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AMERICA Went to Bed a Winner and AMERIKA Woke-up a Loser…Again…As Warned Repeatedly Since November 2020…And This Time It’s Forever…Unless…

-10 Nov 22-

Yesterday was perhaps the darkest day in Amerikan history as America’s actual and factual account of history entered the final stages of being completely overwritten and replaced by the Globalist, Marxist and communist forces that infiltrated this former grand Republic over a long timeline to make it theirs. All theirs. Every bit of it. And there is nothing you, me or anyone else can do about it now because there no longer exists any legitimate remedy for the redress of grievances.

That’s how Marxist communism works and you had better get used to it.

That is unless the Amerikan people wake the hell-up, bury the designed and sown divisiveness, unify for a single purpose, RISE-UP and take back their country like proper Americans. After all, we are a nation of revolutionaries, or at least we used to be.

Yesterday was about raw emotions and remarks. The Marco Polo crew will tell you as much since I decided to place myself on the beach and get properly drunk before jumping into our thread to unload a rat’s nest of unfiltered thoughts; quitting when the headache set-in. That seemed way better than the the other options.

Today stands to be not much different in terms of the raw emotion and remarks. Restraint and politeness have no place at this point.

The midterms played-out EXACTLY as I’ve been warning about since BEFORE the 2020 election because they used the same play from an old and tattered playbook: ballot harvesting, massive dumps of fraudulent ballots, compromised electronic voting machines, fractional voting algorithms, delay strategies, etc. You know the list because I’ve written about it ad nauseam.

The work running-up to the midterms can be read here:

  1. TWO SIDES OF THE SAME CORRUPT COIN: Scenarios for the 2022 Midterms
  2. 3-2-1: The Midterms Arrive Under a Dark Cloud of Bolshevism, Marxist Communism and Promises They’ll Be Stolen, Will They?
  3. Eye to Eye: Martin, Moonshine and Midterm Mayhem

People keep saying to “have faith in humanity” and this is especially so for Americans. I’ve maintained my faith in humanity for a long time and it has resulted in the status quo; and this is especially so for Amerikans.

If the remedy for redress still existed, Donald J. Trump would still be President of the United States of America and Americans would continue on living in freedom and with independence.

Those days are over.

Darkness has arrived. It’s going to get darker. Much darker. Buckle up because they will galvanize control and power and stomp on the accelerator to finalize the agenda and expedite the hunt. Make no mistake about it, the THE HUNT IS ON.

Amerika had a two-year window to pull up its bootstraps while pulling a u-turn to bring America back to its rightful place. Amerikans failed miserably.

I began warning of every granular bit of the status quo that is the “right now” even before they stole 2020. It’s all backed by a mountain of irrefutable evidence. Most importantly, I identified the single most ignorant, moronic, juvenile and ridiculous component of it all: RUSHING INTO ANOTHER ELECTION AS THE REMEDY FOR A STOLEN ELECTION.

Who in the hell does that? Let me tell you. AMERIKANS. That’s who.

Amerikans should take a few pages of notes from the Brazilians to learn how to be and act like actual Americans, as I put it recently,

The difference between Brazil and America is that Americans handled the stolen 2020 election like passive Europeans while the Brazilians have embraced the revolutionary heritage of America to immediately take to the streets with planned protest to compel the Brazilian military to intercede on the fraudulent result.

Political Moonshine

Who buys a lemon of a rig from the same greasy and underhanded used car salesman that sold them the last lemon? Who returns to that car lot and that same greasy salesman to buy a second lemon of a rig without ever doing ANYTHING to reconcile the first lemon they bought?

Easy answers: AMERIKANS, that’s who.

If you drink the Moonshine, you know that we make hay by identifying pretext as an indicator for what is to come and then making those evidence-based projections accurately. And Moonshine is damn good at it. Clicking on the HOME button will deliver an aggregate fact set like no other that is a universe away from the mainstream media, precisely accurate and fully backed by arduously aggregated evidence. I’m now to the point where stories break and I jump into the Moonshine archives to pull-up the same work written years ago.

The pretext for the stolen 2022 midterms was obvious and everywhere. Remember what I always say: these people play inside of a box meaning that they are mostly relegated to pulling the levers found inside that box. Those levers are the mechanisms of action and change. What it all means is that they are entirely predictable and predict them accurately we have done in exclusive fashion.

An important aspect of pretext is the utilitarian value found in being able to retrospectively point back to it as an explanation and rationalization of the “un-explainable” and irrational.

*Image from The Hill

A couple of important pretext examples include Nancy Pelosi donning her color revolution purple to come-out and predict that the Democrats would hold on in Congress and the complicit MSM coming out to say that the “Red Wave” would not happen despite consensus polling indicating the exact opposite; including from the Democrats’ own pollsters.

