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The Latvian Linchpin: How Latvia Interfaces with Ukraine, FTX, NATO, 5 Eyes, Obama, Biden and Burisma

-02 Dec 22-

There is a tapestry of interwoven strands that are inherently complex in their assembly and it accounts for the fabric of geopolitical landscape and all of the treachery, corruption, crime and abject treason evidenced to be within it. This tapestry threads to a long list of the usual national suspects like the U.S., Ukraine, China, the nations of the European Union and more. Analogous to this tapestry is the mechanization of geopolitics and the geopolitical forces and entities within that machinery. Therein is an obscure linchpin of a nation that lives below the veneer of it all attracting little to no attention from eyes that lack discernment but whereas it intermittently pierces that veneer in critical ways. It’s the small Eastern European nation of Latvia that is our linchpin.

Latvia commands our attention today for this headline and resting on an entire series of articles 85-deep that I’ve exclusively written evidencing the emerging multiple-front war scenario with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan and the South China Sea: Latvia Calls For NATO To Allow Ukrainian Strikes Inside Russian Territory.

Like Joe Biden is China’s proxy, Latvia is NATO’s proxy and NATO is the red-hot fire poker that the Western Empire [Globalists] use to provoke and attack Russia, it’s longstanding “boogeyman” of blame, in its continued efforts to encircle, interfere and destruct that nation.

View Latvia’s call for strikes inside Russia as proxy service for NATO and whereby Ukraine is fundamental to NATO’s angling in on Russia as I’ve long evidenced Ukraine’s own proxy service to NATO. Ergo, any consequences of a NATO strike inside Russia through any proxy, Ukraine or otherwise, would be catastrophic and likely tilt toward a thermonuclear outcome as those Russian warnings have been on the table for a while.

The Latvian linchpin deserves our closest scrutiny regardless of its relative obscurity as you can now see. Going forward we stitch it together through time.

Let’s begin with the Latvian linchpin’s relevance to the present and trace it backwards so as to insert it squarely in the Obama/Biden machinery that is responsible for handing this nation over to the Globalists and their oppositional enforcer, China, and its brand of Marxist communism.

A central node to the Globalists is the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab, both of which I’ve covered extensively and have threaded through the heart of COVID-19 vis-a-vis Event 201 and more.

Most recently, Schwab publicly decried China as the model for COVID-19 mitigations and as I’ve evidenced redundantly over time, China is the beta test; the model; the exemplar; the glimpse of what life on the technocratic global plantation will be like in future Amerika.

As China deals with rampant protest that has seen the CCP roll-in tanks onto its streets as a show of force and with Klaus simultaneously espousing China’s status as the exemplar for all nations in all things COVID, Americans should be asking themselves why it is that Schwab was recently spotted at the Waldorff Astoria Hotel in Washington, D.C. In short order, I would suppose that he was there to yank on Biden’s leash directly or indirectly to bring the U.S. into alignment with the broader WEF blueprint for absolute tyranny under the guise of public health.

With absolute certainty and drawing back on about five years of work chasing illegitimate president Joe Biden all over the globe evidencing his crime and corruption in money laundering operations leveraging the energy sector as the interface and conduit to move money, FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried have emerged as a central node to the massive global money laundering operations in Ukraine.

The backdrop to this can be found in recent work: 1-a series of six articles on the FTX/Ukraine scandal and 2-last night’s article examining Biden’s intent to send another $1 TRILLION in our sweat and work equity to a foreign nation that represents one of Biden’s two epicenters of corruption, Ukraine; the other being China.

This is the last FTX article and it contains links to the previous five: The Keystone of Corruption: FTX, Ukraine, Money Laundering Operations, the FBI and the Crypto Cookie Jar. It’s imperative backdrop relative to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and its refocusing on transnational money laundering operations immediately before the 2016 election; an election that the politburo and those within the broader federal apparatus and the Department of Justice and FBI in particular, knew they would lose to Donald J. Trump.

As I put it in that article,

By opening an investigation, the FBI is positioned to vacuum up critical evidence and then seal it away in the course of facilitating fruitless Department of Justice prosecutions that always result in convictions for process crimes at best, like lying to the FBI, and not guilty verdicts at worst. It’s an old play from an even older playbook. See Durham, Clinesmith, Sussmann, Danchenko, et al.


