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“See You On the Other Side.” Entheos Returns As Cerebus Rages: War, Famine & Disease

12 Jul 22

From the 2016 election of President Donald J. Trump through the present, there are few individuals, entities or groups worthy of recommendation as analysts, prognosticators and truth-tellers. Lingering at the top of a very short list is Entheos and in this regard, the recommendation for Entheos’ is of the highest order. The recommendation is based solely on a very basic idea: impeccably accurate prognostications that manifest on schedule. In short, follow and follow closely because truths are revealed, history is taught, lessons are learned and developments are properly established and positioned for meaning.


A protracted exchange of information flowing from Entheos to Moonshine helped shape the work here in some substantial ways prior to a moratorium in Entheos’ online presence. Whether providing position formulation to Entheos for vetting or simply receiving a lede to further develop a story to print or video to make, the relationship has led to exclusive positions in reporting. The Entheos-Moonshine relationship is a highly valued one and Entheos’ absence until now has been notable.

“See you on the other side” were the last words in an unsolicited message I received from Entheos as we encroached on the fraudulent and illegitimate inauguration of Joe Biden. In the moment, little did I know that the applied timeline would push into mid-July 2022 with no Entheos presence in between and no remedy for President Trump’s stolen second term. Much has changed since then and in ways as unfathomable as they are ominous.

In certain circles, the dialogue on Entheos never ended. It continued right up to Entheos’ recent and welcomed return. It’s great to have Entheos back. Several years ago and in the context of as occurring in the sunset of victory, I promised him/them drinks on the back end of a road trip to get there. Van life now applies. All that remains is the victory part. About that….

Questions for Entheos:

  1. Have we just stepped through to the “other side”?
  2. What marks that entrance, what is the timeline and what makes it distinct from the status quo?
  3. Does the “other side” entail a process and if so of what length?
  4. By design, Americans are being punished, are psychologically beaten-up and are divided in historically unprecedented fashion so how and when can we expect an event delivering unity across America to begin the process of delivering relief?
  5. What is the overarching timeline for the American people to see justice served and relief from tyranny?
  6. What about the phone “call heard around the world”? Do we get to hear that on the “other side”?
  7. What about the Hillary/Lynch tarmac meeting details?
  8. What about Chief Justice John Roberts and those outstanding details?
  9. What about the scenario that has us in the midst of Obama’s third term; arguably his fourth if his undermining of Trump’s first term is factored in? When is that metastasized tumor going to be fully excised?
  10. If you could get all Americans to understand one thing, what would it be and why?

It’s great to have you back. Perhaps you can improve our understanding of what is in front of us.

Cerebus: War, Famine and Disease

This is our 57th article in this series on the multiple-front war scenario with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan and the South China Sea. The content also envelops Cloward-Piven, the planned and ongoing food crisis, the manufactured supply chain and energy crises, the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct [medical tyranny] and more. Generically, we branded it as our cerebus of war, famine and disease.

We’re operating on an established fact set that is far different from the MSM narrative. For those unfamiliar, it’s required and succinct reading and it’s re-posted at the bottom.

For appropriate contextual backdrop, recall that Moonshine established two exclusive, fundamental and distinct positions early in 2020:

  1. COVID-19 is a construct of enterprise fraud leveraging a bioweaponized contagion [I began targeting China in February 2020 and making the case for COVID as an evidenced false flag political construct [construct of enterprise fraud] in mid-March 2020]
  2. The U.S. is embroiled in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China, which is using its preferred warfare vector: biowarfare [established in my 06 May 20 article]

An entire slate of friendly and some foe media sources refused to engage with me on these positions and the work evidencing them. Now, it’s all over certain aspects of the MSM. Beginning in January 2020 and lasting for a couple of years, reaching out to media was an exercise in futility and I eventually accepted that no one was going to touch the content. I therefore quit making contact except for occasional fruitless attempts at a couple of friendly outlets. [It deserves mentioning that Entheos was essentially the only prominent entity to regularly engage with Moonshine content. It’s greatly appreciated – thank you.]

I even went as far as sending the 06 May 20 article and other work to Tucker Carlson in mid-May 2020 receiving contact and dialogue back from the show staff. In early 2022, I sent it and much more to Tucker’s personal cell. Crickets.

Now and some two years later, it’s all Tucker can talk about.

