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TAIWAN: Pelosi “Definitely Coming”, War Drums Intensify, U.S. Moves Closer to Projected Flashpoint

01 Aug 22

The work into this series that positions a multiple-front war scenario with Russia and China as central to all things began in earnest back in March of 2021. It means that when you read Moonshine on these topics, the work, analysis, positions and evidence are drawing down on about 18 months of elbow grease.

The following articles are critical to the contextual backdrop, underpin and precede this article; all focusing narrowly on Pelosi and Taiwan:

  1. October Surprise Pretext? Biden, Garland, DOJ Open Investigation into President Trump for Pelosi’s Capitol “Insurrection” Entrapment Scheme
  2. Has Pelosi Unilaterally Expanded the House Speaker’s Authority and Is She Traveling to Taiwan as the Russia/China War Drums Intensify to Stamp Her Authority on It? Prewar Maneuvering for an August Flashpoint?
  3. Pelosi Outbound for Taiwan, U.S. Moves Closer to Multi-front War Scenario on Exact Timeline Predicted Long Ago
  4. Pelosi Trip Enrages Cerebus: War, Famine and Disease

March 2021 is when I began reporting on the Department of Defense’s own admission that it loses in all war game exercise scenarios it executed, which involved the U.S. defending Taiwan after a Chinese invasion. I latched onto that specific data point to formulate and evidence a number of specific positions including holding that we are being positioned for a multiple-front war that we are intended to lose. That data point also served as part of the spine to this entire 64-article series on war, famine and disease that explains and evidences it all in granularity.

I’m taking the time to again outline the major premise[s] here because my streak of prognostications and projections is long and accurate and we are seeing several of them converging into a singular flashpoint that also rests on the exact point in time that it was accurately projected to occur.

For the better part of a year and in multitudes of articles I have positioned the flashpoint for China’s invasion of Taiwan as August 2022. That projection aligns with intelligence leaked out of China indicating the same. It is projected to occur in direct proximity to the the U.S. and Russia going hot in Ukraine with options for it occurring before or after.

More recently, I focused on Pelosi’s now confirmed trip to Taiwan emerging to be the most likely flashpoint for the projected multiple-front war.

Today is 01 Aug 22 and today Taiwan officials confirmed that Pelosi is “definitely coming.” This causes a tremendous impact to everything I outlined in the Pelosi/Taiwan articles above. It’s difficult to make such accurate projections from so far out and hit it on the day, so to speak, and have everything that preceded and contributed to that projection somehow be off.

I’m suggesting that what I am outlining here is so important because of the substantial evidence underpinning and preceding it. Those developments augmented with Pelosi’s confirmed trip indicate that we’re on the precipice of war and right now.

It’s important to understand what I am saying and what I’m not saying:

  1. What I’m not saying: World War III is breaking out because of Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan.
  2. What I am saying: A thoroughly evidenced chronology of events and developments; including a number of overlaying positions in this work, all indicate that Pelosi’s Taiwan trip qualifies as a trigger to spark World War III. This is determined by the existing evidence, which indicates that this is a highly plausible scenario with completely avoidable and potentially devastating outcomes. At the moment Pelosi crosses over into Taiwanese air space or perhaps even as her envoy begins to encroach on it, the decision belongs to China. If China desires a flashpoint, it has it and can engage. If China desires something different, it has it and can engage alternatively by a wide-range of varying degrees and options.

I’m also saying this; perhaps a little redundantly: This is the 64th article in this series and these developments are unpacking as if Moonshine handed them the script and the timeline. For those of you who are regular consumers, I’ve had you ahead of the timeline for years and months in important ways. For those of you just joining, please review the work and spread it for truth’s sake alone.

My well-reasoned and evidenced positions on Pelosi’s Taiwan trip now receive international agreement as aligned in concerning ways. Just days removed from a rhetorical statement from Vladimir Putin that revisited veiled nuclear threats against the U.S. respective to Ukraine, “UN Secretary General António Guterres warned that humanity is “one miscalculation away from nuclear annihilation”“. [Zero Hedge]

Moonshine script. Moonshine timeline. To the day. Also, please don’t forget that this is the same UN that leveraged a Chinese proxy in Tedros to conspire with domestic infiltrators and traitors to target Americans with the enterprise fraud construct mistakenly called the COVID-19 “pandemic”. It’s the exact same UN that is now and once again getting in front of another international matter of war.

