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Let’s Talk About McCarthy’s “Endless War” and Graham’s U.S. Tanks “To Change the Tide of Battle” on the Ground in Ukraine

-08 Jan 23-

As everyone knows, the drama is over, it’s official and Kevin McCarthy, R-CA is the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives in the 118th Congress. Thought holds that the Republican Party has emerged from the process, which is exactly what real, actual democracy looks like, to be stronger than before it. By all appearances, though, I think we’re right on course for business as usual with a corrupt and criminal U.S. politburo; however, President Donald Trump’s peculiar and recurring endorsement of McCarthy still shines as a point for closer examination.

In the examination of McCarthy and his endorsement from Trump, we focus on the new congressional rules package but not before I put cards down on the table as necessary contextual backdrop.

Back on 04 Nov 22, I wrote an election preview article that projected:1- the theft of the 2022 midterms, 2-the plausible scenarios for that theft, 3-McCarthy as the future House Speaker and 4-that it would result in “business as usual” for Congress. In that article, I said this,

These miscreants have no other option but to steal the 2022 midterms because not doing so spells the end of it all and the end of them. It’s something I write about often termed as an exercise in self-preservation.

So, that is where we are. The 2022 midterms will be stolen and what remains are the three basic outcomes that stand to come to fruition; only one will:

Political Moonshine

Omitting the first two scenarios, here is the accurately projected third scenario knowing that the first one was ruled-out altogether and the second one positioned the Democrats to steal both the House and the Senate, representing the other 50% of the projection:

The Democrats maneuver to steal just enough of the right elections in some of the right locations so as to cling to those offices while politicians from the other side of the coin give the illusion of a change but allow the political class to preserve its power. Therein Republicans would actually be stepping-in for their colleagues to maintain this power through duplicity and lies. This would result in a new Speaker of the House, who Newt Gingrich has projected to be Kevin McCarthy. Kevin McCarthy stands to be Nancy Pelosi Lite and the illusion of change occurs at a veneer level but in reality, it will be business as usual but decorated to appear otherwise. McCarthy was positioned to help Trump in 2020 and did not. Who really thinks that leopard is going to change his spots in 2022? Not anyone with a modicum of common sense; that’s for sure. A very real chance exists that this is what we will see if the Democrats are not so brazen as to steal it all for themselves. There is perhaps a 50% chance this occurs.

Political Moonshine

In the article detailing Trump’s peculiar endorsement of McCarthy, I said this,

When the remedy is electing a Trump-endorsed and controllable gator as Speaker of the Swamp, it means that the illusion of change that I’ve been projecting over and over is once again entirely on the mark.

Voting is an illusion just like freedom and liberty are in the present. Thinking that McCarthy is going to work in such a way to undo the politburo and expose its criminality is a bad bet because it would require him to undo himself and he won’t do that just like Bill Barr didn’t. Just follow the FTX money. McCarthy is one of them.

Here’s your analog. Just like former two-time Attorney General William Barr wasn’t stupid enough to appoint a special counsel in John Durham that would undo himself, Kevin McCarthy is not stupid enough to leverage the full power of the House to undo himself, either. Ask John Durham. Ask Kevin Clinesmith. Ask Michael Sussmann. Ask Igor Danchenko. More importantly, ask Sam Bankman-Fried from his rat and maggot infested prison cell in the Bahamas.

Political Moonshine

As the old adage goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Perhaps this informs our understanding of Trump’s McCarthy endorsement and we’ll elaborate on that after playing several more high value McCarthy cards.

For one, McCarthy is going to thread right to the multiple-front war scenario with Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan/South China Sea that I’ve covered in nearly 100 articles drawing back to March 2021. Know this – they are marching us towards World War III, have been for years and I have several decks of cards to evidence it.

For the critical underpinning of the work here on McCarthy, this article going deep into Ukraine and the Sam Bankman-Fried scandal must be consumed and understood: The Keystone of Corruption: Ukraine, the FTX Scandal, PrivatBank, the National Bank of Ukraine and Ihor Kolomoyskyi [on Substack].

That article places FTX/Ukraine as a central node to it all and extending from it are Joe Biden, as the largest FTX beneficiary, a wide slate of Democrats, Mitch McConnell and, of course, Kevin McCarthy. All of them received laundered donations from FTX and this series of articles evidences all of it while the McConnell details can be read here and McCarthy’s here.