Relative to COVID and the work I sent Carlson in May 2020, I began evidencing the scenario with the CEFC China Energy Company, Chairman Jianming Ye and the family of Proxy President Joe Biden in my mid-March 2020 article. Drawing back to March 2020, CEFC appears in 31 Moonshine articles including this one. This is Tucker just yesterday when he had it two years ago:

Following is Carlson’s opening monologue from the day before and it reads like a recapitulation of the work sent to him. It’s also worth watching. It’s just two years late:

In it, Carlson is on-point while also justifying my branding of illegitimate President Biden as “Proxy Joe Biden, “Whatever helps the Chinese government, Joe Biden has dutifully done. Whatever hurts America’s most important strategic interests, he has also done.”

Evidence of Carlson’s astute statement is found in Biden’s new “green energy” policy that punishes Americans with unprecedented high fuel prices while forcing them into electric vehicles at the same time. It occurs while Proxy Joe sells China millions of barrels from the U.S. emergency oil reserve. It’s further aggravated by understanding that interceding on your enemy’s energy supplies and infrastructure is a fundamental warfare vector. For example, the timing of the attack on Pearl Harbor can be tied to the elimination of Japan’s last remaining oil reserves. You can’t fight a war if you can’t gas-up.

The sale also envelops The Biden Crime Family as there is linkage to Unipec America, which is the U.S. arm of China’s largest trading company, Unipec. Unipec is wholly owned by China Petrochemical Corporation, also known as Sinopec. Sinopec ties directly to BHR Partners, which invested a combined 10 billion yuan (roughly $1.5 billion) in 2014 in Sinopec. BHR Partners is a Biden private equity outfit directly linked to CEFC, Chairman Ye, et al.

In reporting from the Washington Free Beacon, “Sinopec went on to enter negotiations to purchase Gazprom in March, one month after the Biden administration sanctioned the Russian gas giant.” [Note Gazprom in the image below.]

In evidence of collusion against Russia for ulterior purposes, Unipec declared it would purchase “no more Russian oil going forward” once “shipments that have arrived in March and due to arrive in April” were fulfilled. It was revealed that in May, the company “significantly increased the number of hired tankers to ship a key crude from eastern Russia,” as reported by Bloomberg.

Despite there being a recorded and publicized voicemail from Proxy Joe Biden evidencing it all, Proxy Joe and the White House continue to dodge and deny his foreknowledge or otherwise of Hunter’s foreign [China] business dealings.

In dystopian fashion and relative to it all, OPEC Secretary General Mohammed Barkindo’s unexpected death and its timing seem particularly peculiar. It appears very Clinton-like. Jeffrey Epstein can further elaborate if needed.

Why review the Carlson timeline and the particulars enveloped by it again? Simple. For one, the details are finally hitting the mainstream albeit in disingenuous fashion.

For another, Carlson has now and directly put forth new evidence of a longstanding position pertaining to timely, honest, unbiased and objective reporting outside the sphere of any undue influence. I think Carlson fails at timeliness and being free of undue influence according to the evidence. It’s therefore important for Americans to realize this due to his reach and influence.

It also suggests that Carlson is a player in a narrative under construction so the timing of the information becomes critical. That’s an area we’ll continue to examine.

It’s imperative to understand that the lion’s share of Carlson’s recent reporting had been delivered to Carlson and as we see now, he obviously wasn’t opposed to airing the information but rather airing it at a particular moment; and not a timely one. So, a grain of salt is needed indeed.

From where does the influence that can cause things like delays in the media’s reporting derive? In a large part, it’s from China; and it occurs as a functioning warfare vector paralleling China’s widespread infiltration of the U.S. on a decades-long timeline. The Moonshine work positions George H.W. Bush and “Dynastic Bush” at the head of that snake. The infiltration component is an underpinning element to our years-long work into the undeclared war outlined in point two above. Here’s work from yesterday at Gateway Pundit reporting on the same.

The preceding also highlights the absurdity of recent remarks about China made by compromised FBI Director Christopher Wray [see diagram below], who is likely feeling pressure due to reporting from Gateway Pundit further establishing that the January 6th Capitol “insurrection” event is an evidenced entrapment operation that criminally implicates him.

China, Belt Road Initiative, CEFC, Bidens, Clinton, Barr and Wray
Insurrection or Inside Job?

According to Wray and MI5 Director General Ken McCallum, China and the Chinese Communist Party are now the biggest long-term threat to international order and to the economies and national security of the U.S., U.K. and E.U [NATO].

