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Pelosi’s Unconstitutional Expansion of Capitol Police to CA and FL Emblematic of Unfettered Attack on Americans

On orders from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, Capitol Police Regional Field Offices will be established in CA and FL as reported by Conservative Treehouse earlier this week. This is an absolutely remarkable and astonishing decision that is completely emblematic of Pelosi’s yet-to-be quenched thirst for unmitigated power, authority and tyrannical rule over supposedly free and independent Americans. Pelosi’s jaw-dropping encroachment on the U.S. Constitution by her overstepping of bounds to establish her own private federal police force working in conjunction with a rogue DOJ and FBI moves far beyond the legal jurisdiction of the Capitol Police Department. More concerning is that it occurs within the states of CA and FL that are of monumental importance relative to voting and elections.

Americans should be delineating a very red line and resolutely standing firm here. The question is, though, are Americans competent enough to discern that on the one hand, Pelosi and her ilk drove the “de-fund the police” agenda and now on the other hand, Pelosi is overstepping the bounds of the law to establish her own private federal police force in two states with more in the queue?


Extension of the Capitol “Insurrection”

The last time Pelosi sunk her claws into the Capitol Police, she orchestrated, ran point on and called the shots – literally, just ask Ashli Babbit – for the constructed and staged false flag event we call the Capitol “insurrection.” Therein Pelosi and then Vice President Mike Pence et al ordered the Capitol Police to stand down to facilitate the event.

Further, take note of the relevance of the U.S. Capitol Sergeant of Arms as enmeshed in all of it respective to our previous reporting regarding the statement transcripts from federal whistleblower Dr. Jonathan McGreevey as obtained by Mr. Lin Wood.

Clear imagery is available of “police deterrence” of protestors that would make the worst crisis actor blush with embarrassment. I suppose cops should be cops and actors should be actors and we shouldn’t cross these streams. On 06 Jan 21 and as it relates to one of the most secure buildings in the world, these cops were less functional than mops. Really though, they were doormen and tour guides inviting unwitting future defendants into a pit of vipers.

And there is no denying what has been outlined – it’s all on available video and with countless hours of additional surveillance footage still being withheld. That’s no accident.

This measure is an extension of the fraudulently constructed Capitol “insurrection” event devised to further galvanize her power and ability to target and pursue political enemies with the full might of the federal apparatus. Just ask those rotting in solitary confinement after having attended the Capitol event. Regardless, Pelosi is now clearly pushing up against constitutionality and in significant ways; in frightening ways and as if it weren’t terrifying already (at least for those who know what in the hell is actually occurring in this country.)

Why does Nancy need her own federal police force in two states outside of D.C. and why in to of the most important, critical and consequential states relative to voting and elections? Any of you Biden-voting, progressive liberals have good answers? I noticed all of your signs have disappeared since Joe and Kamala decided to go all Thelma and Louise and drive the Republic off a cliff and into a Third World canyon.


Let’s talk jurisdiction because it underpins this entirely. What follows is the legal basis for the jurisdiction of the Capitol Police Department. As you might imagine, it’s essentially limited to the grounds and functioning of the U.S. Capitol and its collective personnel, which includes lawmakers.


No geography degree is needed to discern whether the Capitol Police Department’s authority and jurisdiction is mapped-out to include the states of CA and FL.

Did the Capitol “insurrection” event serve multiple objectives like framing the second fraudulent impeachment of President Trump to effectively remove him and leveraging back against any American standing antithetical to their treasonous cause; and did those objectives also entail the unconstitutional and unmitigated expansion of Pesloi’s seemingly unilateral authority in the form of her own private federal police force? The evidence suggests the answers to be ‘yes.’

Getting What We Deserve Until

In light of Pelosi’s staggering and unconstitutional expansion of tyrannical power, I am compelled to ask, how many more times do I have to tell people that we’re living in World War II era Nazi Germany before they’ll get it?

Will this do it – Peolsi establishing her own private federal police force to target her political enemies and others in CA and FL and with other states in the queue? Does this expand her footprint to assassinate (Ashli Babbit) [at worst] and persecute and prosecute her enemies [at best] outside of “her House” (instead of just inside it)?

