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WAR, FAMINE and DISEASE: Twitter, FTX, Bankman-Fried, Ellison, Ukraine, Food Crisis, COVID-19 and Climate Lockdowns – It’s All Enterprise Fraud

Let’s begin with a follow-up to yesterday’s article on the “Twitter files” because I immediately assumed a position that now others are beginning to take: Something Is Not Right at Musk’s Twitter, Is it Good or Bad? Who is Alexander Macgillivray?. It’s critical for the reason that Twitter is a primary mechanism for a criminal cartel to continue its perception management [better known as psychological operations] to create a false reality in America [and globally] that permits them to continue maintaining a stranglehold on the American mind in addition to ruling as brought about by enterprise fraud resulting in stolen elections and the implementation of abject tyranny.

In that article, the position is:

I’m not so sure Musk is the savior that many make him out to be in the sense that according to the evidence, he presents as the private sector point man to reconcile BIG TECH and BIG MEDIA on the back end of unavoidable problems and circumstances at the platform. The evidence aggregates to make Musk’s and Matthew Tabbi’s revelations and assertions in the Twitter files questionable, which draws motive and intent into question; if not conflict. In other words, it looks like Twitter fat is being served up for people to chew on but the real meat isn’t on the plate; at least not yet. […] I believe that what we’re seeing with Musk’s now well publicized handling of Twitter is a full and controlled demolition and reconstruction of the platform all in the public eye.

Political Moonshine

Recall that I was immediately censored and later altogether booted from Twitter after opening an account in January 2020 to begin espousing the truth about COVID-19. In recent days, I opened a brand new account in hopes of something different under Elon Musk.

As things progressed, it became apparent that any perceived changes in Twitter’s operations and censorship were an illusion causing me to assume the aforementioned position.

Here’s more direct evidence of that:

Every time I log-on to Twitter I see very little engagement while my notifications flash a number and then instantly and automatically rollback to a much lesser number in real time.

Nothing has changed, y’all, and what I’m telling you about Twitter is the truth. It’s more perception management on the front end to handle unavoidable circumstances and facts. Otherwise, why would I be censored across the board from the very beginning…again?

Something isn’t right at Twitter and now that’s not debatable.


Our focus on the war in Ukraine hones in on the money laundering aspects of it and that encompasses all of the work into FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried, or as one of my friends recently put it in a text message, “Sam Bankman-Fraud.”

I recently expanded on all of this again in an interview with Chris Paul discussing the energy fraud portal relative to the Biden’s, Ukraine and Burisma and respective to the war vector and FTX/Ukraine money laundering operations:

The backdrop to the FTX/Ukraine money laundering operations is imperative for comprehensive understanding:

  1. The Keystone of Corruption: Ukraine and the FTX Scandal [on Substack]
  2. The Keystone of Corruption: Ukraine, the FTX Scandal, PrivatBank, the National Bank of Ukraine and Ihor Kolomoyskyi [on Substack]
  3. The Keystone of Corruption: “TRUMPLOSE,” FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried and Ukraine Scandal Envelops Joe Biden, Newly Elected Senate Minority Leader McConnell and Others [on Substack]
  4. The Keystone of Corruption: FTX & Ukraine Scandal Continues to Unravel Without Appropriate MSM Coverage and for Good Reason – Everybody Goes to Prison [on Substack]
  5. The Keystone of Corruption: Ukraine, the FTX Scandal, Kevin McCarthy Guilty as Charged, Most Dangerous Times are Here [on Substack]
  6. The Keystone of Corruption: FTX, Ukraine, Money Laundering Operations, the FBI and the Crypto Cookie Jar [on Substack]
  7. The Keystone of Corruption: One Stole Billions, the Other Killed Millions – Ukraine, FTX, Money Laundering Operations and the Similarities Between Fraudsters Bankman-Fried and Fauci [on Substack]

Other recent and related content further informs our understanding:

  1. The Keystone of Corruption: The Unmitigated Flow of U.S. Dollars to Ukraine [on Substack]
  2. The Latvian Linchpin: How Latvia Interfaces with Ukraine, FTX, NATO, 5 Eyes, Obama, Biden and Burisma [on Substack]

The crux of it all is that Ukraine is the epicenter of money laundering operations and the Bidens corruption, crime and treason, with China being the other.

