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Staple Street Capital to UBS to China

This article is a brief but critically important augmentation to foundational research pertaining to the stolen 2020 election and the Dominion/Smartmatic matter underpinning it relative to Attorney General William Barr, the DOJ and whether or not we’ll see anything in the way of an appropriate legal remedies.

Here is a rundown (latest to earliest) of the aforementioned foundational research that should be consumed and understood to fully comprehend the implications of what follows:

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In short, our work left-off at Staple Street Capital, which had acquired Dominion in 2018 and whereby AG William Barr had been positioned at Kirkland & Ellis, the law firm advising Staple Street on the acquisition. It’s also important to note here that HSBC Toronto managed to secure 18 different Dominion patents that represent the technical and functional capacity to effectively penetrate and manipulate US elections by means of Dominion/Smartmatic systems and software. HSBC is Chinese-owned ergo China bought those patents.

Thanks to a tip (post) from Lin Wood, we learn that China bought more than just the patents. They bought the entire company.

The following work is from BillLawrenceOnline and it completes this picture for us so I’m relying on it entirely. Picking back up with Staple Street we take a short journey straight to China. Here’s what we learn.

The ramifications of this could be profound (should be profound.) To understand the full scope of it, I encourage to you work through the articles posted above if you haven’t already.

The 2020 election occurred with Dominion/Smartmatic systems in use and the genesis of Dominion/Smartmatic draws back to the Venezuelan government. Now we factor in that Dominion has been acquired by China (UBS) and whereby the patents to those same systems were previously acquired by China (HSBC Toronto) and whereby China deliberately launched a bio-weapon of mass destruction against the US so as to construct the landscape that was necessary to leverage those acquisitions.

All of that happened while AG Barr was situated at Kirkland & Ellis, the firm guiding the original sale of Dominion to Staple Street and whereby Barr now, as AG, either stated or misstated recently that he’s not “seen” election fraud rising to the level such that it could affect the 2020 vote result. This is the same Barr that recently and quietly appointed John Durham as special counsel to investigate Crossfire Hurricane, but 4 years too late and in a capacity that now stands to compromise President’ Trump’s ability to move forward with declassification.

That’s where we are. That’s the picture to be understood. Who in the hell is William Barr and whom does he represent? Dominion/Smartmatic/China or Trump and the American people.

Building up to all of this, the door had been left ajar for Barr to alter the inexcusable inactive reputation he has built for himself. That door was then shut and subsequently re-opened based upon Lin Wood’s direct call to fire Barr yesterday followed by his retraction that wasn’t really a retraction. So the door is still ajar for Barr but I’m not holding my breath. Spots and leopards – those spots are hard to change and his have looked the same for a long time.

So, the jury is still out and we’re 49 days from inauguration day with a fake president-elect in Joe Biden and an enigmatic AG who can’t or won’t see evidence because he’s blind, compromised or assuming a lie in wait posture that has been years in the making.




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