Ummmm, you’re a little late, fellas. Perhaps this is because Wray’s then boss former AG William Barr was positioned at Kirkland & Ellis when it advised on Staple Street Capital’s acquisition of Dominion Voting and its proprietary patent information, which was transferred to China before the 2020 election [see diagram above]. Those patents permitted the remote hacking of elections to determine outcomes [evidence: ONE TWO THREE FOUR].

China responded to MI5 and the FBI by hollering back saying the Western Empire is chasing “imagined dragons.”

Imagine that.

We understand that a wide slate of individuals within our own federal apparatus were co-opted by infiltrators, a Globalist cartel and China to conspire in fraudulent impeachments, a fraudulent pandemic and a fraudulent and stolen election to remove a duly elected president for the purpose of reinstalling the previous mode of operations. It metastasized to leverage federalism back against Americans by enveloping and infiltrating roughly 37 major urban hub areas [see above two images]. It equates to being in the midst of Obama’s third and arguably fourth term if his derailment of President Trump’s first term is included. It compels us to continually examine China closely.

We do so knowing that the U.S. is being drawn into a multiple-front war scenario with evidence suggesting an August start tied to China’s invasion of Taiwan. It is compounded by Russia and the U.S. going hot. Russia going hot is likely to precede it but may follow.

It’s critical to recall our March 2021 reporting that according to the Department of Defense, the U.S. loses every single exercised war game scenario involving the U.S. in a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Subsequent to that, Proxy Joe Biden’s White House walked that back stating that not only could the U.S. defeat China over Taiwan, but it could effectively fight in a second active theater in Ukraine against Russia. I believe this to be direct evidence of Proxy Joe Biden positioning the U.S. for a designed loss and I revisited the matter in this article: ALARMING: WHITE HOUSE’S ABRUPT REVERSAL OF POSITIONS – Every American Should Read and Come to Understand the White House’s Disingenuous and Newly Fabricated Position on the Multiple-Front War Precisely Predicted Long Ago.

If by her policies and actions, China is to serve as a bellwether prognosticator, we should take the following five developments pertaining to COVID collectively. They tell us what Moonshine has already outlined in detail: another “pandemic” is en route and it will be here just in time for the midterms, which will be stolen to preserve power.

  1. Acknowledging the close ties between Hong Kong and China and the CCP’s infiltration there, “HK’s new health minister Lo Chung-mau announced that from Friday all #Covid patients under home quarantine will have to wear an electronic bracelet in order to prevent them from leaving home.” Medical tyranny is only escalating with the implementation of what I’ve branded as the global plantation, where China is the exemplar for what is to manifest elsewhere including in the U.S. Acknowledging Tedros’ status as a Chinese proxy, we saw the same dynamic when COVID was unpacked on the world.
  2. CDC Director Walensky recently advised, “My message is simple: It is essential that these Americans get their second booster shot right away.” As noted below and previously covered at length, it’s a “pandemic”of the “vaccinated.” Walensky is driving the narrative for the “vaccine”-driven “pandemic.”
  3. Biden’s recent statement, “We need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There’s going to be another pandemic.”
  4. China’s other proxy, Tedros, and his recent statement that COVID remains a “public health emergency of international concern” [PHEIC]. Declaring a PHEIC is the preliminary step to a pandemic declaration and the emergency powers they activate. In COVID, the WHO’s declarations were followed by the U.S. and other countries. Seeing how they fit into the timeline is critical.
  5. The CDC has introduced the “Ninja” variant of COVID as “the dominant coronavirus strain in the United States,” which is being portrayed as the “most dangerous” variant to-date. In the enterprise fraud construct, the “variants” serve functional purposes as diagrammed below.



So, we expect a pandemic redux to arrive shortly and to ensure the construct of enterprise fraud maintains its perpetuity, which is being propagated in-part by mRNA vaccination. A recent study out of Haiti shows vaccination and infection rates in conflict while another study shows more conflicts pertaining to vaccination status and increases in myocarditis and pericarditis. The COVID narrative continues to crumble.

Whether it be the Ninja subvariant of the Omicron variant or monkeypox or Marburg virus or something else they’ll plug-into the construct, Moonshine’s two stallion dead horses to kick are as true today than ever: 1-COVID [medical tyranny] is never going away and 2-these people will never stop until they are made to stop.

It’s not by accident or circumstance that the biowarfare aspects of COVID that directly enmesh China via The Biden Crime Family directly overlay matters in Ukraine. In Ukraine, U.S. Department of Defense biolabs are linked to the Bidens through Metabiota and BHR Partners.

