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WORLD WAR III: “We Won’t Hesitate To Start A War,” Video Leaked of War Mobilization Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Communist Party Committee of China, Taiwan Invasion Imminent?

25 May 22

This is the 49th article in this series and we’re getting straight to brass tacks. Before doing so, it’s imperative to recall the longstanding Moonshine projection drawing back on work circa March 2021 that has been arduously and copiously evidenced. It posits that the United States has been positioned to be drawn into a multiple-front war with Russia over Ukraine and with China over Taiwan and the South China Sea. According to our own Department of Defense, it’s a war we are positioned to lose. The evidence suggests that’s by design.

The projected timeline for Ukraine to go hot with Russia is contingent upon our projection of Xi Jinping subsequently moving on Taiwan. It hinges on the U.S. being drawn into the conflict by means of its informal defense agreement with Taiwan that is underpinned by the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act (Public Law 96-8, 22 U.S.C. 3301 et seq.). The China/Taiwan/South China Sea projection is evidenced to be in August with the door cracked for it being sooner or later. Russia/Ukraine would obviously go hot beforehand.

Respective to the U.S.’s informal defense agreement with Taiwan, I encourage you to consume this recent article for proper contextual backdrop if you are unfamiliar with those details, which includes illegitimate and proxy Joe Biden’s recent statement confirming that the U.S. would defend Taiwan in such a case: RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and MEDICAL TYRANNY: War, Famine and Disease Are Right On Schedule as Evidenced by Monkeypox, the Food Crisis, Metabiota, Biden Laptop Emails and PDFs from Marco Polo, and Contemporary Headlines.

Another evidenced position to consider is The Biden Crime Family’s long and evidenced history of private equity deals and other misdeeds with China. Much time has been dedicated to evidencing them here at Moonshine.

As we get into the video and the notes from it, pay particular attention to the importance of something Moonshine has covered extensively – One Belt, One Road, which is China’s primary domestic and hegemonic doctrine driving all that it does.

That brings us to a new development that if legitimate and verifiable; and on the assumption that there is a critical mass of reliable lawmakers in D.C. [there isn’t and so it won’t happen], should result in the immediate impeachment or removal by the 25th Amendment of illegitimate President Joe Biden, who is irrefutably a Chinese proxy.

If legitimate, it also makes the Moonshine projections, analysis and reporting as deadly accurate and exclusive as the full body of COVID-19 enterprise fraud work [over 260 articles.] It also puts Moonshine far ahead of the mainstream media and just about everyone else by months and years.

The development is a leaked recording of a war mobilization meeting of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Communist Party Committee of China indicating an imminent Taiwan invasion.

I viewed the entire video which presents with subtitles and captured a substantive amount of information that follows by line item. Understand that the meeting was very technical from a military standpoint and much more was left out than included; with focus given to main points. The full video is presented at the bottom of this article.

Notes from the meeting as per the video including summarized notations and direct quotations [emphasis added]:

  1. China’s motivation centers on “national rejuvenation” and draws from One Belt, One Road
  2. Lessons from COVID lock-downs are being leveraged for war time societal control
  3. China is undergoing a “normal to wartime transition”
  4. Focus on joint military/civilian/police cooperation and organizational systems
  5. Focus on the Pearl River Delta to provide security for the South China Sea
  6. Priority given to securing resources; including international resources, industry and domestic production
  7. We won’t hesitate to start a war, crush Taiwan’s independence and strong enemies’ plots, and resolutely defend our national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”
  8. Focus on, “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”
  9. Focus on planning, organization and command systems
  10. All decisions are “towards winning.”
  11. China is in a “normal to war state transition.”
  12. “We need to coordinate the two areas of the Taiwan Straight and the South China Sea. We must ensure everything both at sea and on land.”
  13. “We must ensure both traditional and new type forces, as well as resources from both the province and overseas.”
  14. “We must prevent the enemies from using Hong Kong to create chaos and then using chaos to disrupt the war.”
  15. Recommendation to immediately open a joint military-civilian command and operation command posts
  16. As of 18 Apr 22 at 1800 the military command structure at all levels was complete
  17. Focus on organization command and communication
  18. Mobilization tasks for Eastern and Southern War Zones: 20 categories and 239 items, 1,358 detachments of various types with a total of 140,000 personnel, 953 ships of various types and 1,653 units/sets of various unmanned equipment
  19. Other resources: 20 airports, docks, 6 repair and shipbuilding yards, 14 emergency transfer centers, grain depots, hospitals, blood stations, oil depots, gas stations
  20. 15,000 recruits: new military service personnel, retired military and special talents
  21. Implement 7 types of national level warfare resources including 64 10,000-ton roll-on/roll-off ships, 38 aircraft, 508 train cars and 19 civil facilities including airports and docks
  22. Mission: 1-“Offer full support for the decisive battle at the Taiwan straight […] to ensure that the island seizing troops can get across the sea, and more troops can follow to seize the island,” 2-“To support the distant cruise […] organize new-style ocean-going forces to conduct reconnaissance, submarine search, and search and rescue […] protect forward deployment of rocket forces […] support tropps to rescue the wounded and repair ships and aircraft,” 3-“To participate in the South China Sea interoperability and mobilization of repair forces […] organization of militia fishing boats [in] Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia and other countries,” 4-“To assist Hong Kong and Macao to maintain stability [and to] protect the rapid transit of troops,” 5-“Maintain the stability of the rear, pull together the overall strength of the party, government, military, police and civilians as a whole.”
  23. New domain and system resource mobilization includes aerospace reconnaissance, ocean warning, cyberspace, underwater detection, unmanned combat resources
  24. 2 “very important” problems: 1-Recruitment of 15,000 troops and 2-Maritime support coordination
  25. It is known that now that we are really going to war, there are people who enthusiastically sign up for the war, but there are also people who are afraid of the war and timid.”
  26. “The scope of the propaganda should be wide, and the mainstream media should make a big fanfare, to promote that strategic victory against Taiwan is very important to the completion of the unification of the motherland and the great rejuvenation of our nation!”
  27. Those avoiding conscription will be severely punished
  28. Ship preparedness: 2000+ pieces of hi-tech equipment, 480 drones and 70 unmanned boats currently secured in place
  29. Can produce 80 drones per month
  30. Can produce 90 unmanned boats per month
  31. 16 low orbit satellites with .5-10 meters global remote ultra high optical resolution sensing and imaging capabilities that can be directly called by troops
  32. Overseas mobilization is important for strategic decisive victory against Taiwan
  33. “Should give full play to the advantages that we have many Chinese people in overseas from our province, many state-owned and private enterprises in overseas countries, and many economic and trade cooperations with countries along the Belt and Road project.”
  34. “We will mobilize overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese organizations to actively participate in supporting our military operations.”
  35. “We need to strengthen the protection in political field. Look at the recent several regional wars, especially the Russian-Ukrainian conflict war situation. If you look at the very big picture, the United States and the West will try everything to slander us, smear us, in attempt to confuse right and wrong, to shake our will to win a just and decisive battle.
  36. Focus on readiness of “nuclear rescue forces”

Respective to Chinese-owned assets overseas, which the clearly intend to leverage in this coming war that Joe Biden appears intent on engaging in, this snapshot provides and indication of the implications for the United States respective to points 32-35 and it’s a harrowing picture [source]:

The full video [57:57}:


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