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NATO Fire Stoking Unifying China and Russia Militarily in Projected Doomsday Scenario

-03 Dec 22-

Immediately dispatching any notion of hyperbolic rhetoric, exaggeration or gaslighting about the following being a doomsday scenario, consider what I began reporting on in March of 2021 when I cited the Department of Defense’s own war game exercises involving the scenario of a hot war against China over Taiwan and the South China Sea. It represents one of two fronts in a long projected multiple-front war scenario about which I’ve penned nearly 90 articles. No matter the variables and factors plugged-in to the exercise by the DoD and specifically the U.S. Air Force, in every single gamed scenario the U.S. lost against China. Every. Single. One. The DoD’s remedy to this disastrous outcome was to simply quit the exercise. That’s right. Quit. How pathetic and uniquely un-American?

In March 2021, I put it like this:

Later in a July 2021 article, I said this:

To put to rest any dismissive thoughts or stances attributing these notions to being less than reliable or otherwise unfounded conjecture, one should ask why it is that recently, the U.S. went out of its way to establish pretext advising that in all scenarios relative to a hot war with China over Taiwan, the U.S. loses. In every single war game simulated, the U.S. loses. In every single one.

Political Moonshine

In February of 2022, the long-projected second front opened with Russia’s special security operation in Ukraine and whereby something in particular is occurring beyond the substantial volume of other considerations already on paper. It’s prefaced by the contents of this article [on Substack] from several days ago detailing the unmitigated flow of U.S. taxpayer funds to Ukraine; with the Biden Administration queuing-up another $1 trillion payload designated for the “reconstruction” of Ukraine on the back end of a war that the Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland cartel whipped-up as a product of regime change efforts drawing back to 2014 and U.S. DoD biowarfare operations in Ukraine.

Specifically, I’m referring to the continual depletion of the U.S. military’s arms and ammunition being repeatedly sent to Ukraine for this fabricated and constructed “war” at the same time China is building-up its supplies of the same in clear pre-war preparations. As the U.S. empties its warfare tanks, China is filling hers, so to speak.

How does that work out in the face of a potential two-front hot war? How do you win a gunfight with few guns and ammo? How do you win that gunfight agaisnt not one gunslinger, but two? Rhetorical questions, folks.

In early March 2022, I penned this article and it’s an imperative piece to the exclusive analysis here: ALARMING: WHITE HOUSE’S ABRUPT REVERSAL OF POSITIONS – Every American Should Read and Come to Understand the White House’s Disingenuous and Newly Fabricated Position on the Multiple-Front War Precisely Predicted Long Ago.

In that article, I reported the following:

Here’s the headline from Zero Hedge that captured my attention last night: White House Says US Can Focus On Two Theaters As It Did In WWII. You can read the entire piece as linked below.

Here is the relevant quote that represents a stunning and alarming reversal of positions by the White House,

“With all eyes on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, President Biden’s top Asia official on the National Security Council said Monday that the US can still focus on increasing its “engagement” in the Asia Pacific to counter China.”

Political Moonshine quoting President Biden’s top Asia official on the National Security Council

Joe Biden’s White House – not the U.S. military or the DoD, but a White House advisor on national security serving an illegitimate president I’ve thoroughly and arduously evidenced to be a Chinese proxy, is reversing course on the U.S. military’s position on multiple-front war capabilities.

My concerns center on the remarks I made in March 2021 where I stated two things in plain terms: 1-Joe Biden’s China policy is China’s China policy and 2-I have real concerns about Biden the Chinese proxy taking a predetermined dive in any hot war conflict.

In the March 2022 article, I said this,

Simply put – WE ARE BEING SET-UP FOR DEFEAT and to be handed over to communism on a platter. We are in the midst of an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China that stands a very likely chance of going hot. Moreover, the United Nations and the treaty process that would follow will deliver the United States to the global cabal orchestrating it all and to the CCP and China. It’s why Cloward-Piven is in full effect with the objective of rendering the U.S. to Third World banana republic status in the pre-hot war phase designed to soften the target – America and its population.


