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NEXT PHASE OF THE ONGOING COUP D’ETAT – Narrative: using Iran to remove POTUS with the 25th

Oh what an entanglement we have here! Let’s start with a needed review because the political construct I’ve previously outlined in detail is beginning to manifest in full form. Here’s precisely how, but first:

  1. THIS is a very deep and updated dig providing details on the Iran/Iraq embassy political construct. It’s required reading to fully understand what’s being outlined in this article. Most importantly, it cites another piece I wrote in April 2019 questioning the expanding US hegemony in Iran and depicting the origins of President Trump’s authority to strike Suleimani via the Foreign Terrorist Organization designation he made in April 2019.
  2. THIS is another angle on the same events that introduces the political construct described above as it relates to the accompanying manufactured propaganda needed for such operations.
  3. THIS is an article I wrote about a year ago entitled, ‘TRUMP: TRANSITIONED FROM CRAZY TO A THREAT – THE 25TH IS STILL IN PLAY.’ It is one of several articles I’ve written drawing attention to the DS/SG’s effort to frame President Trump for removal from office with the authority provided by the 25th Amendment. It’s short and recommended for context.

This brings us to today’s development, which occurs against the backdrop of multiple litmus tests of the 25th as rolled-out in the MSM. I’ve written about and referenced that topic extensively.

Today’s development is another confirmation for the political construct I’ve identified and outlined in the above-linked articles. In response to President Trump’s retaliatory strike, former Vice President and current presidential candidate Joe Biden made this public statement (emphasis mine),

“Our world has been set on edge by an erratic, unstable, and dangerously incompetent commander in chief. The stakes could not be higher. Every day that Donald Trump directs American national security is a dangerous day for the United States and the world.”

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden sowing the seeds of the 25th Amendment

Now knowing the construct for the 25th and the construct for the Iran/Iraq embassy event, we can see the DS/SG merge the two. Here’s precisely what they’re doing – their entangling these two constructs – conflating them, if you will – with each bolstering and reinforcing the other.

Here’s what I mean with that circular, chicken-egg comment. This is their rationale behind the conflation/entanglement: The IIE event only happened because Trump is “erratic, unstable and dangerously incompetent” and because Trump is “erratic, unstable and dangerously incompetent” the 25th must be enforced.

Here’s how I view the implications of all this:

  1. Trump will stands strong and resolute over the Iranian strike.
  2. Iran will continue to be wagged and it’s reasonable to expect escalation.
  3. The impeachment effort is most assuredly a failed one and this quote from Biden is a likely shift to the back-up plan I’ve long contended, the 25th.
  4. Expect to see a narrative shift toward the 25th.


  1. […] THIS discusses the emergence of the 25th Amendment, which has been set to the back burner after several prior litmus tests in the MSM. Importantly, it discusses how the Iran/Iraq event is being entangled with the 25th Amendment (using Iraq/Iran as justification to enforce the 25th Amendment, which could result in House Speaker as POTUS if they can also successfully remove VP Mike Pence.) As you consider this information, do so with what is outlined next in the discussed Washington Post article discussed below. Think constructs, there. […]

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