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How China May Invade the U.S. Mainland and It’s Not What You Think

-Open Sourced Analysis & Opinion on the Geopolitical Landscape-

30 May 22

If there is one thing that gets done well at Moonshine, it’s assembling seemingly disassociated components into a single construct so as to deliver accurate analysis of the geopolitical status quo; it normally entails pattern recognition, and this is one of those occasions. A recent example of this has been the years-long and exclusive work into explaining COVID-19 in ways no one else has.

[Parts II-IV of this sub-series are linked at the bottom.]

We begin with basic facts and assumptions:

  1. There are two basic ways to invade a foreign nation and China is using one to accomplish the other respective to the United States: outside-in and inside-out. The former refers to a literal invasion as seen on the beaches of Normandy circa 06 Jun 44 and the latter refers to infiltration, which is what the Chinese have done to America over a long timeline coming to own or directly influence its institutions, agencies and departments.
  2. The enterprise fraud construct of COVID-19 is the latest example of the inside-out approach as it was leveraged to steal an election to install a Chinese proxy in Joe Biden. I’ve copiously written about and arduously evidenced that in over 260 articles that stand in irrefutable form.
  3. Biden’s proxy status and his loyalty to the CCP is found in his private equity deals; one of which ties directly to the CEFC China Energy Company, which was the economic arm of China’s primary domestic and hegemonic doctrine: One Belt, One Road. Remember Belt, Road; it’s critical.

What follows is a logically deduced position that is backed by evidence and presents as the most plausible explanation for the blended approach to a Chinese invasion of the U.S. mainland. It is likely not what you may think or expect. It is assembled in light of recent events tying to two lines of thought reported here: 1-Biden’s exploding effort to eviscerate the Second Amendment and disarm Americans and 2-The multiple-front war scenario over Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan/South China Sea.

Both are longstanding Moonshine topics and more recently the latter has been covered in-depth in a slate of 50 articles; this being the 51st.

Joe Biden is our launch point and this social media post provides a succinct explanation:

Joe Biden just came-out and announced that he wants to ban 9mm handguns.

Biden previously said he wants to ban “assault weapons” and specifically the AR-15.

What do you think the most widely owned handgun is in America?

It’s the 9mm.

What about the most widely owned rifle?

It’s the AR-15.

They’re using false flag operations to build a narrative to disarm the American people as the last remaining barrier between our freedom and liberty and their Marxist communist brand of tyranny.

Political Moonshine

Left for independent consumption, three recent articles expand on that post: ONE TWO THREE

Without question, the illegitimate Biden administration is full throttle on eviscerating the Second Amendment and therefore, it’s the utilitarian purpose behind it that deserves our scrutiny. It’s also where the answer to it all lies. Biden is a Chinese proxy and so his decisions benefit China and the CCP as predicated on false pretenses delivered to Americans by means of psychological warfare.

Here are additional fact sets:

  1. China also installed its proxy at the WHO – Tedros – by means of a secret electronic vote where the results could not be examined by the voting member nations. This October 2020 article explains it: Devastated By Deception – Tedros, China and the CCP.
  2. Point one establishes a replicating pattern of Chinese control and infiltration by compromise and proxy installation.
  3. Biden is in the process of forgoing U.S. sovereignty and subjugating the U.S. to global governance by the United Nations and the WHO; most recently as it relates to the pandemic treaty.
  4. The WHO considers gun crime a health issue. This gives the WHO jurisdiction over gun crime per its own self-imposed mandate.
  5. Beginning in 2019, the FBI ramped up its efforts to combat what it branded as “the rise in domestic terrorism,” saying, “The FBI classifies domestic terrorism threats into four main categories: racially motivated violent extremism, anti-government/anti-authority extremism, animal rights/environmental extremism, and abortion extremism. The drivers of these domestic violent extremists include perceptions of government or law enforcement overreach, socio-political conditions, and reactions to legislative actions, and they remain constant.” [Source]
  6. On the heels of the stolen 2020 election, by April 2021, the FBI established that “domestic terrorism” is the biggest threat to the nation. [Source]

Drawing back to work from 11 Feb 20 and respective to OIG Michael Horowitz, I wrote the following as it pertains to “domestic terrorism” and before the FBI moved it to its highest priority. It should be taken in the context of early 2020, the newly unleashed construct of enterprise fraud referred to as the “COVID-19 pandemic” and the authority that federal agencies like FEMA inherit during times of declared emergencies. It’s also important to remember that the enterprise fraud of COVID-19 occurs in the emergency determinations process. COVID-19 began with: 1- A Public Health Emergency International Concern declaration by the the WHO, 2-Was followed by a U.S. Public Health Emergency Declaration, 3-Was followed by a WHO Pandemic Declaration and 4-Was followed by a U.S. Pandemic Declaration. The WHO led the way and the U.S. fell into alignment each step of the way. That’s important to understand and acknowledge.

