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Medical Tyranny, Global Governance, World War III, Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich – The Story Few are Telling but All Are Living: War, Famine and Disease

25 May 22

Let’s begin with a headline from today that is found at Zero Hedge as a reprint of a piece authored by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog. The headline reads: World War 3: Is The Stage Being Set For The US To Go To War With China And Russia Simultaneously?

Does that sound familiar?

It should.

Snyder’s article and its details are left for your independent consumption because I’ve covered his positions approaching 50 times now.

This is the 48th article in this series of recent work not just into the multiple-front war scenario [with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan and the South China Sea] but into the logically deduced and evidenced timeline projection that ties directly back to previous reporting in March 2021.

Moreover and in addition to making the deadly accurate prediction long ago; and then writing nearly 50 articles evidencing and supporting it, it was projected on a timeline stated to unfold exactly after the 2021-2022 major holiday season of Christmas and New Years, when most of the Western World is in recovery mode and preoccupied with other things. That’s exactly what happened.

These people play inside of a box. It makes them highly predictable. Dead horse kicked.

The exclusive work at Moonshine delivered the enterprise fraud construct of COVID-19 before anyone else. Immediately after the outbreak and at a time in very early 2020 when everyone else was preoccupied with ill-conceived notions and details about a genuine “pandemic,” Moonshine remained focused on enterprise fraud and then stacked-up over 260 articles to evidence it. Yesterday’s interview on The Prather Point revisits it all.

The COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct is also a direct component to the manufactured war with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan and the South China Sea. Those details are arduously and copiously delineated in the slate of articles linked below, which are left for your independent consumption as we continue building on them.

With respect to Snyder’s paralleling position, we stack-up additional evidence from new developments to further substantiate that we are being positioned for this multiple-front war and remembering the most critical component that no one else is reporting: the positioning has us situated to lose the war as a function of subjugating the U.S. to global governance that will manifest during the stewardship of the United Nation’s post-war treaty process. That assessment comes from the United States own Department of Defense as realized during war gaming exercises drawing back to March 2021 as noted in the opening paragraphs.

Now consider these new developments to further substantiate the position:

  1. “Civilization May Not Survive” – George Soros Tells Davos Crowd, Defeat Putin (And Xi) Or Else: “In his first appearance in person at Davos since Slamming Trump as a “conman, narcissist” and claiming Mark Zuckerberg was conspiring to get him re-elected in March 2020 (and warned that “the overheated US economy can’t be kept boiling for too long”), billionaire George Soros unveiled his traditionally anticipated annual address, taking aim squarely at China (nothing new there) but adding Russia to his hit list. The 90-year-old puppet-master is certainly not getting any younger (looking older than 98-year-old Henry Kissinger who made headlines earlier in the day), warned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has rattled Europe and could be the start of another world war.“Other issues that concern all of humanity — fighting pandemics and climate change, avoiding nuclear war, maintaining global institutions — have had to take a back seat to that struggle,” Soros said,“That’s why I say our civilization may not survive.”

    Moonshine: Soros’ comments are manufactured scenarios formulated and being unleashed on the global populace by Klas Schwab’s World Economic Forum; a topic previously discussed and presented for further discussion below; and in evidence of the posited Fourth Reich theory.
  2. ‘Blue-Checks’ Furious After Henry Kissinger Says Ukraine Should Cede Territory For Peace With Russia: “Veteran US statesman Henry Kissinger has urged the West to stop trying to inflict a crushing defeat on Russian forces in Ukraine, warning that it would have disastrous consequences for the long term stability of Europe. “I hope the Ukrainians will match the heroism they have shown with wisdom,” Kissinger warned an audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, adding with his famous sense of realpolitik that the proper role for the country is to be a neutral buffer state rather than the frontier of Europe. As The Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reports, Kissinger’s comments came amid growing signs that the Western coalition against Vladimir Putin is fraying badly as the food and energy crisis deepens, and that sanctions may have reached their limits.”