Don’t forget that FTX had a line item in its ledger called “TRUMPLOSE.” And then Trump lost. And then the usual suspects received those FTX funds for the next round of stolen elections in 2022. And then the most conservative of their opponents “lost” just like Trump did in 2020. And in the process of those candidates losing, Kevin McCarthy used FTX-donated funds in those primary races to defeat real Trump endorsed conservatives. It’s basic math, folks.

Given all of this, it’s imperative to situate McCarthy’s House speakership relative to Ukraine. Ukraine is one of Biden’s two epicenters of crime, corruption and treason; the other being the second front in the multiple-front war scenario, China. Metabiota is the evidenced linkage of the Bidens’ direct ties to U.S. Department of Defense biolabs conducting the bioweaponization of dual use pathogens in Ukraine. The U.S. Department of Defense was just outed as having been engaged in biowarfare against the American people this entire time [read this: The U.S. Department of Defense Has Been Engaged in Biowarfare Against the American People This Entire Time.] Ukraine [FTX] is the operational money laundering hub for the corrupt and criminal U.S. politburo. And, of course, there is more but space here is limited.

What it means is that if we pull the Ukraine thread – and I have – the entire tapestry of corruption, crime and treason unravels.

This is why it’s important to have a war. As I repeated in the article War At All Costs,

War is the one thing with the capacity to erase any and all concerns and evidence preceding it. If all of the evidence of corruption, crime and treason is clearly presented on the chalkboard for all to see, war is your classroom teacher grabbing the eraser and making it all disappear right as the fire alarm sounds to send everyone outside in a panic.

This illegitimate administration is desperate to maintain control as it all crumbles around them and it places us in highly dangerous times. Make no mistake about it. If it is required, they will absolutely pull the fire alarm of war.

Political Moonshine

Now consider this as sourced directly from Matt Gaetz, R-FL as occurring during the process of electing McCarthy to the house in an historical 15 votes:

This is democracy? This is what Americans “voted” for? This petulance is appropriate from someone two steps away from the Executive and the launch codes to the nuclear arsenal that come with it? And all because he’s not getting what he wants, which is something he believes he’s entitled to?

Do you now see why positioning McCarthy must occur within the frame of Ukraine and war and by extension of that so as to accurately capture both fronts, China?

Who funds war as retribution for an election process not going ones way and which also doesn’t align with the wishes of the American people whom the politburo is supposed to “represent?”

That we live in highly dangerous times is by far an insufficient remark at this point. What is sufficient; however, is the catalog of articles I’ve written evidencing the march to this war that began a long time ago and gained further traction more recently in March 2021.

The new congressional rules package impacts our original analysis on McCarthy but it may not portend change. It stands to make McCarthy controlled opposition lest we not forget that in any meaningful ways, such as in possible forthcoming impeachment proceedings, the U.S. Senate is the venue for the House initiated impeachment trial. Therein, none other than Vice President Kamala Harris is the tie-breaking vote for that Democratically controlled body. Nonetheless, the new rules package could serve as a leash and choker to control the opposition’s dog.

Before we examine the rules package; however, we should comprehend recent developments escalating us towards World War III that is all but certain to go thermonuclear if it kicks-off.

You can begin here with this recent Mar-a-Lago speech delivered by President Trump in which he addresses the nuclear issue [it’s a Telegram post].

Other developments serving as war escalations include these headlines with commentary and leaving the articles for your independent consumption:

