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WORTHY OF FOLLOWING – Pretext for assassination of President Trump?

*Updated: 05 Jan 19 at 1530 PST to include additional background information on Senator Chris Murphy, D-CT. Located at bottom.

To start, please know that this is NOT fear mongering. Rather, I’m drawing attention to the words of Democratic Senator Chris Murphy (CT) because his choice of words are concerning and they deserve scrutiny.

His statement comes against the backdrop of the Iraq/Iran POLITICAL CONSTRUCT: See HERE and HERE.

Here’s the relevant quote from Murphy (EMPHASIS MINE),

“The danger here is of course that we are going to get into a conflict in the region that will ultimately accrue to the detriment of US national security interests no matter how we feel about the fact that Suleimani is dead this evening. They have the capability to launch ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS RIGHT BACK AT US POLITICAL LEADERS, and their proxy forces can threaten US forces and Israel itself throughout the region.”


Let’s consider the Senator’s comments against the backdrop of the broader timeline predating the 2016 election. Here’s the most significant and relative point to understand: there is intent, motive, opportunity and means to remove President Trump because of corruption and a massive political spying operation that likely dates back to the early years of Obama’s first term. As I’ve previously documented, it most certainly predated the President’s Republican nomination for 2016 (documented extensively in most writings.)

Recall that the Left was calling for the President’s impeachment before he was even inaugurated because impeachment was predetermined by the Democrats and the DS/SG to be a viable mechanism to remove Trump from office. From there, we moved on to ‘muh Russia,’ Ukraine and then impeachment, even though Pelosi has thus far failed to deliver the AOIs to the Senate making it informal to-date.

There is NO QUESTION about this statement: there is intent, motive, opportunity and means to remove President Trump. It’s long established. It’s long revisited and renewed by the DNC, punditry, MSM and the DSSG. It’s covered ad nauseam by usual MSM suspects.

So then, if all of the avenues to achieve the objective of removing President Trump from office result in blockades as established by his administration in what can be called ‘countermoves,’ what realistic and viable options remain to either remove him from power or prevent him from being reelected?

The Iran/Iraq embassy construct speaks to the latter. Assassination speaks to the former.

Realistically, the options look like starting a regional or global war in the Middle East so as to upend the entire Trump Administration in a fashion antithetical to major pillars in his platform (removal via the 2020 election) -OR- leveraging the 25th AMENDMENT to remove him for mental instability (another ongoing and emerging political construct) – OR – assassination. See JFK – that’s how they work – and they’re running out of options in a sliver of a open window that is fast-closing (that’s a reference to everything being calibrated to the 2020 election cycle.)

Now consider that Iran has placed an $80 MILLION BOUNTY ON PRESIDENT TRUMP’S HEAD and they’ve threatened to attack the White House.

Let’s now examine the Obama Administration’s interactions with Iran AFTER he left office and AFTER President Trump was inaugurated:

For pretext, HERE is an 07 Nov 14 article outlining how the Obama Administration engaged the world’s leading terrorist nation state Iran in the fight against ISIS via a secret letter penned by then President Obama. This is the same Obama and the same Iran that orchestrated the exchange of billions and billions of dollars. Those dollars went from the former to the latter via multiple flights containing pallets of a variety of international currencies. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, now.

HERE is a 09 May 19 article documenting Iranian diplomatic engagement by former Secretary of State John Kerry and considering whether he was in violation of the Logan Act for said diplomacy with Iran and other terrorist organizations.

HERE is a 31 May 19 article outlining repeated attempts by former Obama Administration officials diplomatically engaging with Iran advising its leadership to “wait-out” the Trump Administration. I’ll remind you that you only “wait-out” something you ARE CERTAIN WILL BE REMOVED.

HERE is a 26 Jun 19 White House Press Release where President Trump remarks on Kerry’s seemingly treasonous involvement,

You got John Kerry, the world’s worst negotiator — (laughter) — who, by the way, has totally violated the Logan Act, okay? You know, he’s talking to them all the time, telling them what to do. “Gee, don’t do it, you’re going to make me look bad if you do it.” Don’t make a deal. “Wait, Trump!” He probably says, “Wait him out! Maybe he’ll lose the election.” How about that?


Please know that there are myriad other examples outlining what I’ve demonstrated above. It’s by no means an exhaustive list. It’s a presentation of evidence to establish a premise in brevity.

Considering the following:

  1. There has been a narrative shift. Where did impeachment go? Russia? Mueller? Ukraine? This particular shift is moving the public AWAY FROM THE FAILED AND ONGOING IMPEACHMENT EFFORT; AWAY FROM THE CORRUPTION IN UKRAINE, AND TOWARD IRAN/IRAQ.
  2. There is a long and well-established history of inappropriate and illegal diplomacy between the Obama Administration, its officials and the Iran, which included the exchange of billions and billions in the name of ‘hostages.’
  3. The Obama Administration, in its current form, continues to engage with the Iranians and at a time that a very real and plausible state of war in on the horizon between the two countries.
  4. Said Obama Administration is continuing to formally but illegally advise Iranian leadership to “wait-out” the Trump Administration, which is an explicit statement that he will not be in power much longer (but for what reason?).
  5. Said Obama Administration is the root cause of the existing coup d’etat effort: fundamental legal changes before exiting office designed to execute their plan or undermine Trump; Russia; Mueller; Ukraine; impeachment; and now Iran/Iraq.
  6. The Iranians take-out an $80 million contract on President Trump’s head at the same time said Obama Administration is diplomatically engaged with them (see US code for TREASON.)

Here’s the moonshine to be made: we’re not leveling accusations. Rather, we’re citing evidence to draw attention to the broader fact set and the VERY REAL THREAT MADE AGAINST THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES AND ECHOED BY A DEMOCRATIC LAWMAKER WHO’S A MEMBER OF THE PARTY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ENTIRE POLITICAL CONSTRUCT.

In a hypothetical situation that would prove most effective in a real world scenario, all of this information COULD unfold as follows, which is precisely why I’m drawing your attention to it right now:

  1. Iran activates a sleeper cell inside the US or has the capability to otherwise function inside the US.
  2. The Iranian sleeper cell (as supported by rogue elements of the intelligence agencies and or others?) executes a physical attack on the White House.
  3. Any dramatic, large-scale attack on the White House could a) create significant enough damage to actually harm or kill the president (seems unlikely) or b) create enough disruption in the moment for an inside job (see JFK.) (Also of note – if such an attack is successful AND it also manages to eliminate VP Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi would ascend to the Presidency – something to keep in mind.)
  4. The large scale attack (in lieu of a shooting as with JFK and Reagan) would be much more difficult to publicly debunk by skeptics (see 9/11.)
  5. At the end of it all, the disingenuous and duplicitous do-nothing Democrats can roll Murphy back out and say something like, “we tried to warn you.”

Again, we’re considering hypothetical scenarios worthy of consideration; not peddling fear porn.

Iran is threatening to assassinate the President of the United States; they’ve placed an $80 million bounty on his head; and the President’s political enemies represented by said Obama Administration HAS BEEN AND CONTINUES TO BE IN LEAGUE WITH THIS ROGUE NATION.

Just when does accountability and justice make an appearance?

Time to buckle-up USSS. Time to reign-in these miscreants before the unthinkable happens.

*Updated: MORE BACKGROUND INFORMATION on Senator Chris Murphy, D-CT, who has a preexisting nexus to Iranian leadership.


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