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ARE WE BEARING WITNESS TO PRESIDENT TRUMP’S IRAQ EXIT STRATEGY? Examining moves and countermoves in the Iran/ Iraq event as a withdrawal strategy

Where did impeachment go? The narrative shift is complete as the headlines dominating the MSM landscape are all things Iran/Iraq. This is exactly what it looks like when the MSM and power structure shift the narrative and, in this case, away from THEIR failed impeachment effort.

Assuming one campaigned on exiting the Middle East to eliminate never-ending war and instead invest American dollars stateside on American infrastructure, WHAT WOULD BE THE EASIEST WAY OUT OF IRAQ?

What is the path of least resistance for the President assuming the entrenched power structure won’t allow such a withdrawal? There are really only three basic options: 1) removal by Iraq (never going to happen), 2) removal by a third-party entity (UN or coalition of regional or global enemy states) in the context war or 3) self-removal?

The hand is tipped and the angle exposed. What if President Trump took advantage of timely intelligence and a timely opportunity to eliminate a key figurehead in the global war on terror by first declaring him a member of an FTO back in April and then executing him on Iraqi soil? What if President Trump had the savvy and acumen to project that the Iraqi response to such a heavy-handed tactic would be US expulsion from Iraq as supported by the UN?

What if President Trump flipped the entire construct back onto the power structure by making IRAQ THE IMPETUS BEHIND HIS CAMPAIGN PROMISE TO WITHDRAW TROOPS FROM THE MIDDLE EAST? It’s a win-win for the President. He makes good on yet ANOTHER CAMPAIGN PROMISE by taking the path of impossibility (actually allowing Iraq to expel the US, which is something they could never do by force)?

In this case, President Trump can stand firm and consistent on two/multiple issues simultaneously: his promised Middle Eastern troop withdrawal (campaign) and his respect for the sovereignty of Iraq (their people elected to expel US troops and he’s respectfully honoring their request on the international stage.)

The only thing left for the Deep State/Shadow Government (DSSG) power structure at this point is continued meddling, orchestrating, construction, fabrication, etc. so as to further entangle this administration into their conquest for US hegemonic expansion in the Middle East (and across the globe.) It’s important to realize that this cabal will do everything it can to maintain the US presence in the region, which could look like dragging the President closer to a regional or World War so as to counter-check two things: the failed and ongoing effort to remove him from office and the tremendous and historic successes of his message, his administration and its accomplishments.

Before we get into it, let’s review:

  1. Critical point: we’re actually bearing witness to two terms of presidential corruption that likely dates back to early in Obama’s first term. The removal of President Trump is a mere component to a much larger political spying operation that predating his emergence on the scene. This cabal is looking for a cover story as they fight for self-preservation, which stands counter to institutional preservation (Barr/Durham), given their membership in those institutions.
  2. THIS discusses the propaganda angle of the Iran/Iraq embassy event.
  3. THIS is a deep dig taking the President’s authority in Iraq back to a Foreign Terrorist Organization designation from April 2019. It has twice been updated but most importantly, it cites my previous work from 14 Apr 19 examining US hegemonic expansion in Iran. It’s also important to note two confirmation from previous claims contained herein: Trump’s decision to preclude Democrats on advance notice of the strike and Pelosi’s quote outlining the event as a political construct.
  4. THIS discusses the emergence of the 25th Amendment, which has been set to the back burner after several prior litmus tests in the MSM. Importantly, it discusses how the Iran/Iraq event is being entangled with the 25th Amendment (using Iraq/Iran as justification to enforce the 25th Amendment, which could result in House Speaker as POTUS if they can also successfully remove VP Mike Pence.) As you consider this information, do so with what is outlined next in the discussed Washington Post article discussed below. Think constructs, there.
  5. THIS discusses comments made by Democratic Senator Chris Murphy as it relates to the $80 million bounty the Iranians have placed on Trump’s head against the Obama Administration’s past and ongoing illegal diplomatic engagements with the rogue nation.

