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Revisiting the Capitol “Insurrection” Event in Light of New Evidence to Galvanize it as an Entrapment Operation

-01 Jan 23-

The Capitol “insurrection” event was an obvious entrapment operation from the very beginning and that’s why I started ripping video in real time to preserve it as evidence for an inarguable case to be made later, which I did. Today, we revisit that case to galvanize it in light of new evidence. The video files I ripped were later compiled into a single video, which provides sufficient evidence by itself to indicate that the 06 Jan 21 event was an entrapment operation. The new evidence leaves zero room for an alternative explanation as I’ll thoroughly outline in this 16th article in this series.

This position on the Capitol “entrapment” operation and the work into it is a pillar for the series of articles The Hunt Is On. That series evidences how a corrupt, criminal and treasonous U.S. politburo and Biden Administration are bending back the entire federal apparatus including America’s agencies, departments and institutions to hunt and eliminate Biden’s political opposition under the guise of “domestic terrorist” and “domestic terrorism.”

Whether people know it, this is what our government routinely does: problem:reaction:solution. It’s succinctly explained in this:

The crux of it all is understanding how “domestic terrorists” and “domestic terrorism” were ginned-up out of thin air just like the fraudulent COVID-19 “pandemic” was and it was all orchestrated with help from the FBI’s confidential human assets on the ground at the Capitol on that day. Those assets were in-part comprised of factions of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and a peculiar individual named Ray Epps.

Those assets served the entrapment construct as functionary dog whistles running point to lead innocent demonstrators who were expressing their Constitutionally protected First Amendment rights into breaching the Capitol Building.

The Critical Contextual Backdrop

The major premises framing our positions are revisited from this article I published in July [italicized print]:

  1. The Capitol “insurrection” event was an entrapment scheme executed primarily by Nancy Pelosi along with House and Senate leadership, the Capitol Police Department, the House Sergeant at Arms, the commander of the DC National Guard, the DC Mayor and others.
  2. The ongoing Capitol “insurrection” hearings are not technically hearings and represent kabuki theater and the delivery mechanism [vis-a-vis the MSM] for state-sponsored propaganda that serves as the official narrative. It further serves a constructive purpose to frame President Trump, his constituency and the silent majority who voted for him as “domestic terrorists” and for specific reasons.
  3. The currently incarcerated “insurrectionists” had to be prosecuted and incarcerated to establish the context for the manufactured criminal predicate to indict [and possibly arrest] President Trump; or in other words, the jailed represent the low-hanging fruit of a tree intended for prosecution and they were needed to build the rest of the tree between them and Trump so they could vector in on Trump for prosecution. How could they ever prosecute regular Americans without prosecuting the person they said caused them to be there? They couldn’t. They’ll cite this and their collective moral conscience in a decision they don’t take lightly [all bullshit] when the occasion arises.
  4. Folks comprising the middle of the tree between the jailed commoners and President Trump are people like Garrett Ziegler, who told them to pound sand by pleading the 5th to all questions when he was recently compelled to testify on Capitol Hill. Well done, friend.
  5. There is an ongoing effort throughout the DOJ/FBI to leverage “domestic terrorists”/”domestic terrorism” as a legal vector to trigger legal authority to target profiled individuals and groups comprised of Trump’s people and the silent majority.
  6. The “domestic terrorists”/”domestic terrorism” angles are further tied to fraudulently propagated “systemic racism” and “white nationalism,” which ties further to then-Senator Kamala Harris-D, CA and her earlier legislative effort to provide the precedence for passing legislation to federally fund slavery reparations. All to give the bite more teeth and to create important linkage.
  7. President Trump is their bridge between “white nationalism” and “domestic terrorism”/”domestic terrorists”, which further bridges to his voter base that also primarily encompasses the silent majority. As such, it permits the FBI/DOJ to target those groups.
  8. The “domestic terrorists”/”domestic terrorism” vectors as legal definitions will be justified in their application writ large by the indictment and possible arrest of Trump. Technically, it would trigger the authority to target individuals and groups further caught-up by the constructed bridges connecting to “white nationalism,” which are further extended to target and eviscerate the Second Amendment. It will occur by disarming of the same silent majority; especially of the type of weapon that would be sufficient for militia duty like the AR-15.

