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The Problematic and Highly Suspicious Timing of the Sam Bankman-Fried Arrest Gives Rise to Troubling Questions and Answers

-14 Dec 22-

The timing of FTX ex-CEO Sam Bankman-Fried’s arrest is problematic, highly suspicious and gives rise to several troubling questions that I outlined in a social media post on Telegram. If you’ve been swilling the Moonshine, you know that we hang our hat on timing, timelines, timeline overlays, etc. because sequence and timing are highly revealing when examining intent and motive relative to criminal acts. This is undoubtedly the case in SBF’s arrest but in this instance, the criminality extends well beyond SBF and applies to a large swath of the U.S. politburo for the evidenced reasons I’ve arduously delineated in a full slate of articles dedicated to or covering the massive FTX/Ukraine money laundering operation.

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Let’s get the answers out of the way first because they are informed by what follows.

The answers are found in this longstanding tactic that we often discuss here. Investigations and in this case, an arrest and criminal prosecution, are opened for one of two reasons: 1-to expose and prosecute crimes to the full extent of the law or 2-to conceal and cover-up rampant and egregious crimes.

If it isn’t obvious, the FTX/SBF arrest is another case of the latter in what represents a recurring pattern from this criminal federal apparatus. Further examples of this tactic, which entails getting in front of unavoidable circumstances so as to steer them to the best possible landing by only rendering guilty verdicts for process crimes and whereas the severe criminality goes unpunished with impunity, include Kevin Clinesmith, Michael Sussmann and Igor Danchenko courtesy of John Durham.

We find further answers in the jurisdiction of the FTX case with SDNY, which has a rich history of throwing cover to state actors. It’s no different here with SBF.

With answers on the table and SDNY dealing the cards, let’s discuss the underlying premise for the demise of this country where it appears that yet again, a criminal who stole billions from a million stands to skate for lesser crimes.

Understand that it all begins with this simple and general premise: the entire federal apparatus and its bedrock of documents, principles, agencies, departments, institutions and laws have been hijacked and bent back against Americans by a Globalist criminal cartel that has infiltrated the political class through stolen elections and subsequently appointed its proxies in critical positions all throughout it and writ large. Just look at Congress for the best example and follow George Soros and his money to them and to prosecutors across the country.

Therein, prosecutorial discretion bears down as it will with FTX/SBF. Ergo, prosecutorial discretion becomes the nuanced mechanism for cover-up and concealment.

This Globalist cartel has engaged in some of the worst crimes in history as it endeavors to relegate us all to a one world government and life on the technocratic global plantation as enforced by the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism. In so doing, they are also robbing us blind in broad daylight.

There’s a distinct difference between what is happening to us and what is being done to us. Failing to discern that distinction amounts to a fatal error and the momentum is such that those who have failed are dragging the rest of us along to enslavement. Divide and conquer. It’s the oldest warfare principal there is and the propagandized perception management – better known as psychological operations – has had us all divided over a false narrative for a very long time and it has us ripe for the final blow in conquering us all.

Here are the cursory questions I posed relative to SBF’s arrest:

  1. TIMING: The timing of SBF’s arrest and pending extradition is suspicious being immediately before scheduled [remote] House testimony. Is the arrest timing designed to intercede on and prevent SBF from testifying?
  2. CONFLICT: Will the House delay or forego hearings or at least SBF’s testimony altogether for now because its an ongoing criminal matter overlaid by new SEC investigations?
  3. MANAGEMENT: Is SBF’s arrest the lane to engage in controlled demolition and reconciliation of unavoidable circumstances to best manage them?
  4. CRIMINALITY: Is this how a complicit politburo derails any rollover on them as Caroline Ellison appears to have rolled over on SBF to conceal its own criminality?
  5. MONARCHY: Is the SBF arrest in the Bahamas something different than what we’re being told since the Bahamas is a British Royal Monarchy under King Charles III?

After asking those prescient questions, I concluded by saying, “Patience, scrutiny and discernment are needed here in order to get to the truth.” Let’s get to the truth.

We answer questions 1-3 easily and simply.

The answers are found in the Constitutional doctrine of Separation of Powers. In simple terms, the U.S. Congress has always enjoyed investigative authority derived from its oversight authority but therein, that power is derived from the power of Congress to legislate. Therefore, limits are placed on the authority for Congress to investigate and especially so if the subject of the investigation becomes a criminal matter as opposed to a civil one.

In the case of FTX/SBF, as soon as SDNY indicted SBF and Bahamian authorities arrested him pending his extradition back to the U.S., the door is essentially slammed shut on Congress and its ability to investigate. The detail is easy to understand: Congress may not usurp the authority of another branch of government respective to the doctrine of Separation of Powers and in this case it’s the Department of Justice and its Constitutional authority, purview and jurisdiction over criminal matters.