In the Russia/Ukraine matter, the headlines are now littered with information similar to what Moonshine reported immediately after Vladimir Putin began special operations in Ukraine targeting NATO and U.S. Department of Defense biolabs tying directly to proxy President Joe Biden via Metabiota. In this sense, the narrative that somehow Ukraine was winning was crafted out of thin air and it’s now being buried as the evidence for our earlier and accurate reporting has become unavoidable in the public eye. To the objective and discerning person, Ukraine was clearly losing all along.

This means either the Obama/Biden cartel is losing a its proxy war or a proxy war is being leveraged as the conduit for continued corruption that is sending billions of U.S. taxpayer money for laundering in Ukraine; recalling that its one of Biden’s epicenters of corruption with the other being China.

With NATO’s continued encroachment on Russia that includes the Western Empire’s branding of Russia as the root of all evil; and with Russia serving as the requisite boogeyman for the Western Empire’s blame, corruption and war, the U.S. continues to be ushered along to potential and plausible nuclear Armageddon. Vladimir Putin and Russia have responded with restraint in measured ways but those ways progressively ratchet-up tensions in each issued response.

The latest developments exacerbating the Russia/Ukraine matter include U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham [R-SC] and Richard Blumenthal [D-CT] pushing for open “hand-to-hand insurgency” in Russian occupied territories. We position this as setting the stage for narrative and photo opportunities of slaughtered Ukrainian troops to further drive the Russian boogeyman narrative in the effort to take it hot.

This is the same Senator Graham who visited Ukraine on 31 Jan 17 with then Senator John McCain [R-AZ] for the purpose of continuing to engineer the Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland insurrection and overthrow of the Ukrainian government beginning in 2014. It’s a long-covered story line at Moonshine. Watch:

NATO has also attempted to temper Russia’s opposition to the membership of Finland and Sweden by stating it has no plans to establish bases in the countries. Putin denies this as being problematic unlike the Ukraine matter where Russia’s history and national defense factor-in heavily.

A realistic and far more accurate [than the Western Empire’s fraudulent narrative] Putin continues with measured restraint accompanied by appropriate acknowledgment of the West’s hegemonic designs. His response to it says that Russia, “by and large hasn’t started anything seriously yet.” Further, Putin remarked, “Today we hear that they want to defeat us on the battlefield. Well, what can you say here? Let them try.”

Putin dismisses any notion of back-end leniency, “At the same time, we don’t reject peace talks. But those who reject them should know that the further it goes, the harder it will be for them to negotiate with us.”

Putin’s remarks, which were made at a speech addressing Russian parliament officials, directly provides evidence a broader position: Russia hasn’t exceeded the scope of its “special operation” meaning they haven’t yet begun to fight in terms of an authentic war. It seems the West enjoys tugging on Superman’s cape.

Meanwhile and in justification for positioning Russia as Superman, it’s being reported that former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned the US last Wednesday against designs to punish Russia over Ukraine, stating that “doing so would risk humanity since Moscow has the world’s largest nuclear arsenal. Medvedev continued, “The idea of punishing a country that has one of the largest nuclear potentials is absurd. And potentially poses a threat to the existence of humanity.”

Recall how the above remarks also overlap the West’s agenda of pursuing war crimes charges against Russia. Further, remember that this occurs in the backdrop of Merrick Garland’s surprise trip to Ukraine, as we previously discussed. What’s really going on here?

The U.S. pursuing war crimes charges against Russia is like a rapist prosecutor charging his rape victim with rape. All of these foolish American entities and individuals publicly posting propaganda to support Ukraine are embarrassingly misinformed or complicit in the lies. Take your pick.

Meanwhile in Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky consolidated absolute control of the nation’s media while taking action to abolish the opposition party and seize its assets. Take down those Ukrainian flags, people.

In aggravation of it all, while NATO command meets in Madrid to concoct the script for World War III, Russia published satellite images and the geographic coordinates of the White House and the Pentagon (United States), NATO Headquarters (Belgium), the Congress Center (Spain, where NATO is meeting), the Ministry of Defense (United Kingdom), the Reichstag and the Federal Chancellery (Germany), and the Elysée Palace (France) [implying coordinates for a nuclear strike.]

The escalating nuclear rhetoric makes the New York City government’s recent video advisement of what to do in the event of a “nuclear weapon incident” an ominous and timely development. Recall that former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio-D and former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo-D were point men on the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct and their actions directly served and benefited China in their efforts to lead-out on COVID. Watch the advisement:

Don’t ask how or why. Just accept it. It’s eerie to say the least. It’s also blatant psychological warfare.

