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War At All Costs

-17 Dec 22-

War at all costs – that’s the picture that has emerged from a clear and cogent reading of the tea leaves, the handwriting on the wall and the pretext that continues to spill forward from the federal apparatus, the military industrial complex, the intelligence community and the agent provocateur, NATO. In yesterday’s article I remarked on exactly this through an exclusive lens that even one day down the road, further bears out the truth,

Here’s the analysis you’ll likely not find elsewhere and it’s simple: 1-as threading through the Bidens and Ukraine, the COVID-19 narrative has unraveled entirely and it’s a monumentally problematic issue for the U.S. politburo and the federal apparatus and 2-the closer we get to the unvarnished truth about COVID-19, massive money laundering operations in Ukraine that have benefited the U.S. politburo, China, Ukraine, Trump, Twitter and the balance of that long list of crimes against humanity, THE CLOSER WE GET TO WAR.

War is the one thing with the capacity to erase any and all concerns and evidence preceding it. If all of the evidence of corruption, crime and treason is clearly presented on the chalkboard for all to see, war is your classroom teacher grabbing the eraser and making it all disappear right as the fire alarm sounds to send everyone outside in a panic.

This illegitimate administration is desperate to maintain control as it all crumbles around them and it places us in highly dangerous times. Make no mistake about it. If it is required, they will absolutely pull the fire alarm of war.

Political Moonshine

Please understand that this is a drastic and immensely controversial position to assume and it has been assumed carefully and arduously. This isn’t shooting from the hip nor is it reckless. Far from it.

This is an article examining war that rests on 89 others; all sourced, cited and evidenced and where the evidence continues to point in a single direction: the escalating march towards war and apparently, at all costs.

Rather, the only thing reckless about this position and work are the evidenced actions of a cartel of people who have hijacked this nation and its agencies, departments and institutions to leverage them in the continual drive to predetermined and disastrous end.

The most problematic aspect of all of this rests on a longer timeline drawing back to late March 2021 and it is three-fold.

For one, it’s the emergence of a two-front war and for the second, it’s a reversal of positions as an outcome of U.S. Department of Defense war gaming exercises respective to one of those fronts that was made by a Biden White House national security advisor; thus leading to the third, which is also an exclusive position – Joe Biden is going to take a predetermined dive.

That’s boxer’s vernacular to say that Biden intends to lose this war as the mechanism to strike the final blow in handing over this nation to this cartel of Globalists and Marxist communists who have constructed this war scenario out of thin air and drawing back to the Euromaidan Revolution back in 2014.

Who did that? It was the Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland cohort. That’s old Moonshine. In fact, all of this is old Moonshine that is informed by new developments.

This evidenced war timeline began with the emergence of a likely two-front war in two distinct theaters against Russia in Ukraine and China in the Taiwan Straight.

The Trump Administration previously interceded on both fronts by normalizing diplomatic relations with Vladimir Putin and Russia while it forced a less cooperative and more oppositional China to toe the line by establishing no-nonsense and firmer diplomatic relations.

There are reasons for this.

For one, Putin and Trump found common ground in their mutual opposition to this Globalist cartel and its intrusions on national sovereignty globally.

For the second, China is the current hammer to all nails and its being wielded by these Globalists to accomplish their geopolitical objectives. Ergo, with Russia there was an interface of cooperation and with China, it was an interface of opposition.

Moreover, it’s a full explanation for why Trump was removed from office with a “pandemic” manufactured out of the commission of egregious enterprise fraud because Trump was the last impediment between these Globalists and their geopolitical agenda that positions global governance as the central node.

As soon as Trump was out of the way, Russia/Ukraine exploded right on schedule and just as projected because it was made to happen. At the same time, China/Taiwan moved onto the deck in the ready.

As I reported back in March 2021 and as I have revisited frequently in the WAR, FAMINE & DISEASE series, the crux of it lies with existing evidence from the U.S. Department of Defense and specifically the U.S. Air Force relative to a war game exercise examining the China/Taiwan front. In that scenario, the DoD found that in every instance and no matter what factors and variables were changed, interchanged or combined, the U.S. lost.

This means that on a single front and according to the DoD, the U.S. loses to China no matter what. Hold on to that.

Moving forward and long before it emerged, I identified the second front with Russia over Ukraine, which is our current status quo and reality; and then it emerged right on time and exactly as I projected.

I’ll say it again, you don’t make accurate projections time after time if you’re missing the mark. Unfortunately, that portends as disastrous for the content of this article – war at all costs – and for the posterity of the nation and the globe.