Specifically, ask yourself if the following [referring to the FBI’s renewed focus on transnational money laundering operations] represents:

1-An earnest attempt by the FBI to crack down on money laundering operations


2-The commencement of a cover-up and clean-up operation based upon the evidenced projection that “they” were losing control and oversight of the FBI and DOJ relative to Trump’s 2016 win and whereby exposure for the worst crimes in American history was imminent

Political Moonshine

If it’s not obvious, the answer to that rhetorical question is #2.

This is last night’s article detailing the Globalists’ intent to launder another $1 TRILLION of U.S. taxpayer money through its primary money laundering mechanism, Ukraine; under the guise of Ukraine’s “reconstruction” that is required after Ukraine’s destruction writ large that resulted from a war of the Globalists’ own design and creation: The Keystone of Corruption: The Unmitigated Flow of U.S. Dollars to Ukraine. This graphic illustration explains how these constructs are fabricated; including wars, in the “problem creation:problem solution” design:

The ties to Latvia respective to FTX are found in this extract sourced from my FTX article detailing Ukrainian billionaire and oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi: “PrivatBank: “Established in 1992, AS PrivatBank is a credit institution registered in the Republic of Latvia. Paid-in share capital of AS PrivatBank amounts to 86 349 556 EUR (the decision No. 6-12/38217/1 of the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia dated 11.03.2016 on registration of the changes in the AS PrivatBank share capital). FCMC license No. for credit institution’s activities issued 31.07.1992.” [SOURCE] PrivatBank was one of the first banks to introduce digital banking [online] and was the first in the nation to align with Google Pay and Apple Pay [CIA and China.]”

This is Kolomyskyi noting that his last name has several spellings/translations in the media:

Now find Kolomyskyi top left in this graphic illustration and begin tracking his entanglements noting that he’s responsible for Volodymyr Zelensky’s ascension to the Ukrainian presidency as a U.S. proxy; he funded the Azov Battalion as a Nazi/neo-Nazi component to both the Euromaiden Revolution, which began the process of installing a line of Ukrainian presidents eventually leading to Zelensky and threading through Poroshenko, who was a primary component to both the first impeachment of President Trump and Biden’s withholding of foreign Aid to Ukraine relative to Hunter Biden and Burisma, and the battalion’s involvement in the current Russia/Ukraine matter.

PrivatBank was nationalized by the National Bank of Ukraine and with its first offering of digital banking to Ukraine, became an interface for cryptocurrency and from there, the threads run through FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried and the massive money laundering operations I’ve covered in all of this work.

Last night’s article and the Kolomyskyi/FTX article [The Keystone of Corruption: Ukraine, the FTX Scandal, PrivatBank, the National Bank of Ukraine and Ihor Kolomoyskyi [on Substack]] are required reading for full comprehension.

With PrivatBank nationalized and under the control of the Ukrainian government ergo under Zelensky’s control as a U.S. proxy, we have our primary interface for the massive global money laundering operations that in-part leverage cryptocurrency, which threads through the heart of FTX and SBF.

Where was PrivatBank registered? Latvia; and it directly threads to Kolomyskyi.

The Euromaiden Revolution in Ukraine draws back on a timeline to 2014 and envelops the cartel of Barack Obama [POTUS], Joe Biden [VPOTUS], Hillary Clinton [SecState], John Kerry [SecState] and Victoria Nuland [NATO, AstSecState] in the sense that this cartel initiated Euromaiden laying the foundation for the present including making Ukraine the hub of global money laundering operations.

We fall back on old Moonshine for further evidence of this and NATO is the lens for comprehension circa 01 Dec 19:

For anyone unclear on the foundational aspect of this, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is a WWII era security alliance between the US and a number of North Atlantic nations; all in an effort to isolate and protect against the USSR then and Russia now and in the aftermath of WWII. From a pragmatic standpoint and as it relates to the military industrial complex (MIC), which is a primary component to the Deep State, NATO has essentially functioned as a lever to be strategically pulled for any number of reasons, legitimate or otherwise. NATO is a de facto mechanism that allows Western countries to isolate and leverage Russia to their liking.

Political Moonshine on 01 Dec 19

The basis for examination of this old Moonshine is the coup d’etat that targeted and continues to target President Trump and whereby he was removed from power via COVID-19 and the stolen 2020 election it delivered. Therein, “we’re establishing evidence that the current coup d’etat is a function of this NATO, FIVE EYES, entangled, enmeshed power base…the FIVE EYES security accord, the member nations and the affiliated nations that all deserve our attention and our scrutiny.”

So, we focus on NATO as overlaid by Five Eyes.