    Moonshine: This is evidence of pretext likely presenting as a contingency such that if an actual hot war outbreak is undesired and is to be averted, it can be circled back to in the vein of “cooler heads prevailing.” It presents as a full cover story accounting for an enormous amount of U.S. taxpayer dollars [over $54 billion (source)] being sent to one of Biden’s two epicenters of corruption, crime and treason – Ukraine – and with the other being China.
  3. Russia Will Strengthen Economic Ties With China, Cooperate With Beijing On Technology: Russian Foreign Minister: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said his country will focus on strengthening ties with China, saying the two neighboring countries have common interests and can make technological advances together.Now that the West has taken the position of a ‘dictator,’ our economic ties with China will grow even faster,” Lavrov said, according to a transcript published by Russia’s Foreign Ministry on May 23.”

    Moonshine: This is direct evidence of the unification of the two fronts in the predicted and evidenced multiple-front war scenario. In global geopolitics as driven by the Davos elites, national militaries are regularly leveraged to acquire and protect national economic interests; especially overseas colonial ones and often under false and manufactured pretext like, “weapons of mass destruction [Iraq/oil]. Ergo, countries that unite economically generally fight wars in united fashion. Sides are being drawn and the evidence for it is deep.
  4. Watch: Davos Elites Warn “Painful Global Transition” Should Not Be Resisted By Nation-States: As World Economic Forum head Klaus Schwab proclaimed that “the future is built by us” at the opening of the annual Davos gathering, two other European elites declared that the global energy crisis is a “transition” that will be “painful” for most, but should not be resisted by nations tempted to preserve their own sovereignty over the “global agenda.” Schwab called those summoned before him a “powerful community,” and declared “We have the means to improve the state of the world, but two conditions are necessary: The first one, is that we act all as stakeholders of larger communities, so that we serve not only our self-interests but we serve the community. That’s what we call ‘stakeholder responsibility.’” “And second, that we collaborate,” he continued, adding “And this is the reason why you find many opportunities here during the meeting to engage into… action and impact initiatives to make progress related to specific issues on the global agenda.””

    Moonshine: They’re telling us exactly what they’re doing to us. All that remains is for the American people to understand it and believe it; and believe it they should. Schwab’s statements can be seen here.
  5. War Enters ‘Most Active Phase’ As Russia Encircles Ukraine Troops In East: “Ukraine said Tuesday that Russia’s military campaign has “entered its most active phase,” according to the words of Defense Ministry spokesman Oleksandr Motuzyanyk. “Three months after invading Ukraine, Russian forces are trying to encircle Ukrainian troops in twin cities straddling the Siverskyi Donets River in eastern Ukraine,” he described. Further as Reuters reports, “Motuzyanyk said Russian forces had not given up attempts to cross the river.” The area referenced is in and around the vicinity of the city of Sievierodonetsk and represents the last major Ukrainian stronghold in the eastern Lugansk province. Alongside Lysychansk on the opposite bank, this section of the river is where the most pivotal battle is now taking place.”

    Moonshine: Completely antithetical to the Western Empire’s propagated narrative, Russia is conducting a “special operation” targeting U.S. Department of Defense biolabs and NATO locations in Ukraine. The closer Russia gets to achieving tactical objectives, the closer we get to plausibly hot war escalating to thermonuclear [or biowarfare] the greater the chances for false flag events to be blamed on Russia. It would stand as the impetus to take the war hot, which will trigger the immediate invasion of Taiwan by Xi Jinping and China.
  6. Mitt Romney Calls On NATO To Prepare For Potential Russian Nuclear Strikes: “The United States and other NATO nations should prepare a devastating response to a possible Russian nuclear strike, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said on Saturday. Romney, in an opinion article for the New York Times, said that “Russia’s use of a nuclear weapon would unarguably be a redefining, reorienting geopolitical event,” adding: “We should imagine the unimaginable, specifically how we would respond militarily and economically to such a seismic shift in the global geopolitical terrain.”

