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October Surprise Pretext? Biden, Garland, DOJ Open Investigation into President Trump for Pelosi’s Capitol “Insurrection” Entrapment Scheme

27 Jul 22

Did we just receive significant pretext establishing what is likely to come for President Donald Trump, his voters and the silent majority? Yesterday, the Washington Post [the CIA’s mouthpiece] was first to publish a story reporting how President Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland and his Department of Justice have opened an investigation into President Donald Trump for his role in the January 6th Capitol “insurrection” entrapment scheme. That entrapment scheme was executed primarily by Nancy Pelosi but alongside House and Senate leadership. Against the contextual backdrop of what the evidence suggests is to come next, this bold decision represents a full USSR-styled maneuver by the illegitimate Biden Administration.

CNBC reports that, “The Department of Justice is investigating former President Donald Trump’s actions leading up to the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol as part of its criminal probe of efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, an administration official familiar with the investigation said.”

Solid plan. Let’s steal the election and then imprison the victim when he exercises his First Amendment right to say, “Hey, they stole my election.” They said, “Let’s do that and see if we can get Americans to believe it,” or so it seems.

What’s worse is that a large segment of the American public actually and pathetically believes that explanation.

Let’s review some established and evidenced Moonshine positions that are relevant here [you’ll find all the evidence to support it searching from the home page]:

  1. The Capitol “insurrection” event was an entrapment scheme executed primarily by Nancy Pelosi along with House and Senate leadership, the Capitol Police Department, the House Sergeant at Arms, the commander of the DC National Guard, the DC Mayor and others.
  2. The ongoing Capitol “insurrection” hearings are not technically hearings and represent kabuki theater and the delivery mechanism [vis-a-vis the MSM] for state-sponsored propaganda that serves as the official narrative. It further serves a constructive purpose to frame President Trump, his constituency and the silent majority who voted for him as “domestic terrorists” and for specific reasons.
  3. The currently incarcerated “insurrectionists” had to be prosecuted and incarcerated to establish the context for the manufactured criminal predicate to indict [and possibly arrest] President Trump; or in other words, the jailed represent the low-hanging fruit of a tree intended for prosecution and they were needed to build the rest of the tree between them and Trump so they could vector in on Trump for prosecution. How could they ever prosecute regular Americans without prosecuting the person they said caused them to be there? They couldn’t. They’ll cite this and their collective moral conscience in a decision they don’t take lightly [all bullshit] when the occasion arises.
  4. Folks comprising the middle of the tree between the jailed commoners and President Trump are people like Garrett Ziegler, who told them to pound sand by pleading the 5th to all questions when he was recently compelled to testify on Capitol Hill. Well done, friend.
  5. There is an ongoing effort throughout the DOJ/FBI to leverage “domestic terrorists”/”domestic terrorism” as a legal vector to trigger legal authority to target profiled individuals and groups comprised of Trump’s people and the silent majority.
  6. The “domestic terrorists”/”domestic terrorism” angles are further tied to fraudulently propagated “systemic racism” and “white nationalism,” which ties further to then-Senator Kamala Harris-D, CA and her earlier legislative effort to provide the precedence for passing legislation to federally fund slavery reparations. All to give the bite more teeth and to create important linkage.
  7. President Trump is their bridge between “white nationalism” and “domestic terrorism”/”domestic terrorists”, which further bridges to his voter base that also primarily encompasses the silent majority. As such, it permits the FBI/DOJ to target those groups.
  8. The “domestic terrorists”/”domestic terrorism” vectors as legal definitions will be justified in their application writ large by the indictment and possible arrest of Trump. Technically, it would trigger the authority to target individuals and groups further caught-up by the constructed bridges connecting to “white nationalism,” which are further extended to target and eviscerate the Second Amendment. It will occur by disarming of the same silent majority; especially of the type of weapon that would be sufficient for militia duty like the AR-15.

All of the above components and more plug into this entrapment construct designed to deliver Trump for prosecution as a political weapon throwing cover to an election they must steal; and then further leveraging it to permanently control its political opposition.

It therefore causes us to put a very focused lens in front of the Biden/Garland/DOJ decision to open an investigation into President Trump respective to the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment scheme. This is especially so knowing that it was entirely fraudulent and constructed out of thin air; and there is ample evidence to prove it.

Examining the Capitol event through that lens causes us to question it and where it appears it was made to happen for three extremely important reasons:

  1. Present: it represents the circling back for the cinching of the noose in the entrapment scheme construct that was designed to deliver Trump for prosecution; meaning they targeted Trump before fabricating an entire scenario around him that would permit them to indict and prosecute Trump; potentially arresting and imprisoning him.
  2. Future: if successful, it permits them to align the effort with October and therefore it contextually makes sense that this is pretext for an excellent choice for their October surprise to impact the 2022 midterm elections while also explaining the overcoming of impossible polling odds that will begin shifting to the Democrats favor as soon as the revelation is made.
  3. Future: if successful, it will extend to further efforts in permanently targeting and subjugating the silent majority into Marxist communism while it fools the minority into believing that the donkey of a Third World banana republic in which they live is actually a progressive, liberal, utopian bliss. It’s just a dressed-up donkey, though, and the believers worshiping it get by and keep the illusion real simply by ignoring the obvious, overwhelming and repugnant smell of donkey shit everywhere.