Between pandemic lock-downs and possible nuclear threats, we’ll never go outside again [see the video]. If you do, the slave masters of the global plantation will know and punishment will follow.

About that global plantation, don’t expect the menu to be appetizing. Two new developments further evidence our positions on the designed food crisis that is ongoing. For one, the U.N. [China] published and then deleted a peculiar satirical article celebrating the benefits of world hunger. Satire has no place in actual governance – this is psychological operations. It’s pretext. They’re rubbing our noses in a crisis of their design as they live like fat cats.

It’s further aggravated by the continued delivery of the World Economic Forum narrative that we face an insect-based diet moving forward. Noses rubbed.

It seems that The Hunger Games was a futuristic documentary.

In a post-nuclear holocaust world, those who managed to survive will reside on the global plantation, own nothing, be genetically and otherwise modified, and eat bugs. That is unless a threshold segment of Americans is ready to put everything aside, assume personal risk and actually fight back to prevent it from happening.

That will entail standing resolutely tall in the face of friends, co-workers/employers and family in disagreement. It will also entail working to educate them on proper fact sets while extending your hand and asking them to join the cause as nothing more than an American who wishes to live as a free American.

President Trump has told us that they’re targeting him because he’s the only one standing between all of us and them. What happens when President Trump is removed because evidence is emerging to indicate that his arrest is the objective? That’s when the Capitol “insurrection” event and Nancy Pelosi’s hearings that aren’t hearings will be bent back in full force on regular Americans branded as “domestic terrorists.” I’ve written a four-part series on this; the fourth linked here and linking to the other three.

Would it not be more prudent to act before any Trump arrest; not after? Americans have already largely reached the end of their Biden rope; especially economically. It would seem that a single unifying and galvanizing event could allow us to reach the threshold and push us over the event horizon. I wonder if one is in store? What say you, Entheos?

Otherwise, the three-headed cerebus of war, famine and disease continues to rage. It will be this way until Americans unite to determine an ending different than the one putting us on the global plantation.

Welcome back, Entheos. I hope you/y’all find this and have time to provide answers and information. Please consider kicking your boots up and sticking around for a while.


Established Broader Fact Set

The broader established and evidenced contemporary fact set we have posited and continue to build and evidence at Moonshine:

  1. The U.S. has been in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China since at least October 2019 and I lined this out in exclusive fashion on 06 May 20 relative to COVID-19 – Making the Case for Treason [the first in a sub-series of articles]
  2. COVID-19 is a construct of enterprise fraud prosecutable under RICO statute and I exclusively lined this out beginning in January of 2020 [now with hundreds articles and videos available on the home page; the first article was complied on 09 Feb 20]
  3. Biowarfare is China’s primary warfare vector and the enterprise fraud construct COVID-19 was executed along those lines and in conjunction with internal U.S. traitors embedded in the federal apparatus
  4. China’s hegemonic aspirations derive from its primary domestic and hegemonic doctrine – One Belt, One Road
  5. Illegitimate U.S. President Joe Biden was installed by China and the Globalists after COVID-19 was leveraged to steal the 2020 election and the regime functions as Barack Obama’s third term [1] [2] [3].
  6. Ultimately, the Globalists and the string-pullers behind them are shifting the hub of global operations from the U.S. to China and in order for that to happen, the U.S. must be deliberately softened and weakened for defeat and the American people must be made to feel and experience it for it to be accepted
  7. The U.S. is being positioned for a multiple-front war with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan where it will lose by design and where I exclusively lined-out those positions with deadly accurate predictions of that precise scenario that draws back on a long timeline
  8. Biowarfare and dual-use pathogens overlay the entirety of COVID-19, war with China and war with Russia [Ukraine] whereas the evidence indicates that Vladimir Putin is targeting NATO and U.S. biolab targets in Ukraine
  9. The totality of what is occurring in Ukraine draws back to at least 2013 into 2014 and is a direct product of Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland foreign policy and diplomacy whereby the CIA and Western intelligence writ large fomented social unrest in the nation by leveraging Nazi and neonazi groups in an effort to engage in regime change so as to eventually install “their guy” Volodymyr Zelensky
  10. The two epicenters of illegitimate President Joe Biden’s long history of corruption and treason that have us sold-out to the CCP and its brand of communism draw back on a long timeline and they are China and Ukraine; thus directly overlaying the accurately predicted multiple-front war scenario that the U.S. has been positioned to lose by design
  11. The two epicenters of Biden corruption are a direct overlay for the first failed vector and the second successful vector for the first unsuccessful impeachment of then President Donald Trump; Russia and Ukraine, respectively
  12. The military action in Ukraine by Vladimir Putin and Russia does not tactically comport with a conventional invasion and there is copious evidence that Putin is targeting U.S./DoD dual-use pathogen biolabs and NATO targets in Ukraine
  13. The U.S. biolabs tie directly to the U.S. Department of Defense and to The Biden Crime Family through Metabiota vis-a-vis is problematic private equity venture Rosemont Seneca
  14. Cloward-Piven strategy is being leveraged to reduce the U.S. to Third World status as the pre-hot war softening and weakening phase in the predicted multiple-front war scenario and thus facilitating the transfer of Globalist operations from the U.S. to China
  15. Enmeshed in Cloward-Piven are both the manufactured supply chain crisis as impacted by the fuel/energy crisis and the engineered global food crisis; the latter receiving a rehearsal planning event analogous to Event 201 and COVID-19.
  16. The evidence indicates that the broader objective is “One World” global governance with the United Nations as the authoritative enforcement body
  17. With China’s other proxy Tedros installed at the World Health Organization and with medical tyranny as the established context for it, the UN is the mechanism delivering “One World” government and accordingly, the U.S. was aligned to follow-suit in every instance with Tedros and the WHO delivered the beginning of the end – the COVID-19 “pandemic” of enterprise fraud.
  18. Relative to the designed loss in the evidenced multiple-front war scenario, the United Nations will steward the post-war treat process that will deliver the subjugation of United States to global governance as enforced by the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism

