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The Keystone of Corruption: The Unmitigated Flow of U.S. Dollars to Ukraine

-01 Dec 22-

Americans are being punished. They’re being punished at the voting booth that has nothing to do with voting other than providing the illusion of voting and democracy as cover in a rigged system that is delivering our transition to the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism. They’re being punished in the checkout lane at the grocery store and for the record, I paid over $6.00 for a gallon of milk the other day. They’re being punished at the gas pump with exorbitant fuel and energy prices occurring at unprecedented levels. They’re being punished genetically with experimental mRNA “vaccines” that are killing and maiming with impunity. They’re being punished intellectually with pervasive perception management operations [better known as psychological operations] espousing propagandized misinformation, disinformation and malinformation to convince them that up is down, left is right, boys are girls, girls are boys, white people are the devil, elections are fair and honest, Joe Biden is a legitimate president and worse.

Americans are being punished across the board and not only are they accepting it, but a large segment of the population has actually been hoodwinked into supporting and participating in it. They are the functional idiots incapable of independent and critical thinking that are responsible for dragging the rest of us along into their own demise. Harsh but true and this is not time for handling anyone with kid gloves. In fact, the gloves are off. Forever.

Manufactured crises in war, famine and disease are the tools of these Globalist, communist tyrants undoing the greatest nation on the planet as America is converted to Amerika while We the People are relegated to life on the technocratic global plantation. These are old dead horses kicked regularly at Moonshine but they are requisite for introductory purposes.

Amerika is being transitioned by Cloward-Piven strategy and the financial malfeasance plaguing her rises directly out of it with the Federal Reserve as the central node. When the Federal Reserve isn’t fully to blame, our scrutiny applies to Congress, the power of the purse and funding allocations. Enter Ukraine – one of The Biden Crime Family’s two epicenters of corruption, crime and treason [the other being China.]

As Americans are being punished and bled dry by manufactured inflation and worse, the epicenter of Ukraine remains the nation’s primary beneficiary while the illegitimate Biden administration ignores its only priority – us. Consider:



Why are Americans being punished and suffering financially and otherwise as their tax base continues its unmitigated flow outside of the United States to benefit one of the two epicenters of corruption at the hands of this illegitimate “president”?

In further aggravation, consider this headline constituting the further dumping of fuel onto the dumpster fire: Biden Admin Pledges $53 Million To Help Restore Ukraine’s Damaged Power Grid.

I just cited our own [manufactured] energy crisis and yet another $53 million of OUR TAX DOLLARS derived from OUR WORK AND SWEAT EQUITY is going to a foreign nation embroiled in a manufactured war of our own making and drawing back to the Euromaiden Revoultion in Ukraine that extends forward to the FTX money laundering operations there. For more on FTX, see this sixth article that links to the other five [on Substack.]

Who or what is consistent throughout that entire timeline?

Joe Biden, that’s who. The same illegitimate president off-shoring all of our money and simultaneously punishing Americans.

Why and beyond the obvious answer of Biden’s continued corruption, crime, treason and money laundering operations, is this permitted to occur? Where are the American people?

The answer to that question is exactly and harshly what I’ve stated ad nauseam for a long time: a large segment of the population presents as functional idiots incapable of independent and critical thinking.

Need another example to prove this point?

These are the same idiots who rushed out to vote in the next stolen election – the 2022 midterms – without ever remedying the last stolen election – 2020 – and with the expectation of a different outcome. I’m no more an asshole for calling them functional idiots than they are the functional idiots I claim them to be. Prove me wrong.

Here’s another way to look at it. Slaves don’t see themselves as slaves when they are on the inside looking out, distracted and preoccupied by all of the glitter, gadgets, trinkets and egocentric components of that matrix. All they see is those things. It’s not until a fundamental personal reconciliation occurs to position the slaves to look from the outside-in that they realize that in fact, they are living as slaves.

The most important question we can all ask at this time is this – What will that take?

Guess whose money is being laundered in these operations that funded the theft of the 2022 midterms as a galvanizing step towards the permanency of life on the technocratic global plantation? Rhetorical question – it’s ours.

Where does that money go once it escapes our borders? The answer is that we don’t know and that’s by design so as to facilitate the laundering of that money for its return to the pockets of those who sent it: Congress. Old Moonshine evidences this: 1-Part I: RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: U.S. Foreign Aid to Ukraine, Transparency, Exceptions and Redactions – Part I, Lessons from Walmart and RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA and COVID-19: U.S. Foreign Aid to Ukraine, Transparency, Exceptions and Redactions – Part II, Evidence and Questions.