It all portends to exactly what I’ve outlined and evidenced to the moon – we are being set-up for defeat whereby we’ll be handed over to China and global governance during the treaty process that will be facilitated by the same United Nations that brought the enterprise fraud construct of COVID-19 down upon us subsequent to China’s installation of it’s other proxy in the WHO, Tedros

Political Moonshine

Ask yourself, how things are going since China and Joe Biden conspired to steal the 2020 election and remove a sitting U.S. president [ONE TWO]?

How many decisions and policy determinations has the Biden Administration made that punish Americans rather than benefit Americans? It’s literally all of them; every single decision and policy.

Now ask yourself, is it likely that Biden will deviate from this clearly evidenced trajectory of serving China as China’s proxy and benefactor? The answer is no and that’s precisely why the U.S. will lose any hot war that it can’t win on one front; much less two.

Biden will take the predetermined dive because that’s what Biden was installed to do. It’s the evidenced course to global governance and life on the technocratic global plantation. Just ask Klaus Schwab.

If I’m wrong, why then did a White House advisor reverse course on the entire Department of Defense in the most important ways and why did the duplicitous and conspiring MSM ignore it altogether? I’m not wrong.

Another imperative historical fact set to understand is that China and Russia have been oppositional to one another and again bucking the system, I used evidence based analysis and logical deduction to project that as the multiple-front war scenario came to manifest, we would see emerging bilateral cooperation between the two longtime opposing forces and to the extent that it would extend to military operations.

This projection constitutes another bullseye for Moonshine and it’s why we’re here today.

Here’s the backdrop to preface the critical new developments.

In March 2022, I reported on this development found at Zero Hedge [emphasis added]:

“Russian leader Vladimir Putin met with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, at the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The two issued a joint statement describing bilateral relations as “superior to political and military alliances of the Cold War era,” and cooperation as having “no limits.””

Zero Hedge

The implications are obvious causing me to state:

It’s a simple as asking that if Belt, Road is taking a hit by means of a manufactured and engineered crisis in Ukraine, on which side of the line would China stand to redress the problems plaguing its primary domestic and hegemonic doctrine, Russia or the Western Empire? Answer: that’s a rhetorical question and it delivers the exact multiple-front war scenario predicted and evidenced long ago.

Political Moonshine

In September 2022, I again warned,

Since August, U.S. diplomatic travels to Taiwan have continued in aggravation of the matter at the same time Russia and China have grown increasingly closer in alignment and in their bilateral relations.

In February 2022, Russia and China signed a bilateral agreement “without any limitations.” Central to that agreement is the two nation’s joint opposition to NATO. NATO has been our long evidenced red hot fire poker that the West leverages to poke at Russia. NATO functions as a military threat working to contain Russia geographically.

The Russian/Chinese agreement also centers on “the New World Order”, the “Grand Eurasian Partnership”, and U.S./Western sponsored “color revolutions” in the region. Recall that such a color revolution in Ukraine is at the heart of all of this thanks to the Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland cartel.

For Russia and China, the plausibility of one drawing the other into direct conflict with the U.S. is high. On its face, the Russian/Chinese agreement lays-out the broader Western/Deep State/Globalist agenda while frames it as “without any limitations”. Reading between these lines is highly revealing.


Here’s what appears to be certain: […] Russian/Chinese bilateral diplomatic relations draw the two closer in alignment meaning that hostile engagement with one stands to draw-in the other.

Political Moonshine

The warnings about an historically opposed Russia and China engaging bilaterally to become allies militarily can be found in more Moonshine but the point has been made.

Now overlay this new development from 02 Dec 22 that aligns precisely with the long evidenced projection: Lavrov Announces Russia, China Are Stepping Up Military Cooperation.

From the article:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Thursday that the US and NATO’s move to focus on countering China in the Asia Pacific has led to an increase in military cooperation between Moscow and Beijing.