    Moonshine: Take Romney’s remarks as pretext for exactly what is outlined in the fourth point. We are being positioned for a war they intend us to lose.
  7. Unprecedented: US Air Force To Join Israelis In Mock Attack On Iran: “As if an intense proxy war with nuclear powerhouse Russia isn’t bringing enough heat, the Biden White House has now given the greenlight for unprecedented U.S. participation in an Israeli drill simulating a massive attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. According to The Times of Israel, “The U.S. Air Force will serve as a complementary force, with refueling planes drilling with Israeli fighter jets as they simulate entering Iranian territory and carrying out repeated strikes.” The mock attack on Iran will happen this month, as part of a broader Israeli military exercise called “Chariots of Fire.””

    Moonshine: Take this development as the drawing of lines and the establishing of sides to a planned and forthcoming third world war. Iran, which accounts for the Western Empire’s rogue nuclear arsenal, has been and will continue to be a hostile foreign nation to the U.S., engaged in the theft of the 2020 election and possess superior cyber capabilities.
  8. Zelensky Says If Ukraine Falls, American Lives Will Be At Risk: “On the same day he addressed Davos’ World Economic Forum wherein he urged Western countries to impose “maximum economic sanctions” against Russia, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told Axios’ Jonathan Swan in an interview for HBO that if Ukraine loses the war, American lives will be put at risk. Zelensky was speaking in reference to NATO’s collective defense treaty, suggesting that ‘Russian imperialism’ means there will be a domino effect of US-NATO allies to fall if Ukraine fails to achieve victory. “Members of the alliance should know and believe that if any country tries any aggression against them, then NATO, collectively, will provide for their defense,” Zelensky told Swan. “If we fall, if we don’t hold the line, Russia will proceed, attacking the Baltic states — Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia” and smaller states to follow, resulting in NATO’s Article 5 being invoked, which would see American troops sent to the region to face Russia directly.”

    Moonshine: Zelensky is a Western Empire proxy installed via a lineage drawing back on Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland foreign policy and diplomacy in Ukraine that leveraged Nazi and neo-Nazi factions to sow civil unrest in a coup d’etat. The Nazi faction is represented by the Azov Batallion as Russia seeks to “denazify” the nation out of Russian and global security. Zelensky is making good on his role and leveraging NATO defense agreements that will be compounded by U.S./Taiwan defense agreements and Joe Biden’s recent statement pertaining to them as I covered thoroughly in the last article.
  9. Finland, Sweden Dispatch Teams To Turkey After Erdogan Said ‘Don’t Even Bother’: “Finland and Sweden on Tuesday confirmed they are sending delegations to Ankara in hopes of resolving issues surrounding Turkey’s publicly voiced vehement opposition to the two countries’ bids to join NATO. They formally submitted their applications in a ceremony attended by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg last week, which Turkey immediately sought to block. Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto said the delegations will begin meetings with Turkish counterparts on Wednesday, even after days ago President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Finnish and Swedish diplomatic teams “shouldn’t bother coming” if they aren’t prepared to halt support for PKK terrorists. Speaking during a panel discussion of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Haavisto acknowledged, “We understand that Turkey has some of their own security concerns vis-a-vis terrorism.” He added: “We think that these issues can be settled. There might be also some issues that are not linked directly to Finland and Sweden but more to other NATO members.” […] Likely there’s currently intense Russian diplomacy being aimed at the Turkish government arguing that Finland especially, which shares an over 800-mile long border with Russia, must not be admitted into the Western military alliance.”