With our premise outlined and our review done, let’s examine a slew of headlines; most from the past several days, as it relates to the entire Iran/Iraq embassy (IIE) political construct. As we do so, we’ll do it chronologically because timing always provides context and meaning.

Let’s begin with THIS statement from former General Michael Flynn (see image.) In looking at that image, which was delivered on 14 Jul 15, we can already see how the Obama administration was working to subvert US policy and tradition and begin rogue diplomacy with the Iranians. Flynn clearly demonstrated this.

THIS, which is a Washington Post (mouthpiece for the Intelligence agencies [NYT serves the same purpose for FBI/DOJ] item from 28 Oct 16. Recall that WaPo is owned by Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos.

The WaPo item was published before the 2016 election and strikes as the DSSG already establishing pretext for presumably two reasons: fabricating constructs to entangle the president and counter-checking his campaign platform. The DSSG is clearly defending their territory here. They worked very hard to expand US hegemony in the Middle East and allowing Trump to dismantle it is not an option.

With the backdrop in place, let’s consider 30 separate news items (summarized) from January 3rd-January 5th and let’s look at them in a logical sequence. It’s this sequence, which represents a rough chronology, that gives meaning to it all. That meaning comes from the ebb and flow of moves and countermoves:

  1. THIS outlines the political construct dilemma for the President – abandoning war by proxy and directly intervening – which will be a complex and intricate situation for him to navigate moving forward. Did he take the bait? That’s the relevant question.
  2. THIS Establishes that General Qassim Soleimani planned and financed the attacks on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Interesting tie back to Obama-era corruption and travesty, no?
  3. THIS reports on Iran’s May 2018 threat to identify US leaders who aligned with them on the Obama/Iran nuclear deal.
  4. THIS reports on Trita Parsi, who worked for the corrupt Congressman Bob Ney, and is protected by the likes of Zbigniew Brzezinski. Parsi is said to be advising Obama on Iran. On CNN, Parsi said Soleimani “was just an ordinary person” and “enjoyed a significant amount of following & popularity.”
  5. THIS outlines the understood irrationality if Trump were to have provided advance notice of the pending Soleimani strike to Democrat leaders.
  6. THIS is another confirmation of the previously outlined FTO declaration angle, but more importantly, it outlines how Trump’s decisions constitutes a technical, deliberate act of war that he can’t walk it back. True statement. Trump is characterized as a weak leader for taking a baited trap – one set-up based upon his personality traits and action he took in Syria in 2017.
  7. THIS Presents underlying Deep State (Pompeo) entanglements on the matter. Essentially, it’s Pompeo speaking in platitudes to justify current and forthcoming action. More importantly, the item provides a confirmation of the political construct that is worth quoting from the article at The Hill, “Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Mich.), a former CIA analyst and Pentagon official who focused on Iran-backed militias in Iraq, said Friday“What always kept both Democratic and Republican presidents from targeting Soleimani himself was the simple question: Was the strike worth the likely retaliation, and the potential to pull us into protracted conflict? The two administrations I worked for both determined that the ultimate ends didn’t justify the means,” she said in a statement.
  8. THIS establishes interesting duality with the Military Industrial Complex. Underlying it is the notion that if US weapons sellers can’t target Russia (and now you know why the impeachment effort began as a Russian construct), they’ll target Trump. US weapons sellers drive impeachment because Trump looks to dramatically reduce their footprint overseas; especially in the Middle East. Ergo, if the MIC can’t effectively remove him, it’ll simply deploy its contingency plan and create a war for the President thus preventing any such withdrawal. Bait taken? Does the MIC win there?
  9. THIS is confirmation on the political construct (back end of it) I’ve outlined as Biden and Warren hit on campaign pillars (“reckless” – 25th Amendment) and a new conflict in the Middle East.
  10. THIS reports on Iran raising the red flag of jihad.
