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China, Russia and Ukraine – These People Play Inside of a Box

23 Feb 22

All is going according to script. The old plays from an even older playbook continue to unfold in highly predictable fashion emblematic of something I continue to repeat – these people play inside of a box and that in and of itself causes said predictability.

Reverting to my football coaching days and the practice of offensive coordinators scripting the opening series of plays in a game that typically number around 20, the Globalist cabal that has thrown its tentacles over and fully infiltrated a myriad of nations including the United States functions similarly. Today’s headlines and events are replete with an entire slate of old positions and new and deeper fact sets stacked-up to evidence them.

As I type, the barricade fence around the Capitol is being erected again. For what?

The U.S. was once a proud constitutional republic; an open and free society where its people elected representatives to reflect and ensure that their own self-governance was executed according to their priorities, belief systems and the U.S. Constitution. Nowhere in any of that and never at any other point in time has that included politicians hiding behind fabricated threats and schemes of entrapment that victimize the citizens they are supposed to represent; all of which are of their own engineering and supposedly justify these walls.

For anyone not living in a hole and who has a modicum of intelligence and knowledge of factual history, this is exactly and precisely what a tyrannical, authoritarian, dictatorial and communist nation looks like. It’s what China looks like and that in of itself is a tie to a full explanation.

With certainty but not yet finality as there still remains a sliver of time to fully redress matters as determined by an emerging threshold segment of the population that is stirring to actually fight back in ways that matter, the end of our free and open society is upon us. If the redressing does not manifest fully and effectively, it means that every single U.S. citizen who lost his or her life defending this Republic did so in vain.

Every single individual death will amount to a pointless exercise in futility and all because the current U.S. population has permitted itself to become malleable victims of psychological warfare; programmed functional idiots incapable of independent and critical thinking; cowards afraid to assume personal risk to effectively take a stand and fight back. Not all of us but enough of us and the ones who know better are ineffective in rectifying things to bring the ones who don’t to an appropriate level of understanding. The time for that to change is long past us.

In short, we’re living through the death of a nation and the beginning of a new communist one.

Barack Obama never secluded into private life like every single one of his predecessors because he’s still running the nation and has been since 2009. He never left. He was still in charge during the Trump Administration; that legacy fully unwound in spectacular fashion. As the nation’s chief law enforcement officer and Commander in Chief from the 2020 election through inauguration day, Trump has only one person to blame for the theft of the most historic landslide election in U.S. history, which was stolen in plain daylight, and that person is Trump himself. He “had it all” and did absolutely nothing with it. Dead horse kicked.

Proxy Joe is Obama’s disastrous point man who is fully owned by and was installed by China. China is nothing more than a lever similar to the U.S. that this Globalist cabal pulls and wields as it wishes and it’s emblematic of the shift of global operations from the U.S. to China, or from a free country to a communist one. Regard that as the handwriting on the wall spelling out the global shift occurring right now.

Nonetheless, China is the head of the snake and it has been engaged in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with the U.S. since no later than October 2019. Proxy Joe is exacting China’s agenda and the Moonshine archives have that evidenced to the gills in exclusive fashion. It all carries us straightforward to today’s headlines.

Cloward-Piven strategy is an old card sitting on the table for a long while and there is evidence of it everywhere and in abundance. From unmitigated illegal immigration designed to overrun and overwhelm U.S. social systems to Proxy Joe’s around-the-clock operation to distribute illegals across the country, we’re being rendered into a Third World nation and the crown jewel cities under generations of Democratic control lay the foundation for it.

Politicians exported our working class jobs to China and replaced them with China’s fentanyl and the resulting opioid crisis that is devastating our society. In combination with the end of civil commitment in the 1960s, it has resulted in heartbreaking levels of addiction and homelessness that subsequently resulted in tent city after tent city – akin to shanty towns – manifesting all across the nation and especially in blue states.