So then, let’s look at which countries have an overlap between NATO and the FIVE EYES security accord. To begin and as a function of the original Atlantic Charter, FIVE EYES preceded NATO as an alliance devised to share intelligence among member nations: United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. What some may not realize is that FIVE EYES also expands to other third party nations including Denmark, France, the Netherland’s and, Norway. That group is referred to as the ‘NINE EYES’ and, additionally, there is a second group referred to as the ’14 EYES.’ The latter group includes the aforementioned 9 EYES group plus Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Sweden.


Here is a list of the 29 NATO member nations with FIVE EYES nations being underscored: Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States. Only Australia, New Zealand and Sweden have no overlap but it’s also not needed. They’re tied to FIVE EYES and FIVE EYES is tied to NATO – the nexus is factually there. The construct between these two pacts – NATO and FIVE EYES – can essentially be compartmentalized much like the US compartmentalizes its military and intelligence. Conceivably, they can be seen as fitting together with NATO as the brawn (military) and  FIVE EYES as the brains (intelligence.)


Factually, we can establish FIVE EYES as having played a direct, contributing and significant role in the effort to remove President Trump. Factually, all but 3 of these FIVE EYES nations are NATO members and all of them are under the direct influence of the US, who foots the bill in NATO.


So, it matters not where we turn. Everywhere we look, Ukraine is central to it all. I’ve described Ukraine as a tentacled behemoth that touches a lot of important people and matters. Consider this incomplete list in no certain order:

1.     Ukraine stands between Russia and the Crimean peninsula. The Crimean peninsula happens to contain Sevastopol, which happens to house Russia’s entire Black Sea fleet.

2.     Ukraine is the ‘Keystone in the Arch’ as it relates to regional security, which is the directive of NATO and FIVE EYES.

3.     Ukraine is featured as the ‘Keystone to the System – Old and New Oligarchs of Ukraine.”

4.      President Trump has accused Ukraine of being responsible for hacking Clinton’s emails.

5.      The President enemies targeted Paul Manafort who ties directly back to the Ukraine.

6.     The whistle-blower in the impeachment effort, Eric Ciaramella, is directly tied to Ukraine in multiple capacities.

7.     The Ciaramella’s implications now extend to the Obama White House and place it in Ukraine attempting to leverage the nation to desired positions.

8.     The genesis of presidential candidate Joe Biden’s corruption begins in Ukraine.

9.     Deep State player Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was born in Ukraine and then immigrated to the US before changing his name.

10.  In the aftermath of the Jeffrey Epstein matter, a newly emerged hacker claims to possess the Epstein surveillance footage on servers in Ukraine.

11.  House Intelligence chairman Adam Schiff ties back to the Ukraine.

12.  A Clinton campaign aid and DNC operative was accused of colluding with the Ukrainians to benefit Clinton over Trump.

13.  There are no fewer than three Senate investigations focusing on Obama, Biden and Ukraine.

14.  The Deep State arrested two Ukrainian citizens after they met with the President’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

15.  The complete attempted fabrication of a fraudulent quid pro quo deal involving Ukraine and President Trump standing counter to an actual quid pro quo deal involving Joe Biden and Ukraine.

16.  Christopher Steele peddled a number of dossiers: one eventually predicated a FISA warrant while his first one pertained to Ukraine.

17.  George Soros and his Open Society Foundations are deeply enmeshed in Ukraine at this time.

18.  There is one country that has donated the most to the Clinton Foundation – the Ukraine.

19. There is one country that stands directly between the West and Russia and which has been a specific target of NATO ergo FIVE EYES – the Ukraine.

Political Moonshine on 01 Dec 19

From more old Moonshine and noting the contiguous abutment to the Euromaiden and the 2016 election,

Meet Evelyn Farkas – former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia. Farkas also served as an advisor to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. It’s now clear that Farkas was additionally front and center in all things Ukraine, Burisma, Biden and Pelosi circa 2012-2015, which was her tenure as DASD.


Let’s work through the lens of her responsibilities as DASD, which are contiguous to the front end of the 2016 election (2012-2015.)

How convenient would it be for an Obama appointed DASD for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, who happened to play a role in the report on the Iraqi ‘weapons of mass destruction’; who happened to serve as a professional member on the Senate Armed Services Committee; whose skills include, “foreign and defense policy in Asia Pacific, Western Hemisphere, Special Operations Command (policy and budget oversight), foreign military assistance, peace and stability operations, the military effort to combat terrorism, counternarcotics programs, homeland defense, and export control policy” (source); and who also happened to pen for the Washington Post and she happened to be a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, to be positioned in Ukraine as a pro-HRC and anti-DJT asset? Is it possible that her skill set, acumen and placement were utilized to set the table for all things Ukraine; and just before she resigned and got out altogether?