Consider that,

While Congress can investigate conduct that may be criminal, Congress itself lacks the authority to bring criminal charges or otherwise initiate a criminal prosecution.  If a congressional investigation uncovers evidence of criminal activity, however, Congress may refer the matter to the Department of Justice for investigation and, potentially, prosecution.  Sometimes, the DOJ investigation predates the congressional investigation.  No matter which branch of government moves first to investigate, however, the end result is that a congressional investigation often will run parallel to a criminal investigation.  As a result, evidence developed in a congressional investigation might be used by the DOJ in its criminal investigation or in a prosecution.

MoloLamken LLP

I don’t foresee a scenario where Biden’s DOJ permits SBF to testify in the House for an ongoing criminal matter with SBF positioned as the subject of the criminal indictment. Moreover, SBF could invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in any such hearings claiming that on the advice of his counsel, he’s been instructed not to respond to any meaningful questions posed in the hearings.

Ergo, even if there is a parallel investigation run by Maxine Waters [D-CA], who isn’t fit to be your local dog catcher, it will be nothing more than additional kabuki theater for those incapable of independent and critical thinking.

Astonishingly so, the corrupt and criminal Biden DOJ presumably instructed SDNY to indict SBF to initiate the cover-up and concealment operation a la Durham.

This is why the timing of SBF’s arrest is imperative to our understanding here. SBF was indicted by Bahamian authorities on the eve of his scheduled remote testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives with the corrupt Waters on the point.

After Ellison, who was previously spotted in NYC ergo in close proximity to SDNY, presumably rolled-over on SBF, SBF was positioned to rollover on the beneficiaries of the massive and evidenced FTX/Ukraine money laundering operation – Congress. The SDNY indictment has now shut him up and for the time being a criminal Congress is safe as SDNY will steer this to the best possible landing.

The above post explains the timing of SBF’s arrest fully and succinctly at the same time it provides the answer to question 4.

To understand the scope of Biden’s DOJ concealment and cover-up operation of SBF and FTX, examine the scope of the charges in the indictment:

  1. Count One: Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud on Customers
  2. Count Two: Wire Fraud on Customers
  3. Count Three: Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud on Lenders
  4. Count Four: Wire Fraud on Lenders
  5. Count Five: Conspiracy to Commit Commodities Fraud
  6. Count Six: Conspiracy to Commit Securities Fraud
  7. Count Seven: Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering
  8. Count Eight: Conspiracy to Defraud the United States and Violate the Campaign Finance Laws

Moreover, the “Forfeiture Allegations” portion of the indictment states that, “any and all property, real and personal, that constitutes or is derived from proceeds traceable to the commission of said offenses, including but not limited to a sum of money in United States currency representing the amount of proceeds traceable to the commission of said offenses.”

As for question 5, understand that much of the corruption, crime and treason that has removed a sitting U.S. President in Donald J. Trump and which continues to target him as a cover-up and concealment operation driving the principles of institutional preservation and self-preservation, stems from the U.K. For example, consider Christopher Steele as a confidential human asset for the FBI and his production of the infamous and fictitious Steele Dossier as the basis for fraudulent “Russian collusion” allegations and the subsequent and fraudulent Mueller Special Counsel investigation of Trump.

With that in mind, understand that the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is a monarchy form of government derived from British colonization; and here is the current monarch:

Through a discerning lens, the evidence fully indicates that the SBF arrest is a mechanism within the broader cover-up and concealment operation to bury the truth about FTX and so as to protect a wide swath of criminals who were the beneficiaries of the massive FTX/Ukraine money laundering operation that funneled U.S. taxpayer money back to them for their campaigns in the stolen 2022 midterm elections and otherwise. Or, in other words, they used our tax money to steal elections to enslave us. Tell me I’m wrong. Then prove it. I’m not sure that can be done.

What it means is that it is highly likely; if not all but certain, that nothing fruitful is to come out of SBF’s arrest and whereas it only provides us the illusion of the administration of justice and adherence to the rule of law. Application of the discerning lens gives the SBF arrest the appearance of business as usual under the guise of perceived change in Congress. I say don’t buy it. It’s fodder for fools.

To examine how the cover-up operation will deescalate SBF’s criminality into “incompetence” and likely conviction for lesser charges; thus providing a preview of SBF’s defense at trial, pay particular attention to point six in the following new developments.

