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*This is an article I wrote on 31 Jan 19 as posted at Gab and the old website.

Yesterday, it was asserted that Brennan’s latest Twitter tirade was a warning shot to the president and pretext for what is to come. In it, Mr. Brennan stated, “All Americans, especially members of Congress, need to understand the danger you pose to our national security.”

That reads very much like a bipartisan congressional effort to invoke the 25th Amendment due to national security threats posed by the president, and then remove him from office citing fitness for duty. 

Coincidentally and to no one’s surprise, neither Mr. Brennan nor the Democrats bothered to care when Mr. Obama came down heavily on the intelligence community. Mr. Schumer cared not to blast the president on that occasion.

Recall early on when there was an initial push to invoke the 25th and remove the president due to mental instability? I do and it’s important. That narrative played-out in the mainstream looking more like a litmus test to gauge public sentiment and response than a full-fledged effort akin to something like the Kavanaugh opposition. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:  This is a fluff piece looking for wheels; an item to gin-up interest and sew opinion in the base.

The crux of it for the Democrats was that they obviously believed their rationale behind invoking the 25th fell short of what’s required to convincingly portray a newly elected president, who had little governance under his belt, as mentally deficient to the extent that his removal from office was justified. That was an insurmountable task no matter the degree of dishonesty and regardless of a fully complicit and willing mainstream media. So, they just held on to that card for another time.

The 25th is a tool for removal that the Democrats and Deep State have simply kept handy in their back pocket. The only sticking point for them was finding an effective enough narrative to justify its use. They’ve been shopping around for a better reason and as suggested last night, Mr. Brennan is telling us they’ve found it. In short, they’re transitioning the president from ‘crazy’ to ‘a threat’ and using national security to do it.

This is appears to be playing out as suggested. What we’re seeing is likely two consecutive days of pretext establishing the next move against the president and relative to the impeachment timeline. Simply, they’re going to try to invoke the 25th as a last ditch effort to avoid the heavy political penalty that an impeachment of the president would carry. 

To a degree, Chuck Schumer has now confirmed last night’s assertion; however, the news cycle will ultimately provide any such confirmation. To close, this effort may see the same fate as the first, but it appears we at least know the context.


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