Here’s another interesting aspect of her specific duties as DASD Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia. Farkas was responsible for overseeing the participation of the US in something called the OSCE. From its site, the OSCE is,

“a comprehensive approach to security that encompasses politico-military, economic and environmental, and human aspects. It therefore addresses a wide range of security-related concerns, including arms control, confidence- and security-building measures, human rights, national minorities, democratization, policing strategies, counter-terrorism and economic and environmental activities. All 57 participating States enjoy equal status, and decisions are taken by consensus on a politically, but not legally binding basis.” (Source)

Political Moonshine on 02 Jan 20

*Evelyn Farkas in her Biden/Burisma regalia

Farkas resigned her position as DASD on 29 Sep 15 (Source) on the back end of 2015.

On 18 Jan 17, “Golos,” The Movement to Protect the Voters’ Rights, which is the Russian member of an organization called the European Platform for Democratic Elections, was awarded the international “2017 Democracy Defender Award.” “Golos” was recognized for its “outstanding contribution to the promotion of democracy and human rights.” Interestingly, this award was established in early 2016 on the initiative of Ambassadors from 8 OSCE countries and supported by the delegations of the 18 countries of the OSCE.

From the linked source, consider this quote (emphasis mine),

“This year, the initiative was supported by the delegation of ambassadors of 22 countries: Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Canada, Denmark, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, USA, Ukraine, France, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia.” (Source)

Here’s the linkage in plain form: Obama> DOD> DASD> Farkas> OSCE> EDPE> Golos> Russia + Farkas> Ukraine> Burisma> Bidens> Pelosis> global energy sector> natural gas sector> corruption. It’s reasonable to believe that Farkas may have functioned to ‘set the table’ in Ukraine, which could have included bridging to Russia for tasks related to the ongoing coup d’etat against President Trump.

Political Moonshine on 02 Jan 20

Farkas and Latvia are intertwined as evidenced. Now consider this Farkas quote relative to the Obama:Trump presidential transition:

“…Frankly speaking the people on The Hill..get as much information as you can. Get as much intelligence as you can before President Obama leaves the administration because I had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior people who left so it would be hidden away in the bureaucracy…

Evelyn Farkas

What information? Like massive amounts of evidence of a hub for global money laundering operations in Ukraine?

Something Moonshine did extensively that few others have done is track China’s primary national and hegemonic doctrine of One Belt, One Road [Belt Road Initiative or BRI] through the entire spectrum of corruption, crime and treason. Where BRI goes so goes China and eventually the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism, which is the ultimate objective: establishing global governance.

Here we link NATO and Latvia to BRI with more old Moonshine:

The 17+1 program fits within the overarching BRI as a mechanism to expand BRI to Central and Eastern European countries (CEE.) From The Diplomat,

“The spotlight of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is usually on the Asian (be they Central Asian, South Asian, or Southeast Asian) or African participants. Yet the post-communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe form an important part of the BRI. In fact, the CEE region was among the best represented regions at the 2017 Belt and Road Forum: of the 28 heads of state or government, four were from the region (representing the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Serbia), while Romania sent a delegation led by the country’s deputy prime minister. This reflects the very intense development of the China-CEE cooperation under the auspices of the BRI.

“This cooperation is better known as the “16+1,” referring to the 16 CEE states with which China (the “+1”) is developing ties: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia. The 16+1 mechanism involves quite a heterogeneous group of countries. Of the 16 participating CEE states, 11 are EU member states (five of which are also members of the single currency eurozone), four are EU candidate countries, and one is a potential candidate state. To many observers, therefore, the multiple high-level summits, business meetings, and statements by representatives of the CEE countries and China seem to be framing a new regional context in the European continent.”

Here, it’s important to factor in Russia’s own political and economic (and military) objectives which overlap and possibly conflict with China’s European ambitions relative to the fact that President Trump had normalized relations with Russia and tightened positions on China and whereby the Obama/Biden/Deep State immediately pivoted away from China and back to Russia as the current and necessary deflection point boogeyman.