Here are further developments on the massive FTX/Ukraine money laundering scandal:

  1. The Bahamas seizes digital assets from bankrupt FTX unit for ‘safekeeping’: “Authorities in the Bahamas have taken control of cryptocurrency assets held by a unit of bankrupt exchange FTX. The Securities Commission of The Bahamas announced Thursday night it has directed the transfer of all digital assets of FTX Digital Markets, The Bahamas-based FTX unit that filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy protection on Tuesday. The regulator said those assets are being transferred to a digital wallet controlled by the Bahamas regulator for “safekeeping.”
  2. “Risk Of Flight Too Great” – Bankman-Fried Denied Bail, Remanded To Custody: “Following his arrest last night, with its expectations of an imminent deportation, Sam Bankman-Fried told a Bahamian judge at an arraignment Tuesday that he wouldn’t waive his right to an extradition hearing. A defense lawyer said Bankman-Fried planned to fight being sent to the US. Manhattan US Attorney Damian Williams called the case “one of the biggest financial frauds in American history” and said the investigation of the alleged scheme is “very much ongoing.” Which may explain why presiding judge JoyAnn Ferguson-Pratt denied SBF’s bail application, highlighting his “risk of flight” and ordered the crypto executive to be held in custody at the Bahamas Department of Corrections until Feb. 8. The case has been adjourned to the said date. 
  3. RECALLING PREVIOUS WORK ESTABLISHING CAROLINE ELLISON’S father, Glenn Ellison, as an associate of SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, who previously served as Hillary Cinton’s campaign CFO, consider: SEC Chairman Gensler Scrubbed Evidence Of Clinton, Soros And Pelosi Meetings: FOIA Lawsuit: “Sunlight is the best disinfectant – unless you’re Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler – who scrubbed evidence of a meeting with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from his calendar, along with key details of a meeting with Billionaire leftist-operative George Soros. Gensler, a former Goldman Sachs executive, Obama administration official, Clinton’s 2016 campaign CFO, and FTX associate, essentially had two calendars. His public calendar showed that on Aug. 7, 2021, he only had a staff meeting, while his private calendar lists a meeting with Hillary Clinton, Fox News reports.”
  4. Watch Live: New FTX CEO Throw SBF Under The Bus In Congressional Hearing: “While Maxine Waters is ‘disappointed’ that her favorite crypto donor will not be attending this morning’s hearing on the FTX collapse (since he’s in jail), we do get to hear straight from one horse’s mouth on just what a shitshow the crypto exchange was. With Sam Bankman-Fried languishing in Bahamian clink, the new FTX CEO John Ray III is free to explain to the House Committee on Financial Services about the total lack of governance when Sam Bankman-Fried ran the company. Finally, and most notably, Ray outlines some of the unacceptable management practices at the FTX Group identified so far include: 1-The use of computer infrastructure that gave individuals in senior management access to systems that stored customer assets, without security controls to prevent them from redirecting those assets; 2-The storing of certain private keys to access hundreds of millions of dollars in crypto assets without effective security controls or encryption; 3-The ability of Alameda, the crypto hedge fund within the FTX Group, to borrow funds held at to be utilized for its own trading or investments without any effective limits; 4-The commingling of assets.”
  5. THE DEVELOPMENT OF POTENTIAL CLAWBACKS FOR FTX POLITICAL DONATIONS RESPECTIVE TO ITS FILING FOR BANKRUPTCY STANDS TO BRING SOME LIGHT TO THE POLITICAL CORRUPTION: FTX Bankruptcy Puts $73 Million In Political Donations At Risk Of Clawbacks: “At least $73 million in political donations tied to Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX , showered mostly on high-ranking Democratic politicians, may be at risk of being clawed back through the crypto empire’s bankruptcy, as lawyers search for assets to repay creditors. Hilariously, Bloomberg attempts top frame the contributions as bipartisan and “wide-ranging,” despite Bankman-Fried, who’s never met President Biden, being heralded as “one of the people most responsible” for Biden’s 2020 win.”
  6. THE NEW FTX CEO GIVES A LIKELY PREVIEW OF SBF’S FORTHCOMING DEFENSE THAT WILL BE ROOTED IN INCOMPETENCE; NOT CRIMINALITY; AND IT BUILDS ON PREVIOUSLY REPORTED SIMILAR STATEMENTS [PRETEXT] FROM SBF HIMSELF. This is how the criminal prosecution will deescalate SBF’s criminality into incompetence in a cover-up that will only lead to convictions for lesser crimes: New FTX CEO Admits “Commingling Of Assets”, Blasts SBF As “Grossly Inexperienced & Unsophisticated” In Prepared Remarks: “The new CEO of FTX, John J. Ray III, has released his prepared remarks ahead of tomorrow’s Congressional hearing. He largely reiterated his previous comments about a total lack of governance when Sam Bankman-Fried ran the company. Additionally, he blamed the failure of the crypto exchange on the lack of experience among prior management: “FTX Group’s collapse appears to stem from the absolute concentration of control in the hands of a very small group of grossly inexperienced and unsophisticated individuals who failed to implement virtually any of the systems or controls that are necessary for a company that is entrusted with other people’s money or assets.””

The FTX fix is on, folks, and it began with the problematic and highly suspicious arrest of SBF.



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