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Western Holiday Season Throws Cover To War Escalations As U.S. Senator Calls for Putin To Be Taken-out

-26 Dec 22-

Just as the Western World’s major holiday season threw cover to biowarfare in 2019-2020 encompassing the enterprise fraud construct of COVID-19, history is repeating itself for 2022-2023 as the multiple-front war scenario with Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan/South China Sea escalates. As the United States makes its way out of an historic weather system that wreaked havoc across the nation and killed more than 50 people, new developments indicate a rapidly escalating war scenario.

This is the 93rd article in this series dedicated to war, famine and disease. Let’s get to brass tacks in delineating the new developments evidencing these war escalations.

The first development bridges two longstanding positions respective to the U.S. proxy war in Ukraine against Russia and the intelligence community being the spine of the political continuum that is mostly responsible for the infiltration and hijacking of the U.S. government and its agencies, departments and institutions. In the aggregate, it envelops the removal of a sitting U.S. president to install an illegitimate Chinese proxy into the Executive, Trump and Biden, respectively.

With that in mind, consider this headline: ‘CIA is behind spate of explosions in Russia’: US Army Special Ops veteran claims intelligence agency and NATO ally are conducting sabotage missions.

Details from the article include: 1-The CIA is working with an unnamed ‘NATO ally’, according to Jack Murphy, 2-Murphy was a former senior trainer and adviser to an Iraqi SWAT team and 3-He said the CIA and President Biden are personally authorizing missions.

If Murphy’s assessment is accurate, it means that Biden and the CIA are authorizing attacks inside Russia and this leaves little to no room for alternative interpretations beyond Russia positioning this as a deliberate act of war. This would situate Russia to respond accordingly and in kind. Also problematic to this dynamic is the previous evidence that the U.S. already has boots on the ground in Ukraine making this a proxy war that is being deliberately transitioned to direct war; and a kinetic one at that.

The question everyone should be asking is who benefits the most from a kinetic U.S./Russia war?

The answer is clearly China and Biden’s installation into the Executive as a Chinese proxy via the enterprise fraud construct of COVID-19 bears down with full might here; respective to my longstanding position drawing back to March 2021. That position holds that the U.S. is being situated to lose this multiple-front war and Joe Biden is going to take a dive to make it happen.

What it means is that we should all be examining China’s rhetoric, actions and maneuvers in the region of the Taiwan Straight and the South China Sea because they are indicators of what is to come.

China’s recent rhetoric, actions and maneuvers include this headline: China deploys 71 warplanes to skies around Taiwan in chilling ‘strike drill’ – then blames US for ‘provocations’ and ‘collusion’ with self-governing island.

Details from the article include: 1-The planes were deployed in the skies around Taiwan on Sunday, 2-Sixty fighter jets took part in the drills, including six Su-30 warplanes, China’s most advanced, 3-This was one of the biggest incursions on Taiwanese airspace to date, 4-China blamed US for stoking tensions between Beijing and Taipei, and 5-Taiwan is a self-governing democracy, China wants to take control of it.

These details represent a rinse/repeat of previous Chinese incursions for the same reasons frequently found in old Moonshine. Therein, it’s important to note how the blame for it all is shifted by China back to the United States and its proxy Biden for the purpose of stoking tensions between Beijing and Taipei; and whereby Nancy Pelosi’s August travels to Taiwan bear down with full might.

The incursion was announced by Beijing on Sunday and Taipei on Monday; and critically, it was preceded by a similar exercise on Thursday where “39 PLA aircraft and 3 PLAN vessels around Taiwan were detected by 6 a.m.(UTC+8) today. R.O.C. Armed Forces have monitored the situation and tasked CAP aircraft, Navy vessels, and land-based missile systems to respond these activities.”

Moonshine positions hold that as soon as one front opens and presumably in Ukraine, the second will immediately open [in Taiwan]. Therefore, we must examine the timing and overlays for each of the two potential theaters together to extract accurate analysis; and that’s what we’ve been doing for 93 articles.

Other new developments are exacerbating the multiple-front war dynamic.

For one, we see evidence of Russia’s pre-war maneuvering with troop increases: Russia To Increase Size Of Military To 1.5 Million Troops.

