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Trump Card Barred – Declassification?

Yesterday was a wild day and it saw the President’s attorney, Lin Wood, making a drastic post on Twitter directly calling for President Trump to fire Attorney General William Barr. That may be unprecedented in contemporary US history; and it certainly is when factoring in the circumstances of the stolen 2020 election. The requisite backdrop, including Wood’s original post and his retraction that didn’t really sound like a retraction, should be consumed here before moving forward.

The matter of declassification has been an important one for four years now and it is incumbent upon all of us to recall this development dating back to 13 May 19.

Here are the relevant takeaways from this statement:

  • “At the request and recommendation of the Attorney General” meaning that this was not initiated by Mr. Trump but Mr. Barr ergo his motivation for such deserves intense scrutiny. The genesis of this is important because it speaks to means, motive, access and opportunity through the prosecutorial lens. Why did Mr. Barr request this authority from the President? Was it to preserve the appearance of impartiality on behalf of the President or was it for some ulterior reason like preserving a necessary lever to facilitate institutional preservation?
  • “The Attorney General has also been delegated the full and complete authority to declassify information” meaning that the President no longer possess authority in the matter of declassification relative to the subject matter outlined, which pertains to the efforts to spy on Trump’s 2016 campaign and then moving through the 2017 transition process and onward (it never stopped; in fact it expanded.) The investigation that launched all of this as the entry point was the investigation into Lt. General Michael Flynn (FLYNN FIRST!) and that investigation was branded “Crossfire Hurricane.”
  • “…in accordance with the long-established standards for handling classified information” meaning that the existing rules and regulations apply in this matter, as would be expected, and they must be understood.

Building on all of that, here’s the development that stands to fundamentally alter the landscape in negative fashion and it comes from one of my most reliable sources and the best technical analysis for my nickel, Conservative Tree House/Sundance. The development itself was revealed within the context of the AP interview with Barr (last article) where he referenced his October assignment of John Durham as special counsel. The subject matter? “Crossfire Hurricane.”

Working up to this point, our website has well over 20 articles calling out Mr. Barr for his evident practice of institutional preservation in lieu of appropriate legal remedies to all that has plagued the Trump administration (investigations, indictments, arrests and prosecutions). That’s important to understand when considering the following.

Think back to the dynamics that shaped the DOJ during the lengthy Mueller investigation: Sessions recused himself, Mueller was a 3-legged wobbly stool that was a figurehead in name only, and Andrew Weissmann was both running the Mueller team and serving as the de facto AG essentially running the entire DOJ during the all of the Mueller probe. Why? Because the scope of that investigation touched everything coming into the DOJ that was of importance at the time.

Remember, investigations are opened for one of two purposes: a) to reveal crimes and prosecute crimes -or- b) to conceal crimes and then seal away evidence of those crimes.

Why is all of that important? Because the scope of Durham’s new appointment as special prosecutor now encompasses the materials President Trump intends to declassify.

Now ask yourself two things: 1) Why hasn’t the AG acted AT ALL in the last several years to formulate anything resembling appropriate remedies as described and 2) Why did he request and receive full and complete authority over relevant (the most important) declassification materials?

All of this positions Barr to potentially leverage the SC appointment to deny declassification and then he can wash his hands of it by saying that he’s doing so only to serve the President. Talk about duplicity, if that’s the case. So far, Barr, Huber, Durham, et al have delivered precisely nothing save a paltry Kevin Clinesmith (most Americans have never heard of him.) Do we expect that to change? Is this a ruse? Did Barr just bar the trump card (declassification)?

The dynamics are different with this SC assignment, which occurred quietly in October, since the fact sets and evidence are old and mostly known. The lion’s share of the details have already been aired-out in the MSM writ large so how is this incredibly late SC appointment representative of giving fidelity to the cause? How is it an effective remedy presuming that the findings of such an investigation would be rendered moot if Biden were inaugurated and the results delivered thereafter? Institutional preservation rears its head.

All of this draws back on “long-established standards for handling classified information.” What do those look like? Do they present both a mechanism and a timeline that serve the President or do they preclude him from playing the one and only trump card that he has maintained up his sleeve for so long? It doesn’t look good.

