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TWO SIDES OF THE SAME CORRUPT COIN: Scenarios for the 2022 Midterms

-04 Nov 22-

The 2022 midterms are upon us and the projection for their outcome has been made redundantly since November 2020 in the aftermath of the stolen 2020 election and the final push to remove a sitting U.S. president in what amounts to a four-year rolling coup d’etat targeting President Donald J. Trump. They will be stolen. I’m adamant about that as you know assuming you’ve been consuming the Moonshine.

How they’re stolen is a different conversation and that’s our purpose here.

Let’s discuss the three basic scenarios for the outcome of the 2022 midterms that are predicated by two premises: 1-there is essentially no difference between Democrats and Republicans and 2-two-party politics is a primary component of the kabuki theater that keeps this nation divided and subjugated.

Depending on whom you read, there is ample evidence to be found suggesting that the United States has not had legitimate elections since 2004. I’ve written about this in various ways many times over.

The first premise is as simple as saying that Democrat and Republican politicians are nothing more than two sides of the same corrupt and treasonous coin; save a few exceptions like Senator Rand Paul, R-KY. They are all owned by K-Street and for many of them, China. There is no real difference which is why we never see any real change in how our political system and government operates.

Two-party politics is fodder for fools. The only discernible difference between Donkeys and Elephants is that Democrats stab you from the front while Republicans stab you in the back. Both rule by fear mongering and egregious levels of lies that often manifest as enterprise fraud.

The second premise is what allows us to be subjugated as modern-day slaves on the burgeoning technocratic global plantation that is being installed by a fraudulent pandemic that functions as medical tyranny.

The sown division keeps Americans each others’ throats thus rendering us to fearful and panicked herd animals that equate to slaves all to willing to viscerally target and attack each other rather than the true culprits – the political class.

The elites, infiltrators and ruling class designed it this way and it’s highly effective. Look around you. This America in no way resembles the America in which I grew-up as a kid of the 70’s; being born in 1971.

After accepting the unmitigated truth about our political system and broader government, the following question bears down with full might and it’s underpinned by an irrefutable fact set evidencing that a fraudulent pandemic was unleashed in part to steal 2020 such that an illegitimate regime could be installed to rule with absolute authority and tyranny.

The question is this: What criminal worth his salt would execute such a brazen and treasonous plan to steal the Executive and all of the power that comes with it only to allow it all to be removed some two years later by actual legitimate elections?

A second question is this: How could that be permitted to happen when it’s not just one criminal but an entire Congress full of them?

A third question is this: How could that be when the consequences for these facts coming to public light would result in prosecutions and sentencing that in many cases could result in the death penalty [treason]?

The answers to those rhetorical questions are elementary and they amount to this: These miscreants have no other option but to steal the 2022 midterms because not doing so spells the end of it all and the end of them. It’s something I write about often termed as an exercise in self-preservation.

So, that is where we are. The 2022 midterms will be stolen and what remains are the three basic outcomes that stand to come to fruition; only one will:

  1. Legitimate elections will be permitted and we will see an overwhelming transition to a Republican controlled House and Senate. This will not occur, is ruled-out and is cast aside; and regardless, there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats anyways, as we just noted. If legitimate elections were permitted to occur, the most important aspect would be moving on from essentially all of the incumbents and electing legitimate representatives of the American people. This is a pipe dream at the moment.
  2. The Democrats maneuver to steal all of the right elections in all of the right locations so as to cling to power and further galvanize their illegitimate control of the House and Senate. This is a plausible scenario but it may be difficult to execute due to the ground-swell of Republican and conservative voters that stand to turn-out in unprecedented numbers. This scenario would resemble 2020, where voter turn-out broke the algorithms executing fractional voting strategies. The algorithms keep the elections close but tip them in their favor and whereby fraudulent paper ballots must be leveraged on the back end, which requires shutting down the tabulation process for extended time, until the ballots can be scanned to evidence the algorithmic result. There is perhaps a 50% chance this occurs.
  3. The Democrats maneuver to steal just enough of the right elections in some of the right locations so as to cling to those offices while politicians from the other side of the coin give the illusion of a change but allow the political class to preserve its power. Therein Republicans would actually be stepping-in for their colleagues to maintain this power through duplicity and lies. This would result in a new Speaker of the House, who Newt Gingrich has projected to be Kevin McCarthy. Kevin McCarthy stands to be Nancy Pelosi Lite and the illusion of change occurs at a veneer level but in reality, it will be business as usual but decorated to appear otherwise. McCarthy was positioned to help Trump in 2020 and did not. Who really thinks that leopard is going to change his spots in 2022? Not anyone with a modicum of common sense; that’s for sure. A very real chance exists that this is what we will see if the Democrats are not so brazen as to steal it all for themselves. There is perhaps a 50% chance this occurs.

I’m 50/50 on scenarios two and three and one is out altogether. The net-effect of scenario two is obvious. The net-effect of three is not so obvious but rest assured that any change or redecoration of the duplicitous tree will be nothing more than window dressing as this group of miscreants would stand to carry on with business as usual and in the spirit of self-preservation; and where self-preservation of individuals leads to institutional preservation.

I write about institutional preservation often and it is responsible for the changes in the political and governmental systems that we NEVER SEE and never will until the whole thing is gutted.

That’s how it works. That’s how they designed it to work.

Until we gut the entire thing, America will remain Amerika and we will continue on in our transition to becoming the Globalist’s technocratic global plantation with China as the model and the ongoing beta test.

Time will tell and the time is near.



  1. txvet33 November 4, 2022

    That is some dam fine penman thoughtz. But if and it’s pretty clear, to me anyway you are correct, what is a free American Patriot to do.
    Lie down and moan?

  2. txvet33 November 4, 2022

    Stand up with our stiQz and freedom seeds and commence with cleaning house. I’m talking the 535 elected, their bureaucracies, the 9 Unelected black robes, then we must take on every city county state and federal agency? I’m in…. I’m 67, disabled, I can walk talk and my freedom seeds sing. Is that where we are at?

  3. txvet33 November 4, 2022

    We’ve been told over and over again that ‘the military is the only way’. I don’t see any military in the streets?????
    It would require so much to ‘fix’ things, but it is just another hill to climb. I never met a hill couldn’t be scaled….

  4. txvet33 November 4, 2022

    This is much like 1760’s all over again.
    I have children & grand children. I don’t want them to grow old as slaves the way we have….
    dammit to hell and gone…
    Is MAGA real even?
    Come quickly sweet Jesus.

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