All of the above components and more plug into this entrapment construct designed to deliver Trump for prosecution as a political weapon throwing cover to an election they must steal; and then further leveraging it to permanently control its political opposition.

It therefore causes us to put a very focused lens in front of the Biden/Garland/DOJ decision to open an investigation into President Trump respective to the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment scheme. This is especially so knowing that it was entirely fraudulent and constructed out of thin air; and there is ample evidence to prove it.

Examining the Capitol event through that lens causes us to question it and where it appears it was made to happen for three extremely important reasons:

  1. Present: it represents the circling back for the cinching of the noose in the entrapment scheme construct that was designed to deliver Trump for prosecution; meaning they targeted Trump before fabricating an entire scenario around him that would permit them to indict and prosecute Trump; potentially arresting and imprisoning him.
  2. Future: if successful, it permits them to align the effort with October and therefore it contextually makes sense that this is pretext for an excellent choice for their October surprise to impact the 2022 midterm elections while also explaining the overcoming of impossible polling odds that will begin shifting to the Democrats favor as soon as the revelation is made.
  3. Future: if successful, it will extend to further efforts in permanently targeting and subjugating the silent majority into Marxist communism while it fools the minority into believing that the donkey of a Third World banana republic in which they live is actually a progressive, liberal, utopian bliss. It’s just a dressed-up donkey, though, and the believers worshiping it get by and keep the illusion real simply by ignoring the obvious, overwhelming and repugnant smell of donkey shit everywhere.

Take all of that and now process it respective to this new development along with my analysis and position on it respective to Trump and what is likely a pending criminal indictment to be handed down by Special Counsel Jack Smith and Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice [ORDER NO. 5559-2022].

The important contextual backdrop is that Nancy Pelosi’s House Committee that is facilitating this entrapment operation previously made referrals for charges against Trump to Garland’s DOJ at the same time it had subpoenaed Trump to testify. That subpoena has been withdrawn and this is a highly indicative development if the tea leaves are properly read.

On 28 Dec 22 in a Telegram post, I put it like this:

The SDNY interceded on Sam Bankman-Fried’s scheduled remote House testimony by arresting him. That arrest precluded him from testifying on an ongoing criminal matter.

Let us not forget that Pelosi’s sham Capitol “insurrection” committee made criminal referrals on Trump to the DOJ.

What does this mean?

It very well could mean that the committee withdrew Trump’s subpoena because they know the DOJ is about ready to charge him and he would be precluded from testifying on an ongoing criminal matter.

Charges forthcoming against Trump?

There sure could be.

Political Moonshine

The House withdrew its subpoena because it knows that a criminal indictment is coming against Trump. That’s the most plausible explanation and the only one that works against the backdrop of everything I’ve laid-out in all of this arduous analysis. It’s also the only way to finally and permanently remove Trump from ever recapturing what is rightfully his – the Executive – because felons are precluded from holding that office.

When you have someone you want to be a felon and they have committed no felonies, you simply fabricate the felony landscape around him, induce others to commit felonies in his name and then bridge their felonies to him for the purpose of charging him with felonies he never committed. Understand that and you understand the entire premise of the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation.

What’s left is filling in all of the analytical and granular details to explain it while also galvanizing that case into a water-tight one; and that’s precisely what I’m doing.

The Details of Entrapment

The induced actions of the Capitol demonstrators would be held as trespassing and interfering with ongoing legislative activity among other crimes. The legislative activity on that day specifically included the certification of the fraudulent and stolen 2020 election.

The truth about the Capitol “insurrection” event presents with crystal clarity indicating that it is a clear and cut case of entrapment by black letter definition:

An affirmative defense in which a defendant alleges that a law enforcement agent or agent of the state acquired the evidence necessary to commence prosecution of the defendant by inducing the defendant to engage in a criminal act that the defendant would not otherwise have committed. see, e.g. Jacobson v. United States, 503 U.S. 540 (1992). Each state has its own case law and statute that outlines when and how the entrapment defense is applicable, and a subjective test for claims of entrapment may be applied, which includes two elements: 1-The defendant’s lack of proclivity to conduct in crime and 2-The government’s inducement of the crime.