  11. THIS outlines Iran’s calls for sleeper cell activation inside US.
  12. THIS reports on Iran’s threats for retaliation for Soleimani.
  13. THIS reports on Iran’s vow to strike 35 predetermined US targets in retaliation.
  14. THIS details Iran’s threat to attack the physical structure of the White House ergo President Trump and his administration.
  15. THIS details Iran’s announcement of an $80 million bounty on Trump’s head.
  16. THIS reports how Iran could pay-out on the $80 million bounty with money given to it by Obama.
  17. THIS reports on Iran’s vow to attack targets inside Israel.
  18. THIS reports on the retaliation on Soleimani resulting in missile and mortar attacks on US military installations in Iraq.
  19. THIS outlines President Trump’s preemptive targets (52) identified in advance of expected Iranian retaliation, which is expected to manifest as guerilla warfare and terrorism over conventional warfare. It reflects the importance of long-term strategy related to Trump’s success.
  20. THIS reports on a disingenuous Congress working to interrupt the Presidential war powers by standing between him and funding. Of course candidate Sanders is preaching climate over Iran.
  21. THIS reports on the DSSG retaliating against the President by leaking aspects of the intelligence briefing on the strike to the NYT.
  22. THIS is the DSSG lashing-out with Pelosi citing the War Powers Act and requisite advance notification to Congress to attack President Trump on the construct and for precluding her and her ilk.
  23. THIS covers the Council on Foreign Relations President Richard N. Haass saying that “the world will be the battlefield” following a dramatic escalation in tensions between the United States and Iran.
  24. THIS details a representation of President Trump opposite of what the MSM/DSSG/MIC has portrayed by calling him “calm, cool and collected,” per the words of ‘others’ involved in the meetings. Importantly, “Defense and intelligence officials believed the Revolutionary Guard Quds force leader was plotting attacks on Americans inside Iraq and the region — this based on an “intelligence assessment” — the contents of which haven’t been made public.” Recall, ‘weapons of mass destruction’ was another ‘intelligence assessment.’
  25. THIS outlines Pompeo’s plan for State to redress Obama’s appeasement strategy in Iran, which COULD indicate foreshadowing of indications for the DSSG/MIC’s long-term plan in the region.
  26. THIS is further backlash from Congress reporting on the plan to cut-off funding to the President because they believe he’s inappropriately acting unilaterally and precluding Congress in the process.
  27. THIS is confirmation for a separate terrorist attack on a US base in Kenya either coincidentally or by design. Regardless, it’s another front in the war.
  28. THIS is confirmation that the retaliation has started with Iranian operatives hacking US governmental sites.
  29. THIS reports on Iraq’s pending vote to expel US forces from the country and it’s the crux of the entire issue. Has the president wittingly duped Iraq in to removing his forces from their country despite the DSSG/MIC standing fully antithetical to that? Time will tell.
  30. THIS reports that Iran is moving forward with nuclear development as Iraq has voted to expel US personnel from its country.

The backdrop and historic relations between the US and Iran; as well as the entire Middle Eastern theater, create for an incredibly complex situation. All of this begs one particular question hinging on numbers 29 and 30 in the preceding list.

Is it possible that President Trump was able to prognosticate his way through the unending Middle Eastern complexity and intricacy to goad the Iraqis into expelling US personnel from the country? Was he able to make good on his campaign promise with what appears to be an insane level of political acumen, savvy and strategy? Remember, there are really only three basic options: 1) removal by Iraq, 2) removal by a third-party entity (UN or coalition of regional or global enemy states) in the context war or 3) self-removal.

It’s possible that President Trump selected the least plausible of the three available options – removal by Iraq? That’s something that can’t be done by force because they are grotesquely under-equipped for such and endeavor. If so, it means that President Trump had to formulate a broader geopolitical strategy to compel Iraq to do what the DSSG/MIC/Etal. absolutely will NOT allow him to do.

I’ll close by saying it’s definitely possible. Time will tell.


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