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Something Is Not Right at Musk’s Twitter, Is it Good or Bad? Who is Alexander Macgillivray?

-07 Dec 22-

Something is not right at Elon Musk’s Twitter and the jury is still out as to whether it’s good or bad. My insights to Twitter come from a very unique perspective that I believe few have, which is provided through my work and clients.

Let’s begin with the end and then circle back to what I believe we are currently witnessing at Twitter; and it’s something I’ve seen no one else postulate as the weeds here are deep.

The very end isn’t written yet. That end entails some more elbow grease to drill down on the truth relative to the intelligence community, Russians, Ukrainians, honeypots, servers, illegal content and, of course, shell corporations, money laundering and Twitter. Stay tuned.

Here’s the end; the position I’ve assumed in the fallout of all things Twitter: I’m not so sure Musk is the savior that many make him out to be in the sense that according to the evidence, he presents as the private sector point man to reconcile BIG TECH and BIG MEDIA on the back end of unavoidable problems and circumstances at the platform. The evidence aggregates to make Musk’s and Matthew Tabbi’s revelations and assertions in the Twitter files questionable, which draws motive and intent into question; if not conflict. In other words, it looks like Twitter fat is being served up for people to chew on but the real meat isn’t on the plate; at least not yet.

Don’t forget Tabbi’s lengthy history writing hit pieces on Donald Trump at Rolling Stone, either; so his selection as the journalist to unpack Twitter’s dirty laundry deserves scrutiny. Here’s but one example: Trump 2020: Be Very Afraid / America is the first country to ever elect a Mad King, and the way things are going, we may be dumb enough to do it twice.

What does that all mean?

It means this. I believe that what we’re seeing with Musk’s now well publicized handling of Twitter is a full and controlled demolition and reconstruction of the platform all in the public eye. From a faux accountability perspective, it will serve to make people feel better about what was done at the social media giant as all the dirty laundry of election interference and worse is hung out on lines for all to see. It stands to accomplish nothing meaningful at the same time it perhaps serves to sweep everything under the rug.

The distinction to determine whether Twitter’s course is meaningful is found in terminations v. prosecutions. We’re already seeing the former and it appears unlikely that we’ll see the latter.

Is Twitter’s evidenced trajectory good or is it bad?

If it’s good, what Musk is doing is lying in waiting for criminals to continue engaging in criminal acts as a means of covering up their tracks and the evidence of them whereupon at the conclusion of those acts, termination and worse – arrests – awaits. Let’s hope this is the case.

If it’s bad, Musk is functioning as the aforementioned private sector point man to continue obfuscating the meaningful details of the truth that really matter to America and Americans, while dishing-up the elements of the truth that represent nothing more than Twitter fat to chew on. Time will tell.

Truthfully, I don’t know which it is at this juncture because in plain terms, it’s too early to know. That said, something is not right at Twitter and the evidence bears this.

Three posts from the Taibbi revelations sounded the alarm from my perspective and Jim Baker is the central node:

Allow me to succinctly prove my point.

I completed extensive work into what I branded the “Twitter censorship network” in September and published it.

Here is that work and the graphic illustrations below are from it [it was reproduced in full here at Moonshine]: EXCLUSIVE Report from Edify Reveals Likely Network of Censorship: “Critical Nexus: Twitter, WSGR, Macgillivray & White House”, Hunter Biden Laptop, President Trump

Those are only some of the illustrations. See the linked article for the full scope.

QUESTION: Are we supposed to believe that somehow my attorney client and I not only developed the totality of this accurate evidence, but we did so without access to internal Twitter documents and evidence; and that I published it in September, but the man purchasing Twitter and the two journalists covering the story and making these revelations public did not know last Friday?

Please. Something is not right at Twitter.