    Moonshine: Take this as more dog and pony show entailing Russian diplomacy targeting Turkey and pertaining to NATO’s continual and further encroachment on Russia and her national sovereignty. It is highly likely that the Davos crowd will ensure that both nations are admitted for membership.
  10. Jets Scrambled In Response To Rare Joint Russian-Chinese Patrol Over Pacific As Biden Visits Tokyo: “Russia’s defense ministry (MoD) on Tuesday announced and confirmed a rare joint patrol of Russian and Chinese military planes over the Pacific region. It came as President Joe Biden is in Tokyo meeting with counterparts from Japan, Australia and India, or the ‘Quad’ members. Japan’s government has condemned the provocative patrol which reportedly did not breach its airspace as “unacceptable”. “The joint patrol lasted 13 hours over the Japanese and East China seas and involved Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers and Chinese Xian H-6 jets,” the MoD said as cited in Reuters. It further confirmed that for parts of the lengthy flight, Japanese and South Korean air force jets shadowed the Russian-Chinese patrol, which included nuclear-capable bombers.”

    Moonshine: Take this as clear sabre-rattling the likes of which is replete throughout history and as compounded by Chinese and Russian violations of South Korea’s air defense zone.

On from war to famine and disease, we examine more new developments. As we do, let us remember that COVID-19 [Event 201], monkeypox [NTI (1) (2)] and the global food crisis [Food Chain Reaction] are all engineered events that included precursory exercises before they were unfolded on us.

New developments on famine and disease:

  1. Analyst Warns World Has Just ‘Ten Weeks’ Of Wheat Supplies Left In Storage: A food insecurity expert said the world has only about 10 weeks of wheat supplies left in storage amid the conflict in Ukraine and as India has moved to bar exports of wheat in recent weeks. Sara Menker, the CEO of agriculture analytics firm Gro Intelligence, told the United Nations Security Council that the Russia–Ukraine war “simply added fuel to a fire that was long burning,” saying that it is not the primary cause of the wheat shortage. Ukraine and Russia both produce close to about a third of the world’s wheat. “I want to start by explicitly saying that the Russia–Ukraine war did not start the food security crisis. It simply added fuel to a fire that was long burning. A crisis we detected tremors from long before the COVID 19 pandemic exposed the fragility of our supply chains,” Menker said, according to a transcript. “I share this because we believe it’s important for you all to understand that even if the war were to end tomorrow, our food security problem isn’t going away anytime soon without concerted action.” In providing data, Menker said that due to price increases in major crops this year, it’s made another 400 million worldwide “food insecure,” adding that with wheat, the world “currently only [has] 10 weeks of global consumption sitting in inventory around the world. “Conditions today are worse than those experienced in 2007 and 2008,” she continued to say. “It is important to note that the lowest grain inventory levels the world has ever seen are now occurring while access to fertilizers is highly constrained, and drought in wheat growing regions around the world is the most extreme it’s been in over 20 years. Similar inventory concerns also apply to corn and other grains. Government estimates are not adding up.””

    Moonshine: Simply stated and as evidenced by Biden policy; especially as it relates to the shipment of fertilizer during the prime growing season, this is further evidence of the Food Chain Reaction exercise playing out according to plan and it’s providing us a timeline to prepare accordingly.
  2. CDC Now Recommends COVID Testing For All Domestic Air Travel, Including The Vaccinated: “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending that all domestic travelers undergo COVID-19 testing before and after they travel – regardless of vaccination status.

    Moonshine: The dead horse I’ve kicked most often – the unrivaled thoroughbred stallion in the stable – is that “COVID-19 is never going away [also meaning medical tyranny.] Add to that the other stallion: These people will not stop until they are made to stop. Take the above as direct evidence of both.
  3. Monkeypox Outbreak Primarily Spreading Via Sexual Contact: WHO Officials: The recent outbreak of the monkeypox virus in North America and Europe is primarily spreading through sex, according to World Health Organization (WHO) officials on Monday, while confirming about 200 cases so far. The virus itself is not a sexually transmitted infection, but WHO officials said the recent surge in cases is linked to homosexual men. However, they said that anyone can contract monkeypox, which is generally confined to Central and West Africa. “We’ve seen a few cases in Europe over the last five years, just in travelers, but this is the first time we’re seeing cases across many countries at the same time in people who have not traveled to the endemic regions in Africa,” Dr. Rosamund Lewis, who runs WHO’s smallpox research, said in a streaming event on social media.”