This is all occurring with opposing militaries already positioned and maneuvering in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Straight. More aggravating to already tense and escalating tensions over Pelosi’s visit is news of China maneuvering its military responsive to Pelosi and in advance of PLA military drills in the region.

Powder keg seems inappropriate in scale and otherwise.

The precipice upon which we stand is unprecedented so call it what you wish.

To understand how it all began to unfold and how it all fits together, this Moonshine series has all of those details.

Other Developments:

  1. China has intensified the war drums and war rhetoric releasing and then deleting an inflammatory video depicting its capture of Taiwan. I’ve posted the video at Telegram.
  2. Recall our previous reporting as evidenced by Dr. David E. Martin whereby Dr. Anthony Fauci routinely lamented at his regular advisory meetings that his bane was his inability to get the American people to accept mass annual flu vaccination. It seems people are learned to become reluctant with COVID mRNA injections as they pay attention to stacks of evidence indicating adverse reactions, harm and death and evidence indicating that it’s all enterprise fraud. That evidence continues to stack up in abundance and despite the MSM’s incessant deliverance of the CDC’s and FDA’s fraudulent propaganda. Moreover, Fauci cites “misinformation” as he astonishingly ties it to harsher mitigation strategies.
  3. Steve Bannon has recently targeted Maricopa County as the target of a projected massive investigation for enterprise fraud relative to the 2020 election. This rests on a couple of articles I wrote back in September 2021 when folks were still clinging to Maricopa to be productive to cause and refusing to acknowledge that the analysis and evidence indicated the exact opposite: Delay Is the Play and It Always Has Been – Preview of the Maricopa County Audit Results / Striking Similarities: Maricopa County, COVID-19 and Patterns of Unmitigated Enterprise Fraud.
  4. What’s really concerning is how devastatingly bad the Biden Administration [China’s proxy] is with the worst poll numbers in history, Biden’s deteriorating multiple conditions, Biden’s own party overwhelmingly not wanting him back, the economy in recession, Kamala Harris as her own self-contained disaster, and Biden having to redefine “recession” as the tactical strategy for the U.S. not being in one. It’s just like they redefined “mass shootings” to make sure we would have more of them [statistically]. Here’s the latest obscene example of this: Senior Economist ‘Fact Checked’ By Facebook For Saying US Is In Recession. What makes this severely problematic is that the administration is desperate and that makes it incredibly dangerous for a lack of viable options to fix the Biden dumpster fire. As it continues to fail disastrously, the American people trend toward more actively rising against it. As history has shown us throughout and many times over, when desperate nations require but can’t procure viable exits out of disaster, war becomes the utilitarian solution to all problems. What pulled America out of the Great Depression? World War II. What intelligence did the U.S. military have in advance of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor? Advanced evidence of Japan’s coming attack on Pearl Harbor. See how that works? This is especially true during moments of regime change or transitions like America’s ongoing one away from Constitutional Republicanism to Marxist communism.
  5. In several articles I have guaranteed that the 2022 midterms are going to be stolen; even suggesting that it be written down on several occasions. I’ve evidenced the pretext for it and showed you where and how it fits into the broader picture like in this article as just one example: These People Play Inside of a Box: Biden Administration Maneuvering to Declare Public Health Emergency Over Monkeypox With 2022 Midterms as Likely Target. The important distinction I have been making with the cited evidence and articles is how in many cases, they function as pretext items. Sowing pretext in advance of a planned event permits the explanation givers [MSM, government, etc.] to point to the existing media sources to say in the aftermath of the event, “See, we told you this was going to happen.” Here is evidence of how in advance of the midterms and just a few months out, they are beginning to bend the narrative back to explain how the Democrats overcame disastrous polling to barely hold onto power. This assumption also requires us to hold that we should expect to see further major disruptive and destructive events of planned origin, like Roe, to unfold between here and the election to continue this bend. I’m sure they’ll overplay it on election night and the days to come as a dramatic underdog comeback victory that gives Congress and the White House a mandate to act on the current agenda. Here is more evidence of the narrative bend: Despite Narrowing Polls, Model Suggests Midterm Misery For Dems. It stands to be incrementally changed from this re-calibrated baseline to narrow the gap until we get to a Democratic win on election night. Of course, this is all China’s agenda; all stolen.


*This is the 64th article in this series.

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