  1. 31 Dec 22: Russian Military Says Victory “Inevitable” In New Year Message: This is emblematic of no end to the war in sight and for every day it continues on, it’s a step closer to full-on kinetic warfare with Russia, which will be followed by the immediate opening of a second front by China.
  2. 31 Dec 22: China Conducts Military Maneuvers Near US Bases At Guam, Okinawa: China is further rattling the war sabres by the proximity of its war exercises to U.S. bases and allied partner Japan. This is dangerous with a Chinese proxy in Biden sitting in the Executive.
  3. 31 Dec 22: US helped Ukraine target Russian generals, sink Moskva, book reveals: The now direct war in Ukraine, albeit it by limited standards compared to a full-on direct kinetic war, began as a proxy war drawing back to Ukraine regime change circa 2014. As suspected, the U.S. was involved in the sinking of a Russian flagship and the targeting of Russian generals; and this positions Russia to regard the actions as legitimate acts of war that entitle Russia to respond in kind.
  4. 01 Jan 23: Who Will Start The First Major War Of 2023?: Knowing that world wars always begin with a flashpoint, which doesn’t have to begin in either of the two primary theaters, Serbia, North Korea and Iran are indicated as potential flashpoints that stand to escalate matters.
  5. 03 Jan 23: Huge Death Toll After US-Supplied Himars Leveled Russian Barracks In Donetsk, Possibly Hundreds Killed: This is a significant development considering that Russian forces suffered likely their single biggest loss of the war after a Ukrainian strike with U.S.-supplied Himars missiles that killed multiple dozens, or possibly hundreds, of newly mobilized troops in the east of the country. Moscow indicates a U.S. role in the attack.
  6. 03 Jan 23: Strikes Inside Russia Will Go “Deeper & Deeper”: Ukraine Intelligence Chief: The U.S. proxy Ukraine overtly promising progressively deeper strikes inside Russia is something Moscow and Vladimir Putin will not tolerate. Russia will certainly counter and once again this accounts for significant escalations.
  7. 03 Jan 23: Russia Says Peace Treaty Talks With Japan “Impossible” Over “Unfriendly” Ukraine Stance: Further down the line of unending war, Russia indicates that it is incapable of engaging in peace treaty talks with Japan due to its stance over Ukraine. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s assassination bears down here.
  8. 03 Jan 23: Moscow-Brokered Turkey Deal: Are Foreign Forces On Their Way Out Of Syria?: With Syria as a longstanding potential flashpoint for WWIII, the evacuation of Turkish troops from Syria knowing that the history of relations between Syria and Russia is a long one, is problematic. Recall that Turkey is a NATO country and NATO is a central node to all things and a military provocateur. This would create direct pressure for America’s oil-based occupation of Syria to end thus leaving Russia and the U.S. in continued direct opposition in the region as resting on that long history.
  9. 05 Jan 23: Zelensky Says Russian “New Mobilization Process” For Major Offensive Imminent: When Zelensky indicates Russian mobilization for a major offensive in Ukraine, it means that the assessment is coming directly from the U.S. Such a mobilization in light of the continual failure of attempted peace talks creates a potential interface for the U.S. to escalate its levels of kinetic warfare against the Russians.
  10. 05 Jan 23: White House Rejects Putin’s Christmas Truce As But A “Cynical Ploy”: The Biden Administration’s rejection of Putin’s truce and then characterizing it as a cynical ploy is yet another indication of war escalation presumably on behalf of its principal, Xi Jinping and China. China wants the U.S. at war with Russia so it can move to recapture what it views as rightfully theirs: Taiwan. The second front will bring the U.S. to its knees and China is then positioned to achieve its longstanding doctrinal objective of supplanting the U.S. as the preeminent global superpower. Recall that evidenced increased bilateral relations between Russia and China, which extended to the military domain, are critically important here.
  11. 05 Jan 23: 101st Airborne Still Deployed In Romania Simulating War With Russia: With around 4,000 members of the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division still deployed in Romania as part of a military buildup in Eastern Europe as ordered last year by Biden; and where the Pentagon is undecided on maintaining current troop levels, this should be viewed as maneuver for rapid advanced troop deployment for an anticipated conflict.
  12. 05 Jan 23: Putin Sends Warship Armed With Hypersonic Missiles To Atlantic & Indian Oceans: This is clear regional messaging from Russia in light of intensified war escalations from the Western Empire.
  13. 06 Jan 23: Russia Blames Ukraine For Shelling Frontlines, Hours Into Christmas Ceasefire: This is further and clear evidence that no matter Putin’s intent of bringing the Ukraine matter to a halt; including attempts a ceasefire over the major holiday season, the Western Empire will not have any of it because not only do it want this war, it needs it.

That brings us to this and once again it’s the limp wrist Senatorial dog whistle Lindsey Graham doing the bidding of the Western Empire and the Military Industrial Complex. Previously, the detestable and despicable Graham irresponsibly, recklessly and dangerously openly called for Putin’s assassination in what amounts to a drastic war escalation.

