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Will Biden’s Promised ‘Dark Winter’ Follow His ‘Nuclear Armageddon’?

11 Oct 22

Joe Biden, Nuclear Armageddon, Dark Winter, Russia, Ukraine, China, Taiwan, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, Metabiota, Hunter Biden Laptop, Enterprise Fraud, The Technocratic Global Plantation

Joe Biden continues to usher us down a projected and evidenced path. In the last installment, this question was posed: Are We on the Precipice of Joe Biden’s Promised ‘Dark Winter’? In this 77th article in this series focused on war, famine and disease; and more specifically the multiple-front war scenario with China over Taiwan and Russia over Ukraine that I began evidencing in March of 2021, this question is posed: Will Biden’s promised ‘dark winter” follow his ‘nuclear Armageddon’?

The last article also included about 15 minutes of unreleased podcast audio from March of 2021 that sets the entire foundation for this series of articles dedicated to the topic.

The multiple-front war scenario is enveloped by the full body of analysis and evidence into COVID-19 that is predicated on exclusive angles centering on enterprise fraud. That substantial catalog of over 300 items draws back to 09 Feb 20.

New developments follow to further evidence the broader Moonshine fact set.

Established Broader Fact Set

This fact set gets re-posted periodically for good measure. If familiar with it, perhaps skip past it. If not, it reads antithetically to the propagated mainstream narrative in about every conceivable way, which sadly is a strong indicator of the truth these days. This fact set is backed by an entire catalog of sourced and cited work and analysis.

The broader established and evidenced contemporary Moonshine fact set:

  1. The U.S. has been in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China since at least October 2019 and I lined this out in exclusive fashion on 06 May 20 relative to COVID-19 – Making the Case for Treason [the first in a sub-series of articles]
  2. COVID-19 is a construct of enterprise fraud prosecutable under RICO statute and I exclusively lined this out beginning in January of 2020 [now with hundreds articles and videos available on the home page; the first article was complied on 09 Feb 20]
  3. Biowarfare is China’s primary warfare vector and the enterprise fraud construct COVID-19 was executed along those lines and in conjunction with internal U.S. traitors embedded in the federal apparatus
  4. China’s hegemonic aspirations derive from its primary domestic and hegemonic doctrine – One Belt, One Road
  5. Illegitimate U.S. President Joe Biden was installed by China and the Globalists after COVID-19 was leveraged to steal the 2020 election and the regime functions as Barack Obama’s third term [1] [2] [3].
  6. Ultimately, the Globalists and the string-pullers behind them are shifting the hub of global operations from the U.S. to China and in order for that to happen, the U.S. must be deliberately softened and weakened for defeat and the American people must be made to feel and experience it for it to be accepted
  7. The U.S. is being positioned for a multiple-front war with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan where it will lose by design and where I exclusively lined-out those positions with deadly accurate predictions of that precise scenario that draws back on a long timeline
  8. Biowarfare and dual-use pathogens overlay the entirety of COVID-19, war with China and war with Russia [Ukraine] whereas the evidence indicates that Vladimir Putin is targeting NATO and U.S. biolab targets in Ukraine
  9. The totality of what is occurring in Ukraine draws back to at least 2013 into 2014 and is a direct product of Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland foreign policy and diplomacy whereby the CIA and Western intelligence writ large fomented social unrest in the nation by leveraging Nazi and neonazi groups in an effort to engage in regime change so as to eventually install “their guy” Volodymyr Zelensky
  10. The two epicenters of illegitimate President Joe Biden’s long history of corruption and treason that have us sold-out to the CCP and its brand of communism draw back on a long timeline and they are China and Ukraine; thus directly overlaying the accurately predicted multiple-front war scenario that the U.S. has been positioned to lose by design
  11. The two epicenters of Biden corruption are a direct overlay for the first failed vector and the second successful vector for the first unsuccessful impeachment of then President Donald Trump; Russia and Ukraine, respectively
  12. The military action in Ukraine by Vladimir Putin and Russia does not tactically comport with a conventional invasion and there is copious evidence that Putin is targeting U.S./DoD dual-use pathogen biolabs and NATO targets in Ukraine
  13. The U.S. biolabs tie directly to the U.S. Department of Defense and to The Biden Crime Family through Metabiota vis-a-vis is problematic private equity venture Rosemont Seneca
  14. Cloward-Piven strategy is being leveraged to reduce the U.S. to Third World status as the pre-hot war softening and weakening phase in the predicted multiple-front war scenario and thus facilitating the transfer of Globalist operations from the U.S. to China
  15. Enmeshed in Cloward-Piven are both the manufactured supply chain crisis as impacted by the fuel/energy crisis and the engineered global food crisis; the latter receiving a rehearsal planning event analogous to Event 201 and COVID-19.
  16. The evidence indicates that the broader objective is “One World” global governance with the United Nations as the authoritative enforcement body
  17. With China’s other proxy Tedros installed at the World Health Organization and with medical tyranny as the established context for it, the UN is the mechanism delivering “One World” government and accordingly, the U.S. was aligned to follow-suit in every instance with Tedros and the WHO delivered the beginning of the end – the COVID-19 “pandemic” of enterprise fraud.
  18. Relative to the designed loss in the evidenced multiple-front war scenario, the United Nations will steward the post-war treat process that will deliver the subjugation of United States to global governance as enforced by the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism


