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The First Monday News Cycle of the New Year – A Full Slate of Recurring Positions and Projections Maintain Trajectory

03 Jan 22

Today marks the third day of the third year of “flatten the curve” for two weeks. It also marks the new year’s first Monday news cycle and it features a full slate of recurring positions and projections that are maintaining trajectory. What follows is a brief run-down of them and we begin with kicking our two favorite dead horses: 1-COVID is never going away and 2-these people will never stop until they are made to stop. We open with a dead horse.

  1. From an item at Zero Hedge, consider the following regarding dead horse number one, “Danish infection experts countered the WHO’s prediction that the COVID-19 pandemic could end in 2022 by asserting “we will never be able to wave goodbye to the coronavirus.” Further, “The pandemic may end. But that doesn’t mean that corona will disappear from our everyday lives. I think we will never be able to wave goodbye to the coronavirus. What we want is to have such good immunity in the population that we can deal with it like the other diseases we know.” Finally and in light of over two years of work proving that COVID-19 is a construct of enterprise fraud devised to create a system of tyrannical control, consider, “As we highlighted last month, a poll found that a third of Brits think the pandemic will never end, underscoring how people have embraced the perma-bio security police state as a result of learned helplessness.” I began warning of this exact scenario back in February and March of 2020; just after the “pandemic” emerged in China. The graphic at the top is nearing a year old.
  2. Another SARS-CoV-2 variant with 46 gene mutations has been identified in Southern France. It keeps our dead horse accurately positioned. Zero Hedge reports on the details.
  3. At the end of July, I wrote a piece discussing the power of pretext respective to the U.S. and potential military conflicts with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan, the South China Sea, COVID-19, etc.; also recalling that our broader position has us mired in an irregular, asymmetrical and undeclared war with China since at least October 2019. On Sunday, President Joe Biden reaffirmed our positions relative to Ukraine and Russia vowing the U.S. would “act decisively” to Russian invasion. The India Times covers it here.
  4. Moonshine routinely remarks on the continually moving goal posts, objectives and policies coming out of the Fauci cohort; often citing the incremental aspects of policy development combined with an intermittent enforcement schedule. They’ve been highly effective in leveraging this strategy and Fauci is set to adjust policy once more in yet another staggering reflection – intentional or otherwise – that pandemic mitigation policies and responses are calibrated to politics and nothing to do with science, medicine, virology, epidemiology or other. It’s why the pandemic look different according to location and over time. Real pandemics don’t look or function this way. Zero Hedge covered it here saying, “As schools struggle with empty classrooms after the winter break as teachers and students fill quarantine lists, and thousands of flights continue to be canceled, Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Sunday that the agency is preparing to change its quarantine guidelines once again by adding that patients need a negative test result if they’re asymptomatic and want to exit quarantine after just five days.”
  5. Continuing to ignore emerging and existing data trends relative to adverse vaccine reactions, the FDA is moving ahead with authorization of mRNA injections for 12-15 year-olds despite myocarditis and other cardiac risks resulting from the injections. Zero Hedge has the details.
  6. Continuing in unrivaled and detestable form, Liz Cheney further demonstrates how the current U.S. government more closely resembles a Marxist communist state with the most egregious from of lies, duplicity and political projection. As reported at Zero Hedge, Cheney recently said this, “The Briefing Room at the White House is just a mere few steps from the Oval Office. The president could have at any moment walked those very few steps into the Briefing Room, gone on live television, and told his supporters who were assaulting the Capitol to stop, and he failed to do so.” Cheney said Trump was, “clearly unfit for future office,” and that he, “can never be anywhere near the Oval Office ever again.” Cheney concluded by warning that democracy would be dead in America if Americans chose to return Trump to office via a democratic vote. Moonshine will tell you that democracy has been dead in America for quite some time and Cheney and her ilk are responsible for it.
  7. Finally and if you haven’t already consumed it, I encourage you to take-in the Joe Rogan/Dr. Robert Malone 3-hour interviews. The findings align tightly with the Moonshine body of work. Zero Hedge provides a write-up and links the video.

The pandemic is a choice. That’s the Moonshine motto for 2022. Americans can either decide to acquiesce to a fraudulent pandemic continuing to live in fear or they can stand-up, take back their country and live in freedom. This motto is the basis of the next article.

The pandemic is a choice – fear or freedom. Choose wisely.


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