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UKRAINE and CHINA: Understanding the Two Epicenters of the Biden Crime Family’s Corruption and Treason, We’ve All Been Sold Out

09 Mar 22

It matters not if one is a Biden voter, Trump voter, other voter, conservative, liberal, independent, Republican, Democrat, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, legal resident, illegal alien or any other state-issued label you care to apply. Rather, it only matters if one resides in the United States. The crux of it all is that every single one of us; and regardless of the aforementioned monikers, has been sold-out to the Chinese Communist Party’s brand of communism. It has occurred in the throes of an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China that I began evidencing fully on 06 May 20. Now, those chickens are home to roost; perhaps forever.

The collective totality of “we the labeled chattel” – and that’s precisely what we are – will determine the final outcome. It makes the status quo whereby Americans remain divided and at each others throats at terminal levels and in unprecedented historical fashion; also fully by nefarious design, utterly maddening. The levels of misinformation and disinformation in an information war that is a product of psychological warfare are as staggering as they are fully effective. What has been done to each and everyone of us is remarkable when considered and viewed through the lens of analytically understanding the enemy, its capabilities and its sheer and utter efficacy. Importantly, the enemy is both foreign and domestic.

In all of it, the sell-out draws down on two epicenters of corruption and treason orchestrated by Barack Obama, who is currently serving his third term, and the Biden Crime Family. They are Ukraine and China and it’s why both dominate today’s news cycle along with Russia, our favorite and longstanding “boogeyman.” All of it is a product of the CIA and Western nations that are in league together; along with the likes of Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, the Davos crowd and similar others; and it all collectively stands directly opposed to the people as they herd us up and usher us onto the technocratic global plantation.

Nazis are real; just ask the Ukrainians. Who do you think Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry was leveraging in Ukraine to sow discord and affect regime change circa 2014 and forward? Nazis are staring us in the face. They occupy the White House, or so it would seem as suggested by a sizable volume of evidence. See it as World War II never ending but rather shifting operations to the U.S. via Operation Paperclip, which I’ve written about extensively.


To begin, substantial work on these matters has been put forth here recently so as to augment a full slate of work drawing back to 2019. All of it should be consumed as the contextual backdrop to this article such that full understanding is made relative to the points and positions outlined here.

Our purpose in this article is to take the existing work and leverage it to make sense of a wide swath of current headlines and articles.

A recent and similar piece provides the foundation for this work: Timing Validates Established Interconnected Positions: CIA’s Engineered Russia/Ukraine War, COVID-19 Enterprise Fraud Construct, Our Federal Grand Jury Petition, Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s Criminality, and Gas Prices Serving Cloward-Piven.

Relative to Ukraine specifically and drawing back on the body of work circa 2019, this substantial and deep article provides a robust explanation of Ukraine, the Bidens’ involvement there and its strategic importance today: UNDERSTANDING THE STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE OF UKRAINE: Going Deep on Ukraine’s Strategic Importance Reveals That We’re Repeating the History Obama, the Clintons and the Bidens Engineered for Us.

In ways to galvanize our positions relative to Vladimir Putin and Russia’s apparent strategic but unconventional military targeting in Ukraine, this item introduces evidence that demonstrates how Putin is actually targeting locations that overlay with U.S. biolabs in the country, which maintains a contiguous border with Russia and therefore presents a very real and severe national security threat for the Russians: U.S. BIOLABS IN UKRAINE: Russian Government Produces Documents Validating Positions on the CIA’s Regime Change Efforts and Biowarfare in Ukraine.

Another substantial piece delivers evidence in spades and it was kick-started by a submission to Moonshine from a kind and thoughtful reader [Gogolizard]. It focuses on the asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China, which manifests through its primary warfare vector of biowarfare as decreed by Chinese doctrine and policy. The must-read item back-fills the position in granular fashion through the lens of Latin America and our unsecured southern border while overlapping the precise arguments pertaining to Cloward-Piven strategy and the objective of rendering the U.S. to Third World status: THE DEATH OF AMERICA: Understanding the Asymmetrical, Irregular and Undeclared War With China Relative to the Disaster That Is America Today, Every American Should Come to Understand This.