New developments follow to further evidence our fact set. We take them categorically beginning with Biden’s nuclear Armageddon.


The visceral and dangerous rhetoric spewing from Chinese proxy Joe Biden is at unprecedented levels since the Cuban Missile Crisis. It has the U.S., Europe and Asia on the brink of nuclear war in a continued pattern of those in power following through on everything they projected onto then President Trump when he was in office. They said he’d wreck the economy; that diplomatic relations would fall apart; that war would rage; that he would go rogue; that he would be a disaster, etc.

“Normal” seems like a lifetime ago. This is especially true when you live in a van.

The entire premise that America is being drawn into a multiple-front war scenario with a designed loss derived from Chinese proxy Joe Biden’s stewardship draws back to March of 2021. The analysis includes nuclear vectors and that linked research should be consumed for full and accurate understanding.

Suffice it to say that when Biden issues statements promising a nuclear Armageddon and he does this after multiple deliberate statements over time about a ‘dark winter’, everyone should take notice.

Most concerning is how this multiple-front scenario is unpacking exactly as projected and backed by evidence. The nuclear threat is a real one. Take Biden at his world.

President Joe Biden said on Thursday [06 Oct 22] that the threat of nuclear “Armageddon” is at its highest level since the Cuban missile crisis, and that the US is trying to find an “off-ramp” for Russia before they begin the use of tactical nuclear weapons. [1]

Zero Hedge

“We’re trying to figure out what is Putin’s off-ramp? Where does he get off? Where does he find a way out?” Biden said at a fundraiser in New York City for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee at the New York home of James Murdoch, the son of News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch. [1]

Zero Hedge

Not uncharacteristically for the feeble-minded Biden whose statements are frequently walked back by his Administration’s public relations guardrails, his claims of a nuclear Armageddon were not accompanied with any evidence of reliable intelligence. [2]

On Friday CNN cited multiple unnamed US intelligence officials to say “The US still has seen no evidence that Putin is moving toward using Russia’s nuclear capability, nor is there any intelligence showing he’s decided to do so.” [2]

Zero Hedge

French President Emanuel Macron publicly rebuked Biden scolding him on his incendiary nuclear Armageddon comments. [3]

In a rare rebuke from a leading European NATO ally, French President Emmanuel Macron when asked about US President Joe Biden’s Thursday warning of Russia posing the threat of nuclear “Armageddon” strongly suggested the words were imprudent. 

Macron said “we must speak with prudence” in reacting to Biden’s comments, explaining that world leaders must speak with care on questions of a nuclear threat. “I have always refused to engage in political fiction, and especially… when speaking of nuclear weapons,” Macron said Friday at an EU summit in Prague. [3]

Zero Hedge

Significantly aggravating the circumstances for war is the United States’ demolition of the primary access bridge permitting Russia strategic access to Crimea. Crimea’s strategic importance to Russia is found in its only Black Sea port in Sevastopol where the Russian military’s Black Sea Fleet is located.

The matters in Crimea have been a longtime Moonshine focal point in evidencing how the Western Empire and NATO interfere in Russia by interfering in Crimea. The same applies to Ukraine.

Also aggravating the situation is recent reporting that the presence of U.S. special forces in Ukraine is far more extensive than previously. [4] This is viewed as further evidence that the U.S. is leveraging NATO and its proxy Ukraine to fight a proxy war with Russia.

