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The Hunt Is On and Arms Are Shouldered

-18 Dec 22-

We begin with a suggested independent review because it’s imperative for understanding what follows. If this is perhaps your first foray into the work at Moonshine or maybe you just haven’t consumed the existing articles in this series, it’s highly recommended that they be undertaken to provide critical details as important contextual backdrop for this piece. The reasons for this are several but the most important ones are that the work details the apparent broader schematic for the Biden Administration to leverage the full might of the federal apparatus to target a wide swath of the U.S. population [conservatives, Trump voters, MAGA, etc.] as Biden’s political opposition and enemies; and it’s delineated in exclusive fashion you’ll not see elsewhere.

The general premise is simple to understand: the targeting of President Donald J. Trump, which includes but isn’t limited to fraudulent “Russian collusion,” the Mueller Special Counsel, two fraudulent impeachments, a fraudulent “pandemic,” a stolen election, the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation and the Mar-a-Lago entrapment operation, is being extended over time as an application to target his voting base, which constitutes the Biden regime’s political opposition.

Therein and specifically by a corrupt and criminal Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation, critical terms with significant legal implications are being applied, leveraged and extended to the Second Amendment for the express purpose of targeting, disarming and eliminating the Biden regime’s political opposition: “national security,” “white nationalism,” “insurrection,” “domestic terrorist,” “domestic terrorism,” and others.

The suggested independent review will stitch all of that together for you at the same time it bridges us to new developments that further develop our comprehension of what is actually occurring to us.

As I continue to remind folks, there is a distinct difference between what is happening to us and what is being done to us. Failing to discern that distinction amounts to a fatal error.

To frame our discussion, let’s review the definition of entrapment courtesy of Cornell Law:

An affirmative defense in which a defendant alleges that police officers acquired the evidence necessary to commence a criminal prosecution of the defendant by inducing the defendant to engage in a criminal act which the defendant would not otherwise have committed. see, e.g. Jacobson v. United States, 503 U.S. 540(1992).

Cornell Law

We apply this definition to both the Capitol “insurrection” and Mar-a-Lago entrapment operations, as I have so branded them.

The most important aspect to understand about entrapment is that if it weren’t for the efforts of law enforcement to frame the scenario that encompasses the alleged crimes; and if the defendants were not induced, coerced or manipulated into committing those alleged crimes, the crimes would not have otherwise been committed by the defendants.

This is exactly the case in both of the aforementioned entrapment operations.

Here is video irrefutably, undeniably and reliably evidencing the Capitol “insurrection” event as an entrapment operation [5:05]:

The critical terms identified above extend and apply to new developments:

The first item pertains to the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation and the implication is easy to understand – there was a concerted, organized and top-down emphasis on pursuing framed defendants relative to the entrapment.

In this case, the FBI [DOJ] is/was literally fabricating its own narrative out of thin air to create an “insurrection” deflection point construct away from the real insurrection and coup d’etat it executed against President Trump. Look here, fake insurrection. Don’t look here, real insurrection.

Therein, embedded FBI human assets including but not limited to agents, agent provocateurs and organized participation from Antifa and Black Lives Matter, lured innocent bystanders into the Capitol in a manufactured frenzy whereby the Capitol Police Department, which is under the oversight of Nancy Pelosi, et al, stood down, removed barriers, opened doors, invited them in and led them in the right direction [as the video above clearly and irrefutably evidences.]

The concept is captured in this graphic illustration:

Thereafter, it was only the framed innocent bystanders the FBI/DOJ sought to target and prosecute while ignoring its own people on the ground for all of the obvious reasons.

From a Zero Hedge item, consider this with EMPHASIS added,

Friend, a former 12-year veteran of the FBI and a SWAT team member, notably came out in October to claim that the agency went into hyperdrive to track down and investigate January 6th cases to promote the appearance of right-wing DOMESTIC TERRORISM, at the expense of other investigations – such as child trafficking.”

This is direct evidence of the top-down effort to manufacture the “insurrection” from thin air by constructing the critical term of domestic terrorism.

More importantly and directly related to the crucially leveraged critical terms, note the following with EMPHASIS added,

The FBI not only took Friend off vital work chasing child predators to pursue questionable investigations of people maybe connected with the Capitol riots (often in some misdemeanor fashion), they used dubious bureaucratic methods he felt put him in an impossible spot.