Consider this with respect to “domestic terrorism,”

All of this rings as ominous foreshadowing, does it not? It heightens with FEMA’s authority and the release of Michael Horowitz’s commentary about the OIG’s review of the Department of Justice’s “Preparedness to Respond to Critical Incidents Under Emergency Support Function 13.” (SOURCE)

Before hearing Horowitz’s summary, it’s important to understand that the DOJ’s relevance is as aligned with the nature of what “Function 13” is. Here’s what Function 13 does (emphasis mine.) (SOURCE)

Political Moonshine

Emergency Support Function (ESF) #13 – Provides Federal public safety and security assistance to local, state, tribal, territorial, and Federal organizations overwhelmed by the results of an actual or anticipated natural/manmade disaster or an act of terrorism.

ESF # 13 resources include those from all Federal law enforcement departments or agencies and may provide a wide array of Federal law enforcement capabilities, personnel, and equipment to assist local, state, tribal, territorial, insular area, and Federal authorities to accomplish the core mission of public safety and security.


The takeaway from the above is that in instances of “domestic terrorism,” Continuity of Government protocols can be triggered giving the Executive – Proxy Joe Biden – emergency powers that circumvent regular constitutional governance. Combine that with the power of executive orders to rule by edict and we’re a couple of EOs away from the Second Amendment being eviscerated. After that comes enforcement and that’s the portal for the UN.

Rest assured that no matter how bad the landscape gets as riddled by manufactured mass and school shootings, an enormous segment of the population will not comply with any such executive orders from Biden or his apparent attempt to disarm Americans. This will cause the resisters to be labeled as “domestic terrorists.”

Logically and given the millions of Americans who will recognize the developments for what they are and therefore refuse to comply, they will by far exceed the combined local, county, state and law enforcement communities as one collective apparatus and that provides Biden with the impetus to request aid and assistance from an international body. That body will be the United Nations.

More problematic to the scenario is that the “domestic terrorist” branding as compounded by emergency authority held by the Commander in Chief of the U.S. could cause posse comitatus to be violated if Biden decides to mobilize the U.S. military accordingly. We brushed-up against this with governors deploying their National Guard units in D.C. around the time of the aftermath of the stolen 2020 election. It would make for a controversial decision at unprecedented levels and it makes the United Nations a more “impartial” and therefore more appropriate remedy.

Now consider this [Source]:

Additionally, China has troops to contribute along with a population of 1.5 billion should the UN make a request for additional personnel to be recruited into the fold:

The most important aspect is the funding; however, and we saw the same from U.N. relative to both China and Bill Gates respective to COVID-19. If COVID-19 was implemented to get us to this point; and all of the evidence suggests exactly that, and the UN was critical to that mission, who actually believes the UN is going to tap the brakes at this point?

Belt Road Initiative comes back to bear down with full might respective to the UN’s contributing personnel above. To demonstrate the point, visit this website to see the 146 nations under the umbrella of China’s Belt, Road Initiative: Countries of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). View their UN personnel as China’s proxies because funding is important.

It doesn’t matter if the UN troops are Chinese or Chinese by proxy vis-a-vis BRI or otherwise. It only matters that they wouldn’t be American and they would stand for the purpose of potentially disarming Americans and eviscerating the Second Amendment as per Biden.

Joe meant it when he said the Second Amendment is not “absolute.”

Given the long established and evidenced history of the UN interceding on U.S. national sovereignty to assist a primary financing nation in China with installing a proxy president in Joe Biden, there is a very real and plausible concern that the UN may not be done. Assembling all of the components for collective analysis and interpretation, pressing Americans on gun confiscation while focusing on the most popular weapons owned by them; and then labeling them “domestic terrorists” when they refuse to comply, provides plausible scenario for blue helmets on U.S. soil.

How plausible remains to be seen.

At that moment; however, China will have invaded the U.S. mainland, but perhaps not how people anticipated. Kind of like how they may win World War III where the only shot fired was an hypodermic one.

Part II of this sub-series: If It Isn’t the UN, It May Be NATO, Components of Our Own Military, Some of Them or All of Them.

Part III of this sub-series: There’s A Tale Being Woven for Telling Once They’ve Rewritten History From the Ashes. Do You Know What It Is?

Part IV of this sub-series: Noticed All the Recent Talk About the ‘Constitution’ and ‘Our Democracy’?


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