In April, I wrote an extensive piece evidencing Biden’s clear marching orders to deliver the U.S. to a multiple-front nuclear war. In September I drew further attention to it when Biden began laying the nuclear pretext at Putin’s feet in the classic form of projection: [5]

Consider these statements by President Joe Biden as pretext for a known and anticipated nuclear event. meaning they are sowing the context for the outbreak of war occuring along the lines of the Russian’s using nuclear weapons. This bears the hallmarks of a false-flag operation where a nuclear event could be made to happen to be erroneously attributed to Russia as justification to take Russia to war. This is from Zero Hedge,

In a Sunday “60 Minutes” interview to air in full Sunday night, President Joe Biden issued a warning for Russian President Vladimir Putin to not “change the face of war” by employing either tactical nuclear or chemical weapons against Ukraine.

“Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. You will change the face of war unlike anything since World War II,” Biden said while speaking to CBS interviewer Scott Pelley. Biden was responding to a question from Pelley on what the US president’s message would be if he learned that Putin was contemplating use of weapons of mass destruction.

Biden stopped short of saying expressly that the US would jump into the conflict more directly against Russian forces, but he stipulated “it’ll be consequential” and that the end result would be: “They’ll become more of a pariah in the world than they ever have been.”

Political Moonshine quoting Zero Hedge

Let’s not forget that all of this draws back to Ukraine regime change efforts in 2014 by the Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland cohort. I revisited the topic in a March article respective to Russia: DECIPHERING PUTIN: Nothing Comports with Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Except the Long History of Engineered Regime Change Efforts by the West, U.S. and CIA.

That means when Ukraine takes-out the bridge in Crimea, the U.S. is taking-out the bridge in Crimea. It means the U.S. is severing critical infrastructure between Russia and it’s Black Sea Fleet in an isolation effort. It means that Ukrainian intelligence is U.S. intelligence. Ergo, Russia has every grain of reason to regard that as an act of war and respond in kind, which they did with rampant missile strikes in Kyiv yesterday. [6]

Following meetings with his top security officials, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday that Ukrainian intelligence is behind the deadly attack on the Crimean Bridge. [7]

Zero hedge

According to  the head of the national Investigative Committee, Aleksandr Bastrykin, the attack was organized by the Ukrainian security services, which were “aided” by some Russian and foreign nationals. [7]

Zero Hedge

“The authors, perpetrators and sponsors are the Ukrainian secret services,” Putin said during a meeting with the head of the investigation committee, according to a video shared by the Kremlin.

“There is no doubt this is a terrorist act aimed at destroying critical Russian civilian infrastructure,” Putin added.

The Investigative Committee head also said that the Federal Security Service (FSB) had identified the suspects that were involved in the attack. [7]

Zero Hedge

“This incident will likely touch President Putin closely; it came hours after his 70th birthday, he personally sponsored and opened the bridge, and its construction contractor was his childhood friend,” the UK Defence Ministry said in a daily update on Twitter. 

Notably the bridge is already partly operational: [7]

Zero Hedge

 “The explosion will not permanently disrupt critical Russian lines to Crimea, but will likely increase friction in Russian logistics,” said analysts at the Institute for the Study of War, a US-based think tank. 

Further aggravating circumstances compounding it all are found in 1-Zelensky’s vow to continue fighting following the Russian bridge attack and 2-Zelensky’s call for preemptive strikes from the Western Empires hammer: NATO. [8] [9] [10]

One Moonshine position holds that Trump and Putin found common ground in their mutual opposition to and fight against the Globalists and their Deep State functionaries. It’s in-part why Trump normalized diplomatic relations with Putin and for my nickel, it’s why Clinton/Obama/Brennan lumped Trump and Russia into one basket to attack heading into 2016.

In his speech, Putin clearly defined the present fight as a worldwide battle in which Russia plays a leading role against the Deep State that ultimately runs the West and which uses all available tools – including military, economic, cultural, and social – in its attempt to preserve unipolar world domination. [11]

Zero Hedge: Oscar Silva-Valladares via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

As Americans clamor for diplomatic relations as the path forward for remedy and redress, Biden is clearly on track to ushering us into a multiple-front war as I began evidencing back in March 2021. [12]

On the other front, China, things have tempered since the August near-flashpoint over Taiwan but when I say tempered, I mean that they have deescalated from that frenzy to a slower tempo while still maintaining a deteriorating trajectory with escalating tensions.

