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Reconciling Biden Classified Docs, Special Counsel Robert Hur and the Mar-A-Lago Entrapment Operation to Project Forward

-15 Jan 22-

By reconciling developments in the scandal involving then Vice President Joe Biden’s illegal retention of “Top Secret” and classified documents, which now includes three separate and apparently unsecured locations, the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Hur to investigate those matters and the Mar-a-Lago entrapment operation that was centered on staging classified documents to target President Trump; all as overlaid onto existing and evidenced positions, we can project forward. That projection is an ominous one for several reasons as you will see.

Before delving into the details, let’s put forth the groundwork for this analysis:

  1. Back in August 2022, I branded the Mar-a-Lago raid as an entrapment operation with even earlier analysis indicating that the end result of it projected to be an indictment of President Trump; perhaps even his arrest, as the “October surprise” for the 2022 midterms. Clearly that wasn’t the case. The projection for Trump’s indictment or arrest; however, remains viable and plausible as examined below. I began elaborating on the topic in this 08 Aug 22 article and have addressed it in nearly 20 subsequent others: Seven Reasons A Rogue FBI Raided the Private Residence of A U.S. President. The end game here is to eliminate Trump as a candidate for 2024 by making him a felon, which would preclude him from holding the Executive. This would thrust Florida Governor Ron DeSantis forward as the establishment candidate and currently, that’s where the establishment money is.
  2. The Special Counsel appointment of Jack Smith relative to the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation stands as a second vector to make a felon out of Trump to preclude him from running in 2024 and holding the Executive. I address that in two articles: 1-The Keystone of Corruption: Ukraine, the FTX Scandal, Kevin McCarthy Guilty as Charged, Most Dangerous Times are Here and 2-Revisiting the Capitol “Insurrection” Event in Light of New Evidence to Galvanize it as an Entrapment Operation.
  3. The most important distinction between Trump’s retention of documents he legally declassified and the illegal retention of classified documents by then Vice President Joe Biden is explained in this article that is necessary contextual backdrop for this piece: Look Here, House Drama and Quid Pro Joe’s Classified Docs, Don’t Look Here, the FTX Fix Is In. Therein, it’s critical to understand that in addition to entrapping Trump, a rogue FBI was all but certain to be capturing evidence of the Obama/Biden operational targeting of Trump with mechanisms like FISC/FISA; better known as “Obamagate.” Recall that it was the George Floyd riots in the summer of 2020 that became the deflection point construct away from “Obamagate” as it began to inconveniently surface in legacy media reporting. Look here, rioting and burning, don’t look here, treason.
  4. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s appointment of Special Counsel Robert Hur is drawn into conflict by Hur’s background, which entangles with corrupt FBI Director Christopher Wray, corrupt former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, slimy D.C. law firm King & Spaulding, the fraudulent Mueller Special Counsel, which enmeshes corrupt and detestable Andrew Weissmann, and in other ways. I elaborate on the details in this article: Look Here, House Drama and Quid Pro Joe’s Classified Docs, Don’t Look Here, the FTX Fix Is In.
  5. The longstanding position that investigations are opened for one of two reasons: 1-To conceal and cover-up or 2-To expose and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. In Biden’s case, it’s the former and in Trump’s case, it’s the latter as built upon fraudulent charges constructed out of an entrapment operation executed by Garland’s DOJ and a rogue FBI.
  6. A substantial article taking Biden’s illegal retention of “Top Secret” and classified documents discovered at the China/CCP funded Penn Biden Center and threading it through Obama/Biden FISA/FISC abuse to target Trump and the Biden Center as both a conduit to funnel classified intelligence to China and a mechanism to launder money: China, Cash and Classified Documents: FISC/FISA, the Usual Suspects and the Problematic Penn Biden Center. This article is required contextual backdrop.

Relative to “Obamagate” and the need for a deflection point construct to divert attention away from it, I projected the exact context of it nearly three weeks in advance, although the particulars of George Floyd were impossible to project, of course. This projection held that they were going to “burn it down” and it was made 10 May 20. The riots broke out 29 May 20 and “burn it down” they did.

It was laser accurate. Pictures are worth a thousand words, they say.

[Above image is from the George Floyd riots of summer 2020]

To begin the analysis, it’s important to situate Ron DeSantis and in so doing, earlier work relied on work from Sundance at Conservative Treehouse. In that analysis, I stated the following in this article: THE STEAL IS REAL: Midterm Thieves Continue “Counting” [Stealing] as the Plan Forward Clearly Emerges.

Ron DeSantis clearly represents the single greatest electoral threat to President Trump in 2024 and he has largely emerged as such by functioning alongside Mr. Trump; not in opposition to him. Infiltrators infiltrate; however, and that is the case now respective to DeSantis. The political class has penetrated DeSantis’ inner circle to fund him and funding normally portends to be the root of all evil in politics. This results in two logical and plausible scenarios: 1-Duplicity is to be found in DeSantis and his agenda for 2024 and forward -OR- 2-DeSantis is determined to take the free money, leverage it to his advantage to assume the Executive in 2024 and then sever those strings to dispatch those funders in pursuit of his own agenda free from outside influence. The former is normally the case in politics and the latter rarely if ever occurs. Only time and DeSantis can further clarify that outcome.