Our last backdrop item delivers substantial primary source evidence in the form of “follow the money” as the positions relative to Putin targeting U.S. biolabs in Ukraine receives a deep stack of irrefutable proof that derives from a slate of U.S. government and other reliable sources and publications: PROJECTION, PANIC and PROOF – Positions On Ukraine and Russia Are Narrowly Focused, Precisely On Point and Entirely Antithetical to the Propagandized Western Narrative.

That brings us to our purpose today whereby we’ll succinctly analyze recent headlines and stitch the meaning back to the almost overwhelming volume of information and evidence just outlined. We do this with the understanding that although it is overwhelming, it’s only a sip of the Moonshine. That jug is as enormous as it is complex and exclusive.

Let’s begin with Iran, which we hold as a mechanism to threaten and leverage Western nations that get off-reservation with policy. The JCPOA bears down with full might as Obama’s mechanism to deliver Iran as stated. It’s why Trump took aggressive foreign policy, military and diplomatic actions on Iran and why the Biden regime has resumed Obama’s policy positions in his third term. The threat is real, it serves the broader globalist power structure and it’s continuing on. Consider this headline and article: “A Total Disaster”: Why The Iran Nuclear Deal Will Spark An Even Greater Geopolitical Crisis. Every power structure needs enforcers. The mafia had them and so does the U.S. government – we call it the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Speaking of enforcers, “heavies” and strongmen, it’s no surprise that the illegitimate Biden regime has reversed course in a mainstay nation with deep ties to U.S. treason and Dominion Voting Systems – Venezuela. I’ve thoroughly detailed Venezuela’s involvement understanding that it is integral to the Biden Crime Family’s corruption relative to energy. Recall that an exclusive Moonshine position is that the enterprise fraud constructs being leveraged utilize energy [oil and natural gas and others] as the conduit to move money. Consider this headline and article: Now Courted By Biden, Socialist Strongman Maduro Hails “Cordial” US Talks For Oil Supplies. From it, we learn,

Socialist strongman Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela has hailed ongoing “cordial” talks with the team dispatched by Biden to Caracas on Monday as the White House is desperate to tap new supplies of oil. Maduro, once targeted by US regime change efforts – particularly during the Trump administration – is now apparently being courted by Washington, as the White House is signaling it could drop the oil embargo on the major OPEC Latin American nation.

“We have agreed to work on an agenda going forward, issues of interest,” Maduro said. “It seemed to me very important to be able, face to face, discuss issues of maximum interest to Venezuela and the world. And I ratify, as I said to the delegation, all our will to advance in an agenda of well-being and peace through diplomacy, respect and the highest hope for a better world.”

The irony is of course that as Washington does an economic full-court press on one strongman in Moscow, it’s now looking to bring countries like Iran and Venezuela “out from the cold.” The other irony is that Russia remains Venezuela’s closest major outside backer, and has been so through past years of immense Washington pressure on Maduro which came during the Trump administration. A US official on Tuesday afternoon said the talks are ongoing.

Zero Hedge

The early and exclusive work and established Moonshine positions on energy continue to be effectively evidenced and for my nickel, it’s emblematic of the resumed and extended corruption vis-a-vis the fraudulent constructs outlined. Consider this headline and article: “Approve Our Permits”: US Oil Industry Responds After Biden Cuts Imports From Russia. From it , we learn,

On March 8, while President Joe Biden announced a ban on Russian oil and gas imports, regular gasoline at one BP gas station on Chicago’s South Side was nearly $5 a gallon.

On March 7, average national gas prices had shattered the record set in 2008, reaching a new high of $4.104, according to GasBuddy. That number surged even higher on March 8, reaching $4.173, according to AAA.

The most recent uptick in prices has to do with the Russia–Ukraine war, according to De Haan and other experts. Yet experts who spoke with The Epoch Times said prices had been increasing long before that conflict began.

