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RUSSIA and CHINA: Biden Regime Crawls Back to Obama’s JCPOA Repositioning Iran as a Rogue Nuclear Arsenal

17 Mar 20

On 06 May 20, in the article Making the Case for Treason, I penned the following which represents the distinction in coverage between Moonshine and about everyone else. Today, we revisit that work and subsequent analysis to better understand the critical nature of the illegitimate Biden regime executing further orders in what amounts to Barack Obama’s third term relative to Iran, the JCPOA and Iran’s status as a rogue nuclear arsenal devised to leverage off-reservation nations. Here’s what I said then,

The difference between Political Moonshine and literally everyone else is depicted in our underlying position and perspective, which is ELEMENTAL, FUNDAMENTAL and FOUNDATIONAL for full and accurate understanding. This position materialized early January and has been shaped over time with the emergence of new elemental evidence. It’s that evidence which we’ve assembled for meaning.

Political Moonshine has converged all of the major components onto the same timeline and determined them all to be functional instruments serving the same political continuum. Translated, everything you’ve seen since and even before Mr. Trump was elected has been a function of the same broader plan, thus supporting our contention that Obama’s criminality and political spying scheme began early in his first term. That evidence now appears to exist as addressed below.

Political Moonshine

We revisit that quote for a simple purpose – to comprehend that essentially everything is enmeshed and interconnected and that includes the JCPOA and Iran relative to China, Russia, Ukraine, etc. Plenty of people and media outlets report on developments and matters in isolated form but few draw-down on the interconnected meaning and significance of them relative to the broader geopolitical landscape. This is where Moonshine hangs his hat and earns his due.

Here is the development and context for the analysis that preceded it circa mid-2020 and that which follows for the present. The source article comes from the Gateway Pundit.

Consume the following extract being focused on the roles of Russia and China relative to Iran and the JCPOA and respective to the Biden regime’s positioning and then ask yourself why it is that no one else presents these findings or overlaps [emphasis mine]?

Larry Kudlow had Republican Senator Ron Johnson on his show on Wednesday. They discussed Biden’s insane actions with Iran.

Kudlow: More insanity over the subject of Iran.  And apparently, not only are we getting closer and closer to a deal with Iran, which I couldn’t imagine anything worse.  But we’re also, I just heard this today, perhaps you heard it too sir, the White House or the State Department is going to reclassify the revolutionary guard, they’re no longer going to be terrorists, the revolutionary guard, the biggest terrorist killers in the Middle East or God knows where.  What you think of that Senator?  Iran revolutionary guard?

Senator Johnson: Larry it’d be awful.  It’ll be outrageous actually.  This administration… has weakened this country with its open borders, out of control spending, record inflation, the embarrassing and dangerous surrender in Afghanistan, but maybe one of the more embarrassing things is the way he went crawling back to Iran to get back in that JCPOA and the Iranians wouldn’t even meet with us.  So guess who’s negotiating the deal for us?  China and Russia.  You think they’re going to negotiate in our best interest?

Gateway Pundit

The first step to war is severing diplomatic relations. The first step to aligning with hostile foreign nations is normalizing diplomatic relations. The Biden regime’s reclassification of Iran’s Revolutionary guard functions in the capacity of the latter and that should cause concern for everyone.

Relative to the second paragraph in the extract and on its face, it’s embarrassing. Resting on the factual account of the matter; including the longer timeline on which it rests, it’s treason. Making the Case for Treason was a small series of substantial articles at Moonshine and what follows is from it; serving to back-fill this development above to provide the potentially catastrophic contextual details. It comes from the second in the series penned 13 May 20 and entitled Making the Case for Treason Part II: Crossfire Razor and the Rogue Nuclear Arsenal.

We now reach back to then and drag up that analysis to properly and contextually situate the JCPOA developments occurring today and whereby none other than Russia and China assume control as the U.S. and Biden regime recklessly sits carelessly, idly and impotently while the geopolitical landscape is remade for us; not with us or by us. When you have no seat at the table you have no voice in the policy that follows.

Obama signed the JCPOA into law on 22 May 15 and recognizing the devastating details therein and such that it would permit Iran to become a nation with nuclear capabilities – a rogue nuclear arsenal – President Trump abandoned it 08 May 18.

Consider this from the second article in the series,

Briefly and at a very surface level, this is what we have come to understand. The Deep State and Shadow Government had, at a minimum, co-opted Iran, North Korea, Russia and Syria. Without room to elaborate, know that the backdrop of diplomatic relations, military and geographic entanglements here are significantly important.