Political Moonshine

[Image credit: Conservative Treehouse]

With every granular ounce of my being, I hope and pray that Ron DeSantis is the Ron DeSantis I position in the second scenario above; a man poised and determined to execute his own agenda on behalf of the American people just as he’s done for the people of Florida in his governorship.

Complicating matters is Trump’s early January suggestion that he may split the Conservative base in 2024 by running on a third-party ticket. The lesson here is an historical one that not coincidentally also rested on the reemergence of populism in the American voter. In the 1992 presidential election, candidate Ross Perot watered-down the Conservative vote permitting Democrat Bill Clinton to win the election. If Trump runs on a third-party ticket, it’s all but guaranteed that’s what we’ll see and that’s only if they don’t steal 2024 like 2020 and 2022.

In another post-2022 midterms article, I stated this, which I acknowledge being a pipe dream, but I stated it nonetheless:

Who should be Mr. Trump’s 2024 running mate and who poses the biggest threat to Mr. Trump’s second term during the primary?

The answer is found in one man – Ronald Dion DeSantis.

A Trump-DeSantis ticket is the remedy we need. It is the juggernaut that can undo the entire thing and revert this Third World banana republic back to American greatness.

Is it likely? Perhaps not but that doesn’t preclude it from being the absolutely smartest play.

A Trump-DeSantis ticket stands to permit Americans to get their country back for the foreseeable future and perhaps forever as the political establishment would be gutted and the end of the Democratic Party as we know it would be eviscerated forever because it would be forced to change or disappear in irrelevance.

Here’s how: Trump-DeSantis would hold the Executive 2024-2028 which positions DeSantis and his selected DeSantisesque running mate to carry on in American greatness for 2028-2032 and 2032-2036; and from there, it’s rinse/repeat.

The Democrats change or disappear forever.

Political Moonshine

If they make a felon out of Trump vis-a-vis the Capitol “insurrection” and/or Mar-a-Lago entrapment operations, it’s all over for Trump and DeSantis is the candidate.

If Trump survives to run on a third-party ticket, he’ll split the Conservative base and it’s all over for us.

That brings us to the impact of Joe Biden’s illegal retention of classified documents and we begin with new reporting indicating that Biden stashed classified documents in a third location. The classified materials were found in Biden’s private Delaware residence and are different than the ones located in his garage.

Whereas Biden has indicated that he clearly intends to run again in 2024, the classified materials were discovered by Biden’s attorneys back in November but the story was suppressed in advance of the 2022 midterms thus accounting for yet another election interference event. Perhaps this is why Biden balked on his 2024 run back on the same November timeline knowing that the illegal retention of classified materials would become problematic as it clearly has.

This all smells like a constructed scenario and the following further indicates that.

Peculiarly and noting the gravity of the revelation, the former de facto Attorney General during the time of the Mueller Special Counsel, Andrew Weissmann, recently turned on Biden respective to the classified materials. This is significant because it’s indicative of a constructed scenario to remove Biden from office. Always take note when they begin to eat their own.

The peculiar emergence of the Biden “Top Secret” and classified materials story is a clear indication that the intelligence community, the establishment and the U.S. politburo no long consider Biden useful or viable. It indicates that Biden’s role in the controlled demolition of the U.S. is likely coming to an end whether that be before his term ends or on the 2024 timeline.

In the light of the “Top Secret” and classified materials scandal, Vice President Kamala Harris toed the company line when questioned about Biden running in 2024: “I am proud to be Joe Biden’s vice president, and he has said that he intends to run again, and if he does, I will be running with him,” said Harris.

View that as Harris wanting the job and where another longstanding projection enters the fold: Hillary Clinton will move into the Vice Presidency should Biden fall and Harris ascend or if Biden completes his term where Clinton runs in 2024 with Harris on the ticket as Vice President.

The appointment of Hur as Special Counsel to investigate Biden gives the illusion of impartiality for Garland’s DOJ in advance of the Mar-a-Lago entrapment operation [or/and the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation] making a felon out of Trump and precluding him from running in 2024. That would thrust DeSantis forward as the clear favorite on the Republican ticket.

If Trump evades indictment and arrest and somehow survives to run on a third-party ticket, he’ll split the Conservative base and it won’t matter – the Democrats will win and that’s only if they don’t steal it like 2020 and 2022.

If DeSantis prevails as the Republican candidate, they’ll steal the general election from him. If DeSantis is somehow allowed to win, the establishment money should be closely scrutinized with hopes that Ronald Dion DeSantis will be his own man in saying “thank you very much” before endeavoring to pursue his own agenda for all Americans in every sense of the word “American.”

One thing is for certain: We live in unprecedented and dangerous historical times that moving forward, stand to be as intriguing as anything ever seen in history.



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