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The Stolen 2022 Midterms Provided the Illusion of Voting Just Like the Election Results Provide the Illusion of Change

-05 Dec 22-

Some changes are real and some changes are nothing but an illusion serving as fat for the proletariat to chew on just like voting, freedom and democracy are illusions in this America that has become an abject banana republic by all standards. The changes made to voting rules before 2020 and contributing to a stolen election were real. The changes that people think are coming in the post-2022 midterms politburo are illusions. We are slated for business as usual.

The fat isn’t just dished-up on a plate by itself. No, that would be entirely too obvious; even for the significant segment of the population that struggles with objectivity, discernment and critical thinking while causing the rest of us to be dragged along with them into the oblivion of global governance and life on the technocratic global plantation as enforced by the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism. Rather, the fat gets served-up alongside other main courses and side dishes of tasty morsels that are otherwise meaningless aside from their face value and irresistible appeal to the pallet. They’re like culinary dog whistles and the dogs love them.

We have a perfect example of this concept in two competing headlines from stalwart political analyst Sundance at Conservative Treehouse. Once we examine them, we gain clarity on what I’ve projected for the post-midterms political landscape here in the United States of Venezuela. I’ll elaborate and explain in plain terms what we’re seeing and why the projection stands be an accurate one as evidenced. Here are our headlines:

  1. Sunday Talks, Incoming Republican Oversight Chair Promises Investigations of Biden Laptop, Twitter Files, China, Energy Policy and More [Source]
  2. Sunday Talks, Incoming Republican House Intelligence Chairman – Orange Man Bad, Joe Biden Should Be Commended, Zelenskyy is Awesome, More Money for Ukraine, Working Great with Adam Schiff and Mark Warner [Source]

Getting straight to brass tacks, it’s a simple as this: headline one is fat to chew on and headline two is the illusory and unmitigated institutional preservation upon which absolutely nothing has interceded since an election was stolen and a sitting president was removed in 2020.

Americans hungry to chew on more fat in 2022 foolishly ran out to “vote” without ever cleaning the kitchen or replacing the cooks that served-up spoiled vittles in 2020. That in and of itself is concrete evidence of the inability to think critically and independently; much less assume personal risk to actually fight back against it. Who buys a lemon from the same greasy used car salesman twice? Who continues to drive it mile after mile and year after year?

To begin, I’m not sold on the notion that Elon Musk’s acquisition and control of Twitter will serve as any saving grace. In sidebar conversation with a popular podcast host and in private dialogue with my client attorney litigating a nationally prominent case against Twitter, there is some consensus to be found there along with some varying opinions.

I believe that there will be changes at Twitter and they’re already happening but will they be significant enough as emblematic for the nation as a whole? Time will tell and in time, if people aren’t sitting in prison for election interference, we’ll have our answer. In the mean time and after getting permanently locked-up in Twitter purgatory, I’ve opened another account to give it another go under the new Sheriff. It’s linked on the Moonshine homepage.

The podcast host holds an interesting and unique position on Twitter that ties directly to the same election interference I cite. He thinks that there is room to argue and evidence that Twitter may have actually been seized by means of Executive Order 13848 issued by Donald J. Trump, which would mean that Musk’s acquisition and control over the platform amounts to the back end reconciliation, controlled demolition and reconstruction of it. It presents an interesting consideration and one that may have legs but it requires evidence and expansion beyond its face.

It’s the drama around Twitter that bears the crux of our argument and our examination of the two CTH headlines. That crux is contingent upon something I discuss regularly in the geopolitical landscape: the deflection point construct. This construct is in service to another political force I also address regularly: institutional preservation.

Perhaps the grandest deflection point construct in contemporary times is an exclusive one that only Moonshine brought you: Trump’s first impeachment was the deflection point away from the installation and execution of a construct of enterprise fraud that people mistakenly call the COVID-19 “pandemic.” That “pandemic” was the mechanism to steal an election and remove a sitting U.S. president to deliver the miserable status quo that in no way resembles the America we all once cherished.

The deflection point construct is as simple as saying, “Look here, fake impeachment. Don’t look here, fake pandemic.” Close scrutiny of the overlaid impeachment and pandemic timelines delivered that on-point analysis. They braided together like a rope. It was obvious to the discerning eye; especially mine.

From the first headlined CHT article, we get this [emphasis added]::

Incoming House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (U-DC) appears with Maria Bartiromo to promise House investigations of the Biden Laptop and Twitter Files from Elon Musk.

Kentucky’s best and brightest DC republican, and formidable letter writer, becomes the 5th Republican Chairman in the past ten years on the Oversight Committee to promise investigations and accountability based on demonstrable corruption. Chairman Comer is very concerned about the possibility of corruption.  Additionally, Comer is very excited to get into the details of the Elon Musk “Twitter Files” and explore all the investigative possibilities they provide.