Surprisingly or not and for reasons perhaps not completely understood, the CFR article indicates either as propaganda or as truth that the Russians view China’s expansion into CEE favorably in light of opportunities for its own economic expansion.

Let’s also not forget that China is leveraging these programs in part to infiltrate NATO, as outlined by the Lithuanians, and that the current drive from the Obama/Biden/Deep State is rekindling trouble (a coup under Obama/Clinton/Kerry) in Ukraine and pushing it to join NATO relative to NATO’s continued encircling of and pressure campaign on Russia (previously covered in Volume 8 of The Still.)

From the CFR article, now consider this description from UE officials and apply my positions toward China relative to COVID-19/WWIII. Then ask yourself it it sounds like things here at home.

“In the past three years, EU officials have lambasted China for allegedly undermining the European integration process by turning the CEE countries into “Trojan horses” and sowing division in the continent.”

Council on Foreign Relations

Political Moonshine on 04 May 21

From the same, consider this:

For timeline considerations here relative to COVID-19, recall that in 2014, Obama shifted his relevant foreign policy as noted by the CFR article (emphasis mine),

“The United States has shared other countries’ concerns about China’s intentions. Developing the economies of South and Central Asia is a long-standing U.S. goal that intensified after the start of the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan and President Barack Obama’s pivot to Asia. The Obama administration frequently referenced the need for the Afghan economy to move past foreign assistance, and in 2014 then-Deputy Secretary of State William Burns committed the United States to returning Central and South Asia “to its historic role as a vital hub of global commerce, ideas, and culture.””

Council on Foreign Relations

Do you know what else happened at this precise time from 2014 to 2015? Obama’s federal apparatus suddenly grew a conscience over gain of function research and off-shored it to China and then funded it through Anthony Fauci and the NIH; and all of that occurred at the national lab (CCP/PLA) in Wuhan.

Political Moonshine on 04 May 21

Latvia continued to emerge in significance as extracted from more old Moonshine:

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is in the middle of a “fundamental transformation” and planning a massive military buildup along Russian borders. The Telegraph reported, “Nato is drawing up plans to deploy a permanent full-scale military force on its border in an effort to combat future Russian aggression following the invasion of Ukraine, the alliance’s secretary general has revealed.”

Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said NATO will undergo a major “reset” and plans to put enough troops in states that border Russia to repel an invasion. The alliance currently has 40,000 troops in eastern member states.

NATO considers its forces in Eastern Europe a deterrent against Russia but insufficient to actually stop incoming forces. The “tripwire” policy believes Moscow would be unwilling to kill American soldiers and provoke a larger war. Stoltenberg did not say how many troops would be needed in states like Latvia and Estonia to fight off a Russian invasion.

Political Moonshine quoting Zero Hedge in a reprint from Kyle Anzalone at on 11 Apr 22

Lastly from more old Moonshine, consider how the U.S. proxy in Ukraine, Zelensky, again strategically and prominently features Latvia citing the potential loss of American lives:

Zelensky Says If Ukraine Falls, American Lives Will Be At Risk: “On the same day he addressed Davos’ World Economic Forum wherein he urged Western countries to impose “maximum economic sanctions” against Russia, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told Axios’ Jonathan Swan in an interview for HBO that if Ukraine loses the war, American lives will be put at risk. Zelensky was speaking in reference to NATO’s collective defense treaty, suggesting that ‘Russian imperialism’ means there will be a domino effect of US-NATO allies to fall if Ukraine fails to achieve victory. “Members of the alliance should know and believe that if any country tries any aggression against them, then NATO, collectively, will provide for their defense,” Zelensky told Swan. “If we fall, if we don’t hold the line, Russia will proceed, attacking the Baltic states — Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and smaller states to follow, resulting in NATO’s Article 5 being invoked, which would see American troops sent to the region to face Russia directly.”

Political Moonshine quoting Zero Hedge on 25 May 22

We could continue on like this seemingly forever. The full scope and complexity of this entangled, enmeshed, layered and interconnected web of corruption, crime and abject treason knows no bounds nor limits.

The spiders in this web – the nations and individual players within them – leverage proxies to do their bidding and in so doing, they have placed Ukraine in the heart of the web. This web; this tapestry of limitless strings and attachments, positions proxy Ukraine as a fully controlled hub of global money laundering operations.

In so doing and in the mechanized nature of it all, the Latvian linchpin plays a crucial proxy role and so when Latvia pierces the veneer of it all, we are compelled to pay close attention.

This is never more true than when Latvia calls for NATO missile strikes in Russia.


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