The basics have the U.S. politburo voting to send U.S. taxpayer money to Ukraine to support the nation’s effort in a war they manufactured there. Those funds are then laundered and returned to the same politburo that sent them in the form of cryptocurrency.

In the middle of it is FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried. They and through FTX’s subsidiary, Alameda Capital [Caroline Ellison], which was the spark for FTX’s liquidity crisis that saw FTX collapse causing 1 million creditors to lose billions, are the mechanism to convert laundered U.S. taxpayer funds and return them to the U.S. politburo. The linked articles above contain all of the details.

Now consider these developments:

  1. FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Hires Ghislaine Maxwell’s Lawyer
  2. House Financial Services Chair Waters doesn’t plan to subpoena Sam Bankman-Fried to testify at hearing on FTX collapse
  3. Ukraine Debt Relief Included in US Defense Bill Approved by US House – 176 Republicans Vote for the Bill
  4. House Passes Record $858 Billion Defense Policy Bill

The Bidens funneled $1.8 billion to Ukraine under the guise of Burisma. The U.S. politburo has already funneled over $60 billion to Ukraine since March 2022 while it proposes to funnel over $100 billion to Ukraine this year. Moreover and as I reported in a recent article, they intend to invest $1 trillion in Ukraine’s “reconstruction” for the war they started and fought, which decimated the nation.

In the Chris Paul interview, we discussed how Caroline Ellison [Alameda Capital] had retained counsel [an iconic Clinton lawyer], was in NYC [think SDNY] and was positioned to likely rollover on Sam Bankman-Fried. That is also detailed in the work linked above.

Now, Bankman-Fried has laywered-up, too, and in remarkable fashion and in ways emblematic of the sliminess of it all, he’s retained Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorney [Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself] Mark S. Cohen, of Cohen & Gresser.

The money laundering operations in Ukraine continue in unmitigated fashion and with impunity. The vectors continue to be war and energy. As the United States is robbed blind, it appears that the guilty parties from the Bidens to Bankman-Fried to Ellison are going to walk except for maybe process crimes or other lighter crimes far from the actual crimes committed and akin to the Durham syndrome I so often evidence and cite. Just ask Clinesmith, Sussmann and Danchenko.

Since the politburo is a central node to the Ukrainian money laundering operations, is it any wonder that Maxine Waters is declining to compel Sam Bankman-Fried to testify in the House’s hearing into FTX? It’s all enterprise fraud, folks. Every granular bit of it. And they’re working feverishly to conceal and cover it all up.

Remarkable. Truly remarkable. And in all of the worst ways.


Further developments and recent reporting expand our body of evidence relative to a manufactured global food crisis. It’s important to note that one massive enterprise fraud portal is the energy sector and I began exclusively evidencing this long ago and where it’s broadly addressed in this article from 01 Jun 21: Follow the Money.

The enterprise fraud associated with the energy sector is critical in the sense that it provides the fraudsters the mechanism to fabricate another crisis – a food crisis – for Americans and people the globe over. The fabricated energy crisis is now evidenced as a causing factor in the fabricated food crisis.