    Moonshine: Don’t be fooled by this. This is pretext and context to accomplish ulterior objectives: 1-According to the tenets of eugenics, establish an undesired class to blame, 2-Pacify the masses just as they did with COVID when Fauci repeatedly told the American people not to worry about transmission of the virus, and 3-Create the impetus to scare the masses into more unneeded vaccinations. One of the two things plausibly stands to happen: 1-Vaccination occurs at an acceptable rate thus perpetuating the fear-based construct and further galvanizing its effectiveness for future events or 2-If vaccinations do not occur at an acceptable rate, then monkeypox will be forced into mass transmission and cases until vaccination reaches those acceptable rates.
  4. WHO Says Monkeypox ‘Can Be Contained’ As US Distributes Vaccines: “The World Health Organization says the current monkeypox outbreak is unusual but can still be stopped, according to Bloomberg. “It’s not something we’ve seen over the last few years,” said Sylvie Briand, director of the WHO’s epidemic and pandemic preparedness and prevention department Tuesday. According to Briand, the disease is ‘still containable’ – and that countries can stop transmission by raising awareness and teaching people to recognize the symptoms. “The illness itself begins like many acute viral diseases — with high fever, muscle pain and swollen lymph nodes. Those symptoms can be followed by a skin rash often starting in the face before spreading elsewhere and sometimes growing into fluid-containing pustules that form a scab. The illness usually lasts two to four weeks.” -Bloomberg.”

    Moonshine: Take this as direct evidence of what I outlined in the above point. The WHO is providing the pretext/context that mass vaccination for monkeypox is the remedy to contain a “rare” disease outbreak. If mass vaccinations don’t hit the mark, monkeypox will explode – write that down.

Take a step back from the particulars above but remain latched on to larger points. Then consider the full picture for what has transpired in the U.S. and across the globe from 9/11 through COVID and to the present. It can be overlaid with events from the World War II era. Once done, the picture painted is one that evidences the rise of the Fourth Reich.

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum was a sponsor for Event 201 [COVID-19] along with Johns Hopkins and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Schwab is the creator and point man for the WEF and so severe scrutiny of him is fully warranted but impeded by the lack of available information.

I’ve placed a deck of cards on the table to evidence Nazi symbolism throughout all of the Moonshine work on these matters. It threads back to Operation Paperclip following WWII and goes forward to George H.W. Bush to the present. I revisited it relative to Schwab in a recent article.

I’m convinced that the WEF is the face of the Fourth Reich. Contributing to that is Schwab’s biography which is two things: difficult to locate and more difficult to verify. To keep things brief in this otherwise long article, I’m leaving several items that will put you on the track to seeing the evidence correlating Schwab, the WEF, Nazis and the Fourth Reich. All of this requires further investigation and vetting before it can be held as factual:

Schwab’s hometown—Ravensburg, Germany—was the first German city to practice eugenics (killing “useless eaters”)

Ravensburg was a transport hub for stolen Nazi gold to the Swiss Bank for International Settlements run by Pilgrims Society spies Allan W. Dulles (later C.I.A. director, 1953-61), Edwin W. Pauley (Allied reparations) and William J. Donovan, director of the OSS (MI6-controlled precursor to the C.I.A.—Dulles’ boss)


Schwab’s family company, Escher Wyss, exploited slave labor and Allied POWs, manufactured key nuclear bomb-making technologies for Adolf Hitler and South Africa, sold Swiss flame throwers to the Nazis, and was named a National Socialist Model Company by Adolf Hitler

Schwab’s Escher Wyss company was protected not only by Hitler, but by Switzerland, Britain and America—making Schwab a criminal foreign meddler in every sense.


Klaus’ father, Eugen Wilhelm Schwab, was the managing director of Escher-Wyss & Co. in 1938 when Klaus was born in Ravensburg, Germany, and continued with the company as President Emeritus until his death in 1982.


