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THE STEAL IS REAL: Midterm Thieves Continue “Counting” [Stealing] as the Plan Forward Clearly Emerges

-11 Nov 22-

The steal is real. It was real before, during and after 2020. It was real before and during 2022 as the “counting” [stealing] continues. It will be real in 2024. The blueprint for that reality has now emerged and several folks including the smartest guy I know, who texted his take last night, have keenly picked-up on it as the tea leaves are rendered-out to be read. Let’s get to brass tacks.

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Being a fallible and imperfect human as all humans are and because I was perhaps still clinging to a single grain of hope that the “Red Wave” that was but was not permitted to be just might overcome the forces of evil, infiltration, tyranny and communism, raw emotion and thoughts crept into my post-election day perspective:

Introduction: Elections, Pandemics, Enterprise Fraud & Perception Management

Running to another election as the remedy for a stolen election rather than immediately standing our ground and refusing to do anything required of us until 2020 was properly remedied is exactly what I said it was – INTELLECTUALLY PITIFUL AND PATHETIC.

Even worse, it’s emblematic of one of our biggest problems, which is sadly a simple one to identify: Americans aren’t Americans anymore but rather Amerikans.

By our own submissiveness and self-subjugation, we are now Amerikans living as spineless subjects in a kingdom of tyranny and authoritarianism. Not all of us, but a critical threshold amount that has yet to be overcome.

People are largely unaware of a standard military tactic leveraged in counterinsurgency operations called perception management. It’s more commonly known as psychological operations.

Perception management and its nefarious propaganda tactics have rendered the subjects into herd animals easily manipulated into about any scenario no matter how ridiculous it is.

Just look at the insanity that has fully engulfed this now Third World banana republic since 2015.

Herds require shepherds and a primary shepherd herding the subjects along the lines of perception management and psychological warfare is social media. I’ve written about this frequently.

A component of herding respective to social media is beta testing or in other words, trial runs to see how well it works and to iron out the kinks for full effectiveness. The following image is old Moonshine and sums it up perfectly.

Remember these? These were beta tests to get Amerikans to accept right as left, up as down, wrong as right and unpleasant as fun.

In a society not fully in a state of subjugation, degradation and decline to the extent that ours is; and where the people are intellectually fit and capable of independent and critical thinking, this type of ridiculous bullshit does not occur except at the hands of the village idiot.

When I was a kid, we’d all point at the village idiot in disbelief and how abjectly stupid he and his actions were.

Nowadays, the village idiots point at us with the same contempt. How intellectually pitiful and pathetic.

What it means is that they have rendered a critical threshold of the population to village idiots or, in other words, subjects of the kingdom. We know this because Amerikans passively tuck their tails and just accept whatever is forced upon them no matter if it’s forced human genetic experimentation and DNA alteration or stolen elections and the rulers installed by them.

Think I’m wrong? Think I’m being too harsh? Think again.

Look up at the imagery.

From almost the very beginning of the “pandemic” that is more accurately labeled a construct of enterprise fraud, the survival rates for COVID-19 exceeded 99.9% for essentially all demographics.

Yet, 79.5% of the population felt compelled to receive at least one does of a “vaccine” that 1-meets no legal, standard, patent or medical definition for a vaccine until they retrofitted the definition to accommodate mRNA injections and their plan, 2-is an injection of new and untested mRNA technology, 3-causes an alteration to human DNA, 4-circumvented the standard and rigorous vaccine testing protocols and procedures and 5-is only available by emergency use authorization that is irrefutably and entirely predicated by enterprise fraud including a mountain of evidence to prove it.

79.5% of the population decided to go to Vegas and bet against the house and the house’s odds of winning that exceeded 99.9%.

What intellectually fit person does that?

79.5% of Amerikans, that’s who.

Village idiots, that’s who.

Subjects of the kingdom, that’s who.

People incapable of independent and critical thinking, that’s who.

Good people deceived by the shepherd of social media, that’s who.

Yes, that’s all harsh for often times THE TRUTH HURTS HARSHLY.

The 79.5% of vaccine recipients don’t qualify as each of the above; in fact most folks are plainly just good people deceived by those they trusted most. They are not village idiots and to say as much would be grossly irresponsible. There are; however, enough village idiots that when combined with the remaining majority of otherwise good people who were hoodwinked and deceived or unable to see through muddy waters, that we reach a critical threshold.

Take the lesson just learned and apply it to elections. It’s the same play in a different context.

The Big Bones in the Plan

With a modicum of understanding of the psychology, manipulation and perception management aspects under our belts and applied to the midterms, let’s discuss the ongoing steal and the broader picture that has clearly emerged.

We begin with the big bones in the skeleton:

  1. President Trump is the only outlier and the single greatest threat to their kingdom and the fraud and crimes that grease its skids and keep it thrusting forward in tyranny and communism
  2. From the very beginning of his candidacy, they targeted him for the reason above leveraging a rolling 4-year coup d’etat consisting of “Russian collusion,” impeachment 1.0, the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation, impeachment 2.0 and the 2022 midterms construct we’re discussing today. This represents only a portion of the broader and actual fact set.
  3. President Trump is the vector for the Biden Administration and unified political elite to target its political opposition with the entire federal apparatus and I’ve written an entire series on their targeting and the schematics underpinning it
  4. President Trump must be removed at all costs and there is no other alternative
  5. Once President Trump is effectively removed, they will zero-in on their political opposition writ large as detailed in the series [74-100 million of us]
  6. Communism and tyranny will be effectively and permanently galvanized at that point and there will be no return or escape from it

The Small Bones of the 2022 Midterms

With big bones in place, let’s focus on the small bones of the 2022 midterms and the clear plan that has now emerged.