Our assertion continues such that the objective herein was the establishment of an independent nuclear arsenal that would be at their disposal to wield and use as a significant geopolitical mechanism to leverage Western governments into alignment with its agenda and by force. The work at Bards of War extends this aspect to include a potential false flag hot war on US soil; mostly in deep Red states and at the hands of this cabal. It would function as the back end of the COVID-19 component whereby America would have toppled, a One World Government installed and the world’s people enslaved as enforced by nanotechnology micro-chipping delivered by vaccinations.

In a general sense, the particulars envelop previously known scandals that now take on new meaning. For one, this agenda was baked-in to the horrendous Iran nuclear deal and this fact now gives great understanding to its targeted replacement by Trump’s administration. Iran is/was serving as a proxy manufacturer dealing with strict oversight from nuclear agencies and therefore operated out of a clandestine base in Syria.

Do you recall the billions that Obama sent Iran to even include clandestine payments using a basket of currencies and delivered by means of five different flights on four different routes?

What about the Uranium 1 scandal? The scandal that saw the Clintons, during Hillary’s tenure at State, export significant supplies of American uranium to Russia via Canada and then onward; presumably to North Korea and Iran.

Do you see how those scandals now fit as components in the broader scheme?

Do you recall the 2017 and 2018 missile strikes against Syria about which the Left was so outraged? Arguably one or both were designated to eliminate Iranian nuclear fabrication and or research facilities.

On a timely note, more news broke today from Fox reporting Iran’s efforts to continue developing weapons capabilities (presumably nuclear) as understood proxy manufacturers for the Deep State and in Syria.

What about the mountain that “collapsed” in North Korea in the same relative time frame? It too, was a suspected Deep State nuclear development facility.

All of these previous scandals as they were reported and understood independently or possibly loosely connected, now take on greater meaning advancing the premises we’ve outlined here. The entire and broader false flag political construct can now be seen differently reflecting that the criminality is far more severe than previously known.

All of this comports with and explains the historically disproportionate political response and level of resistance that we’ve seen since even before the election. Quite literally, everything was on the line.

In a general sense, the particulars envelop previously known scandals that now take on new meaning. For one, this agenda was baked-in to the horrendous Iran nuclear deal and this fact now gives great understanding to its targeted replacement by Trump’s administration. Iran was serving as a proxy manufacturer dealing with strict oversight from nuclear agencies and therefore operated out of a clandestine base in Syria.

Our work moving forward will envelop the nuclear angle and will revisit like we always do.

Below is a piece I wrote roughly a year ago when my suspicions on Iran began were surfacing. Those suspicions were warranted; however, the context was not fully understood. It is now. [See the linked article to read this earlier piece drawing back to 2019.]

Political Moonshine

The United Nations, which is the Globalist’s intended hub of global governance, functioned to allow China to install Tedros as the first non-physician to run its World Health Organization. In conjunction with internal traitors in the U.S. federal apparatus, China unleashed the enterprise fraud construct of COVID-19 on the U.S. and the rest of the world. The U.N. permitted the execution of the construct by first declaring a global public health emergency and then a global pandemic. The enterprise fraud occurs in the determination processes for these declarations and the member nations, with their respective health departments and agencies in alignment with the U.N./W.H.O., followed-suit declaring their own declarations. COVID was the impetus to steal the 2020 election so as to install Joe Biden as a Chinese proxy functioning as the interface for Barack Obama’s third term. That’s the run-up to the status-quo.

From that point forward, Moonshine work drawing back as far as 2019 predicted exactly who, what, where, when, why and how as it relates to a multiple-front war scenario with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan. No one else did that and since 23 Feb 22, I’ve written 18 additional articles delineating and back-filling all of the details of the devastatingly and deadly accurate predictions. The exact trajectories that manifested from those predictions and evidence stacked to the moon to lend further veracity and reliability to the analysis and work.

Given what I’ve now rehashed above relative to Iran and the JCPOA bearing down on Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan, this development’s fit into the broader geopolitical landscape should be much clearer for comprehension. Moreover and respective to the deep and broad body of evidence underpinning it all, it should be gravely concerning to all that China and Russia – both fronts of the multiple-front war Moonshine predicted and tabbed as a design loss in fantastic global fashion – have assumed control over the Iran/JCPOA matter and the rogue nuclear arsenal it delivers.



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