Evidence of this is found in the continued exploitation of the energy market as a conduit to move money as I outlined in Follow the Money. Here we see China expanding its energy in footprint in the Mideast. [13] Recall that one evidenced Biden interface in the exchange of money between China/CCP and the Bidens was the CCP’s CEFC China Energy Company.

Building on established positions evidencing longtime and widespread Chinese infiltration of the U.S. and its institutions, agencies and departments, China has now accelerated its efforts by further stepping-up influence operations drawing back to this past July. [14]

China is doubling down on its efforts to influence state and local government leaders in the United States by exploiting the existing web of regional and local US-China relations, the U.S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) warned in July. [14]

Zero Hedge / Judith Bergman via The Gatestone Institute

A central tenet of the position that illegitimate U.S. President Joe Biden is a direct Chinese proxy installed by China is that every policy decision he makes and regardless of its context, it benefits China at the same time it punishes America and Americans.

A recent White House memorandum on National Security entitled National Security Memorandum on Partial Revocation of Presidential Policy Directive 28 and issued 07 Oct 22 evidences this. [15]

Former Trump National Security Advisor advises [emphasis added], [16]

“…The problem that I have with this executive order, at least my biggest one, is that they actually put in place a language that allows the Europeans to object and appeal any collection order that the United States engages in based on this agreement. What’s even worse is they have not set up the infrastructure behind it……We need to do it everywhere [collect information] and not be dictated on how it is done to appease a radical left media…China is winning on this one. They are singing.”

Gateway Pundit quoting former Trump Chief of Staff to the Acting United States Secretary of Defense Kash Patel

By Biden’s decree, PPD 28 “is hereby revoked except for sections 3 and 6 of that directive and the classified annex to that directive, which remain in effect.” [15]

PPD 28 says this:

The United States, like other nations, has gathered intelligence throughout its history to ensure
that national security and foreign policy decisionmakers have access to timely, accurate, and
insightful information.

The collection of signals intelligence is necessary for the United States to advance its national
security and foreign policy interests and to protect its citizens and the citizens of its allies and
partners from harm. At the same time, signals intelligence activities and the possibility that such
activities may be improperly disclosed to the public pose multiple risks. These include risks to:
our relationships with other nations, including the cooperation we receive from other nations on
law enforcement, counterterrorism, and other issues; our commercial, economic, and financial
interests, including a potential loss of international trust in U.S. firms and the decreased
willingness of other nations to participate in international data sharing, privacy, and regulatory
regimes; the credibility of our commitment to an open, interoperable, and secure global Internet;
and the protection of intelligence sources and methods.

In addition, our signals intelligence activities must take into account that all persons should be
treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their nationality or wherever they might reside,
and that all persons have legitimate privacy interests in the handling of their personal

PPD 28

Section 3 left in place pertains to “Sec. 3. Refining the Process for Collecting Signals Intelligence.”

Section 6 left in place galvanizes full control:

Sec. 6. General Provisions.

(a) Nothing in this directive shall be construed to prevent me from exercising my constitutional
authority, including as Commander in Chief, Chief Executive, and in the conduct of foreign
affairs, as well as my statutory authority. Consistent with this principle, a recipient of this
directive may at any time recommend to me, through the APNSA, a change to the policies and
procedures contained in this directive.

(b) Nothing in this directive shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect the authority or
responsibility granted by law to a United States Government department or agency, or the head
thereof, or the functions of the Director of OMB relating to budgetary, administrative, or
legislative proposals. This directive is intended to supplement existing processes or procedures
for reviewing foreign intelligence or counterintelligence activities and should not be read to
supersede such processes and procedures unless explicitly stated.

(c) This directive shall be implemented consistent with applicable U.S. law and subject to the
availability of appropriations.

(d) This directive is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or
procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its
departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.

PPD 28

The critical analysis is found in how unilateral decisions are being made by the same Obama/Biden cartel over important U.S. national security and national defense domains. In the exclusive article Dangerously Changing Inconvenient Rules I evidenced a total U.S. biosecurity rules rewrite that rendered sound biosecurity rules into word-salad garbage rife with vulnerabilities and ripe for exploitation. It preceded and permitting the pathways to collaborate with China in the exportation of SARS-CoV-2 gain of function work to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for bioweaponization.

Biden’s Executive decree is an analog to the biosecurity rules rewrite and equates to a unilateral rules rewrite interceding on signals intelligence collection capabilities that will directly benefit China while punishing America and Americans.

China owns Joe Biden. Joe Biden is China’s direct proxy.