Why do you think Rand Paul is screaming from the top of his lungs? Consider this headline: Rand Paul Calls Out Complete Lack Of Oversight On Ukraine Aid. Rand Paul knows what is going on and what is going on is MASSIVE money laundering operations in Biden’s Ukrainian epicenter. See that graphic above and read the six articles I’ve written on it; this sixth one contains links to the other five [on Substack.]

Take a look at the top left corner of that graphic above. There we see NATO. NATO is central to all of this as it represents the Western Empire’s mechanism for its continued angling in on Russia; it’s red hot fire poker, so to speak.

The Western Empire is the enforcement arm for the Globalists and China is its equal and opposing similar mechanism understanding that the best way to win anything is to own and control both sides. By enveloping Ukraine into NATO, Russia is further isolated in degradation as an extension of the forced collapse of the former USSR and the Cold War. In other words, Russia has always been our “boogeyman” for hegemonic aspirations and Western imperialism meaning no matter what, blame Russia.

It’s why the bilateral cooperation now found between Russia and China is so highly concerning and whereas they have traditionally existed in opposition to one another. In short, it’s manifesting as the drawing of sides in a firmly evidenced and projected World War III that stands to go thermonuclear; or at least according to the recent nuclear rhetoric.

That all makes this development all the more concerning: Stoltenberg Reaffirms Ukraine Will One Day Enter NATO. That day will be sooner than later and that spells trouble on a global scale.

Digressing, consider this headline respective to the unmitigated flow of U.S. funding to the epicenter of Ukraine: D.C. Think Tank Urges America To “Invest” In Zelensky’s $1 Trillion Reconstruction Plan.

It compels us to look closer at the D.C. think tank but first, let’s qualify what we’re examining in billions: In addition to the $52.32 billion of U.S. funds already sent to Ukraine, the illegitimate Biden Administration now seeks to invest another TRILLION.

What about us? What about Americans? Americans are being punished and Ukraine stands to receive those exponential sums of our tax base so it can be laundered back into the pockets of the politburo that votes to send the funds there?

Anyone who isn’t a functional idiot is throwing on the brakes like Fred Flintstone.

Let’s begin here: the $1 trillion “reconstruction” plan unpacks like this:

  1. Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland cartel executes regime change in Ukraine branded the Euromaiden Revolution
  2. It results in a string of Ukrainian Presidents ousted for not supporting Ukraine’s membership in NATO
  3. It exploits Ukraine including in the energy sector as a money laundering operation of inconceivable and global proportions
  4. It results in Petro Poroshenko as President who was later removed in favor of Volodymyr Zelensky
  5. The Trump/Poroshenko call was the basis of Trump’s first impeachment
  6. Zelensky is the current U.S. point man and proxy in Ukraine
  7. Zelensky is the guardrail to protect the established global money laundering operation with energy as a central node
  8. The Biden’s primary vectors of crime and money laundering occurs within the energy sector: see CEFC China Energy Company and Burisma [Ukraine]
  9. All of the U.S. funds sent and currently being sent to Ukraine are unaccounted for after receipt and factor into money laundering operations
  10. These money laundering operations will then envelop the proposed $1 trillion for Ukraine’s “reconstruction” plan and launder those funds as were the previous funds and in alignment whereas third parties contracted in Ukraine’s “reconstruction” will be lackeys, cronies, buddies, etc.

So let’s take a closer look at the “think tank” knowing that before we even begin, it will be a Globalist outfit focused on all of the Globalist’s favorite causes like the biggest Ponzi scheme there is – “climate change.”

The think tank is CSIS: Center for Strategic and International Studies.

CSIS describes itself as:

“The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is a bipartisan, nonprofit policy research organization dedicated to advancing practical ideas to address the world’s greatest challenges. [...]

CSIS’s purpose is to define the future of national security. We are guided by a distinct set of values—non-partisanship, independent thought, innovative thinking, cross-disciplinary scholarship, integrity and professionalism, and talent development. CSIS’s values work in concert toward the goal of making real-world impact.

CSIS scholars bring their policy expertise, judgment, and robust networks to their research, analysis, and recommendations. We organize conferences, publish, lecture, and make media appearances that aim to increase the knowledge, awareness, and salience of policy issues with relevant stakeholders and the interested public.

CSIS has impact when our research helps to inform the decisionmaking of key policymakers and the thinking of key influencers. We work toward a vision of a safer and more prosperous world.


