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WAR, FAMINE & DISEASE: The likelihood of war escalates as the next pandemic stands to arrive around the Western world’s holiday season

-11 Dec 22-

This is the 88th article in this series dedicated to the enmeshed and entangled scenarios of war, famine and disease, which are all borne out of constructs rooted in enterprise fraud committed by a cartel of communist Globalists seeking to enslave Americans and the world’s population on a technocratic global plantation as enforced by the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism. Let’s get right to it.


Wars require funding and in the case of Ukraine, we have a “war” of our own construction that functions as the impetus to offshore billions in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Ukraine to be laundered into cryptocurrency and, in-part, returned to the U.S. politburo that is sending and then receiving back portions of those funds by means of FTX. The funding of the Ukraine war through U.S. defense aid now tops $20 billion of U.S. taxpayer money. Consequently, it has FTX positioned as a central node in the epicenter of money laundering operations in Ukraine.

In addition to a stack of FTX work that is linked in the last article, I recently discussed it all in an interview with Chris Paul:

From auditor Bob Bishop, we now learn that multi-billion dollar FTX used QuickBooks to manage its ledger. On 10 Dec 22, Bishop reported that, “FTX keeps its accounting records on QuickBooks according to the latest bankruptcy filing. QuickBooks is only suitable for small businesses, not FTX.

QuickBooks is a subsidiary of Intuit and its CEO is Sasan Goodarzi. Goodzari and his wife are co-founders of the PARS Equity Center and according to PARS’ financials [501(c)], they “offer and solicit social and legal support for all members of the Iranian American community.” Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. PAR’s mission is “to catalyze social, civic, and economic integration of immigrants from Persian-speaking and other underrepresented communities into American society.”

Recalling Harvard University’s threading throughout all of the broader work, Intuit’s founder is Harvard educated Scott Cook, who contributes to both Republicans and Democrats; his contributions increasing significantly to maximum levels permitted in recent years.

Knowing that the combined BlackRock and Vanguard is another common and predominant thread, they are the primary holders and controllers of Intuit.

Saving much work for later and taking it at face value given QuickBooks ability to interface with a company’s financials through its online portals and support, the entanglements of QuickBooks’ and Intuit’s personnel relative to its misapplication to managing FTX’s ledgers is highly problematic.

Moreover, we have now learned that Bankman-Fried attempted to destabilize the crypto market in an effort to salvage FTX, “Tether executives and Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao worried that Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), former FTX CEO, was attempting to destabilize the crypto market aiming to save the now-bankrupt exchange, according to reports on Dec. 9.”

Maxine Waters [D-CA], who chairs The House Financial Services Committee and who is not qualified to be your local dog catcher; and who signed an MOU to target President Donald J. Trump with oversight and subpoena power as he was entering office in 2017; and who was a primary component to Trump’s removal including two fraudulently constructed impeachments, is overseeing the investigation into FTX.

Don’t forget that Bankman-Fried donated $300k to those with the authority and oversight to investigate him.

It’s utterly insane and laughable and it gets more so.

Whereas FTX’s ex-CEO Sam Bankman-Fried was initially thought not to be testifying in Water’s hearing, now we learn that he’ll testify remotely. What a joke.

See this for what it is: unavoidable circumstances [a million losing billions] coming to bear in the full public spectrum and whereas the damage is being mitigated as best it can so as to steer the mess to the best possible landing spot.

Nothing substantial or fruitful will come of it. You can write that down. See John Durham as the analog and then ask Clinesmith, Sussmann and Danchenko how it all works. Old play. Older and tattered playbook.

It’s more kabuki theater and more fat to chew on for the feeble minded who are incapable of independent and critical thinking; and who so desire to continue swilling the communist Kool-Aid brewed by their Marxist overlords.

With that under out belt, ask yourself why it is that the Democrats, who were the primary beneficiaries of the FTX/Ukraine money laundering operation have now declined to audit U.S. foreign aid to Ukraine through oversight in the House at the same time they continue voting to send more over?