Essentially, the FBI made Friend a supervisory agent in cases actually being run by the Washington field office, a trick replicated across the country that made DOMESTIC TERRORISM numbers appear to balloon overnight. Instead of one investigation run out of Washington, the Bureau now had hundreds of “TERRORISM” cases “opening” in every field office in the country. As a way to manipulate statistics, it was ingenious, but Friend could see it was also trouble.

Zero Hedge

A second item further delineates the leveraging of the critical terms to the same ends at the same time the FBI/DOJ sought to cover-up the effort. Consider this from the Washington Times with EMPHASIS added,

An FBI whistleblower has accused bureau officials of cooking the books to conceal the number of man-hours devoted to the Jan. 6 investigation and inflate time spent on other cases.

According to the anonymous FBI whistleblower, the subterfuge is intended to bolster the bureau’s budget requests to Congress when House Republicans control the purse strings next year.

According to a whistleblower disclosure submitted to Congress, a top official in the FBI’s COUNTERTERRORISM unit at the Washington headquarters pressured the bureau’s field offices to stop agents from clocking hours when they are working on investigations related to the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol.

The supervisors in the field offices were told the agents should instead claim they were working on international TERRORISM and other investigations when recording hours in the FBI’s time and attendance system, known as WebTA.

Washington Times

Former FBI agent Kyle Seraphin explained that a senior agent said agents were combing through cases trying to connect “WHITE SUPREMACISTS” to members of ISIS so they can reclassify the hours used on those cases as international TERROR hours.



The question everyone should be asking is “Why are these exact steps being undertaken by the DOJ/FBI?”

The answer is easy and simple to understand – Because these critical terms serve as triggers providing the FBI/DOJ extra-constitutional authority outside of firm boundaries that permit the FBI, DOJ and Biden Administration to target its political opposition to permanently eliminate it beginning with a bite of the curb and a boot on the back of the neck.

So, there’s more to this than what presents at face value. The “white supremacist” angles are critical as they are attached to the January 6th protestors and then extended to ISIS by deliberate and fraudulent means to trigger extra-constitutional authority to target Biden’s political opposition.

Another target of the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation is The Oath Keepers, which is a highly infiltrated group by the FBI/DOJ.

More damning evidence of the FBI/DOJ schematic and the constructed events deriving from it can be found in an Epoch Times item featured at Zero Hedge. Consider this with EMPHASIS added,

The Oath Keepers did not try to overthrow the U.S. government on Jan. 6 and are not a threat to NATIONAL SECURITY because the group is anti-tyranny, not anti-government, a former FBI agent and Department of Defense analyst testified Dec. 15-16 in Alaska Superior Court.

John Guandolo, who handled counter-TERRORISM and criminal investigations during nearly 13 years as an FBI special agent, said he found “absurd” the idea that Oath Keepers tried to overthrow the federal government. Guandolo was at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, in a personal capacity.

Some of the Oath Keepers might have broken federal laws on Jan. 6 for allegedly trying to delay the counting of Electoral College votes, Guandolo said, “but to conflate that to being the same as the entire organization wants to overthrow the U.S. government by violence … that’s absurd,” Guandolo said. “And I think it’s an unprofessional assessment.”


Earlier in the bench trial before McKenna, two analysts from centers on DOMESTIC EXTREMISM testified that the Oath Keepers went into the Capitol on Jan. 6 and tried to overthrow the government.


Guandolo expressed concern with the use of terms such as “DOMESTIC VIOLENT EXTREMISM,” used by academic experts and even in a recent FBI bulletin on DOMESTIC THREATS in America.

“There is no legal definition for violent extremism, which is exactly our adversaries’ intent,” Guandolo said. “And as a matter of fact, I heard yesterday the phrase ‘violent extremism’ defined by plaintiffs’ witness as somebody who’s willing to do violence in furtherance of achieving their goal.

The Epoch Times

This remark from the same article is entirely damning and speaks exactly and precisely to the points I began making about he use of the identified critical terms back in May,

Use of the term DOMESTIC VIOLENT EXTREMISM is “an information operation,” Guandolo said, because “it doesn’t legally actually define anything. And the way the plaintiff’s witnesses defined it, it basically can be used against anybody that uses violence. And violence is neither good nor bad.”