Cornell Law

In order to prosecute a crime respective to any defendant[s], the prosecutor must prove the elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt and those elements include mens rea and actus reus. Mens rea is the “criminal intent” or the originating thought to then carry out the act of the crime. Actus reus is the commission of that crime or the criminal act itself.

Further, the elements of entrapment include the defendants’ “lack of proclivity to conduct in crime,” which reflects back on mens rea and can be understood by asking whether or not the defendants intended to breach the Capitol when they arrived to demonstrate?

The second element of entrapment is a back-breaker: “The government’s inducement of the crime.” Another question breaks the back: Would the defendants had breached the Capitol had they not been induced to do so by the FBI’s confidential human asset dog whistles, including Antifa, BLM, Ray Epps and others, including being literally dragged through the doors as evidenced in video below?

In the case of entrapment at the Capitol, the affirmative defense simply holds that without the FBI’s confidential human assets on the Capitol grounds functioning as dog whistles; without a security stand-down formulated and ordered by Nancy Pelosi including her denial of National Guard troops as presented to her by President Trump; without the exclusion of Republican and presumably Trump-friendly people in the security planning process; and without that security stand-down being executed by the Capitol Police in a way that functioned as an invitation to enter the Capitol, would the defendants had ever committed those crimes?

In other words, 1-did the defendants arrive on Capitol grounds to protest with the premeditated intent to breach the Capitol [mens rea] and 2-would they have breached the Capitol if they were not induced into it by the FBI’s confidential human assets as permitted by a Capitol Police Department functioning in an ordered security stand-down [actus reus]?

The answer is clearly no for both parts of that two-part question.

This is Criminal Law 101 and it makes the Capitol “insurrection” event an entrapment operation as long held from the very beginning.

Here’s the video. See and hear for yourself.

As you do, pay attention to the evidence for the elements of the crime understanding that the prosecutor bears the burden of proving them beyond a reasonable doubt. Also, pay attention to the rhythmic chants in the crowd of “fu-cking trai-tors,” which is patently Antifa and BLM tactics, which are also accompanied by shouts of “Antifa!” from genuine Trump constituents. Also look for the clear presence of Antifa and BLM activists disguised as Trump supporters. They, along with Ray Epps and others are the entrapping dog whistles and the crux of it is simply – Does any of this happen without their presence and actions?

No. No, it doesn’t. Watch.

Nancy Pelosi

The original basis for this being Nancy Pelosi entrapment operation is found in the oversight authority for the Capitol Police Department. This is old Moonshine:

I’m keeping this substantial piece at veneer level for Pelosi so please dig through the series for more granular details on her like her acquisition of military grade communication equipment, her engagement with the D.C. National Guard respective to the House Sergeant of Arms and the death of the previous House Sergeant of Arms, Michael Stenger, that occurred the day before he was scheduled to testify to the House – timing always matters and critically so. [Note: some of these details come from a controversial witness as identified in the links.]

Consider these developments respective to Pelosi that tie directly to Stenger as reported by Rogan O’Handley on Twitter and where he provided the receipts:

Nothing to see here Just a text from Pelosi’s staff secretly editing the J6 security plan and telling the House Sgt. at Arms to “please act surprised” when the final draft was published Translation: Pelosi’s staff was directly weakening J6 security & didn’t want anyone to know.

Rogan O’Handley

“So please act surprised?” Do you know when people are ordered to “act surprised?” When things are disingenuous and it is necessary to put forth a manufactured and fraudulent narrative, like in an entrapment operation that rises to the level of treason.

The other Pelosi thread in this treasonous Capitol tapestry was leveraging her own daughter to film inside the Capitol and her son-in-law to film outside for the purpose of capturing and memorializing the entirely fraudulent event so it could later be propagated in alignment with the narrative framed out of the entrapment operation.

They were actually so brazen as to admit to it all on CNN, of all places.

Pelosi has been positioned as the central node from the very beginning at Moonshine. Now, Pelosi herself is proving me right.

Let’s introduce more video and the central figure in it is FBI confidential human asset and dog whistle Ray Epps.

FBI Dog Whistle Ray Epps

Who is Ray Epps? According to reporting, Epps is,

Identified in photo No 16 in an FBI list of people whom the feds wanted to identify, provided more fodder for speculation after the select committee investigating the January 6 riot outright denied he was a federal agent or informant.