Moreover, The Federal Reserve, which is not a governmental entity and is the central node to privatized central Western banking, is leveraging the cryptocurrency fallout to move America to digital banking. Consider that,

The Federal Reserve is sowing the seeds for its central bank digital currency (CBDC). It may seem that the purpose of a CBDC is to facilitate transactions and enhance economic activity, but CBDCs are mainly about more government control over individuals. If a CBDC were implemented, the central bank would have access to all transactions in addition to being capable of freezing accounts.

It may seem dystopian—something that only totalitarian governments would do—but there have been recent cases of asset freezing in Canada and Brazil. Moreover, a CBDC would give the government the power to determine how much a person can spend, establish expiration dates for deposits, and even penalize people who saved money.

Zero Hedge/André Marques via The Mises Institute,

Here’s the analysis as I recently put it on Telegram and it ties to the Second Amendment, which ties to “The Hunt” [see the menu bar up top], which I expand on below and for which I’ve written an entire series of articles,


From voting to court filings to currency to transportation – everything is moving to digital/electric platforms for two simple reasons:


2-ASSETS CAN BE TURNED OFF AT THE FLIP OF A SWITCH or freedom limited by range as with an electric vehicle

HEADLINE: Gun Shops And Customers Claim Credit Card Firms “Restrict” Firearm Purchases

“Transaction declined: Charge declined RESTRICTED CARD Customer bank does not allow this card to be used at this type of merchant.”

Credit card companies are deciding what you can and can’t buy and violating Second Amendment rights indirectly by doing so.

It will only get worse.

Wait until they place limits on food purchases due to the constructed and ongoing global food crisis.

Wait until they place limits on energy purchases due to the constructed and ongoing energy crisis.

QUESTION: How do think this is all going to play-out after the forced reset to digital currency and once cash has been completely locked-down and restricted in its possession and use?

Folks had better wake up and fight back because it’s just as I’ve been saying for a very long time – we’re being ushered onto the technocratic global plantation.

Prove me wrong.

Source: Gun Shops And Customers Claim Credit Card Firms “Restrict” Firearm Purchases

Political Moonshine

This is like watching a senior citizen rob a bank of all of our money in broad daylight and “speeding” off to his successful getaway in his Rascal – with a maximum speed of 4 mph – as everyone stands by idly and impotently claiming there is nothing we can do to stop it.

You get what you tolerate, America. Figured it out yet? Tired of tolerating it yet?

Ready to do something?

If so, you had better hurry.

NATO is central all of this as I’ve long evidenced and recently reviewed with Paul; and so this headline causes further consternation about matters: Did Ukraine Try To Trick NATO Into Starting World War III After It Accidentally Bombed Poland?

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky was installed by Ihor Kolomoyskyi, who I have threaded through the entire Ukrainian money laundering operation, and the succession of Ukrainian presidents resulting from the Euromaidan Uprising that constituted regime change brought about by the rogue intelligence community [further commentary below] and the cartel of Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland drawing back to 2014.

It means that Zelensky is “their guy” and Zelensky stands to drag the U.S. into thermonuclear Armageddon against Russia, but it doesn’t stop there. The fundamental and underlying principle in this entire series of articles rests on the notion of a multiple-front war. This is the 88th article I’ve written on it in exclusive ways that presents evidenced angles no one else has proffered.

For one, the two fronts are represented by the two epicenters of Joe Biden’s corruption, crime and abject treason: Ukraine/Russia and China/Taiwan and the South China Sea.

This occurs against the backdrop of previous work evidencing China’s movement in wartime preparations and its military expansion; as well as Putin’s and Russia’s modernizing and expansion of its nuclear arsenal and capabilities, according to the Pentagon and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

For another, I’ve postulated that Joe Biden will take a predetermined dive to handover the U.S. to the Globalists and communists. No one else has told you this and it’s not shooting from the hip rather it’s hundreds of evidenced, sourced and cited pages.

So then, Zelensky’s efforts to bait NATO are highly concerning and they are compounded by this development: Visualizing The Military Imbalance In The Taiwan Strait.

Read this article to really understand the complex issues and examine the evidence: ALARMING: WHITE HOUSE’S ABRUPT REVERSAL OF POSITIONS – Every American Should Read and Come to Understand the White House’s Disingenuous and Newly Fabricated Position on the Multiple-Front War Precisely Predicted Long Ago.

