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Functional Idiocy and State Propaganda in the Context of War: A Marriage Made in Tyranny and the Murder It Delivers

18 Dec 21

American institutions – perhaps all of them – have been infiltrated mostly by China and bent back against Americans in an effort to overthrow and destroy the country from the inside-out. In light of that and everything else I’ve outlined in the past two years, how else do you describe the following situation that recently unfolded in Rialto, CA?

The exercise here is to consume the video presented below. It’s difficult viewing. It doesn’t need much of an introduction because it’s detailed.

The scenario entailed first responders, who are educated, trained, certified and licensed to respond to the initial and worst of medical scenarios, who responded to a call of cardiac arrest at a care facility and then refused to exercise their duties by not entering the building to administer care to a dying patient. They made this decision out of concern for a disease with a 99.998% recovery rate that is known to have safe and effective treatments in HCQ & Ivermectin; and because some bureaucrat told them so by putting it on paper and pushing it out.

Just like they pushed-out paper in the beginning of all this that said to include known COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 patients in nursing home populations that contain those most susceptible to the disease; as if they were trying to jump start a pandemic out of thin air.

So they idly stood at the door leaving the panicked care staff on its own except for the ominous warning given by a police officer who entered to deliver the message that no one was coming.

The officer entered safely but the paramedics were prevented from doing so because of a piece of paper.

The man, 56-year old Joseph Angulo, died en route to the hospital.

Where is common sense?

Where is compassion?

Where is humanity?


Here’s how I describe the scenario. These are functional idiots drunk on state propaganda who blindly and ignorantly operate out of programming and fear; and it is occurring in the midst of an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war against China. The tragic net-effect is a marriage made in tyranny and it’s causing Americans to kill other Americans because of policies determined by officials who are compromised by China.

Murder is being pushed out on paper like it’s a new tax policy. Ignorant, deaf, blind and feeble minded Americans are acquiescing to it in a foolish and low-information attempt to preserve their jobs, salaries, incomes, benefits, homes, kids and every other reason you can name.

These functional idiots fail to realize that refusing to assume personal risk to fight now will only and ultimately result in the demise of all things they seek to protect. Such is the power of effective Chinese psychological warfare; not to mention its biowarfare; the latter being China’s preferred and evidenced primary warfare vector.

Consider all of that as you watch this. It’s difficult.

Originally sourced at TGP.



  1. EJS December 18, 2021

    Actually he died when he went into cardiac arrest. He was not able to be successfully resuscitated, happens all the time, every day. All the details of the case should be known before rushing to judgment. There are a lot of factors that could have affected the decisions made, advanced directives, past medical history, down time, annnnd covid protocols. At this point I would not believe a hysterical 3 minute clip from the fake news. The cop probably ran in there because he hadn’t “earned” his life saver pin yet.

  2. gueppebarre December 26, 2021

    Don’t you think perhaps part of the “hurry” with all of this commotion is because the operators are getting pretty long in the tooth, and since PDJT delayed the
    “progress,” as it were, these tools want to reap the benefit of their master plan before they assume room temperature?

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