Jim Baker was Twitter’s general counsel and he was positioned when Musk acquired the platform. Here are the duties of general counsel at major corporations like Twitter:

  1. The Corporation as a Client: The primary role of the GC is to provide legal services to the corporation, not the officers and directors.
  2. Corporate Compliance and Security: GCs must understand how the rules of ethics apply to non-legal business advice and they should step in upon learning when an officer is in violation of a corporate obligation that could negatively impact the organization.
  3. Record Retention and Management: Documents are important because they can be used to protect the corporation or constitute liability.
  4. Reporting Structure: Most GCs report to the board of directors, the CEO or President, the Chief Financial Officer or the Chief Operating Officer.
  5. Internal Legal Department Structure: From a historical perspective, most corporate legal department structures have had a hierarchical structure where there are several levels between the GC and staff attorneys.
  6. Controlling Legal Spending: One of the better-known responsibilities for the general counsel is helping a corporation control costs.
  7. Risk Identification and Assessment: Many corporations have a risk management team, and the GC plays a strong role in the risk management process, which is defined as identifying, reducing and minimizing the impact of risk.
  8. Crisis Management: One of the most important times that corporations need their GCs is in times of crisis.
  9. Litigation: Litigation must be factored into controlling costs. A primary responsibility for GCs is to develop an efficient litigation strategy, communicate it to management and oversee it.
  10. Outside Counsel Management:When GCs determine that it’s wise to hire outside counsel on a matter, they decide whom to hire and how much work to outsource for a case.

What did they think Baker would be doing? How did they not know who “Jim” was relative to the ongoing actions that puzzled them but fell directly and exactly under the scope of duties and the onus of general counsel at Twitter?

They say ignorance is bliss and there is no way ignorance enters this equation. Something is not right at Twitter.

There is no way this all occurred in the way it’s being portrayed and the account of it all smacks as a juvenile explanation; more Twitter fat to chew on for the hungry public.

Questions arising out of the available open-source evidence that can break the camel’s back:

  1. Did Musk’s team do its due diligence on Twitter relative to everything that was known prior to the acquisition? It’s hard to imagine they did not.
  2. Did Musk’s team find or receive any evidence or disclosure of relative information and evidence prior to the acquisition? If that were the case, it would have positioned Musk to be fully knowledgeable long before Taibbi’s supposed revelations unless Musk’s team did not perform due diligence or that team is incompetent in all of the worst ways.

Is the camel’s back broken and if it is, so is Taibbi’s account?

But we’re supposed to take Taibbi’s revelations on their face?

No way. Something is not right at Twitter and what remains is whether it’s good or bad. Time will tell.

In all of this, there is a question that is missing from the dialogue and it’s perhaps the most important one.

Who is Alexander Macgillivary?

That question is the “Who is John Galt?” of the present and it’s a question everyone should be asking themselves relative to Twitter, perception management, voting, stolen elections and an illegitimate White House administration.

Democrats, the politburo and the mainstream media are standing on a two-legged stool trying to convince the rest of us with at least a modicum of common since and a rudimentary level of observational skills that Joe Biden won 81 million votes without election interference, compromised voting machines, fractional voting algorithms, fraudulent ballots, ballot harvesting and straight up cheating.

Twelve people sitting in hula hoops doesn’t make for a campaign event just like hanging out in your basement when the incumbent is filling stadium after stadium in unprecedented fashion doesn’t make for a campaign.

Twitter was a major component to all of it.

That anyone believes the patently fraudulent and criminal narrative that somehow Joe Biden is a legitimate president is fully emblematic of exactly and precisely how intellectually pathetic and impotent a large segment of this population has become. “Give me my sportsball and hot pockets,” they say. It’s no different than the Romans and their circuses and bread.

Twitter dished it up ad nauseam to interfere in that election and worse while the intellectually pathetic and impotent devoured every morsel of it ignorantly to their own detriment.

As for the rest of us who knew better, it’s not much better. It’s an equally dismal scene as we just sit around and take it as it’s all jammed down our throats with a boot on the back of our necks.

There’s no way the Twitter files are unpacking truthfully and with fidelity. There’s no way at all and the evidence to prove it is insurmountable.

Something is not right at Twitter and it may be good or it may be bad. Time will tell.

Who is Alexander Macgillivray?


EDIFY Research & Consulting source:

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