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China Assumes Deescalated Position as Pelosi Departs Taiwan, Could China Take Drills Live for Surprise Invasion?

03 Aug 22

All of the pieces were in place and the call was entirely China’s. The options on the board included worst case scenarios involving direct engagement with Pelosi’s Taiwan envoy to a large array of other less aggressive options. The escalated tensions rest squarely on a rogue Nancy Pelosi working an ulterior agenda for ulterior principals and in ways to bring a World War III flashpoint to China’s doorstep had China desired in that moment.

Sixty-four articles in this series [linked below] on war, famine and disease precede this one and the several featured here are important and needed context:

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Pelosi has already departed Taiwan without incident avoiding an international crisis between the U.S. and China. Acknowledging this, it’s important to recall how it was summarized in the previous article [emphasis added]:

It’s important to understand what I am saying and what I’m not saying:

1-What I’m not saying: World War III is breaking out because of Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan.

2-What I am saying: A thoroughly evidenced chronology of events and developments; including a number of overlaying positions in this work, all indicate that Pelosi’s Taiwan trip qualifies as a trigger to spark World War III. This is determined by the existing evidence, which indicates that this is a highly plausible scenario with completely avoidable and potentially devastating outcomes. At the moment Pelosi crosses over into Taiwanese air space or perhaps even as her envoy begins to encroach on it, the decision belongs to China. If China desires a flashpoint, it has it and can engage. If China desires something different, it has it and can engage alternatively by a wide-range of varying degrees and options.

China’s response to Pelosi’s reckless Taiwan trip is now known with Foreign Policy weighing-in on several important angles [emphasis added]:

As expected, China declared live-fire military exercises around Taiwan. Maps showing the scope of the proposed exercises published in the party-owned Global Times and then in Xinhua, the official state media source, marked several areas around the island that appeared to cross into Taiwanese territorial waters. Initial statements said that the exercises would begin on Thursday, after Pelosi left; after she landed, that became a claim that the exercises would begin Tuesday evening. (As of Wednesday morning, videos of exercises had been posted, but not yet at the scale promised.)

If the maps are accurate, the exercises are much more provocative than those conducted during 1995-1996 crisis, triggered by the then-Taiwanese president’s visit to the United States to attend a college reunion. They are closer to Taiwan and will involve a much larger scale of military firepower. That’s not surprising, in that China’s military strength has increased by orders of magnitude since the 1990s. But it’s not clear yet whether the exercises will actually cross the 12-mile nautical limit from international waters into Taiwan’s territorial waters for the first time—or whether they’ll fire missiles over the island itself, which would be a particularly provocative move. (One missile was fired directly over the island in 1996.)

Moving up the exercises to Aug. 2 indicates some sensitivity among the military and party that China’s response hasn’t been the fire and fury that many Chinese expected. The volume of comments on the trip was so heavy it partially crashed Weibo, China’s main social media platform, for several hours. Most online comments, even before censorship kicked into high gear, were aggressive in their support of harsh measures and even war with Taiwan. One particularly common message was “When do we start bombing?” There was a strong streak of mockery and skepticism in responses, too, resulting in a stream of soon-removed jokes at the government’s expense for promising too much. (“I accept that we’re not going to attack, but can’t we at least make her take the mandatory COVID test at the airport.”)


An actual invasion of Taiwan remains impossible in the immediate future and highly unlikely in the short term, as it would require a logistical trail impossible to hide from U.S. or Taiwanese intelligence. The fundamental problem remains: Beijing is increasingly convinced that Taiwan will not be persuaded to return peacefully, but it has to live up to its own revanchist demands—and the implicit promise to the public that it can deliver them. Ironically, one of the best hopes for peace may be the conviction among many Chinese leaders, prevalent since the 2008 economic crisis, that U.S. power will collapse as Soviet power did, depriving Taiwan of its patron and leaving it far more vulnerable to coercion. Holding on to that idea allows for the indefinite postponement of a risky and costly invasion.

James Palmer at Foreign Policy

I differ from Palmer for what I reported previously and for one, intelligence leaked out of China that indicated an August move on Taiwan by Xi Jinping. For another, further leaked intelligence out of China intensified the war rhetoric by citing no hesitancy in starting a war over Taiwan. For another, typhoon season becomes a very significant factor with each passing day and it impacts the timeline relative to operational windows.

Four things:

  1. If there is going to be an imminent invasion of Taiwan by China, it must be sooner than later due to Typhoon season impacts.
  2. If there is not going to be an imminent invasion of Taiwan in the near term, it stands to reason that it would come later than August and once Typhoon season has slowed or ceased. This requires us to re-calibrate our timeline which is often the case when making projections from the logical deduction of evidence.
  3. If I were China and I were looking to capitalize on regaining what I rightfully viewed as mine – Taiwan – I would do it just as the White House stated for the first time ever that it does not stand with Taiwan independence; while it’s Commander-in-Chief is isolated due to a fraudulent pandemic of China’s biowarfare design; while the U.S. is preoccupied with a proxy-war against Russia in Ukraine; and while the U.S. is the weakest and most vulnerable it’s ever been. I would amass a huge amount of military hardware and assets for these ongoing drills encroaching on Taiwan. Once the supply levels were sufficient and with a groundswell of immediate mobilization building-up in the backdrop, I’d do what the U.S. government likes to do in false flag operations by simply taking the exercise live on the drop of a dime to begin the actual invasion of Taiwan. That is the most tactically effective way to make a surprise launch with the entire world watching. And it avoids Typhoon season.
  4. I’ve already evidenced Biden’s previous commitment to defend Taiwan in the event of an invasion by China, which the White House had to walk back. I’ve already outlined the U.S.’s informal defense agreements with Taiwan in articles. With the White House now diverging from supporting Taiwan independence, for China, this factors-out as the official White House policy position creating a portal to invade Taiwan with an impartial U.S. but in an odd scenario where it knows the U.S. will be drawn-in to it. It’s as if China is picking a fight it knows it’s going to win and it’s engaging in front-end perception management to manipulate the narrative so it is justified in its actions. In short, it aligns precisely with the longstanding projection of the designed multiple-front war scenario that has the U.S. positioned to lose.

For my nickel, there are two problematic questions at the moment and for the near term:

  1. How likely is it that China will capitalize on ongoing military drills to take drills live to an actual invasion of Taiwan?
  2. Do you remember what happened the last time a U.S. president found himself isolated under questionable circumstances at such precarious times like Biden is right now?

Those are valid questions.

For now, we have breathing room and a respite from tensions but this is reasonably thought to be be short-lived. I would expect another round of ratcheting-up sooner than later and from there we can reassess and reformulate.

I’ll leave you with a related wry chuckle apologizing in advance for the profanity but damn it, sometimes you just have to say the words.


*This is the 65th article in this series.

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