Now, Graham is calling for the U.S. to change the “tide of battle” by placing U.S. tanks on the ground in Ukraine. Simply, the Western Empire will not be happy and satisfied until it has the war it wants and that war will be thermonuclear at some point – that pretext evidence is deep and wide. Moreover, the Military Industrial Complex continues to profit from blood money derived from war.

Is there any room to question the war escalation? No. Not one granular bit of space.

Is there hope to avoid that war? Perhaps but it puts two important things in direct conflict: McCarthy as a House Speaker willing to fund endless war as a mechanism for political retribution and the new rules package to leash and constrain him, which appears to be a construct of the Republican Party’s leader Donald J. Trump; as executed by his apparent rebel proxies in Congress.

Let’s examine those rules sourced at the Daily Mail, recapitulated at Gateway Pundit and reproduced below:

  1. Members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus got commitments to be added to the Rules panel. The committee exerts tremendous power by setting the terms of debate but usually operates as a tool of the Speaker. (It traditionally has a 9:4 ratio, so the majority never loses).
  2. McCarthy had already agreed to a five-vote requirement to make the motion, which sets up essentially a vote of no-confidence in the Speaker, and agreed to lower it to a single lawmaker.
  3. McCarthy agreed to take a hard line on increasing the statutory debt limit – which Congress must lift to accommodate spending it has agreed to through appropriations.
  4. The holdouts reportedly got a pledge to get floor votes on term limits and border security. The former in particular could drive a wedge through the conference. McCarthy himself was elected to the House in 2006.
  5. The Conservative Leadership Fund, a PAC backed by McCarthy, brokered a deal with the Club for Growth that will impact Republicans that join the House in the future.  The CLF committed to stay out of ‘open’ primaries when a lawmaker vacates a seat. That gives arch-conservatives a chance to prevail in a primary without getting pounded by leadership, which sometimes weighs in on behalf of candidates deemed more ‘electable.’
  6. McCarthy reportedly agreed to allow ‘open rules’ on spending measures, which could lead to lengthy debates and efforts to zero out funding for programs unpopular with Republicans.
  7. Another concession is a cap on discretionary spending, CNN reported. although spending levels are usually negotiated by both chambers – and get influenced by the president’s budget requests.
  8. Republicans are girding to take on the Biden administration, and the conservatives forced a commitment to set up a committee on the ‘weaponization’ of the DOJ. The idea had been floated as a subcommittee on the House Judiciary Committee. Its exact structure and membership were uncertain.

Sundance at Conservative Treehouse, with whom I mostly agree and align on all things but whereas we often see things differently and through different lenses, projects what the 118th Congress and McCarthy stand to deliver in this piece worthy of full consumption [emphasis added]:

As previously noted, the 118th Congress is expected to authorize a “Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.”   The subcommittee will fall under the jurisdiction of the House Judiciary Committee led by Chairman Jim Jordan.  Additionally, Thomas Massie (R-KY) is being reported as a representative under consideration for the chairmanship the House subcommittee.

In order to avoid another complete waste of time; and considering the background of the current political dynamic which will surround this subcommittee; and considering my accurate predictions for all other special committees and House investigations; and considering that I have ZERO optimism that this committee will generate anything any different than the prior investigative sub and select-committees that preceded it (Fast and Furious, IRS Targeting, Benghazi, etc.); and with full understanding of the complexity of the daunting challenge such an undertaking would require; I have been asked to outline an actual roadmap for success in this noble endeavor.

Sundance at Conservative Treehouse

If we extrapolate Sundance’s assessment to the broader geopolitical landscape, the U.S. politburo and the 118th Congress at the same time we overlay it with a nearly decade-long encroachment towards war with Russia in Ukraine and the second war front against China, it looks exactly as I projected it in November – business as usual. There was a reason Graham called for U.S. tanks in Ukraine immediately after McCarthy was elected Speaker. Graham was sending the important message that, “Hey, y’all, nothing has changed and we’re still marching towards war.”

Perhaps the degree to which Trump can yank McCarthy’s leash will impact this projection resting on a mountain of evidence and like all things, only time will tell.


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  1. Sally H January 8, 2023

    it’s disgusting. so many traitors. but now we can add Gaetz, Jordon and Trump to the long list.

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