“Russia’s war against Ukraine has added a premium to the price of crude on the global market of $15 to $20 per barrel, and promises to add more if the conflict is extended. But the oil price was $37 per barrel when Biden was elected and had already risen by $60 before Russia’s invasion due to supply and demand factors,” David Blackmon, editor of SHALE Magazine and co-host of the radio show In The Oil Patch, told The Epoch Times in an email.

“The fact is the market has been under-supplied for months now, and Biden has contributed to that greatly by his efforts to hamstring the U.S. oil industry. That’s the truth.”

Epoch Times

Moreover and in this item, the Biden regime is obviously trying to hang its own deliberate policy failures, which manifest by design relative to Cloward-Piven, on Russia via its manufactured Russia/Ukraine crisis: Watch: Reporter Refuses To Accept Psaki’s Attempt To Blame Russia For Gas Price Surge. From it, we learn,

As the price of gas surged to a national average of $4 and even surpassed $7 in some areas, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki attempted to deflect the blame away from the Biden administration, but one reporter refused to accept it.

Incredible, Psaki doubled down on the lie, claiming “…there’s no question that…the increase…is a direct result of the invasion of Ukraine.”

Summit News

Psaki’s swill is fodder for the functional idiots I so often criticize in Moonshine work. So is Biden’s. Consider this: Biden: Gas Prices Are “Going to Go Up… Can’t Do Much Right Now… Russia Is Responsible”. From it, we learn,

President Joe Biden said gas prices in America that are already at historical highs are going to continue to go up and that there’s not much that can be done about it at this time.

“They’re going to go up,” said Biden of the prices.

Zero Hedge

Remarkable. They don’t even try to hide it. I wonder how the functional idiots accept, reconcile and explain these policies from their “elected” no more orange man bad hero.

One question I routinely ask in Moonshine work is, “Cui bono – who benefits?” With that in mind and in a direct overlay with the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and Biden’s surrender of the king’s ransom’s worth of natural resources in that nation over to China, consider this: Chinese Firms Mull Buying Stakes In Russian Energy Giants. China benefits, that’s who. China benefits with every decision its proxy – Joe Biden – makes and it’s as obvious as the sunrise and sunset. You simply can’t make-up this stuff.

Important here is our position on gas prices as evidenced in this Moonshine article and whereby it’s clear that the Biden regime and by its own words [links to video] is engaged in forced policy change, which I position as both punishment for the American people and as a mechanism of Cloward-Piven.

Further exacerbating the above Cloward-Piven and punishment scenarios; and evidencing the spiraling and unprecedented levels of increased inflation, consider this headline and article: War Will Cause “Hell On Earth” For Global Food Prices. From it, we learn,

The world is heading for a “catastrophic” global food crisis as a result of the war in Ukraine, which will cause “hell on earth” for food prices, according to experts.

“Half the world’s population gets food as a result of fertilisers… and if that’s removed from the field for some crops, [the yield] will drop by 50%,” Svein Tore Holsether, head of agri company Yara International, told the BBC.

Known as “the breadbasket of Europe,” Russia and Ukraine export around a quarter of the world’s wheat and half of its sunflower products, such as seeds and oil.

“For me, it’s not whether we are moving into a global food crisis – it’s how large the crisis will be,” said Holsether, noting that increasing gas prices were causing a steep rise in the cost of fertiliser.

Summit News

The most important aspect of this Russia/Ukraine news item is the Moonshine position on it, which is extensively evidenced: the entirety of the Russia/Ukraine matter is constructed and engineered as an extension of Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry policy circa 2014 and forward. Knowing that it’s all deliberate, by design and ultimately positioned to engage the U.S. in a multiple-front war as I’ve outlined extensively and in copious detail, the following items become catastrophically frightening and cause us to ask how many of our U.S. Special Access Programs did Hillary Clinton place on her private and unsecured server to make available to our principal adversaries; especially the Chinese?