“We know how seriously the People’s Republic of China regards these provocations [by NATO in the South China Sea], let alone Taiwan and the Taiwan Strait. We understand that this playing with fire by NATO in that part of the world carries threats and risks for the Russian Federation,” Lavrov said at a press conference, according to TASS.

Lavrov said that the US and NATO are trying to create an “explosive situation” in the Asia Pacific and pointed to the AUKUS military pact between the US, Britain, and Australia. Under AUKUS, Australia is expected to receive technology to develop nuclear-powered submarines, and the US will expand its military presence in Australia.

China has previously warned that the Biden administration’s efforts to build alliances in the Asia Pacific could lead to a Ukraine-style “tragedy” in the region. “The United States has tried to create regional tension and provoke confrontation by pushing forward the Indo-Pacific strategy,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said back in April.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Tuesday China is ready to work with Russia to forge closer partnership in energy

— Zhang Meifang张美芳 (@CGMeifangZhang) November 29, 2022
Zero Hedge / Authored by Dave DeCamp via

Americans would benefit from revisiting its history circa 06 Jun 44 and viewing the two-front war with the boot on the other foot because it portends as a clear doomsday scenario sans a single grain of hyperbolic rhetoric, exaggeration or gaslighting.

New developments further compound the scenario. Consider:

  1. In private dialogue with Dr. Henry Ealy [my boss], Dr. Peter McCullough accurately identified the experimental mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines” as a bioweapon on 26 Feb 22. I was sitting in Dr. Ealy’s hotel room when the text came in. The following day, he published the paper supporting that position. Since then, the evidence has aggregated to fully indicate this and despite continued efforts rising to the levels of enterprise fraud committed by the federal apparatus to further conceal the truth from Americans about the damage and death being caused by them. Consider this headline and public admission from the CDC: Vaccinated People Make Up Majority Of COVID-19 Deaths: CDC Data. The enterprise fraud cited contiues to misdiagnose and medically code vaccine injuries and deaths as attributable to SARS-CoV-2 infection.
  2. With a still unclear picture of the change of leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives and the promise of investigations into COVID-19 as a potential positive development, Senator Rand Paul continues his efforts to hold war criminal Anthony Fauci fully accountable for crimes against humanity: Rand Paul: Fauci Caused 7 Million People To Die; “We’ve Caught Him Red-Handed, He Won’t Get Away.”
  3. In another potential positive development consider this: For First Time, Biden “Prepared To Speak With Mr Putin” About Ending Ukraine War. That said, we still maintain the position that things will continue to deteriorate until they improve and we’re buyers once we see rubber meeting pavement and not until then. Relative to that position, consider this, which applies to our aforementioned “empty tank” scenario: Putin Tells Scholz More Ukraine Energy Strikes ‘Inevitable’ Due To West Pumping In Weapons.
  4. Make no mistake about it, Putin has his foot on an accelerator that is pegged to the floor and I recommend taking the time to consume the brief video pounding this message home as found in this headline and article: Watch: Russia Conducts Monster Of Missile Test In Kazakhstan.
  5. In further evidence of a mountain of existing work, the U.S. proxy war in Ukraine is crossing a critical line. That critical line is the direct – rather than proxy – engagement of the U.S. in Ukraine realizing that this isn’t necessarily new beyond the reporting whereas this has been the case for some time now: Russia Now Says US & NATO “Directly Participating” In Ukraine War.

If you care to know how this stands to develop and come to manifest, I have a nearly 90-article catalog providing perhaps the most accurate reporting on this multiple-front war to be found anywhere.

If you care to know how it stands to end, well, that’s on paper, too; and it’s a simple as saying if we can’t win one front, what makes us think we can win two and this is especially true with a proxy in power who is positoined to take an evidenced predetermined dive.

History matters; especially the history of 06 Jun 44.

Those who don’t learn their history are doomed to repeat it and this especially so when the U.S. is under the direct control of a tyrannical Chinese proxy in Joe Biden who has clearly been positioned to take a dive and that’s exactly; precisely, what the logical deduction and evidenced-based analysis indicates without any bit of hyperbolic rhetoric, exaggeration or gaslighting.



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