More evidence in China’s U.S. infiltration is found in independent journalist Kanekoa’s 06 Oct 22 article covering the recent arrest of Eugene Yu of Konnech, Inc. and whereby Yu is Chinese and threads directly to the CCP. [17] The article and work is worthy in-full.

Eugene Yu, the CEO of the U.S. election software company Konnech, was arrested yesterday in connection to the storage of election data on Chinese servers.

He was arrested in Michigan by investigators from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office with assistance from the Meridian Township Police Department.

Investigators allegedly found U.S. poll workers’ information stored on servers in the People’s Republic of China.


The Konnech matter represents another incident of the sale of U.S. of critical American profile data to China as was identified in the client case file work into the law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati and Twitter.

In the second WSGR brief linked below, I stated this,

Konnech is positioned to intercede on U.S. elections ergo China is positioned to intercede on U.S. elections. 

U.S. poll workers become vulnerable to undue influence, bribery, compromise, etc. when their identities and information are know to hostile foreign enemies like China.

Konnech is positioned to have direct inroads to the CCP.

Konnech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Silver Partner since 2002. [10]

Further investigation is required and no direct Konnech/WSGR connections are known at this time beyond the Martin/Microsoft overlap.

Political Moonshine

It doesn’t matter which string gets pulled. It will thread back to China.

Lastly and in an effort to stir-up hostilities and escalate matters regionally, the Western Empire rogue nuclear arsenal and geopolitical “heavy” North Korea resumed its hostile missile activity. [18]

The other Empire asset is Iran with Obama’s JCPOA and Biden’s re engagement on those relations bearing down fully.


Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati [WSGR] came to light via case file work for an attorney litigating a nationally prominent case to be disclosed at a future date. The first and second briefs will be followed shortly by a forthcoming third.

WSGR is the backbone to an evidenced propaganda and censorship network that threads from the Obama to Biden White Houses with the same recurring slate of players. The censorship network also worked to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story and actively censored President Trump on Twitter, which is a central node in all of it. See the linked briefs for the details.

Recall that Metabiota directly links the Bidens to the U.S. Department of Defense and its biolabs in Ukraine that are engaged in biowarfare. The evidence for it is contained directly on the Hunter Biden hard drive/laptop, of which I’ve had a copy throughout. The same hard drive that the WSGR-based network actively suppressed.

Now consider that according to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Report TM/87351632, WSGR represented Metabiota in its initial patent application. [19]

WSGR partner Aaron D. Hendleman’s name appears in the filing. [19] [20]

In the filing and respective to the same serial number, Hendleman is indicated as counsel. [19]

Reexamining Metabiota’s federal contract reveals that Metabiota was awarded a federal contract with a potential award amount of $23.9 million, a current award amount of $23.9 million and a current obligated amount of $18.4 million. [21]

As one example extracted from the site’s “Transaction History”, we note the direct Ukraine link: [21]

IMPORTANT NOTE: Between collecting the above image and writing this entry, the above Ukraine line item has been scrubbed and no longer populates in “Transaction History”. [15]

Metabiota has been a central node linking the Bidens to COVID, Ukraine, Russia, biowarfare, U.S. biolabs in Ukraine, the “pandemic” and more.

WSGR has been a central node in the censorship of all of these matters.

WSGR and Metabiota are deeply entangled.

WSGR and Twitter – the censorship mechanism – are deeply entangled.

That WSGR network threads directly from the Obama White House to the Biden White House with the same people in furtherance of another position: We’re in Obama’s third and arguably fourth term.


Vladimir Putin’s direct response to the Crimea bridge attack executed by the U.S. and its war proxy Ukraine has amounted to a massive missile attack in Kyiv and other cities across Ukraine. Dismissing the contextual narrative components unfavorable to and inaccurate on Russia, CBS provides data and information on the Russian response: [22]

Ukraine faced yet another day of brutal Russian attacks on Tuesday. Multiple cities were hit again after dozens of missiles and explosives-packed drones rained down across Ukraine on Monday. Many hit packed neighborhoods during the morning rush-hour, as civilians made their way to work in cities including the capital Kyiv, which had largely escaped Russia’s artillery for months.

Ukrainian officials said at least 19 people were killed in the first round of strikes on Monday, and more than 100 injured. The toll from Tuesday’s onslaught wasn’t immediately clear. Air raid sirens pierced the quiet of the early morning hours, accompanied by new alerts sent out via cell phones, warning of incoming missiles.