In short, the DoD concluded through war gaming exercises that there was no Taiwan Straight scenario the U.S. could win in a hot war with China.

Why then did the White House reverse that finding and say that not only the U.S. could win it, but it could successfully and simultaneously fight a second front against Russia?


As I said back in March of 2021, we’re being set-up for a dive that Joe Biden intends to take.

Political Moonshine / March 2021

As soon as Russia/Ukraine goes hot, Xi Jinping and China will move on Taiwan.

Two fronts compounded by Obama’s purge and compromising of our military over eight years seals the deal.

Ask the Germans how two fronts worked out circa 06 Jun 44.


The last article discussed the intrinsically interrelated aspects and entanglements of the constructed energy crisis and the constructed food crisis. In short, they can’t be separated.

These constructed crises are global and we can learn more about our own fate by examining the fate of other countries and in this case, the U.K. As we do, note that what is being attacked by this cartel of Globalists and communists seeking to enslave the world on the technocratic global plantation because they are the absolute basics: peace, health, nutrition and shelter [warmth]. Evil and nefarious seem to fall short of appropriate here.

This headline sums it up leaving the article for your independent consumption: Spiraling costs and crumbling public services leave millions in Britain struggling to live.

The same applies here: UK sleepwalking into food supply crisis, says farming union.

It applies to this headline and byline, too: Global Food Prices to Remain Elevated Amid War, Costly Energy, La Niña / Interest-rate hikes have eased price pressures, but the weather, war and material costs could keep food prices elevated for longer.

As I continue to say, there is a distinct difference between what is happening to us and what is being done to us. Failing to discern that difference amounts to a fatal error.

What’s being done to us is such that if they don’t kill us in a manufactured multiple-front war and for anyone who might survive, they’ll starve and freeze us to the point that people will be begging for life on the technocratic global plantation because that will be the only availability for provisions and remedies to these manufactured crises.

The psychology for this phenomenon is found in recidivism rates for paroled prisoners who immediately and intentionally commit additional crimes once back on the streets expressly for the purpose of being arrested and returned to prison where their lives are structured for them and their provisions are entirely given to them.


Recently, a World Health Summit Member admitted what we’ve known for some time; and to the extent that Dr. Anthony Fauci has also expressed similar: the COVID-19 lock-downs were political and ulterior in their intent and implementation.

Fauci said the lock-downs were to coerce Americans into getting mRNA injections.

The World Health Summit Member recently stated that they had little to do with a bioeningeered chimeric virus with a better than 99.9% survival rate across essentially all demographics. Rather the lock-downs were a function of political objectives and to shoehorn Americans [and the world over] into dangerous mRNA injections that rise to the level of human genetic experimentation as said Fauci.

Rebel News reporter Alexandra Lavoie infiltrated the conference undercover and released footage on Thursday. Lavoie spoke with Razak Gyesi Issahaku, a member of the German-West Africa Center for Pandemic Prevention (G-WAC) who stated, “In the heat of the pandemic, most of the decisions were not based on science like I said. They were just reactionary. Anything that would help […] “Now, with the benefit of hindsight, we can tell that some of those decisions is [sic] not backed by science.”

“Tridemic” is the new fraudulent vernacular and brand for the context of the enterprise fraud being committed and propagated as a “pandemic” arising out of COVID-19. The “tridemic” stems from the uptick in a cocktail of illnesses including flu/pneumo, which begins its annual appearance, infection and mortality at this time every year, and COVID-19 and RSV, both of which are attributable to the mRNA injections, but are medically coded otherwise in an extension of the enterprise fraud construct.

As a result and in places where this is being seen like Oregon and New York City, and in the case of the latter, the call for arbitrary and capricious masking is being made again despite 70 years of preexisting reliable evidence proving and further contemporary evidence showing irrefutably, undeniably, reliably and veritably that masking does nothing to protect against viral transmission or infection; no matter the type of mask.

Of course, in NYC it’s only a mask “advisory;” not a mandate.