New and recent developments further evidence this position and frankly, you don’t have to read beyond the headlines to piece it together; and so the articles are mostly left for independent consumption save several brief extracts below:

  1. 14 Oct 22: These Two Troubling Developments Could Reignite Global Food Crisis Fears
  2. 15 Oct 22: Latest Supply Chain Crisis Could Threaten Global Stash Of Food, Energy
  3. 20 Oct 22: The Food Crisis Of 2023 Is Going To Be Far Worse Than Most People Would Dare To Imagine
  4. 05 Nov 22: Is a Food Crisis About to Hit On Top of the Inflation and Energy Crisis?
  5. 12 Nov 22: Global Food Import Bill Soars To “Alarming Level” As Poor Countries On Brink Of Crisis
  6. 22 Nov 22: How Europe’s Energy Crisis Could Turn Into A Food Crisis
  7. 23 Nov 22: Food Inflation Is the 2022 Crisis, Not Supply Chains
  8. 08 Dec 22: UK Warned By Farmers That It Is Facing A Food Supply Crisis

From item 3: The global food crisis just continues to intensify, and things are going to get really bad in 2023.  As you will see below, two-thirds of European fertilizer production has already been shut down, currency problems are causing massive headaches for poor nations that need to import food, global weather patterns continue to be completely crazy, and the bird flu is killing millions upon millions of chickens and turkeys all over the planet.  On top of everything else, the war in Ukraine is going to restrict the flow of agricultural and fertilizer exports from that part of the world for a long time to come, because there is no end to the war in sight.  In essence, we are facing a “perfect storm” for global food production, and that “perfect storm” is only going to get worse in the months ahead.

From item 5: “A shocking new report via the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) revealed the world food import bill jumped to nearly $2 trillion in 2022 amid soaring inflation due to several factors, including currencies depreciating against the US dollar, the war in Ukraine, and La Nina-related climate change. FAO’s Food Outlook expects the tab for imports of wheat, rice, maize, vegetable oils, and all other farm goods will jump to an all-time high and about 10% increase over the record level of 2021, although the agency expects demand destruction in response to elevated food prices and depreciating currencies against the US dollar.” 

From item 6: “Runaway energy price inflation has wreaked havoc on European industrial activity, with the heaviest consumers taking the brunt. […] There is, however, a bigger problem than all these would constitute for their respective industries. Fertilizer makers are also shutting down their plants. And fertilizer imports are down because the biggest suppliers of fertilizers for Europe were Russia and Belarus, both currently under sanctions.”

From item 8: “In an emergency press conference, the National Farmers Union (NFU) said the government needed to step in to assist farmers who are under severe strain. The British farming industry is facing major issues across almost all sectors, with the price of animal feed and nitrogen fertiliser, and fuel skyrocketing. The union warned that yields of crops will likely slump to record lows this year with farmers also considering reducing the size of their herds.”

It’s crystal clear: A constructed energy crisis as compounded by a constructed supply chain crisis is bringing about a global food crisis; and it’s all the aggregate of rampant enterprise fraud committed with absolute impunity.


After stacking-up a mountain of evidence reliably and veritably indicating that the federal apparatus et al created a fraudulent COVID-19 “pandemic” out of thin air by criminal means rising to enterprise fraud and worse, the position was further extended to the mandated and coerced mRNA vaccinations, which are nothing short of human genetic experimentation.

In short, the “pandemic,” which initially and from its outset harvested infection and mortality data from comorbidities primarily consisting of flu and pneumonia [and diabetes, heart disease and obesity] and propagated it as COVID-19 data, served a primary purpose: to scare and hoodwink Americans into receiving the mRNA vaccinations they did not need to fight an engineered and chimeric virus with a better than 99.9% recovery rate across essentially all demographics.

The primary objective was vaccination.

mRNA vaccinations are now evidenced to alter human DNA through their genetic payload that, through the process of reverse transcription, converts the recipient’s body into an autonomous S1 spike protein and glycoprotein producer. The S1 spike protein is wreaking havoc in vaccine recipients’ body systems and organs while the glycoprotein is dysregulating the blood causing clotting and oxygen deprivation conditions. Our team leader and my boss, Dr. Henry Ealy, posts regularly about this on his Telegram channel.

The adverse vaccine reactions are leading to a wide slate of ailments, illnesses and conditions that are being medically coded as attributable to COVID-19 infection rather than vaccination thus representing another layer of the enterprise fraud in what amounts to cover-up operations.