Russia’s Defense Ministry confirmed Tuesday that it had continued its “massive attack using high-precision long-range air- and sea-based armament.” Moscow has called the aerial assault retaliation for an apparent Ukrainian attack on the Kerch Bridge over the weekend — the only land link between Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimean Peninsula and mainland Russia.

The Ukrainian military said Russia fired more than 75 cruise missiles at the country on Monday, with around 40 intercepted by air defense systems. About two dozen Iranian-made suicide drones were used in the attacks, too.

CBS News

The analysis on this multiple-front war began in March 2021. It has arduously and accurately included essentially every escalation since that point.

In furtherance, we are bearing witness to a tight alignment with that same years-long trajectory that projects to end in Biden’s nuclear Armageddon and the subsequent dark winter. That is unless a ray of light intercedes to stop it all. That’s where humanity bears down.

As pinpoint expressions of God existing as eternal beings of light incarnated here to learn and love, the ray of light needed is found in humanity. We are the ray of light if we so choose to shine.


Perhaps the most common question asked when people are confronted with evidence that the COVID-19 “pandemic” is a construct of enterprise fraud is, “Why?” They ask, “Why would they intentionally release a virus and lie to us about it?

Answer: The “pandemic” is a mechanism to deliver the technocratic global plantation as I’ve long argued.

Consider this extract from an article that was shared by a trusted source, [23]

The ultimate conclusion one must draw from all of this, according to Wolff, is that democracy as we knew it has been silently cancelled, and that although the appearance of democratic processes is being maintained in our countries, the fact is that an examination of how governance around the world works today shows that an elite of super-wealthy and powerful individuals effectively control everything that goes on in politics, as has been especially evident in relation to the pandemic response.

The best way to combat their designs, Wolff says, is simply to educate people about what is happening, and for them to realize that the narrative of the “super-dangerous virus” is a lie that has been designed to manipulate them into accepting things that run contrary to their own interests. If even 10% of ordinary citizens become aware of this and decide to take action, it could thwart the elite’s plans and perhaps open a window for ordinary citizens to take back control over their own destinies.

The Wentworth Report

Knowing where we are is one thing.

Knowing where we are headed is another.

Knowing that if humanity doesn’t act we’re going to arrive on the technocratic global plantation with no chance of ever returning to what we were – independent and freedom-loving Americans, is entirely different altogether.

War is another mechanism to make this happen and it bears down on this question: Will Biden’s promised ‘dark winter’ follow his ‘nuclear Armageddon’?

The sun is low on the horizon.

What will humanity do about it?


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*This is the 77th article in this series.