The Epoch Times

“An information operation?” Yes. That’s exactly what I began outlining in May and that’s exactly what the FBI/DOJ is doing to inherit extra-constitutional authority and power to target Biden’s political opposition.

Understand another aspect of the broader premise that I have put forward and that is imperative for full comprehension. It’s found in variations of this recurring statement: The federal apparatus is bending back against Americans U.S. departments, agencies and institutions to include the U.S. Constitution.

Therein, narratives are created to latch on to aspects of authority and power and the triggers for it – our critical terms – that permit the state “bending back.” So, consider this from the same article with EMPHASIS added,

Kriner, a senior research scholar at the Center on TERRORISM, EXTREMISM and COUNTERTERRORISM at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, was asked by Miller on Dec. 15, “Why do we even have an oath to the Constitution?”

Kriner replied: “I couldn’t tell you that.”

Guandolo said he was troubled by that answer. “Again, I and I’m not trying to make any other kind of statement other than it tells me it’s either a grossly biased perspective that the witness is coming from, or they just don’t know,” Guandolo said. “And in either case, I think is really unprofessional.”

The oath to defend the Constitution against “all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC,” is a crucial part of America, Guandolo said.

“… When police officers and military people and elected officials and judges take these oaths, it literally is the foundation for our entire system,” he said, “because our fidelity is to the Constitution.”

The Epoch Times

Here’s the obvious linkage: by branding the First Amendment right to protest as “domestic terrorism,” the Constitution is bent back and so is its oath to defend it for anyone having taken it, like federal law enforcement agents, attorneys at the DOJ and Congress.

The irony doesn’t get much richer.

There is no other plausible explanation than the one I’m presenting and evidencing and there’s an entire series of articles underpinning it all.

This is highly problematic for the nation, the administration of the rule of law and the evidenced presence of a two-tiered system of justice. Therein, those who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution and who rest atop the federal law enforcement apparatus and its oversight bodies in Congress have and continue to commit the most egregious crimes fathomable; and they do so with absolute impunity while ordinary Americans are targeted, persecuted and prosecuted for exercising their First Amendment right to vote and their First Amendment right to protest the theft of that vote and the stolen election in which it occurred.

What it amounts to is straight-up, unadulterated and unvarnished Bolshevism and that’s just the way the communists who have hijacked this country prefer things.

As long projected but outside of the anticipated time frame of it serving as their October surprise, criminal charges are en route for President Trump respective to the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation. This will serve two specific purposes relative to this schematic: 1-to eliminate Trump as a candidate for 2024 and 2-to serve as an extension from Trump to his voting base for continued targeting, prosecution and elimination.

Voting conservative or speaking those ideals gets you branded as a “domestic terrorist” and it could result in the FBI knocking on your front door…or just kicking it in.

Consider this from CNN,

The House select committee investigating January 6, 2021, is expected to announce it will refer at least three criminal charges against former President Donald Trump to the Justice Department, including INSURRECTION, obstruction of an official proceeding and conspiracy to defraud the federal government, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The committee’s final recommendations could include additional charges proposed for Trump, according to the source. The referral recommendations will be presented at a committee meeting on Monday and the final report will provide justification from the panel’s investigation for recommending the charges.

The impact House referrals could have remains unclear because the Department of Justice special counsel investigation is already examining Trump in its extensive probe into January 6. But in addition to criminal referrals, committee Chairman Bennie Thompson told reporters that the panel could issue five to six other categories of referrals, such as ethics referrals to the House Ethics Committee, bar discipline referrals and campaign finance referrals.


Who thinks U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and his DOJ aren’t salivating like Pavlov’s dogs to put a final nail in Trump’s coffin, which they began building for him back in 2016?

The insurrection charge will envelop “domestic terrorism” and therein, a criminal and treasonous U.S. politburo led by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell will have framed an “insurrection” from thin air and bent it back in the most egregious form of projection to target the biggest threat to them and their wide base of criminality, President Trump.

Imagine that in the U.S. our nation was finally undone and thrown to the communists by a fake insurrection deflecting from the real one. Never in a million years…

By extension, this threat will continue forward in targeting conservatives, Trump voters and MAGA as Biden’s political opposition continues to be hunted.

This is how communism works. This is how Bolshevism functions.

Beware for the hunt is on and arms are now shouldered.


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