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Seven Reasons A Rogue FBI Raided the Private Residence of A U.S. President

08 Aug 22

The seventh and last reason introduces this piece. As I’ve long-reported, the United of States of America should be rebranded the United States of Venezuela for its evolving status as a Third World banana republic. That status is now fully in place and because of it, America finds itself divided, infighting, victims of psychological warfare operations to which most people are oblivious and mostly ignorant, and in the throes of Marxist communism. Folks not believing the communism part are probably all vaxed and boosted up and living in an altered reality pipe dream that none of us can manage to understand.

The Trump developments stacked on top of Pelosi’s rogue Taiwan trip, which all tie so deeply and so far back into such a broad landscape, have me reasonably thinking that it appears we’re on the precipice of it all with the midterms bearing down fully. Perhaps it’s a weeks or a months timeline but it can’t be more than that.

As we all know by now, a rogue FBI that would be a better fit for the former USSR or the Wiemar Republic raided the private residence of a U.S. president in events that took place at Mar-a-Lago earlier today.

Here are seven reasons the FBI executed a raid on President Trump:

  1. To build a narrative for the midterm elections so as to establish pretext that can be cited enabling them to steal the midterms, which they will do, and retrospectively point back at it as the reason such lopsided polls flipped in the steal. Another mechanism for this same reason of explaining away the steal is Roe v. Wade. I’ve written quite a bit about all of this.
  2. To continue building on the Jan. 6 Capitol “insurrection” narrative that is deliberately enmeshed with white nationalism, “domestic terrorism”, “domestic terrorist”, the Second Amendment and the disarming of the public. By establishing linkage of those things altogether back to Trump and through the Capitol entrapment operation, they’ll use this to further target Trump.
  3. To establish the pretext and run-up to their October surprise, which is Trump’s arrest as borne out of today’s raid. I’ve already projected and written about that, too. Again, this arrest narrative will be bent back against all Trump-endorsed candidates to establish pretext for justifying a stolen midterm elections win against that slate of candidates. From there and from Trump, they’ll begin to target all of us – the silent majority, essentially – and begin tidying up political opposition as needed and by leveraging a wide array of horrible 2-tier justice options to exercise against targeted Americans with severe misapplication of prosecutorial discretion.
  4. To allow Nancy Pelosi to flex her newly established global muscle: she made the militaries of multiple nations conduct immediate maneuvers just by threatening a trip at the same time she had a hostile foreign nation threatening us with all-out war and nuclear annihilation. She removed a sitting president and continues to target him as the FBI proved today. Pelosi has targeted Main Street USA with her Capitol entrapment operation and gulag operation. She’s Queen Pelosi and she’s running D.C. in Obama’s fourth term while Proxy Joe Biden is effectively impotent except for ownership of all the policies currently designed to destroy the nation from the inside-out [that’s how China works, folks]. That is something he can do. The House Speaker has always been regarded as the second most powerful person in D.C behind the Executive. No longer. Queen Pelosi rules and she’s already flexed her global muscle.
  5. To begin stomping-out MAGA once and for all with Pelosi and her Capitol operation on point, which is now enhanced by an expanded Capitol Police Department that now operates in California and Florida and with $2.1 billion in new funding from Congress. How long before they start showing up in your neighborhoods in some capacity? How far this all goes and where it all ends are things y’all get to decide; noting that not making a decision at all is a decision in and of itself and it’s a decision to do nothing.
  6. To prevent President Trump from running in 2024 as the primary political reason [h/t Techno Fog]. This is evidenced in the plausible sentencing guidelines that are thought to be associated with the warrant for Mar-a-Lago and which would cause a convicted defendant to be disqualified from holding any future U.S. office.
  7. To begin the final stages of America’s conversion to Marxist communism as we discussed in the opening.
Sourced from Techno Fog [linked above]

For evidence of every bit of this and more, it can all be found in over 300 articles and videos that deliver in excruciating detail: visit: [and perhaps focus on the most recent series on war, famine and disease using this link to the latest article in the series, which contains a chronological list of links to all articles in the series.]

I called the Maricopa County audit a fraud early on and it was supposed to be the string on the life raft that would blow-up the whole stolen election. Look at where we are with Maricopa County: still lurching along while we’re a half a step away from full blown Marxist communism and a complete transition into a Third World banana republic.

Meanwhile, people are banking on the 2022 midterm elections as the remedy to fix the stolen 2020 election and put the country back on track. That’s crazy. It makes no sense. I’ve been hollering that forever, too.

Water that down and change the context and about every kindergartner in America could figure it out and quickly. Why can’t adults? Psychological warfare and propaganda begin to answer that question.

It’s simple – you don’t fix stolen elections with another round of elections when the people who stole the last election are in power and own about every granular aspect of all the processes needed to redress a stolen election. If they could do it while out of power, what makes anyone think they’ll give it up while in power? That makes no sense. It’s completely illogical. The 2022 midterms will be stolen; they have no other options other than no elections at all.

All they have to do is steal it and build a story around the steal to explain it away. It’s a rinse/repeat of 2020 when Biden didn’t even really bother to campaign. That’s what’s happening. It’s one of seven reasons that a rogue FBI raided Mar-a-Lago.

My point is that the political angles here just keep stacking up for the steal. This all has the stench of swamp all over it much like Maricopa and much like the rest of it. Dead horses kicked.

What say you America?


*Here is President Trump’s public statement on the matter:


  1. Zon Kuthon August 8, 2022

    Maybe you need to read Siege aand remember than your skin color has always been your uniform you van bumming Universalist civnat grifter.

    No Political Solution. All has always been lost.

    Ashed and Echoes

  2. Shirley August 9, 2022

    So, what was your solution again? I must have missed it.

    • Zon Kuthon September 22, 2022

      To trust the plan. To vote again in rigged elections. Vote Harder. Listen to blacks and trannies.

      He’s a Civic Nationalist. He has no plan, he just wants his retirement back. The vanbumming Grifter, Political Moonshine.

  3. Pilot88 August 9, 2022

    The ONE WORLD ORDER is progressing just like they said they would.

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