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  34. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: U.S. Politiburo Beats War Drums, China Responds with Military Exercises Over Taiwan
  35. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: U.S. Foreign Aid to Ukraine, Transparency, Exceptions and Redactions – Part I, Lessons from Walmart
  36. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: U.S. Foreign Aid to Ukraine, Transparency, Exceptions and Redactions – Part II, Evidence and Questions
  37. RUSSIA, UKRAINE and CHINA: Biden Is Doing Exactly What the Evidence Suggests He Is, Incrementally Moving Us Toward Thermonuclear War
  38. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Cloward-Piven Extended To Injectable Bioweapons and the Food Crisis
  39. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Food Supply Crisis and Economic Collapse Imminent as Beating War Drums Get Louder, See and Understand the Larger Picture
  40. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Pelosi Marches U.S. Closer to Armageddon as COVID-19 Is Extended for the Foreseeable Future
  41. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Hepatitis, HIV, COVID-19 and Cancer Weaponized to Target Our Most Vulnerable Population – Children
  42. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Cerebus, Hell on Earth and The Designed Confluence of War, Famine and Disease
  43. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: U.S. Proxy War with Russia Confirmed, DIA Assessment and Statement; Gates 2020 Investment In Biomilq
  44. Predicated By Enterprise Fraud, The “New World Order” and Its Marxist Communist Brand of Global Governance Is Set To Arrive 22-28 May 2022
  45. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Tensions Tighten In the Predicted Multiple-Front War Scenario while “Monkeypox” Threat Is Sown Into the Narrative
  46. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and MEDICAL TYRANNY: War, Famine and Disease Are Right On Schedule as Evidenced by Monkeypox, the Food Crisis, Metabiota, Biden Laptop Emails and PDFs from Marco Polo, and Contemporary Headlines
  47. MEDICAL TYRANNY and GLOBAL GOVERNANCE: War, Famine, Disease and the Fourth Reich
  48. Medical Tyranny, Global Governance, World War III, Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich – The Story Few are Telling but All Are Living: War, Famine and Disease
  49. VIDEO: Political Moonshine Interview on The Prather Point with Jeff Prather – Taiwan and the Multiple-front War Scenario
  50. BIG PICTURE UNDERSTANDING: Dynastic Bush, Ukrainian Nazis, Chinese Hub of Global Operations and Global Governance
  51. How China May Invade the U.S. Mainland and It’s Not What You Think
  52. If It Isn’t the UN, It May Be NATO, Components of Our Own Military, Some of Them or All of Them
  53. Further Evidence and Validation for Old Positions On Current Matters: Capitol “Insurrection,” Food Crisis, Psychological Warfare, COVID-19/Monkeypox, China/Taiwan and Russia/Ukraine, Coeur d’Alene
  54. There’s A Tale Being Woven for Telling Once They’ve Rewritten History From the Ashes. Do You Know What It Is?
  55. Noticed All the Recent Talk About the ‘Constitution’ and ‘Our Democracy’?
  56. Viewing the Three-Headed Cerebus of War, Famine and Disease Through the Lens of Independence Day
  57. “See You On the Other Side.” Entheos Returns As Cerebus Rages: War, Famine & Disease
  58. What Are We Doing, America?
  59. PATTERN RECOGNITION: Monkeypox, Midterms and More Enterprise Fraud, Tedros/WHO Declares Public Health Emergency of International Concern
  60. These People Play Inside of a Box: Biden Administration Maneuvering to Declare Public Health Emergency Over Monkeypox With 2022 Midterms as Likely Target
  61. Has Pelosi Unilaterally Expanded the House Speaker’s Authority and Is She Traveling to Taiwan as the Russia/China War Drums Intensify to Stamp Her Authority on It? Prewar Maneuvering for an August Flashpoint?
  62. Pelosi Outbound for Taiwan, U.S. Moves Closer to Multi-front War Scenario on Exact Timeline Predicted Long Ago
  63. Pelosi Trip Enrages Cerebus: War, Famine and Disease
  64. TAIWAN: Pelosi “Definitely Coming”, War Drums Intensify, U.S. Moves Closer to Projected Flashpoint
  65. China Assumes Deescalated Position as Pelosi Departs Taiwan, Could China Take Drills Live for Surprise Invasion?
  66. These People Play Inside of A Box – 7 Times the Monkeypox Public Health Emergency Declaration Was Projected and Why It’s Important: Biden Administration Declares Monkeypox A Public Health Emergency
  67. WAR, FAMINE and DISEASE: China Is Poised to Take Taiwan Drills Live and COVID Emergency to Extend Past Midterms as Projected, Other New Developments
  68. Clarity on Rogue FBI Trump Raid and Critical New Developments with Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan
  69. The Real Revolution in America That I’ve Been Warning About and Evidencing for Years Is Here
  70. Take Obama, Biden, Clinton Cartel at Its Word, Doing To Us Exactly What They Said They Would [Video]
  71. COVID-19 Narrative in Shambles as CDC Revises History in Cover-up Operations, Multiple-front War Scenario Turns Gravely Dark, New Developments: Trump and FBI, Capitol “Insurrection” Entrapment Operation
  72. Criminals on the Run and Eating Their Own! COVID-19 Narrative Collapsed, Fauci Set to Resign, HHS Secretary Becerra Under Attack
  73. Projected Monkeypox Narrative Shift Arriving on Time for Midterms Plus Updates: COVID-19, Fauci, the Food Crisis, Rogue FBI/Trump, Biden Corruption, the Multiple-front War and Durham
  74. VIDEO: The Multiple-Front War Analysis Began in March 2021, Never Before Published Podcast Segment Provides the Detailed Basis of It All
  75. The Multiple-Front War Scenario Maintains Intensity
  76. Are We on the Precipice of Joe Biden’s Promised ‘Dark Winter’?


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    Sounds like the unrepentant Eurasianism and Duginism of a VanBumming Zigger. Of course you’re up the ass of other glowZiggers as well, including Entheos, the next edition of the QLARP.

    Maybe you wouldn’t be living in a van if you weren’t a grifter? Maybe not; either way, republics are gay and so are you for supporting them.

    Ashes and Echoes

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