Rhetorical questions.

Or will it take the next overreach before they learn? Or the one after that? Or the one after that? Or the one after that?

This isn’t mission creep as the press release above is designed to reflect, but rather it’s the galvanizing of absolute tyrannical power and rule that was consolidated behind an erected wall around the Capitol and defended by the National Guard, which leverages federalism – a primary and underpinning component in how all of the treason was executed. The National Guard falls under the control of state governors allowing federalism to bear down. Therein, let us not forget that Pelosi et al denied Trump’s request for a National Guard presence before the “insurrection” only to demand and install one after.

How do we expect to put this genie back into the bottle? How when you consider that writ large, America is abjectly stupid and ignorant in just the right numbers; in just the places; and in all the right ways?

For evidence of this rather brutal assessment, simply examine how America was propagandized into thinking it’s systemically racist long after white America twice elected a black president, who happens to be serving his third term, and whereby the lion’s share of federal statistics on society and crime stand antithetical to the propaganda.

How long before one of these Capitol Police offices opens up near your neighborhood?

Papers, please.

It’s apparent that Pelosi has a deep, entangled and metastasizing blood lust for ultimate power and absolute tyrannical authority and she only seems to be warming-up to it.

The current short list includes two fake impeachments – the 1st as cover for COVID-19 – a fake Capitol insurrection for which she ran point and called shots (figuratively and literally), the persecution and prosecution of political enemies including the Conservatives that walked through Capitol doors being held open by Capitol police officers and now her own private federal police force to be established in two states outside of D.C. with more in the queue.

As much as it’s painful to say this right after Independence Day, anyone being honest with themselves must acknowledge that as it currently stands, America is a grade-A, Chinese-owned, shit hole, banana republic.

I’d bet a king’s ransom that the Founding Fathers would completely agree with me on this while also asking us what in the hell did we allowed to happen on our watch?

Where are all of the good people? The fighters? Could contemporary Americans even fight a revolution now? Do they possess the intestinal fortitude and grit required?

Writ large, most Americans don’t even possess the right information to found a revolution much less fight one. Maybe that will change with Maricopa County.

Compared to our historic contemporaries circa 1776, today’s American is a pathetic shell of a remnant as contrasted with those who fought and died in a revolution to create the grandest of Republics. The latter is a people brainwashed into the bliss of fake comforts, convenience and a fake sense of civic duty manifesting as a “social justice” agenda embedded into the public education indoctrination process.

Homework to prove the point: the next time you into public, look around you and ask how many people are a 1) even capable of being in a foxhole to begin with and 2) appear as someone that you would invite into your foxhole – figuratively speaking. Good luck because obese, wrongly prioritized, virtuous, distracted and ignorant soldiers don’t start revolutions and they certainly don’t win them. Perhaps this will change and hopefully soon.

The tone will soften when the torches and pitchforks appear. The question becomes exactly how bad does it have to get before a spark is lit beneath their collective asses and at that point, will it already be too late?

Perhaps if the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley wasn’t too busy licking China’s boots and spit-shining them with propagandized racist rants while his military dumbs-down standards for soldiers, inoculates them experimental vaccines, indoctrinates them with Critical Race Theory and rainbows-up all of their flagpoles, we could look to them for redress, but I guess not.

So, we will continue to look to our rightful president, President Trump; and do so hoping and praying that he has left a plan for remedy in his wake.

Until then – until Americans pull-up their bootstraps to find some gumption and resolve to effectively and forcefully eliminate our treasonous plague and those responsible for it – we will get what we deserve.

Right now, that looks like a Marxist, communist nation led by an illegitimate president and Chinese proxy.

Right now, all of the good banana republics are laughing at us.



  1. Debra R Gibboney July 12, 2021

    Thank you, PM, for all your hard work. This is not a fight for the timid of heart. We all do our part; some of us on the local level, some on a wider and broader level. You do your part with ardorous study, skillful words and truth. Truth, like Love, never fails.

    Galatians 6:9,
    Deb and Rock Gibboney
    Ocala, FL

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