They always tell you what is coming whether or not you’re able to identify it. That’s why Moonshine hangs its hat on pretext because once identified, it’s a prime lens and indicator for the future.

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, folks.

It all makes illegitimate president Joe Biden’s retrospective remarks last night about the “Red Wave” not happening a chilling, ominous and foreboding indicator of what we knew would happen and what is sure to come next.

*Image from CNN

Of course the “Red Wave” didn’t happen, you MFer, because you stole the 2022 elections just like you stole the 2020 elections to install yourself as China’s direct proxy, ergo the direct proxy of this Globalist cabal that now completely and permanently serves as our overlords. Raw emotion and remarks, folks.

Remember what I said in March 2021 – Joe Biden’s policy on China is China’s policy.

That should make the hair on everyone’s neck stand up because China is the beta test; China is the model; China is what we will become as life on the technocratic global plantation begins as enforced by the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism; and replete with a full toolbox of Bolshevik tactics. The same Bolshevik tactics that removed a sitting President Trump from office in America’s overthrow and which were leveraged to frame innocent Americans in the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation.

And what permitted all of that to happen?

Easy answer: Amerikans doing nothing about 2020 and ignornatly, foolishly and stupidly seeking to redress a stolen election with another guaranteed-to-be fraudulent and stolen election.

And that is exactly what happened exactly as projected.

“We’ll get ’em next time!”, the fools thought and said and whereby the fools were once again left empty-handed and wondering what happened.

How pitiful.

How pathetic.

How un-American.

How completely Amerikan.

We’ve rounded a corner from which we will never return…UNLESS Amerikans begin acting like Americans and right now; taking the literal interpretation of “right now.”

What does that look like?

It looks exactly like what I said beginning back in January of 2020 once I identified the verifiable vectors of ENTERPRISE FRAUD in the COVID-19 “pandemic”: NO ONE SHOULD COMPLY WITH ANY OF THIS [speaking about mitigation policies being handed down like masking, vaccinations, etc.]

Rather, what should have happened then and what should happen now is that Amerikans begin acting like Americans to unify behind a singular cause and purpose to peacefully and passive-aggressively resist all of it.

What would have happened if American parents all said, “Go to hell!” and dropped off their kids at school every single day with no mask, no “vaccine,” no nothing and forcing the schools to deal with them directly?

Schools would have stayed opened.

What would have happened if American business owners said, “Go to hell!” and kept their businesses open without any mitigation policies and Americans frequented those businesses every day in great numbers; focusing on smaller and family owned businesses?

Businesses would have stayed open.

What would have happened if American voters said, “Go to hell!”, took to the streets and demanded accountability to redress the stolen 2020 election insisting that there will be no further elections or anything else until 2020 was properly rectified?

Elections would have been remedied.


Amerikans would return to being Americans and Amerika would revert back to America.

No one has to point a gun. No one has to take a shot. No one has to engage in violence. None of that needs to occur.

As I said back back in early 2020, all it takes is EVERYONE SAYING, “GO TO HELL!” AND REFUSING TO COMPLY WITH ANY BIT OF IT.

As someone near and dear to my heart in the Marco Polo thread reminded me last night, “But what can one person do?” said 350 million people.”

If you’ve ever played organized athletics and using my head coaching experience in football as the analog, you’ve likely experienced or at least observed the moment of being down by a score you can overcome with a sliver of time remaining on the clock in the most important game of the season.

In that instance, what remains is one shot; one shot for all of the marbles and to determine it all.

What that shot requires; however, is all eleven men doing everything right in all of the right places, in all of the right ways and at the right time. Then and only then do you actually have a shot.

So, Amerika, you have one shot left to return to being Americans in America.

And not without a sense of irony, it requires no “shot” at all.

Rather, it requires us all to unify and say, “Go to hell” while passively-aggressively resisting every single granular bit of it.

There are 327 million of us. There is a fraction of a sliver of a decimal point of a wisp of them. Any decision to allow them to determine your future is self-subjugation and volunteering to live life on the technocratic global plantation.

Amerikans have ominously painted themselves into a corner with a single exit and one shot left to get out.

The future of Amerika has been determined for us; not by us, and this future is guaranteed UNLESS we all remember our history and heritage, find the requisite intestinal fortitude, RISE-UP and take the “shot.”


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  1. JP Maxwell November 10, 2022

    You’re awake and angry. It’s part of the grieving process. Take it from someone who has been doing this for 30 years. The only way is by violence. The CIA took out the last American President that tried stopping them, JFK. Trump is NOT who you think. All we can do is prepare. America is gone and has been since 9/11.

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