Consider this chilling headline and article that needs little to no elaboration: America Falls Behind Russia And China In Combat-Ready Hypersonic Missiles, Report Says. From it, we learn,

The US has fallen behind the hypersonic weapons race. Russia and China are quickly developing and fielding hypersonic missiles while the US suffers testing setbacks.

Bloomberg reports defense manufacturer Lockheed-Martin’s ARRW (Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon) planned for use by the US Air Force has suffered three consecutive failed tests, while both Russia and China have completed successful tests.

Zero Hedge

Let us not forget this Moonshine piece which exacerbates this dynamic in catastrophic fashion and in line with another exclusive Moonshine position I’ve yet to see anywhere else: that the U.S. is being positioned for global defeat in a multiple-front hot war over Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan. The article is entitled ALARMING: WHITE HOUSE’S ABRUPT REVERSAL OF POSITIONS – Every American Should Read and Come to Understand the White House’s Disingenuous and Newly Fabricated Position on the Multiple-Front War Precisely Predicted Long Ago and it encompasses preexisting work.

Recalling that our positions on Russia/Ukraine include longstanding efforts to jab Mother Russia with the fiery hot NATO poker [Ukraine’s inclusion in NATO and Ukraine’s’ respective contiguous border with Russia], consider the extension of this tactic now expanding to China and Taiwan: China Warns ‘Hegemonic’ US Against A Pacific Version Of NATO, Citing Ukraine Crisis. There’s no doubt to our position – we are being situated for global defeat as stated and evidenced. From the article, we learn,

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday warned the US against trying to create a NATO-style military alliance in the Asia Pacific.

Wang made the comments when discussing Washington’s recently released Indo-Pacific strategy, which calls for the US to bolster alliances and partnerships in the region to counter China. “The real goal of the US Indo-Pacific strategy is to establish an Indo-Pacific version of NATO,” Wang said at a press conference.

As the Globalist militaristic power structure to leverage nations in the North Atlantic region, NATO continues to bear down mightily. Consider this, which also needs little elaboration: Poland’s Offer Of Jets For Ukraine “Raises Serious Concerns For Entire NATO Alliance”: Pentagon. From it, we learn,

Some sharp words and a swift rejection from the Pentagon Tuesday evening: “The prospect of fighter jets ‘at the disposal of the Government of the United States of America’ departing from a U.S./NATO base in Germany to fly into airspace that is contested with Russia over Ukraine raises serious concerns for the entire NATO alliance,” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said of the Polish announcement which caught the Biden administration by surprise.

Kirby described the Pentagon perspective on Poland’s earlier in the day declaration that it would send all its Russian-produced MiG-29 jets to Ramstein Air Base in Germany for the United States to be able to transfer them to Ukraine further as follows:

1-“It is simply not clear to us that there is a substantive rationale for it,” he added, stressing that the proposal “shows just some of the complexities this issue presents.”

2-“We will continue to consult with Poland and our other NATO allies about this issue and the difficult logistical challenges it presents, but we do not believe Poland’s proposal is a tenable one.”

Zero Hedge

Yet another item dials in on the critical importance of NATO as outlined: Zelensky Ready To ‘Discuss & Find Compromise’ On Crimea, No Longer Insists On NATO Membership. Consider,

President Zelensky’s 14-hour old ABC News interview (which we detailed hours ago below) is finally getting widespread distribution and is being repackaged as a significant nod to Moscow on what’s been Putin’s core issue he cited as justification for launching the war:

1-In another apparent nod aimed at placating Moscow, Zelensky said he is open to “compromise” on the status of two breakaway pro-Russian territories that President Vladimir Putin recognized as independent just before unleashing the invasion on February 24.

2-“I have cooled down regarding this question a long time ago after we understood that …NATO is not prepared to accept Ukraine,” Zelensky said in an interview aired Monday night on ABC News.

“The alliance is afraid of controversial things, and confrontation with Russia,” the president added.