Only a functional idiot believes that the homelessness is not a product of policy. These policies aren’t accidental but rather deliberate and functional; Cloward-Piven bearing down with full might. Look no further than Maryland for the latest as its politicians are working to pass measures preventing police from removing tent cities from the state’s public areas like parks, neighborhoods, etc. This is no accident. The results of Cloward-Piven nefariously serve as a mechanism of societal control. Welcome to the United States of Venezuela.

Turning to the completely engineered and manufactured crisis in Ukraine, it deserves everyone’s attention but not for the reasons proffered. Ukraine, as I have and continue to outline and evidence, is a deflection point. Some erroneously believe that Ukraine is engineered to deflect away from Proxy Joe’s disastrous administration, policy and inflation but this only a sliver of the truth and a slim one at that. They’re missing the point that I’ve hammered relentlessly. Yes, Klasu Schwab, the World Economic Forum [both long identified players in the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct in the Moonshine body of work] and other Globalist entities bear down, but they bear down more accurately in the undeclared war with China. Remember, China’s preferred and prioritized warfare vector is bio-warfare.

Remember that the entire Ukraine mess draws back fully on the Obama/Clinton/Kerry era of diplomacy and further recall that the CIA’s specialty is regime change. The Russian separatists in Donetsk and elsewhere are products of the CIA’s entanglements there and it’s precisely why Proxy Joe picked right back up with this manufactured mess initiated by Obama and right on cue. These people play inside of a box and that makes them entirely predictable. Dead horse kicked.

All of Ukraine and the problematic and manufactured entanglements with our favorite boogeyman Russia has an engineered war emerging as the solution and exit strategy for a failed “pandemic” of enterprise fraud that is falling apart at the seams. Transition to war will permit a transition to a different and highly effective yet continued system of control as we are all ushered onto the global plantation.

It should not come as a surprise that this morning’s headlines include a massive cyber attack on Ukraine’s ministries. Of course Russia has been blamed but look no further than our own CIA. Old play. Older playbook. Dead horse kicked. These people play inside of a box.

And what results and ripples from it? More elimination of generational wealth by the Globalist cabal as their rigged, owned and controlled financial and investment system bleeds more money from the common man as the market tanks.

With crystal clarity and for precise and exact confirmation on the collective of positions established here, which fall directly back on China, consider this headline from Zero Hedge, “China Calls US ‘Culprit’ For Ukraine Tensions, Vows To “Eradicate” Taiwan’s “Secessionist Regime”.”

Moonshine has had China dialed for very, very long time and this includes a two-front war with the U.S. – the asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war manifesting in bio-warfare and propagandized as the COVID-19 pandemic compounded by U.S. diplomatic and defense entanglements with Taiwan; including hostilities in the South China Sea is one front. The other is the manufactured and engineered war with our favorite boogeyman, Russia, over Ukraine. All engineered. All products of our own CIA.

Perhaps these are the reasons the Capitol is being barricaded again.

We’re being marched towards global war as a mechanism to place us all on the global plantation.

The real damage will be done when the U.N. hands us over to China on a silver tea tray; wrapped in a red silk bow.



  1. Jose Quintana February 23, 2022

    No, that is not going to happen on my watch. We are done living on the Plantation. Watch and learn.

    • Sheilasure March 27, 2022

      You are right. none of this is going to happen. interesting intel is all these articles but what they leave out is GOD and HIS plans for the world that will NEVER be stopped and all His prayer warriors doing the only real effective battles in the heavenlies did that! . America has a covenant of protection with the Lord OUR GOD and NO weapon formed against us will ever prosper. nope NO ww3 or destruction of any kind against the Judeo/Christians of the world. WE got an army already dispatch they will never see coming. 2 Kings 6:17 the wicked are the ones destroyed and their wealth come into the hands of the Righteous. this is OUR day of Victory NEVER evil’s

  2. Beth February 23, 2022

    Glad your back Mr Moonshine, but my faith tells me we will win!

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