The website is worthy of copious exploration and I spent substantial time examining it last night. We’ll make short order of our work here by going straight to the financials. In particular, we’ll examine the CSIS 55-page form 990 for 2020 [Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax.]

The form was completed by Yong Zhang, CPA, ASA of the Coker Group. Noting how COVID-19 remains a central node to all things corrupt, criminal and treasonous, the Coker Group specializes in managing accounts relative to healthcare.

Noting China’s direct thread throughout the totality of COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud, Yong Zhang attended Fudan University in Shanghi, China earning a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

Why is it that every string upon which I pull threads directly to China? Rhetorical question.

Notably, the form 990 contains Yong’s address in McLean, Virginia, which also happens to be the location for the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency; and whereby I have long positioned a rogue intelligence community as the root of America’s downfall. George H.W. Bush bears down with full might.

We note typical Globalist nomenclature and causes: bipartisan, nonprofit, a better world, threats and opportunities shaping U.S. security interests at home and abroad, political-military issues, defense strategy and policy, counterterrorism and homeland security, U.S. nuclear policy, WMD proliferation, defense budget analysis, missile defense, U.S. foreign and security policy, energy security, climate change, environmental injustice, geopolitics, policy, markets, technology, private and public sectors and others.

Recall that a primary and fundamental Moonshine position is that U.S. corruption, crime and treason occurs at the interface of the private and public sectors. CSIS rests in between those two vectors and is positioned to inform U.S. lawmakers accordingly and respective to their formulation of U.S. policy therein.

CSIS uses it’s tax exempt status as a 503 (c) entity for potential portal for clients to invest in it to cover operational costs that would ultimately produce advisement to steered and desired ends:

CSIS global regions of activity align with the Globalist agenda:

Here, we note the direct interface with the Executive Branch, ergo, the Biden Administration and therefore the direct overlay with Ukraine as a part of CSIS operations in Ukraine.

Here we note officers, directors, directors, trustees, key employees and highest compensated employees that include Henry A. Kissinger as “Trustee & Counselor.” This is the epitome of Globalist operations.

Another notable inclusion on this list is James L. Jones, Sr., who factors into another Moonshine item relative to the military and the stolen 2020 election. Jones joined former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger, and former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, who factors into ONE, TWO, THREE Moonshine items respective to COVID-19 and like Kissinger, is the epitome of Globlaism, on the 42-member CSIS Board.

Another notable inclusion is former Obama cabinet member Ronald Kirk.

One final notable inclusion is Kewsong Lee, who was co-CEO of the Carlyle Group, which Moonshine has prominently featured in the corruption of all things in four articles. In addition to his affiliation with Harvard University, Lee was chairman of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce China Center Advisory Board and vice chair of the US-China Business Council.

Make no mistake about it. Ukraine is the hub of global money laundering operations and I’ve chased Joe Biden all over the globe to evidence it. It’s of no surprise to find that the examination of CSIS threads through these same Globalists, who are the central cohort responsible for America’s undoing and ongoing transition to the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism at the same time they rob us all blind while simultaneously relegating us to life as impoverished slaves on the technocratic global plantation.

It’s of no surprise that CSIS would conduct “bipartisan, nonprofit policy research” in support of another $1 trillion of U.S. tax dollars and work and sweat equity going to Ukraine for “reconstruction.”

It’s all bullshit. It’s all enterprise fraud. They created a war to angle in on their “boogeyman” and to justify sending U.S. funds to Ukraine – the already established hub of global money laundering operations – so they could launder the money and receive it back while enslaving and punishing Americans to prevent them from doing anything about it. So, it’s no surprise that CSIS supports sending another $1 TRILLION to Ukraine because there is no difference between CSIS and the Globalists; rather CSIS is the Globalists.

It’s simple. Ukraine is the “Keystone of Corruption” and as with all keystones, if it is removed, the entire arch comes crumbling down.

All that remains is removing that keystone. What say you, America? Speak now or become Amerika and trust me when I tell you that you won’t like it. See China as a glimpse of that future.



  1. txvet33 December 2, 2022

    first I haven’t read this missive yet. I had to comment on the title first….
    Our money isn’t going to ukraine. it is going to our enemies. It is treason, period, full stop. it is time to stop it. mccarthy/mcconnell are NOT going to stop it. they are aiding/abetting our enemy. every city, county, state and federal gov’t entity is corrupt to include the bureaucracy. the military is AWOL.
    That leave US.
    That is why they want our “assault rifles”.
    IMO, it is time to spill blood.
    For the Republic and our progeny.
    MAGA will not be corrupted or coopted….


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