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RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: U.S. Foreign Aid to Ukraine, Transparency, Exceptions and Redactions – Part II, Evidence and Questions

16 Apr 22

Part I: RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: U.S. Foreign Aid to Ukraine, Transparency, Exceptions and Redactions – Part I, Lessons from Walmart

Part I of this sub-series of a now and broader 36-part series on Russia, Ukraine, China and COVID-19, which includes this article, was introduced by suggesting that transparency, redactions and exceptions should exist in a relationship whereby the former and the two latter are mutually exclusive. That in a legitimate government, giving fidelity to governance and the rule of law is how things are supposed to work.

This is not the case in the Third World banana republic I branded the United States of Venezuela a while back. Rather in the USV, the U.S. politburo always promises transparency for this and transparency for that while neglecting the former and leveraging the latter two to grease the skids of corruption, crime and treason.

In the course of the analysis and work into the broader topic and in light of the image below, questions arose about the $3.2 billion in U.S. foreign aid to Ukraine and about U.S. foreign aid in general. Notably, the image derives from a Twitter post from the U.S. Secretary of Defense, Lloyd J. Austin, III. It is extracted from an article featured at Zero Hedge which gives further rise to disconcerting developments respective to evidenced Moonshine positions and the predicted multiple-front war scenario with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan and the South China Sea.

Moreover and according to Austin, “$2.6B of that has come just since the beginning of Russia’s unprovoked assault on February 24.”

The ZH article is entitled Moscow Warns US In Diplomatic Letter: Arming Ukraine To Result In “Unpredictable Consequences” and the title alone is emblematic of the greater concern at hand.

Just as the Russians have lost a battleship at sea reported to be at the hands of Ukrainian Neptune missiles, “Russia sent a formal diplomatic note to the US this week calling on Washington and NATO to stop arming Ukraine. The note, which was obtained by The Washington Postsaid the Western campaign to pour weapons into Ukraine was “adding fuel” to the conflict and could lead to “unpredictable consequences,” as reported by ZH.

Moreover and from the same,

The diplomatic note was sent Tuesday, when news broke of a new massive US military aid package for Ukraine. President Biden announced the new aid on Wednesday, which is worth $800 million and includes howitzers for the first time. The package also includes helicopters, armed Switchblade drones, coastal defense drones, armored vehicles, radar systems, and thousands of Stinger and Javelin missiles.

Zero Hedge

The troublesome diplomatic cable zeroed-in our longstanding analysis evidencing NATO as the war spear routinely used to encircle and encroach upon Russia’s sovereignty and national defense. It insisted that NATO was “pressuring Ukraine to “abandon” peace talks with Moscow “in order to continue the bloodshed.”

The most incendiary aspect of this development derives from Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who last Wednesday stated that any US or NATO vehicles transporting arms inside Ukraine would be considered, “legitimate military targets.”

Considering the above, recall what I continue to reiterate, “We’re one errant shot or one false flag away from global thermonuclear war in the precisely predicted multiple-front war with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan and the South China Sea.”

Now augment these facts with the following development I reported on yesterday in an article entitled RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: U.S. Politburo Beats War Drums, China Responds with Military Exercises Over Taiwan. From it,

New developments have U.S. lawmakers dispatched to Taiwan and China responding with military exercises over the nation. It’s unnerving to say the least and it’s now incumbent upon all of us to question why it is that the Western Empire continues to stoke a multiple-front war that defies logic and recklessly exposes America to thermonuclear devastation in shockingly unprecedented ways that make the Cuban Missile Crisis seem like a hiccup.

Political Moonshine

And here we are – standing on the knife’s edge with it seemingly not mattering onto which side we may fall because our destiny appears – is evidenced – to have been already determined for us.

It was in the course of this work and analysis that questions arose about U.S. aid to Ukraine and U.S. aid to foreign nations in general. This is especially so noting the $3.2 billion Austin references respective to the manufactured war with Russia in Ukraine that began circa 2014 by means of Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy and diplomacy.

I concluded Part I with,

Said foreign policy and diplomacy is centered on the Western Empire’s penchant for engaging in regime change so as to install puppet regimes of its own. Make no mistake about it. Volodymyr Zelensky is a puppet, he is “their” guy and he was installed by leveraging Nazis and neonazis to sow social discord in Ukraine.

Overlaying all of this is the fact that The Biden Crime Family’s two epicenters of corruption are Ukraine and China and this fact is a direct overlay to the multiple-front war scenario with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan and the South China Sea that I predicted long ago through logically deduced and evidenced analysis; well before any incursion into Ukraine by Vladimir Putin.

Political Moonshine

Take the above in respect to these simple and broad concepts: 1-Much of the work at Moonshine rests on evidencing enterprise fraud, 2-Nations and Empires don’t engage in regime change unless substantial benefits are to be netted; especially so for the perpetrators of it all.

Now come the answers, evidence and more questions.