“I’m talking about security guarantees,” Zelensky said, explaining that Ukraine is now open for dialogue on these central Russian security demands in order to stop the war.

Zero Hedge

We’re not done with NATO, Russia and Ukraine. Consider yet another NATO inroads respective to Ukraine and impacting Russia: Orban Signs Decree Allowing NATO Troops In Western Hungary. The screws are being tightened and the war drums hastened in their beating respective to Russia,

On Monday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban signed a decree allowing the deployment of NATO troops to western Hungary.

The decree allows the NATO Response Force to be stationed in Hungarian territory west of the Danube River, which is far from the country’s border with Ukraine. The order allows NATO to use Hungary’s airspace, but the NATO forces cannot enter Ukraine directly from Hungary.

The NATO handwriting is all over about every wall you care to examine.

For another and in the same vein of Russia/Ukraine being constructed and engineered, we have this headline and article that’s self-explanatory: A Large Scale False Flag Cyber-Attack Now Imminent?. It hits Moonshine work and positions squarely on the head, assuming you’re a longer-tenured and regular reader,

In early 2021 at the height of media generated covid fear the World Economic Forum released a series of panel discussions and white papers outlining a “pandemic” of a completely different nature; what they referred to as an impending “cyber-attack with covid like characteristics.” The program agenda at the WEF was titled “Cyber Polygon” and headed with unsettling zeal by globalist Klaus Schwab.

The WEF and Schwab are best known for two things:

1-Their involvement in a war game called Event 201 which simulated the global spread of a coronavirus pandemic. This simulation was held two months BEFORE the real thing happened in early 2020 and a majority of the measures played out in the game were in fact implemented almost immediately following the outbreak.

2-Klaus Schwab’s excited announcement that the pandemic was the perfect “opportunity” to institute what he calls the “Great Reset” of the global economy along with the rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is the complete centralization of world trade and governance into a global socialist empire where you will “own nothing, have no privacy, and like it.”

Alt Market

It is fully emblematic of the power and purpose of pretext and whereby the circle back explanation and dismissal is pre-built into the construct. From the same,

Today, the war tensions with Russia are now about to overflow and I suspect it’s only a matter of time before China also begins operations against Taiwan. But there is a much bigger threat on the horizon. I have little doubt at this stage that a false flag attack on the US or Europe (or both) is now imminent, and what I mean by “false flag” is that the attack will be designed to benefit the globalists and not necessarily the country that is blamed for it.

Alt Market

Resting on a mountain of Moonshine evidence detailing the Biden Crime Family’s corruption in the Ukrainian epicenter, we’ll wrap-up with these articles and publications and in so doing, we recall that NGOs and humanitarian aid represent conduits to corruptly move money between these global cabal players and nation states. In short, the funds get sent for “this reason” but are actually received for “that reason.” Often, portions of the funds end up back in our own politicians’ pockets. Not surprisingly, once the funds of American taxpayer monies are received, the tracking of them is nearly impossible and never done.

Consider this and the amounts indicated from the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine with no need for further elaboration: FACT SHEET: U.S. Assistance to Ukraine. It reports,

Continuing with additional aid to Ukraine, Biden corruption and obscene amounts of U.S. taxpayer money subject to rampant enterprise fraud, consider this: U.S. Congress edges toward Ukraine aid, government funding bill. The admissions and sums are staggering,

WASHINGTON, March 8 (Reuters) – The U.S. Congress on Tuesday appeared to be on the cusp of an agreement to allocate billions of dollars in emergency aid for Ukraine, fund the federal government through Sept. 30, and provide resources to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sweeping legislation, awaiting final approval from Democratic and Republican congressional leaders, was expected to provide $1.5 trillion for defense and nondefense discretionary spending, as much as $14 billion to help Ukraine respond to Russia’s invasion and about $15 billion for COVID.

“Republicans and Democrats are very, very close to finalizing the agreement. I expect there will be text released in a few hours,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters at a midafternoon news conference.