The positions I projected and evidenced contend that as soon as the U.S./Russia/Ukraine flashpoint goes hot with direct kinetic warfare between the U.S. and Russia, Xi Xinping and China will move on Taiwan to open the second front.

We neared the inverse of that flashpoint in August and respective to the U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi when she provoked China by traveling to the region and where the rhetoric out of China intensified to put us on the brink.

Had China desired to move, the impetus was in place but China did not and those moments passed as the war environment deescalated but over time, the war drums have been steadily increasing in their tempo and volume.

It has left us resting on the exact projection made and evidenced years ago: a Russia/Ukraine flashpoint followed by the opening of the second front with the China/Taiwan flashpoint.

For anyone unfamiliar with the significance of a multiple-front war scenario, the answer lies in history as I’ve reminded folks over and over. The date is 06 Jun 44 and the context is the opening of a second front on the Nazis during World War II on the beaches of Normandy, which ultimately delivered a resolute loss to that regime.

People who fail to learn their history are doomed to repeat it, they say. They are correct.

This is where two new developments bear down immensely recalling that the U.S. has had boots on the ground in Ukraine as we’ve contended and evidenced but whereas it has only come to the public eye more recently. This is an imperative detail to comprehend because it’s the direct kinetic exchange between U.S. and Russian troops that stands to be the flashpoint for the entire Russia/Ukraine theater to go kinetic between the U.S. and Russia.

This means that in every instance the U.S. is inserting troops in Ukraine, contiguous to it or contiguous to Russia, the likelihood of a direct kinetic exchange increases ergo the likelihood of the entire theater going kinetic increases.

With that in mind, consider the first new development: US Sends Infantry Unit To Base Just Miles Away From Russian Border In Estonia. From the article,

Last week the US Embassy in Lithuania announced the Pentagon plans to step up troop deployments in the Baltic states, taking what was previously categorized as “episodic” troop deployments and turning toward a “persistent rotational presence” across the Baltics, including in Estonia – which shares two small stretches of land-border with Russia.

Zero Hedge

The second new development requires a review of imperative contextual backdrop. As I’ve long indicated, the Crimean peninsula is important for two critical reasons: 1-It’s long history of cultural heritage respective to Ukraine and Russia and where Ukraine is a former satellite state of the former USSR and 2-Crimea is home to the port of Sevastopol, which is home to Russia’s entire Black Sea Fleet.

These two factors make Crimea a perfect interface for the agent provocateur NATO to vector in on Putin and Russia and it’s precisely why we’ve seen NATO do exactly that on a long timeline.

One other item of critical contextual backdrop is the current, redundant and evidenced messaging coming out of Russia that provocations from the U.S. and NATO are progressively pushing Russia to the point of thermonuclear retaliation.

All of that makes the second new development an especially ominous one: US Believes Ukraine Can Retake Crimea, But May Provoke Nuclear Escalation. From the article and noting that the source is the White House,

The White House believes Ukraine’s military could retake the Crimean Peninsula from Russia. However, officials say the offensive may cross Moscow’s “red lines” and prompt a nuclear strike.

The Biden administration has radically changed its view of Kiev’s military since Russia invaded nearly ten months ago. The Ukrainians “continue to shock the world with how well they’re performing on the battlefield,” an unnamed official said.

The White House now assesses that the Ukrainian armed forces are capable of retaking Crimea, with NBC Newsreporting that statements to that effect were made to lawmakers during a Congressional hearing last month. The administration official was attempting to explain to Congress why Kiev still needs American support.

Zero Hedge/Kyle Anzalone via

The narrative that the Ukrainian military is in some capacity doing well is as fraudulent as the COVID-19 narrative. It’s mere rhetoric and pretext serving as a catalyst to permit the US. military and NATO to undertake operations in Crimea that are known to result in a disastrous outcome for the U.S.

More importantly, we see a repeated pattern of an illegitimate and Chinese proxy White House interceding on the Department of Defense. It was the White House that reversed the DoD’s position on losing one front to being able to effectively fight on two fronts. Those are patent lies, folks, and the consequences for them are basically unthinkable.

Thirdly, we see further provocation in Crimea from NATO and it’s clear those consequences stand to be thermonuclear.

As soon as an illegitimate Biden regime was inaugurated, we witnessed the instant evaporation of normalized diplomatic relations with Russia and forceful diplomatic relations with China that had her on a leash and controlled.

Now this same illegitimate and proxy Biden regime continues to intercede on the Department of Defense in all of the worst ways portending to a multiple-front war we are determined to lose because that’s precisely what Proxy Joe intends to do for his Globalist principals.

It makes for a very clear and ominous picture: it’s WAR AT ALL COSTS.



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