At this point, we fall back on Executive Order 13526 signed by Barack Obama on 29 Dec 09 and from it we learn that, “Delegations of original classification authority shall be reported or made available by name or position to the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office.”

What stands-out immediately are Bradley’s ties to both a prominent Democrat and the Central Intelligence Agency; recalling that the overarching coup d’etat is an intelligence community operation that runs through the Gang of 8, SSCI, HPSCI and the US Senate; and with the dirty work occurring in the House. Treasonous division of labor, I suppose, but think about how the treason was layered and distributed through the nebulous governmental leviathan so as to mire the details in red tape and make them difficult to find. Pro-tip: we found them.

In all of this, it’s also important to remember that the transition from Dan Coats (ODNI) to interim-based Rick Grennell to now John Ratcliffe is absolutely critical because it overcame a known impediment to declassification in Coats. That should be viewed as the first obstacle to Trump declassifying. Overcoming it set the stage for Trump to be able to play the highest card in the deck, or did it? Coats’ resignation was effective 28 Aug 19 leaving a little over a year to declassify between his departure and Grennell’s arrival. That didn’t happen at the moment, we’re 49 days out from inauguration day with a new declassification obstacle presented.

From the EO,

“It is presumed that information that continues to meet the classification requirements under this order requires continued protection. In some exceptional cases, however, the need to protect such information may be outweighed by the public interest in disclosure of the information, and in these cases the information should be declassified. When such questions arise, they shall be referred to the agency head or the senior agency official. That official will determine, as an exercise of discretion, whether the public interest in disclosure outweighs the damage to the national security that might reasonably be expected from disclosure.”


Right now and as it stands, Barr possess that sole authority. Moreover,

If the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office determines that information is classified in violation of this order, the Director may require the information to be declassified by the agency that originated the classification. Any such decision by the Director may be appealed to the President through the National Security Advisor. The information shall remain classified pending a prompt decision on the appeal..


The declassification process then, is rendered down to Barr and Bradley coalescing to determine a discretionary process. Let me remind you, Barr’s discretion thus far has delivered zero indictments, arrests or prosecutions that matter.

Now consider the DOJ’s longstanding practice of not commenting on ongoing investigations; especially when it may compromise sources, methods, evidence, etc. If the DOJ doesn’t comment on ongoing investigations and appropriately so, what makes us think they’ll declassify evidence and present it to the public in the middle of an investigation branded as a special counsel; especially in light of the totality of circumstances?

Recall this from the last article in reference to Barr’s 3-hour meeting with Trump on Tuesday, “Three hours is a long time. Were they discussing how to transition to Jeffrey Rosen, the Deputy Director of the DOJ or were they discussing a possible lie in wait posture that an inexcusably inactive Barr may have taken for the past few years, but how that’s about to come to an abrupt halt?”

I don’t know the answer to that question and judging Barr by his track record only makes that answer more difficult to find. We’ll leave it here for now and with the understanding that it will be further closely examined.

I do know this. On 23 May 19, when he received authority for declassification and according to Fox News, he said this,

““I think spying did occur. The question is whether it was adequately predicated,” Barr testified last month, adding that he believed it is his “obligation” to review whether there was misconduct in the original investigation. “Congress is usually very concerned with intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies staying in their proper lane.””


It seems Barr vacated his own responsibility and delegated it to Durham and he did so about 4 years late.

Did Barr bar the Trump card?



