructure and the originator of the PDB/Executive/Intelligency Community intersection.

John Brennan used an Obama PDB to launder the Steele dossier giving it false veracity so that legacy media could propagate the Hillary Clinton cooked-up narrative in conjunction with the cooked-up Flynn/Russia story.

“I did that,” GHWB said quoting Proxy Joe from his grave.

Try try again they did and this time, it seems to be sticking. It has us at war with China.

GHWB was the Godfather.

Look around you.

None of it is possible without him.

All of it happened because of him.

GHWB is the Godfather.


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