The 60-year-old retired marine is an owner of Rocking R Farms and an associated wedding venue on the Arizona property called the Knotty Barn run with his wife Robyn, 63, according to The Daily Mail.

He was listed as the president of the Arizona Oath Keepers as recently as 2011, but it was unclear if he was still affiliated with the group at the time of the US Capitol riot.

Days after the 6 January riot, Mr Epps told The Arizona Republic he travelled to DC for the occasion but that he had been advised by an attorney not to speak about it.

Yahoo News

In the above image, Ray Epps is featured by the FBI in row 3, 3rd from the right [33, hmmm?]

Back in January 2022, a January 6th committee spokesperson said this about Epps,

“Mr Epps informed us that he was not employed by, working with, or acting at the direction of any law enforcement agency on January 5th or 6th or at any other time, and that he has never been an informant for the FBI or any other law enforcement agency,” a select committee spokesperson said.

Yahoo News

Epps perjured himself.

Now we have Epps’ testimony as released to the public and in it, we have this text message he sent to his nephew at the time:


Ray Epps, FBI Confidential Human Asset and Capitol “Insurrection” Dog Whistle

*Image source

Reporting indicates that Epps said,

At that point, I didn’t know that they were breaking into the Capitol,” Epps told Congressional investigators, adding “I didn’t know anybody was in the Capitol. … I was on my way back to the hotel room.”

Zero Hedge

Again, Epps perjured himself but that’s the least of his problems. See the sentencing requirements for treason.

Here is Epps engaging with demonstrators on the eve of January 6th evidencing how Epps perjured himself:

Here’s Epps on the day of and he can barely contain his gleeful and treasonous emotions as he induces innocent demonstrators to breach the Capitol in the entrapment operation.

It’s critical to note that the FBI never arrested Epps and he was never charged by the U.S. Department of Justice with any crimes related to January 6th.

Funny how that works.

Epps is a liar. Epps is a traitor. Epps is an agent provocateur. Epps is an entrapment artist. Epps perjured himself. U.S. Marines active, retired and the nation over should be ready to devour one of their own.

It seems that there’s a lot of John McCain in Ray Epps.

More Video Evidence of Entrapment

If the Capitol “insurrection” event is not an entrapment operation, how does one explain yet another FBI confidential human asset wearing a communications ear piece while pulling demonstrators into the Capitol in order to complete their crime of breaching it? This is the video I referenced above.

Is this another explanation for why the Capitol Police refused to release 14,000 hours of January 6th video from inside the Capitol? Yes. Yes, it is.

Final Remarks

There is no plausible explanation for the January 6th Capitol “insurrection” event outside of the arduously evidenced and now galvanized case of it being an entrapment operation that was formulated, orchestrated and executed by Nancy Pelosi, et al; who are the same folks possessing statutory oversight authority over the Capitol Police Department.

It’s the same Nancy Pelosi who unconstitutionally expanded the Capitol Police to Florida and California.

It’s the same Nancy Pelosi, et al that gave a complicit Capitol Police Department a $2.1 billion bonus for its cooperation in entrapping Americans to be imprisoned as a political bargaining chip and targeting a sitting U.S. President for removal – permanently.

It’s the same Nancy Pelosi who orchestrated the first fraudulent impeachment as a deflection point construct away from the implementation of a fraudulent “pandemic” and the second fraudulent impeachment respective to this entrapment operation.

It’s just the same damned traitor Nancy Pelosi and in the end, it’s just a damned entrapment operation. Period.

From the specific elements of entrapment to a wide array of inarguable video evidence that only requires common sense and basic observational skills as the litmus test, to damning and perjurious testimony from the FBI’s own confidential human asset and dog whistle, the Capitol “insurrection” event is nothing but an entrapment operation.



  1. txvet33 January 2, 2023

    moonshine, you forget the ‘only’ reason for J6.
    [It] started in exact time with when the Conservatives were at the Dias to fight certification of the electors from the swing states. [that] is the only reason for J6, period, full stop…
    Hence the Brunson v Adams 22-380… Amendment12

  2. txvet33 January 2, 2023

    come 3Jan23 we will see if the ‘conservatives’ have balls OR not, probably NOT if history is any indicator, + who runs the DoJ….

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