History will eventually be entirely rewritten and evidence of it [monuments, texts, etc.] destroyed to galvanize the transition permanently. I’m sure words like racist, misogynist, fascist, sexist, transphobic, etc. will justify it all. It’s why public education is indoctrinating a few generations of America’s youth with a ridiculous LBGQT agenda that’s at least in-part on China’s behalf.

Victims and blame are necessary to make all of this work.

Electorally, the Democrats will leverage this development as the context to justify how they were able to overcome such statistically impossible polling numbers so as to flip the 2022 midterms in their favor. They’re doing it all for an election they intend to steal; just like they did in 2020 and just like they will in 2024. They have to steal this one because they and the entire world know that the illegitimate Biden Administration is the worst in history with 75% of his own party now wanting to retread for 2024.

Biden has so strictly aligned to China’s directives in U.S. policy making that the consequences are such that any holding on to power in the 2022 midterms must occur via a steal. It’s literally the only way short of not having elections at all; and that’s a serious consideration suitable for its own article.

There are no other viable options beyond a steal or no elections at all.

And they need a deflection point away from that steal to explain how they “won”.

Another realization that is obvious to about everyone is that any arrest or indictment of Trump will only embolden his supporters and further marginalize them into a collective that stands to push-back and hard; especially for the most ardent ones. At the same time it will march us closer to the civil war they really seem keen on us having.

We’ve arrived at a critical juncture in the transformation of the former Constitutional Republic into the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism for the purpose of global governance. It is so because it permits them the legal imperative to target the silent majority, et al, confiscate their means of defense and permanently stomp-out any notions of traditional America along with any remaining grains of resolve they may have to engage in the heretofore anemic fight to get it all back.

It will result in the majority of the U.S. population having the federal apparatus’ boot permanently on the back of its neck while the minority cheers it on out of false notions of perceived victimization and preferential minority class treatment.

The persecuted and prosecuted Americans will be called “Nazis,” “fascists” and worse in perhaps the most egregious example of projection to ever be found; and every bit of it can be blamed on feeble-mindedness compounded by the inability to think critically and independently so as to ascertain the truth.

Psychological warfare and propaganda are real things and they’ve had devastating effects on this nation.

Two-tier justice will prevail and anyone off-reservation from the official narrative and platform will face its teeth head-on. Those on-reservation will be prosecuted with kid gloves if prosecuted at all; even in the face of an abundance of aggravating evidence that everyone can see and knows about.

If you’ve also happened to notice the recent propaganda centered on normalizing cannibalism and promoting insect protein as our primary future protein staple, they also appear keen on making us eat crickets; and occasionally neighbors, in the food crisis they’re simultaneously unpacking on us. It has the surreal and dystopian net effect of making it seem that The Hunger Games series is more of a prognosticating documentary than a fictional work for teens.

The Biden/Garland/DOJ decision to open an investigation into President Trump is highly indicative of the cinching of the noose to make inconvenient problems go away. Those inconvenient problems are you, me, Trump, his voters and the silent majority.

It’s the USSR now.

It’s The Hunger Games now.

Enjoy life on the technocratic global plantation or do something about it before we get there.

Tick tock.

It’s that simple.



  1. Eric Bristol July 27, 2022

    Add to the mix Bidans new executive order to try and federalize the midterms. There is only one way out of this.

  2. jpmaxwell July 27, 2022

    I think you’ve struck pay dirt. It’s always been about open rebellion. They have been wanting a kinetic civil war for years. This let’s them begin gun confiscation all the while justifying the use of foreign troops on U.S. soil. However, I think DJT has a few more aces up his sleeve. I realize I’ll get stoned in the public square for saying such – but I think we may have another populist/nationalist uprising here very similar to what brought Hitler to power in the early 40’s. Trump is a nationalist in all its fascist glory. One saw this plainly with his overwhelming support amongst the military and police. I see DJT being used, (i.e., “controlled”) by the Clowns In Action over at Langley to “out” the conservatives, just as you state, so the killing fields are ripe with naïve America “firsters”. Obama is a very shrewd and well placed agent provocateur. He is backed by some of the most powerful forces in the world. And his strings attached to Biden are starting to fray for all to see. This is by deliberate design, it appears. There will be an October surprise – but it may be entirely different than what many expect in the Patriot underground. Either way, it’s past time to prepare for a lot of chaos and turmoil. DJT is a Trojan Horse, I stand convinced of it until he proves otherwise.

  3. Frogman July 29, 2022

    Its amazing how you articulate my jumbled confused lines of thought into something i can try to pass on too those asleep people whom im trying to awaken. Thanks for all your effort.

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