Our primary source is the stalwart political analyst Sundance at Conservative Treehouse.

The article is mostly captured below. Quite frankly, it can be succinctly summarized by the CTH cover image:

And this photo requires no elaboration whatsoever:

Here are those small bones with a bit more elaboration:

  1. The best way to win a war is to fund and control both sides and whereby both sides in this context applies in two basic ways. This is fundamental to the entire premise. Both sides here refers to Democrat and Republican candidates in opposition in the general election at the same time it applies to Democrat and Republican candidates in opposition within their own parties and in their preceding primary races.
  2. Ron DeSantis clearly represents the single greatest electoral threat to President Trump in 2024 and he has largely emerged as such by functioning alongside Mr. Trump; not in opposition to him. Infiltrators infiltrate; however, and that is the case now respective to DeSantis. The political class has penetrated DeSantis’ inner circle to fund him and funding normally portends to be the root of all evil in politics. This results in two logical and plausible scenarios: 1-Duplicity is to be found in DeSantis and his agenda for 2024 and forward -OR- 2-DeSantis is determined to take the free money, leverage it to his advantage to assume the Executive in 2024 and then sever those strings to dispatch those funders in pursuit of his own agenda free from outside influence. The former is normally the case in politics and the latter rarely if ever occurs. Only time and DeSantis can further clarify that outcome.
  3. Once DeSantis is properly positioned, the attacks on Trump will reach a fevered pitch as the MSM, political elites and social media herd the subjects away from Trump and to Desantis.
  4. The third plausible tenet of this plan is funding and positioning DeSantis to allow him to pursue his agenda independently and free from influence to then outright steal 2024 from him just like they did Trump in 2020. I believe DeSantis to be a good man and on the right side of the line and whereby this is the most plausible play that we are likely to see. In other words, let a good man be a good man and then rob him. Evidence of this can be seen in how 2022 is playing out and whereby it appears that Florida was largely free from electoral influence and fraud respective to DeSantis winning by a wide margin; and thus while ballot harvesting, massive dumps of fraudulent ballots, compromised electronic voting machines, fractional voting algorithms, delay strategies, etc. were leveraged to steal critical races in other states.

For them, Ron DeSantis has emerged on his own to become the best plan to finally and fully eviscerate and destroy President Trump and the MAGA movement for 2024; even if it’s just a managed perception and not an accurate reflection of the voting base and its will.

Once 2024 is stolen, that’s the ballgame. America is done. Her goose cooked. Stick a fork in her. And that’s only if this is currently not the case. Marxist communism, tyranny and life on the technocratic global plantation will prevail permanently as all of the sacrifice and bloodshed that delivered and protected the grandest nation on earth will simply be flushed down the toilet to rest forever with the rest of the shit and piss that goes there.

How intellectually pitiful, pathetic and tragic.

We reap what we sow and we’ve sown several generations of people disposed to herd instincts who are submissive to rule by instilled fear. We’ve turned-out folks susceptible to being deceived. We’ve generated people incapable of independent and critical thinking. We’ve stamped-out village idiots like China manufactures iPhones. Just take another look at the imagery above.

Nice job, public education [public indoctrination.] I say that confidently and factually having worked in that environment for 20 years.

From CTH,

Billionaire Citadel Investment hedge fund CEO Ken Griffin (pictured above, center) is one of the top purchasers of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for a 2024 presidential bid.  In a recent article for Politico, Mr. Griffin openly explains what he expects from his investment in DeSantis:

WASHINGTON DC – […] He has given nearly $60 million to federal Republican candidates and campaigns this election cycle. That puts Griffin behind just liberal billionaire George Soros, who’s given more than $128 million to Democrats, and Richard Uihlein, who aligns himself with far-right candidates and organizations, at about $62 million.

[…] While he’s supporting one of this cycle’s biggest culture warriors in DeSantis, Griffin said most hot-button issues — abortion rights, battles over sex education and LGBTQ rights — don’t define his interests. He wants to improve the diversity of the GOP and blunt the vein of populism that has complicated the party’s relationship with the corporate world — two things he’s consulted with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy about. (read more)

Sundance at CTH

The confluence of corruption and the usual suspects is plain as day. Nothing reveals the truth in corruption, crime and enterprise fraud better than astute investigation to follow the money.

Voting and “elections” present the illusion of choice. They are the illusion of self-governance in a supposed Constitutional Republic; however, reality paints an entirely and starkly different picture that is fully accurate and as far away from “voting,” “elections,” and “self-governance” as you can get. Reality is submissiveness and self-subjugation to live on the technocratic global plantation as subjects in the kingdom and under the king’s rule.

What the “two-party system,” “voting,” and “elections” really amount is slave masters. They keep the subjects divided, fighting and infighting. They keep the slaves looking forward to the next “fix” rather than looking backwards to fix the root of the problem. They keep the subjects herded up out of fear and the king on his throne.

How intellectually pitiful, pathetic and tragic.

Often times if not most times, the truth hurts and it hurts harshly.

That has never been truer than in these times.

How intellectually pitiful, pathetic and tragic.



  1. JP Maxwell November 11, 2022

    Again, spot on. But again, with one caveat. Who funded TRUMP? He was NOT self-funded. Why did he NOT fire Gina Haspel? Why did HE appoint her in the first place? Why does he still tout Operation Warpspeed as a success and the bioweapon vector disguised as “vaccines” as remarkable and life-saving? Why did TRUMP ENDORSE ‘swamp creatures’ in the mid-terms? TRUMP continues to serve his handlers’ main purpose – divide America and continue pushing the political duopoly.

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