Finally, on an issue close to the personal interest of Mr. Comer, he states his desire to investigate the Joe Biden energy policy.

Sundance at Conservative Treehouse

From the second headlined CTH article, we get this [emphasis added]:

Sooner or later someone, if not Donald Trump, is going to have to start a second party.

Appearing on CBS with Margaret Brennan, incoming House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner walks through the priorities of the new HPSCI committee, to include that President Trump is horrible, Ukraine President Zelenskyy is awesome, Joe Biden is doing an awesome job and Ukraine needs more U.S. money and weapons.

If you listen closely, you might even catch the part where Mike Turner says he is working swimmingly with current HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff and current Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner.  Yes, folks, you just cannot make this stuff up.  Ms. Brennan is absolutely smitten with Mr. Turner, he’s an acceptable republican.

Sundance at Conservative Treehouse

These competing headlines and their content are the recipe for more kabuki theater coming out of D.C. and specifically, the U.S. House of Representatives. Tragically, it will only give the illusion of change so as to permit institutional preservation to prevail; as it always does. It will all manifest as a limited hangout exit strategy that blends elements of what is desired to be protected alongside the deflection aspects being offered-up like sacrificial lambs. The fat will be dished up. The fat will be chewed.

Ultimately, it will all be fruitless in terms of real prosecutions for people who really matter or any desired real change as a departure from the real status quo. It’ll be perfect for those lacking discernment and critical thinking skills while ravenously craving more fat to chew on.

For one, the Democrats control the U.S. Senate which is the trial venue for any impeachment and where Vice President Kamala Harris is the tie-breaking vote. These Democrats, who writ large benefited from the massive FTX/Ukraine/money laundering scandal that helped to deliver the stolen 2022 midterms, which I’ve covered extensively; are also complicit in certain other likely and countless scandals and potential crimes like the stolen 2020 election, a fraudulent pandemic, two fraudulent impeachments, the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation and more.

For another, I’ve written the equivalent of a book establishing how a rogue intelligence community is the undercurrent of treason flowing beneath the surface of illusion and a fabricated reality that isn’t real at all. It’s responsible for all that ails us.

In part, who do you think is pulling these politicians’ strings from the shadowy backdrop? Don’t forget that in impeachment 1.0, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi changed the impeachment rules moving oversight of it from the traditional House Judiciary Committee [Jerry Nadler, Chairman] to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence [Adam Schiff, Chairman.] Why? Because everything we’ve seen has been a function of the rogue intelligence community and that has not changed despite any illusions to the contrary.

Yet another example is found in the references to the energy sector. I’ve tracked Joe Biden all over the globe evidencing his corruption, crime and abject treason flowing through the conduit of energy. CEFC China Energy Company and Burisma are only the beginning of it all for The Biden Crime Family. It’s far more vast than that and therefore, that must be covered-up even if more lambs are sacrificed and more fat is dished to make it happen.

Recall all the hype and attention that Special Prosecutor John Durham garnered? How everyone thought Durham would be a savior? “Just wait for Durham,” they said.

On 01 Jan 20, I said and have repeatedly and to annoying levels projected that Durham would be fruitless; that he was clean-up and cover-up operations. Durham’s prosecutions of Clinesmith, Sussmann and Danchenko make that projection another steely-eyed bullseye for Moonshine knowing that the statute of limitations for the crimes targeting Trump have now elapsed.

Now what? Keep waiting? Durham is the illusion of change I cite, how they manifest it, and how it’s a very real and powerful thing hoodwinking Americas by its design. “Delay is the play” as I’ve long evidenced. Durham was another delay strategy. Another dead horse is kicked.

The stolen 2022 midterms gave us the illusion of voting. The results of the stolen 2022 midterms have given us the illusion of change. The U.S. Senate was always the key and it’s still locked-up by the Democrats ergo there has been no change and the Moonshine projection stands to be an accurate one despite any illusions to the contrary.

Joe Biden may be impeached but he’ll be acquitted just like Trump was; twice. In the end, that impeachment effort will be bent back against Trump voters, MAGA and conservatives as the Biden Administration continues to hunt its political opposition in duplicitous and fabricated form. Nothing has changed.

So the fat of Twitter and Musk will be served-up like Thanksgiving dinner, plated like sacrificial lambs, and many will chew on it voraciously; meanwhile, institutional preservation will prevail and a rogue intelligence community will carry on protecting the most important aspects of the worst crimes ever committed against this nation and its people.

They said, “Look here, fake impeachment. Don’t look here, fake pandemic.”

Now they say, “Look here, juicy, delicious Twitter fat. Don’t look here, everything else that really matters.”



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