To learn more about U.S. foreign aid, our first primary source is From its website, we learn that, is the U.S. government’s flagship website for making U.S. foreign assistance data available to the public. It serves as the central resource for budgetary and financial data produced by U.S. government agencies that manage foreign assistance portfolios. In keeping with the U.S. government’s commitment to transparency, presents a picture of U.S. foreign assistance in accurate and understandable terms. The website also includes links to associated strategies and evaluations for U.S. foreign assistance programs. This site will be continually updated as data are available.  Look for new features and enhancements as they come online.

The primary objective of the site is to fulfill the requirements set forth in the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act of 2016 (FATAA) through the collection, tracking, and publication of the full lifecycle of all USG foreign assistance data.

Take note of the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act of 2016 (FATAA) because our focus turns there momentarily.

Also notable is the site’s admission that it, “will be continually updated as data are available,” and that readers should, “Look for new features and enhancements as they come online.”

The last part is problematic because when researching Ukraine for years 2021 and 2022, we note the following:

This leads to our first two questions: 1-What is the behemoth federal apparatus and its bloated body of personnel doing with their time? and 2-Why can’t we find complete information for the time periods that matter most?

For the sake of brevity, we’ll utilize visual illustrations to represent the changes in U.S. foreign aid to Ukraine. As we do, note that the large red dot featured prominently in each line graph denotes the year respective to the dollar amount provided. Also note our major premise respective to the first uptick in funding – that everything underpinning the Russia/Ukraine conflict is a direct extension and resumption [under Biden] of the aforementioned Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy and diplomacy circa 2014 and forward.








2021 [impartial and incomplete data]:

2022 [impartial and incomplete data]: There is currently no data available for 2022.

Before moving along, we must put another card down on the table as the contextual backdrop that gives meaning to what follows. It comes from the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act of 2016 (FATAA).

As you review the relevant aspects, take note of the year – 2016. Overlay that with everything that derived from the 2016 election year, two fraudulent impeachments with the first being transitioned from a failed and fraudulent Russian basis to a failed and fraudulent Ukrainian basis, the fictitious “Russian collusion” narrative, FISA abuse, Biden’s positioning as the outgoing Vice President and the current existence of the Hunter Biden laptop that provides a tranche of evidence tying back to the Biden’s, China and Ukraine [according to John Paul Mac Isaac.]

If not without a sense of irony, note the short title, “Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act of 2016.”

I further draw your attention to Section 3 (A) (i) (ii) where it plainly states that the transparency laws do NOT apply to the “Overseas Private Investment Corporation” [OPIC] as “relating to International Organizations and Programs.”

Recall that the totality of The Biden Crime Family’s corruption, crime and treason pertains to private investments, private equity and engagement with international organizations and programs. And they aren’t going to let you, me or anyone else see it. That’s where redactions come into full force as evidenced below.

When attempting to access the OPIC’s website, it was down. It features prominently on USAID’s website and USAID is elaborated on below:

Searching OPIC on USAID’s site nets a list of relevant press releases but no general information is available as might be found on OPIC’s unavailable website.

With our understanding of “transparency” in place and as codified into law, let’s move forward.

Again for the sake of brevity, we’ll take a closer look at 2021 as a tool to better understand the nature of U.S. foreign aid to Ukraine. I’m providing aspects of the 2021 page that appear below what is captured above:

The first thing we note are the relevant agencies and particularly USAID and the United Nations. We also note the appearance of the primary interface for corruption between the public and private sectors, NGOs or nongovernmental organizations.

It doesn’t take long to find the source of conflict that elicits more questions: 4-Why are American tax dollars being given to Ukraine and in light of its own imposed obligations for “transparency,” why are those fields redacted?; 5-Why are the redactions so prevalent and what is being hidden?; and 6-Why can’t the American people receive an explanation for the spending unless there is something to hide?

According to its website, “USAID leads international development and humanitarian efforts to save lives, reduce poverty, strengthen democratic governance and help people progress beyond assistance.”

This is USAID’s mission statement [emphasis added]:

Our Mission: On behalf of the American people, we promote and demonstrate democratic values abroad, and advance a free, peaceful, and prosperous world. In support of America’s foreign policy, the U.S. Agency for International Development leads the U.S. Government’s international development and disaster assistance through partnerships and investments that save lives, reduce poverty, strengthen democratic governance, and help people emerge from humanitarian crises and progress beyond assistance.


Pause to consider our broader base of existing evidence relative to the status quo in Ukraine. This includes The Biden Crime Family’s partnerships and investments respective to Ukraine including entanglements in biowarfare and U.S. biolabs in Ukraine via Metabiota, Hunter Biden’s affiliations with Burisma relative to energy and the U.N.’s World Food Program. Now reconsider the contexts emphasized above: disaster assistance, partnerships and investments and humanitarian crises.

I’ll make short work of translating the above. USAID is a primary mechanism to fund the U.S. government’s and Western Empire’s practice of leveraging U.S. funds and engaging in hegemony while it often simultaneously engages in regime change. By “spreading democracy,” the Western Empire is casting its net over foreign nations to install its own leadership to exploit those countries to its own end and normally in the way of geopolitical and military influence on its enemies, capturing its enemies, capturing regional nations or nations contiguous to its enemies, capturing a nation’s natural resources and other common-sense contexts.