Klaus has hidden Escher-Wyss’ Nazi sins his entire career. They are only now emerging. A few other researchers seem to have unearthed this evidence just recently as well. Much of it has been suppressed behind Top Secret archives in Switzerland, Germany, Britain and the United States—only recently released after 90+ years of diabolical suppression.

First, at the time of Klaus’ birth in 1938, Escher-Wyss had already been helping the German government build compressors, turbines and other critical elements for an emerging nuclear industry (since 1929). So, it stands to reason that as Hitler came to power, he coddled Escher-Wyss and the Schwab’s.


C.I.A. archive documents show that Escher-Wyss and Sulzer were being directed by the U.S. Department of Energy and the State Department. This would logically mean that Klaus Schwab was a triple-agent, working simultaneously for: (1) the CIA-MI6-UN British-Americans Pilgrims Society, (2) Nazis 4th Reich, and (3) Switzerland.


Third, Escher-Wyss was one of the largest employers in Ravensburg, Germany.

Fourth, Escher-Wyss was the first city in Nazi German to practice eugenics principles to murder “useless eaters” emerging from the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (something like the National Institute of Health in the US, or Tavistock Institute in the UK).

Fifth, contrary to the propaganda stories about Ravensburg’s lack of war-making industries (as the reason why the Allies did not bomb the city and its Escher-Wyss industry), we discovered many Ravensburg unconfessed sins surrounding the Schwab’s and Escher-Wyss.


Yet, having been born in Ravensburg, Germany in 1938, many have speculated in recent months that Schwab’s family may have had some tie to Axis war efforts, ties that, if exposed, could threaten the reputation of the World Economic Forum and bring unwanted scrutiny to its professed missions and motives.

In this Unlimited Hangout investigation, the past that Klaus Schwab has worked to hide is explored in detail, revealing the involvement of the Schwab family, not only in the Nazi quest for an atomic bomb, but apartheid South Africa’s illegal nuclear programme.


Especially revealing is the history of Klaus’ father, Eugen Schwab, who led the Nazi-supported German branch of a Swiss engineering firm into the war as a prominent military contractor.

That company, Escher-Wyss, would use slave labor to produce machinery critical to the Nazi war effort as well as the Nazi’s effort to produce heavy water for its nuclear program.


In the pre-war years of the 1930s leading up to the German annexation of Poland, Ravensburg’s Escher-Wyss factory, now managed directly by Klaus Schwab’s father, Eugen Schwab, continued to be the biggest employer in Ravensburg.

Not only was the factory a major employer in the town, but Hitler’s own Nazi party awarded the Escher-Wyss Ravensburg branch the title of “National Socialist Model Company” while Schwab was at the helm. The Nazis were potentially wooing the Swiss company for cooperation in the coming war, and their advances were eventually reciprocated.


Eugen Schwab continued to manage the “National Socialist Model Company” for Escher-Wyss, and the Swiss company would aid the Nazi Wermacht produce significant weapons of war as well as more basic armaments.


Western military intelligence were already aware of Escher-Wyss’ complicity and collaboration with the Nazis. There are records available from western military intelligence at the time, specifically Record Group 226 (RG 226) from the data compiled by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which shows the Allied forces were aware of some of the Escher-Wyss’ business dealings with the Nazis.


According to the city archivist in Ravensburg, Andrea Schmuder, the Escher-Wyss machine factory in Ravensburg employed between 198 and 203 civil workers and POWs during the war. Karl Schweizer, a local Lindau historian, states that Escher-Wyss maintained a small special camp for forced labourers on the factory premises.

The use of masses of forced labourers in Ravensburg made it necessary to setup one of the largest recorded Nazi forced labour camps in the workshop of a former carpenter’s at Ziegelstrasse 16. At one time, the camp in question accommodated 125 French prisoners of war who were later redistributed to other camps in 1942.


Born on 30 March 1938 in Ravensburg, Germany, Klaus Schwab was the eldest child in a normal nuclear family. Between 1945 and 1947, Klaus attended primary school in Au, Germany.