Allow me to remind everyone that today is day 1,075 [307 weekend days, 32 holidays and 736 business days] of “flatten the curve for two weeks.” Analogously, once cancer establishes itself, it doesn’t go away it only metastasizes. Let’s kick my two favorite dead horses again: 1-COVID-19 is never going away and 2-These people will never stop until they are made to stop. I’ve been kicking those dead horses since early 2020. Tell me I’m wrong.

I’m not wrong. It’s why NYC is calling for further vaccination. The vaccines drive the pandemic perpetually as I’ve argued and evidenced over and over.

Need more evidence that COVID-19, ergo manufactured and constructed pandemics, is never going away? Consider this and where Event 201 bears down as the preceding tabletop exercise for COVID-19:

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, conducted Catastrophic Contagion, a pandemic tabletop exercise at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on October 23, 2022.” SOURCE

Look and sound familiar?

Event 201 occurred on Friday, October 18, 2019. Between 27 Dec and 31 Dec 19, the MSM then began reporting on a viral outbreak in China that became COVID-19.

The Catastrophic Contagion exercise was held 23 Oct 22 and it positions us for another evidenced-based fraudulent pandemic very soon assuming that history is about ready to repeat itself.

Johns Hopkins, the WHO and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation? Same people. Same play. Same old and tattered playbook.

Another “pandemic” is en route and it stands to again coincide with peak flu/pneumo 2022-2023 and under the cover of the Western world’s primary holiday season. Write it down. COVID-19 is never going away and these people will never stop until they are made to stop.


I’ve written an entire series on the Biden Administration’s [see that as the entire federal apparatus] hunt that targets Donald J. Trump and extends to all of Biden’s political enemies – conservatives, Trump voters, MAGA, et al – and the positions therein are exclusive, arduously evidenced and not found elsewhere. That work delineates the schematics to conduct the hunt base upon “domestic terrorism,” “domestic terrorist,” “white nationalism,” the Second Amendment, the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation and the Mar-a-Lago entrapment operation.

In the first of two updates, Sundance at CTH further threads the intelligence community, which is our longstanding spine to all things that plague this nation converting to the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism and which attaches firmly to the head of George H.W. Bush extending straight to Joe Biden and encompassing every president in between save DJT as I’ve evidenced copiously, through the recent Twitter revelations.

Therein, Sundance identifies Deep State operative Jeff Carlton as a central figure noting,

What I find interesting is in segment/tweet #12 where Ms. Weiss reveals the existence of the top tier of Twitter control officers.  “The group that decided whether to limit the reach of certain users was the Strategic Response Team – Global Escalation Team, or SRT-GET. It often handled up to 200 “cases” a day.”

I find it curious that Ms Bari Weiss mentioned several names in her expose’ yet failed to mention the name or curriculum vitae of the head for the Strategic Response Team, a fellow named Jeff Carlton.

Like former CIA head Mike Pompeo, Mr Jeff Carlton was a former U.S. Naval Intelligence Officer responsible for briefing White House officials where his responsibilities included his former work within the FBI counterintelligence division and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  Apparently, these intelligence skillsets transferred nicely to his position as the head of Twitter’s Strategic Response Team…

…Controlling information, and ultimately shaping public opinion, was/is the primary responsibility of this internal Twitter network that was/is operating in a public-private partnership with the United States Government.


This is further evidence of the immediate position I assumed relative to Twitter, Musk and the Twitter files that now, others are assuming: Something Is Not Right at Musk’s Twitter, Is it Good or Bad? Who is Alexander Macgillivray? [on Substack].

In the other update and with a grain of good news, we learn that Obama appointed US District Judge Beryl Howell has declined the DOJ’s overtures to hold Trump in contempt regarding classified documents at Mar-a-Lago instead advising the prosecution and defense to settle the matter privately and between themselves.


The war drums continue to pound louder as projected scenarios continue manifesting according to volumes of evidence and analysis. With the emergence of another pandemic tabletop exercise by the same cohort of miscreants and criminals; and as coinciding on the same annual timeline, we are being positioned for the next pandemic they all promised was coming in the height of COVID-19.



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