The mRNA vaccine adverse reactions and the ailments, illnesses and conditions caused by them include but are not limited to liver problems, hepatitis, HIV and breakthrough HIV, breakthrough COVID-19 illness, “long COVID,” autoimmune deficiency, cancer, blood disorders, myocarditis, pericarditis, cardiac disorders, blood clotting, Bell’s palsy and more.

From the very beginning of the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct, I routinely asked if Dr. Anthony Fauci was really functioning as a vaccine salesman. He absolutely was and here is why.

For one, the pandemic had an initial phase: data harvesting to propagate infection and mortality data as mentioned. This was the kick start to vaccinate, which was the primary objective.

The second phase was and continues to be the resulting ailments, illnesses and conditions from the forced and coerced vaccinations. The mRNA vaccines are the primary driver to extend the “pandemic” permanently and therefore provide the mechanism to inherit extra-constitutional authority and power from the resulting Emergency Use Authorizations as predicated by enterprise fraud. Consider this, which is another in a body of evidence indicating the same: Vaccinated People Make Up Majority Of COVID-19 Deaths: CDC Data.

I keep saying: 1-COVID-19 is never going away and 2-These people will never stop until they are made to stop.

The third phase was and continues to be further enterprise fraud represented by medically coding the significant list of adverse mRNA vaccine reactions as attributable to COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 infection. Full circle.

As I’ve contended and evidenced all along, it’s a perpetual enterprise fraud construct. COVID-19 is never going away and these people will never stop until they are made to stop.

If I’m wrong, why did Chinese proxy Joe Biden declare the COVID-19 pandemic “over” in mid-September and then extend the “emergency” and ALL OF ITS EXTRA-CONSTITUTIONAL POWER AND AUTHORITY TO RULE RATHER THAN GOVERN a month later in mid-October?

None of this has anything to do with a “virus” or a “pandemic.” Rather it’s all about a “vaccine” that no one needs and which harms, maims and kills people; and the enterprise fraud being committed to usher Americas onto the technocratic global plantation as enforced by the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism.

Consider this. The U.S. House of Representatives would not have used the military COVID-19 vaccine mandate as a bargaining chip to pass its bill and secure funding for the U.S. military if this had anything to do with a real “pandemic” rather than one constructed entirely out of fabricated and fraudulent data. Period. End of story. Yet, that’s exactly what happened.


Another longstanding Moonshine position is that the “climate crisis” and “climate change” initiative is nothing more than more rampant enterprise fraud representing one of the largest Ponzi schemes; if not the largest Ponzi scheme, on the planet. Its purveyors and proponents are the same Globalist, criminal cartel responsible for the rest of it. In all, who benefits the most from it? China and other countries receiving U.S. taxpayer dollars sent under the guise of the “climate crisis.”

Consider this: Biden Climate Czar John Kerry Says American Taxpayer Money Should be Used to Pay Other Countries Climate Reparations (VIDEO).

And if that’s not bad enough, it gets worse. Consider this: Climate-Change Lockdowns? Yup, They Are Actually Going There…

So, the fraudsters aren’t content with the enterprise fraud they commit to steal from us and rob us blind. No, not by a long shot. Rather, they’re busy under the tutelage of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum finding ways to take the lockdown scenario they beta tested with the fraudulent COVID-19 “pandemic” and extend it to the fraudulent “climate crisis” justification.

As I continue to say, they’re ushering in life on the technocratic global plantation.

At first it was a fake boogeyman virus to keep you locked inside your home and deprived of life, liberty and the freedom to associate with others at work, at school or in public altogether.

Now we’re headed to a fake boogeyman climate crisis to accomplish the same.

Ready to take a stand and fight back?

If not now, when?

Keep waiting and it’s life on the technocratic global plantation forever and you can write that down and take it to the bank.

COVID-19 is never going away and neither is the fake climate crisis. These people will never stop until they are made to stop.

Ready to make them stop?

If not now, when?


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