Klaus Schwab recalls in a 2006 interview with the Irish Times that:”After the war, I chaired the Franco-German regional youth association. My heroes were Adenauer, De Gasperi and De Gaulle.”


In the previously mentioned Irish Times article of 2006, Klaus talks about that period as being very important to the formation of his present idealogical thinking, stating:

“Years later, when I came back from the US after my studies at Harvard, there were two events that had a decisive triggering event on me. The first was a book by Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber, The American Challenge – which said Europe would lose out against the US because of Europe’s inferior management methods. The other event was – and this is relevant to Ireland – the Europe of the six became the Europe of the nine.”

These two events would help shape Klaus Schwab into a man who wanted to change the way people went about their business.


Additional items on Schwab’s veiled biography: ONE TWO THREE

War, famine and disease have been planed and practiced and we’re all being forced to live through it as we are transitioned into a world being made by people who were never elected to represent us. If left unfettered and unmitigated it will have us all living on the global plantation.

There’s abundant evidence that still requires more work to vet and verify but all indications are such that we currently face the Fourth Reich. All indications are such that a dark and mysterious villain with deep Nazi roots and fit for a James Bond novel; and whose biography is difficult to obtain and verify, is leveraging his World Economic Forum and the elites in its membership as the shell for the for this Fourth Reich. In the end, the global plantation I so often reference may more closely resemble a modern day and technocratic concentration camp.


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  35. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: U.S. Foreign Aid to Ukraine, Transparency, Exceptions and Redactions – Part I, Lessons from Walmart
  36. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: U.S. Foreign Aid to Ukraine, Transparency, Exceptions and Redactions – Part II, Evidence and Questions
  37. RUSSIA, UKRAINE and CHINA: Biden Is Doing Exactly What the Evidence Suggests He Is, Incrementally Moving Us Toward Thermonuclear War
  38. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Cloward-Piven Extended To Injectable Bioweapons and the Food Crisis
  39. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Food Supply Crisis and Economic Collapse Imminent as Beating War Drums Get Louder, See and Understand the Larger Picture
  40. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Pelosi Marches U.S. Closer to Armageddon as COVID-19 Is Extended for the Foreseeable Future
  41. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Hepatitis, HIV, COVID-19 and Cancer Weaponized to Target Our Most Vulnerable Population – Children
  42. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Cerebus, Hell on Earth and The Designed Confluence of War, Famine and Disease
  43. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: U.S. Proxy War with Russia Confirmed, DIA Assessment and Statement; Gates 2020 Investment In Biomilq
  44. Predicated By Enterprise Fraud, The “New World Order” and Its Marxist Communist Brand of Global Governance Is Set To Arrive 22-28 May 2022
  45. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: Tensions Tighten In the Predicted Multiple-Front War Scenario while “Monkeypox” Threat Is Sown Into the Narrative
  46. RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and MEDICAL TYRANNY: War, Famine and Disease Are Right On Schedule as Evidenced by Monkeypox, the Food Crisis, Metabiota, Biden Laptop Emails and PDFs from Marco Polo, and Contemporary Headlines
  47. MEDICAL TYRANNY and GLOBAL GOVERNANCE: War, Famine, Disease and the Fourth Reich

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    Good article and seen this evidence on other sites also about Schwab. The one thing few will admit, is the FACT, that the Schwab Family are AshkeNAZI Jews who hail from The anciant Kingdom of Khazaria,now known as The Ukraine! Indeed Zelensky is an AshkeNAZI Jew, as are most of Trumps team and Bidens also….the FED is owned by AshkeNAZI Jews the Rothchilds based in the City of London UK.. The Octogon Group from Switzerland is a secret Society in Switzerland with a public face called The WEF headed up by Schwab! The AshkeNAZI Jew ARE the NAZIS!!!!!!!!! all hiding in plain sight…..that is why they are called AhkeNAZI!! Go read the Khaballa for more info to their agenda.

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