  1. EJS December 2, 2020

    I hate to even contemplate this scenario, but in order to critically analyze the entire picture we must also ask, is Trump a Trojan horse? I wondered this during the election campaign of 2016, no one becomes POTUS without deep state approval. I deep down do not believe it to be the case, but it must be considered. I also don’t believe President Trump is a Forrest Gump president haplessly and luckily moving through the political minefields he has negotiated. That is some of the problem I have had with CTH. I have read and studied every article written there for years. Sundance has tremendous analysis but I have had a difficult time with some of his conclusions of that analysis. His analysis of the special counsel investigation is a best example. I also have a hard time with his cavalier dismissal of the “trust the plan” view of what is happening. President Trump has not made it this far without some sort of plan to deal with the deep state corruption. If President Trump is indeed legit there is no way in hell he doesn’t now that every institution is compromised and have a plan to deal with it. Every person who has gotten to know Donald Trump says he is a tactical genius. Donald Trumps mentor Roy Cohen even said as much
    Q has stated that the military is the only way, Tore recently tweeted Nuremberg. My view is President Trump has bypassed the Traditional govt agencies and used them as fronts or cover for what he is actually doing. I believe Q is a legitimate operation but not for what we were led to believe. I believe Q was a massive psyop, not for us but for them, camouflage for what is really happening. I believe the military will be used to bring the cabal down, not the DOJ or FBI. To the best of my knowledge we are still in a state of war, the war on terror. One thing that has really puzzled me about the entire covid mess is the absolute silence of the military, particularly the Army. I would believe that the Army is really the true experts in bio warfare and bio terror. Not a peep! Nuremberg were military tribunals for war crimes, why would Tore tweet that?
    I got my first red pill during the 1991 gulf war, my military experience gave me first hand knowledge that war was not what we were led to believe. The problem I am having and I’m seeing it more and more in those I follow is our red pills are turning black. If some really big stuff doesn’t start happening and happening quickly I fear this country may already be lost. That is the basis of my opening to this comment.

    • Mark DLT December 2, 2020

      Wow, my brain hurts. So much to dissect. One thing for sure all we really have is our faith. Trump campaigned on ending the swamp, only to be apart of it? The swamp needs to stay secret, to expose them and talk mad trash about them makes no sense. Their plan was moving on quite well before Trump and Hillary would have sealed the deal. So, what did the swamp try to do? Buy Trump! He went to Davos and they were expecting a big hug from Trump, instead they got the American finger. This is when they ramped up the attacks on all fronts. There is a quote in the bible where Messiah Knowing their thoughts, he said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand. And if Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand?” Matt12:25-26.

      As for Barr, and why Trump kept him or even brought in a known bushie? At this point its all coming to a head. We hear so much noise, confusion, disinformation, who really knows. I like the Q angle, especially the idea of them throwing the deep state off balance. Hence why Trump would’t condemn them in the second so called town hall debate? In the end, my faith has gotten stronger this is for sure. It has to be well with my soul no matter what.

    • Scott427 December 3, 2020

      “The problem I am having and I’m seeing it more and more in those I follow is our red pills are turning black. If some really big stuff doesn’t start happening and happening quickly I fear this country may already be lost.”


      We should prepare to ride this roller coaster all the way to the end.

      Wouldn’t this ‘game’ go on forever (as it has for the past 4 years) without a legitimate deadline?

      What if the only legitimate ‘deadline’ is January 20th (inauguration day)?

      What if each side (Team Trump and Team Cabal) are waiting for the other to commit to a decisive action, and neither one wants to go first, to essentially ‘show their hand’ and give the other party the opportunity to counter strike?

      In that scenario, things would essentially go on in perpetuity, just as they have for the last four years.

      But January 20th is a ‘hard’ deadline, something which cannot be delayed or bypassed.

      Which side can wait it out, and which has to either make a decisive move or provoke the other to make a decisive move?

      Trump holds all the cards:

      A) DJT has the truth on his side, so as long as he commits to it and stands on the truth, he can’t lose; he won the election in a landslide, and presumably the NSA (or Military Intelligence) can prove it. Meanwhile, Biden has to explain/prove the impossible, i.e., how he obtained more votes than there are registered voters in multiple battleground counties and states. There is no way to prove that. The fraud is obvious on its face, and it would be dereliction of duty and a violation of Trump’s oath of office to surrender the presidency to someone who did not win the election, much less someone who is an agent of our most dangerous adversary.

      B) DJT has the military power and the lawful Authority (obligation, actually) to use it, to save the Republic from falling into the hands of a man (Joe Biden, and by extension, his handlers) who is clearly a Chinese Communist ‘asset’

      C) DJT can declassify everything and expose EVERYTHING, at the time of his choosing, but he wouldn’t want to play that card until the last possible moment, when the enemy has no “time on the clock” left for a counter move

      Team Cabal knows this too, so they must find a way to provoke Trump into taking decisive action, to expend their ammo early enough so that there is still time on the clock for Cabal to counter.