All preceding articles in this series:

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  40. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Pelosi Marches U.S. Closer to Armageddon as COVID-19 Is Extended for the Foreseeable Future
  41. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Hepatitis, HIV, COVID-19 and Cancer Weaponized to Target Our Most Vulnerable Population – Children
  42. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Cerebus, Hell on Earth and The Designed Confluence of War, Famine and Disease
  43. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: U.S. Proxy War with Russia Confirmed, DIA Assessment and Statement; Gates 2020 Investment In Biomilq
  44. Predicated By Enterprise Fraud, The “New World Order” and Its Marxist Communist Brand of Global Governance Is Set To Arrive 22-28 May 2022
  45. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Tensions Tighten In the Predicted Multiple-Front War Scenario while “Monkeypox” Threat Is Sown Into the Narrative
  46. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and MEDICAL TYRANNY: War, Famine and Disease Are Right On Schedule as Evidenced by Monkeypox, the Food Crisis, Metabiota, Biden Laptop Emails and PDFs from Marco Polo, and Contemporary Headlines
  47. MEDICAL TYRANNY and GLOBAL GOVERNANCE: War, Famine, Disease and the Fourth Reich
  48. Medical Tyranny, Global Governance, World War III, Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich – The Story Few are Telling but All Are Living: War, Famine and Disease
  49. VIDEO: Political Moonshine Interview on The Prather Point with Jeff Prather – Taiwan and the Multiple-front War Scenario
  50. BIG PICTURE UNDERSTANDING: Dynastic Bush, Ukrainian Nazis, Chinese Hub of Global Operations and Global Governance
  51. How China May Invade the U.S. Mainland and It’s Not What You Think
  52. If It Isn’t the UN, It May Be NATO, Components of Our Own Military, Some of Them or All of Them
  53. Further Evidence and Validation for Old Positions On Current Matters: Capitol “Insurrection,” Food Crisis, Psychological Warfare, COVID-19/Monkeypox, China/Taiwan and Russia/Ukraine, Coeur d’Alene
  54. There’s A Tale Being Woven for Telling Once They’ve Rewritten History From the Ashes. Do You Know What It Is?
  55. Noticed All the Recent Talk About the ‘Constitution’ and ‘Our Democracy’?
  56. Viewing the Three-Headed Cerebus of War, Famine and Disease Through the Lens of Independence Day

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  1. […] Yesterday, Department of Human and Health Services Secretary Xavier Becerra made good on a volume of work into monkeypox projecting that the outbreak would move in the direction of a pandemic and just in time for the 2022 midterm elections. On 04 Aug 22 and by unilateral declaration, an un-elected but Senate-confirmed Becerra determined that monkeypox qualified as a U.S. public health emergency. The public health emergency declaration is an incredibly important development respective to the “second pandemic” that President Joe Biden has already promised and we’ve already discussed. […]

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