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Oregon Coming Through Exactly as Predicted, Right On Time and It’s Bad for All of Us

18 Dec 21

These people play inside of a box. I keep saying that. It’s never going to change just like COVID is never going away; and just like these people will not stop until they are made to stop. All of it; and especially the box, makes them entirely predictable and precisely so.

Oregon is coming through exactly as predicted, right on time, just as I said it would and it’s bad for all of us. That’s due to precedent. Once one state sets it, the others historically begin falling in line thereafter and there are micro and macro examples of that dynamic throughout all of this.

Here comes Proxy Joe’s Dark Winter. Thanks, Kate. Thanks, China.

It all builds on the graphics below and the cyclical and seasonal nature of it; paying particular attention to the component of “seasonal drag through” and how Omicron will mirror Delta on similar data lines. I called that one, too.






The fit of “variants” with seasonal drag through is the thoroughly evidenced basis for what follows.

I said this in an article; essentially in real time, about Omicron when it first emerged as “Nu” over Thanksgiving.

The Nu “variant” is going to be used to exacerbate what would otherwise be a normally occurring and statistically unremarkable peak flu 2021-2022 in a very specific way. The Nu “variant” is likely going to begin another round of draconian lock-downs in one to several states that will expand to others while it also is going to expand the drive for or perhaps tip us over to mandatory vaccines for all.”


I said this in Part II of my sub-series of articles on War, Oil & Omicron,

“That’s the same Austria that in November, served as a Globalist litmus test by implementing a nationwide lock-down and mandatory vaccinations for everyone.

Austria and Oregon Governor Kate Brown collaborated recently on COVID-19 mitigation strategies. Augment this by knowing that in both instances, the U.S. followed an international example; it being the WHO, in its “public health emergency” and “pandemic” declarations respective to COVID.”


From the same article, I further said,

Oregon could be the introduction to nationwide lock-downs and mandatory vaccination for everyone in the U.S.


I’ve had my nickel on Oregon for a while now. The confidence in those predictions comes from two-years worth of work with some more recent focus on Kate Brown, Oregon and China.

Consider this from today.

From the article with added emphasis,

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Despite only three confirmed cases so far of the highly contagious omicron variant in Oregon, Gov. Kate Brown and health officials warned Friday that based on global data, the state’s peak number of hospitalizations since the start of the pandemic — about 1,200 —could more than double by the end of February, possibly even top 3,000, as an Omicron wave hits.

They strongly urged people to get their COVID-19 booster shots and continue other steps such as masking indoors, which they also made clear they know most Oregonians are weary of, heading into a second holiday season under pandemic conditions.

The Oregon Health Authority announced it is working to expand booster vaccination, with a goal of administering booster shots to an additional million residents by the end of January, doubling the current number of people who have already received the booster.

We only have a few weeks to prepare before Omicron hits in full force,” Brown said. “I know bracing for a new variant as we head into our second pandemic holiday season is not what we all hoped for.

I know we’re all ready for COVID-19 to be over,” she said. “If you take one thing away from today’s press conference, let it be this: Get your booster shot,” which she said is “incredibly effective to protect against serious illness and hospitalization.”

I’m sure their prediction and what is most certainly to follow – fraudulently propagated rampant new cases, more lock-downs and mandatory vaccinations for everyone – is a result of a firm understanding of our claims that the mRNA injections are primarily responsible for transmission now.


What I’m evidencing here in this article is the pretext for those lock-downs and vaccine mandates and it’s happening exactly when I said it would and as comporting with peak flu. Consider this from the same,

Brown also noted that “as Omicron spreads, more states are following Oregon’s lead,” in terms of indoor mask requirements. “We have a three-week window to prepare for the next surge. … We are literally in a race against the clock,” with a focus on vaccination boosters for the most vulnerable Oregonians, especially seniors and long-term care facility residents.

Remember how they started the “pandemic” with this particular segment of the population and nursing home policies? We’re repeating history that just happened.

“…while the severity (of the Omicron variant) is less, it is not low enough to prevent us from seeing” a big spike in hospitalizations. “The rate of severe illness appears lower, but it is causing some severe illness.”

Dr. Peter Graven, lead data scientist at OHSU’s business intelligence unit

From the same article,

Dr. Renee Edwards, chief medical officer at OHSU Health, also stressed that the Delta surge isn’t over. “We’re approaching this next surge at the halfway point, coming down from Delta.” So that raises more concern, as “our hospitals are full right now,” she said not just from Delta but other conditions, some delayed in care due to the pandemic’s impacts — which she noted is not just on full hospital beds but staffing numbers and burnout.

These are the same people who ran off a significant segment of their staffs with mandates for the same vaccines that are primarily responsible for their current and projected hospital populations. See how that works? As if contributing to the inside-out controlled destruction of the U.S.?

Look back up at the Delta graphics. It’s all enterprise fraud. It means that any narrative attached to Delta is invalid and unreliable. When the invalidity and unreliability directly evicence our exact claims, which they do regularly, it makes our case for us.

These people play inside of a box. I keep saying that. It’s never going to change.

They are going to make it happen. They are softening everyone up for it right now. Pretext is important; especially when it repeats itself cyclically, seasonally and annually and it does this against the backdrop of a mountain of evidence.

President Biden will address the nation about it on Tuesday.



  1. Zon Kuthon December 31, 2021

    And yet all you and Ronnie QickFlip Watkins do is QLARP.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | February 26, 2022

      For the record, we just filed our federal grand jury petition in the 9th Circuit two days ago. Just the beginning. Perhpas curb your enthusiasm to sling mud where it doesn’t belong or feel free to read others. Meanwhile, we’ll keep actually fighting for all Americans, including you.

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