      Absent some horrific crime (FF) which gives DJT the moral imperative to stop the game and unleash the military to wipe out / decapitate the Cabal, Trump’s best play may be to wait until there are only seconds left on the clock before he ‘scores’, leaving no time on the clock for the enemy.

      This also fits the “allow them to complete the crime” concept.

      In that scenario, we blow right past December 14th, Biden is ‘certified’ and ‘prepares’ to take office by ‘force’ (that would be the narrative), and the pressure ratchets up each day as we race toward January 20th.

      THAT is the kind of thing that would get the attention of everyone, everywhere. It would force a ‘Great Awakening’ as people would actually have to come to terms with what a Biden / CCP presidency really means (i.e., the end of the Republic).

      That scenario would not conclude until around January 18 or 19th, when Trump reveals all, exposes everything and everyone associated with the attempted coup and the election fraud. Maybe a surprise evening broadcast, which is cut off by all MSM a minute or two into the presentation, and is concluded on the Emergency Broadcast System and the WH website.

      The coup participants and election fraud participants (certainly including the entire Biden Crime Family) are then arrested overnight, or better yet, during the speech.

      It would be a nail-biter for us, but the outcome would never be in doubt from Trump’s perspective.

      Because he holds all the cards.

      No matter what Team Cabal does, so long as Trump doesn’t give up, Trump wins.

      And since Cabal won’t quit or give up either, they will play it out to the very last card in the deck, all the way to January 20th if need be. Because why wouldn’t they?

      No doubt I have it wrong in many ways, but if we mentally prepare to go all the way to January 20th before the big reveal, then we won’t fall apart between now and then, every time we’re faced with a new obstacle or perceived set-back. 👍

  2. Scott467 December 2, 2020

    I can’t believe it worked!

    Glad to be able to post here, I appreciate the articles and analysis and regularly forward these articles to others 👍


    “The Attorney General has also been delegated the full and complete authority to declassify information” meaning that the President no longer possess authority in the matter of declassification relative to the subject matter outlined, which pertains to the efforts to spy on Trump’s 2016 campaign and then moving through the 2017 transition process and onward (it never stopped; in fact it expanded.)”


    Why would POTUS no longer possess the authority?

    If he can delegate the authority, if he has the power to lay it down, does he not also have the power to take it up again?

    If you delegate authority to complete a task to your employee, can you not likewise complete the task yourself, if you choose, or if your employee becomes derelict in his performance of the task?

    If a field commander delegates authority to a captain to take a certain hill, and the captain is failing at the task, is the field commander precluded from taking the battle into his own hands and taking that hill?

    Or to look at it from another angle, why would POTUS ever, under any circumstances, put his ‘Trump Card’ in someone else’s hands? As detailed here very well, Barr’s background and relationships hardly inspire trust, and this is Trump’s ‘ace’ card, so why would he ever put himself (and by extension the future and fate of the Republic) in a position where the ability to act was OUT of his hands, and in the hands of a career swamp creature?

    It doesn’t sound like the kind of thing Donald Trump would do in a million lifetimes.

    • mark dlt December 2, 2020

      Agreed, Trump’s legacy a loser, moron who lost the Art of The Deal/Steal?

      • Scott427 December 3, 2020


        (the ‘like’ button doesn’t work for me here)

  3. Scott467 December 2, 2020

    Sundance: “IMHO the appointment isn’t to insulate Durham from Biden;”


    Agreed; DJT knows that Biden will never be president, ergo Durham’s appointment to ‘special counsel’ status could not be to insulate Durham from Biden.

    And unless Barr has gone rogue, he did not appoint Durham to anything without DJT’s approval.

    But it could be meant to appear as an effort to insulate Durham from Biden, i.e., Trump making himself appear weak or fearful that Biden will ultimately succeed and become president, part of Trump’s Sun Tzu tactics (appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak, etc.).


  4. Scott427 December 3, 2020

    “All of this draws back on “long-established standards for handling classified information.” What do those look like? Do they present both a mechanism and a timeline that serve the President or do they preclude him from playing the one and only trump card that he has maintained up his sleeve for so long? It doesn’t look good.”


    I would say that “long established standards” are not laws or they would be called laws instead of “long established standards”.

    And if there was ever an appropriate reason to abandon “long established standards”, it would be to save the Republic! 😁

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