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Tucker Carlson Publishes Surveillance Video Confirming Entrapment Position on the U.S. Capitol “Insurrection” Operation

There are no longer concerns that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy may have reneged on the agreement to make available to Tucker Carlson around 40,000 hours of surveillance video from the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation. In recent days, Carlson delivered exactly what we expected to see and have been reporting on quite literally since day one of this patently evidenced entrapment operation.

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media went into full projection mode last night by accusing Carlson of doing precisely what it has been doing for two years: cherry-picking often heavily edited bits of footage sans the full truth and propagandizing it to align with state-sponsored narrative. I happened to catch the putrefied version dished-up by David Muir and ABC and it was detestable in every way.

For those who haven’t figure it out yet, this is exactly how Marxist regimes function and a Marxist regime is precisely what we are. Full stop.

When the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation unpacked in real time, I went to work ripping video in the moment so as to preserve it as a beacon of truth. I compiled what I was able to catalog into this:

Thanks to McCarthy and Carlson, we now have raw surveillance video confirming the original entrapment angles.

It also confirms unquestionably that the mainstream media, treasonous elements of a U.S. politburo, the Capitol Police, the DOJ and the FBI worked tirelessly and selectively to incarcerate innocent U.S. citizens in an Amerikan gulag so that they could weave a political narrative designed to remove the greatest impediment to their designs – Donald J. Trump and by extension conservative Americans, MAGA, etc. They’ve all been abjectly lying for two years. This was unquestionable for that time and it’s more so now.

Here are two items from Tucker Carlson for required viewing. The first segment is the introduction:

The second segment delivers direct video evidence augmenting what I delineated in my video to prove that the Capitol “insurrection” was an entrapment operation:

The analysis at Moonshine goes much deeper and broader than just the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation. In fact, I’ve written an entire series entitled THE HUNT IS ON to evidence how a Marxist Biden regime is bending the entire federal apparatus back against its political enemies just as communist regimes do.

The exclusive Moonshine analysis goes down the lanes of a corrupt and criminal Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation applying and leveraging critical terms with significant legal legal implications that extend to the Second Amendment and for the express purpose of targeting, disarming and eliminating the Biden regime’s political opposition. Those terms specifically include “national security,” “white nationalism,” “insurrection,” “domestic terrorist,” “domestic terrorism,” and others.

To go deeper and learn more, here is the entire series:

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Mar-a-Lago is an entrapment operation. The Capitol “insurrection” was an entrapment operation. The Biden Administration is a Marxist regime hunting its political enemies with the full power and weight of the federal apparatus just like communist regimes do. Most importantly and if you agree with the analysis I’ve presented, it all makes you a victim of prey in the circumstances of that hunt. Their message is clear, acquiesce to subjugation or receive a knock at your front door; assuming they don’t kick it in at 3:00 in the morning.

It’s binary – we embrace our revolutionary roots and begin behaving like proper Americans or we permit the final stages Marxist communism and the implementation of the technocratic global plantation for the rest of your life and all of the lives of your children and grandchildren.

Choose wisely.


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  1. Erik March 15, 2023

    Someone needs question John_Nichols_(journalist) who was telling people to go into the capitol on Jan 6th

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