Schumer’s Republican counterpart, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, said he expects $14 billion in humanitarian and military aid for Ukraine to include loan guarantees to help NATO allies including Poland purchase U.S. warplanes to replace warplanes transferred to Ukraine.


Think the Biden Crime Family’s 2017-present crime spree is coincidental relative to the funding increases depicted below? Not a chance in hell.

Yahoo News

All of this is enterprise fraud. It’s not up for debate; it’s inarguable and it’s evidenced to the moon.

The Biden Crime Family’s two epicenters of corruption are Ukraine and China recalling that Hunter Biden secured a $1.5 billion dollar private equity deal with BHR Partners in October 2013 and then later in 2017, he secured a $6 million deal with Chairman Ye of the now defunct CEFC China Energy Company. CEFC was the economic arm of China’s primary domestic and hegemonic doctrine, One Belt, One Road. The political arm is the CCP. It’s all backed by the PLA. Moonshine evidenced that in exclusive ways and again, it all stacks to the moon in arduous, tedious and copious detail. An entire catalog of articles exits in evidence of it.

In short, we’re being raped and pillaged on our way being rendered to Third World status via Cloward-Piven as a mechanism to soften us up to effectuate a catastrophic global defeat in a multiple-front war with Russia and China that was precisely predicted long ago. But then again, that’s old news and we’re only now beginning to see that rubber meet the road.

Wake the hell up, America.



  1. JP Maxwell March 9, 2022

    Perhaps like you – most of us have been at this drum beating for quite sometime – nearly demanding our fellow citizens “wake the hell up.” Unfortunately, when one takes a deep dive down the rabbit hole they find the psychological programming and scientific technologies too great to overcome, in this regard. Our goose is cooked, I wish it wasn’t but it is . . . now is past time to prepare. What will come will come. My only hope is that somewhere out there the gods will show mercy and allow us to break the CIA into a million pieces. They believe they hold the “keys to the kingdom”. They’re wrong – we do. Only all of us collectively seem to have lost them.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | March 9, 2022

      For many, it’s far too convenient to continuing feeding the lie to protect the ego than to challenge ones own conventions and admit to being duped over a long timeline. How sad.

  2. Van March 10, 2022

    Thanks for all your hard work and the ton of information you provide to those of us wishing to know what the hell is actually going on behind the scenes.

    Reading some of your previous articles which tie to this one, one thing kept popping into my head: how much is the Biden crime family, Pelosi et al making from the increase in energy prices? In my mind it seems that the sanctions pertaining particularly to energy supplies from Russia were implemented in part to further line their already corrupt pockets, apart from all the other aspects you’ve covered.

    Regardless, I guess you made that point when stating that China benefits, which one would then have to assume will entail some kind of automatic financial windfall for the Bidens an Co and all the rest of the scum involved.

    Anyway, just spit balling here from South Africa, from whence I’m still trying to figure out the true implications on my country of this ongoing war.

    Thanks for your work. Looking forward to reading more of it. God bless.

  3. […] In the spirit of brevity, I’ll link this article as the means by which to access the backdrop information and from it, you can navigate as you need to understanding that there are several substantial and recent pieces on the Moonshine home page that put most of the cards on the table for you: UKRAINE and CHINA: Understanding the Two Epicenters of the Biden Crime Family’s Corruption and Tre…. […]

  4. Rachael March 12, 2022

    So if Trump just left us in the midst of us being in deep shit, why does he still rally around the US yelling The Best Is Yet To Come? If he were really defeated, why didn’t he disappear? He never actually conceded. The only explanation for that, short of him having not left us and having a plan, is that he is DS himself & playing us all. I don’t believe that for a second.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | March 20, 2022

      I completely agree. I have the door cracked for him and a full redress of the matters at hand, but the continually amassing evidence speaks to the contrary at the moment. If and when I see a turning of the tide rest assured that I’ll write it up. Thank you – appreciated.

  5. […] of the purse and funding allocations. Enter Ukraine – one of The Biden Crime Family’s two epicenters of corruption, crime and treason [the other being […]

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