Augment the understanding of what is outlined above by considering that war is most certainly a humanitarian crisis and the war in Ukraine is one of the Western Empire’s own creation as I’ve long evidenced. That will be incredibly important momentarily as we delve into something called “political risk insurance,” which is a coverage option from the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation.

According to its website, “U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) is America’s development finance institution. DFC partners with the private sector to finance solutions to the most critical challenges facing the developing world today.”

When searching for the OPIC on the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation’s website and then filtering it for Ukraine, we get the following [1] [2]:

The relevant entries from the above lists are presented in order below. In the first we note lending to small and medium business which are perfect entities for shell corporations used to commit fraud or enterprise fraud. We also note the private-public interface, the direct overlays in energy and the timeline of 2014 respective to the aforementioned Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy and diplomacy circa the same.

We continue to see direct overlays in the primary context for Biden’s corruption – energy.

The following two extracts are from the 09 Sep 20 entry excluding the balance of the longer piece. In them we continue to note energy in addition to critical minerals, which may or may not include uranium.

More importantly, we note redactions respective to Ukraine’s energy independence and spurring economic activity in the nation. The redactions are made to “protect the safety of the implementing partners.”

The following extract is from the 19 Dec 17 entry excluding the balance of the longer piece. We note that OPIC President, Ray Washburne, traveled to Ukraine on his first official delegation and that the redactions continue.

The following extract is from the 14 Jun 18 entry excluding the balance of the longer piece. Again, we note both the redaction and the direct overlay between the Bidens, energy, security and Ukraine.

Questions: 7-Why do we continue to see the federal apparatus violate its own self-imposed transparency mandate codified into law for the purpose of protecting “the safety of implementing parties?; 8-Do those implementing parties include the Bidens or any of their private investment and private equity ventures?; 9-And if not, why do we keep seeing the evidenced and direct overlays that suggest the Biden’s complicity in ways evidenced at Moonshine long ago?

In the products offered by the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, note the direct overlay of the public-private interface that serves as the foundation of corruption and crime and whereby the private arm is positioned to evade aspects of governmental regulation and the prohibition of such activities. This was referenced in the above extractions as well.

Here are the products offered that include “political risk insurance”:

In particular interest relative to Ukraine and Russia, we dial-down on “political risk insurance” as noted above and defined by The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation [emphasis added], “Coverage of up to $1 billion against losses due to currency inconvertibility, government interference, and political violence including terrorism. DFC also offers reinsurance to increase underwriting capacity.”

Bearing down on “political risk insurance” is Biden’s insistence that Putin be tried as a war criminal for genocidal acts and moreover, that the Western Empire’s puppet Zelensky has asked Biden to label Russia as a state sponsor of terror. Relative to “political insurance policies,” these can be viewed as triggers for policy pay-outs.

From a 25 Feb 22 article entitled Insurers face exposure to Ukraine invasion in multiple areas: analysts and found at Reassurance News,

The insurance industry is counting the cost of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to multiple analysts, the market is exposed in a number of areas, including political risk insurance (PRI), aviation war, trade credit, and marine cargo/war. It is understood that the credit and energy insurance markets will also come under strain.

Analysts at Peel Hunt wrote about PRI: “This includes claims relating to expropriation, war, embargoes, and border closures due to government intervention. We anecdotally understand that the total insured limit for PRI insurance across Ukraine and Russia is c.$2.0bn (a very rough guestimate). Hence, whilst exposure seems manageable, even a single-digit share would be a sizeable loss for the market.”

$2 billion is a lot of exposure.

Now consider this. When I attempted to research a page on the U.S. International Development Development Finance Corporation website pertaining to the exact search parameters listed here, I received the following as illustrated in the image below: media/opic-press-releases/innovative-opic-political-risk-insurance-product-facilitates-ukraines.

This brings us to our final set of questions: 10-Why can’t we have access to the particulars of any political risk insurance in Ukraine?; 11-What is so innovative about it?; 12-Do those innovations violate or circumvent U.S. or international law; 13-Does the Ukrainian political risk insurance directly overlay the manufactured Russia/Ukraine crisis by design?

Lastly, we have the question that matters most to the enterprise fraud considerations: 14-What are the chances that by extension of the Obama Administration and into its illegitimate third term, The Biden Crime Family not only engaged in rampant enterprise fraud in Ukraine; including sending enormous amounts of U.S. funds to co-conspirators there, but it also took out political risk insurance policies that they knew would pay-out once they had pushed Russia to the brink in a geopolitical effort that they began manufacturing in 2014 and with Russia’s subsequent actions positioned to trigger them?

The answer to that question likely if not most certainly explains the lack of transparency, the exceptions codified into law at the time Trump took office, and the redactions that appear to cover it all up. Conveniently, we aren’t permitted to see any of it.

The only thing better than cleaning house with an enterprise fraud construct that leverages international thermonuclear war that is beyond the scope of comprehension is acting in advance of it to take out political risk insurance policies permitting one to double-dip on the back-end.

$2 billion is a lot of exposure. $2 billion is a lot of money.

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