Additional evidence for Russia’s positioning toward a kinetic war and can be seen in Vladimir Putin’s transition in moving away from his longstanding classification of Ukrainian operations as a “Special Military Operation” to it being “war;” noting that it occurred in response to Volodymyr Zelensky’s D.C. shakedown for more U.S. taxpayer funds: Putin References Ukraine “War” For 1st Time, In Response To Zelensky’s D.C. Visit

In chilling fashion and as if to say, “Putin took the bait,” the U.S. responded in kind by saying that Putin was finally “acknowledging reality”: US Says Putin Finally “Acknowledging Reality” After 300 Days Of War.

Let us not forget that all of this draws back to regime change in Ukraine conducted by the CIA, the intelligence apparatus and the cartel of Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland vis-a-vis the Euromaidan Revolution. Ergo, any so-called “reality” to be found is a “reality” fabricated from thin air by this cartel of Globalists who use Nazism and communism like a carpenter uses a saw and a hammer.

The U.S. led color revolution eventually produced Zelensky’s installation and it makes both Zalensky and Ukraine a U.S. proxy, which means by default that they are both Chinese proxy’s given Biden’s evidenced positioning as a Chinese proxy. Biden’s regime is calling the shots in Ukraine and China is calling the shots for Biden.

Again, who benefits most from the Russia/Ukraine war? China does and so does the second war front China intends to open in Taiwan as soon as Russia goes directly kinetic with the U.S. in Ukraine.

This is why the following development is so troubling: Ukraine to call for Russia’s removal from UN Security Council.

Who controls the UN through funding? China does.

Recall that Trump found common ground and normalized bilateral diplomatic relations with Russia in opposition to these very same Globalists. China is therefore the Globalist’s hammer to all nails.

China and these Globalists successfully removed Trump essentially leaving Putin as the last remaining hurdle. Ergo, by citing the Ukrainian war they whipped-up out of thin air, the Globalists are taking a final step to fully isolate and conquer Russia by having the U.S./Chinese proxy Ukraine fraudulently call for Russia’s removal from the UN Security Council.

Every granular bit of this is contrived to ulterior ends and the evidence for it gets even worse.

For one, the Western Empire’s constructed Ukraine narrative and its propaganda machine have fabricated additional misinformation and disinformation to give the further appearance that Putin is isolated and badly informed: Kremlin Rejects Reports Of ‘Isolated, Paranoid’ Putin Who Is Fed Inaccurate Battlefield Info.

We find further evidence of these positions in this very similar headline and extraction: Ukrainian Narrative Continues To Morph Ugly: “If the “Ukrainian narrative” was not ugly enough, it continues to work its way farther to the dark-side. It is debatable how long the American people will buy the line that funding the war in Ukraine will result in a good outcome. Someday, what is happening in Ukraine may be looked back upon as a horrible blunder, lie, and misstep largely orchestrated by America and the “Obama/Biden political machine.”

Blunder, no. Misstep, no. Lie, yes. Well orchestrated and executed plan by an Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland Globalist cartel, yes.

We see even more evidence of the Western Empires objective of regime change in Russia by means of isolating Putin in the form of Putin’s push back on the constructed narrative as found in this headline and extraction: Putin “Ready” To Negotiate End To Ukraine War, But West Wants To “Tear Apart” Russia: “We are ready to negotiate with everyone involved about acceptable solutions, but that is up to them – we are not the ones refusing to negotiate, they are,” Putin said.”

Putin’s assessment is exactly and precisely correct and it’s evidenced by the Western Empire’s long history of encroachment and incursions on Russia’s national sovereignty by it’s agent provocateur NATO. What we’re bearing witness to now are the final throes of that continuum and the Globalist’s objective of capturing Russia.

What will happen if Putin is removed and Russia is captured? The same thing that happened in America, Ukraine and other nations where inept, unqualified criminals and worse are installed as puppets and proxies as were Biden and Zelensky, respectively.

At that point, these Globalists will own the entire globe; or at least the nations that matter, and it will truly be the Empire just as we see in Star Wars.

The Western Empire is doggedly determined; however, and its promised deliveries of Patriot missile batteries now includes considerations for training the Ukrainians on how to operate them. The fine print here is understanding that the training stands to occur inside the United States.

Are we bringing the Russia/Ukraine war stateside? To our own doorstep? This would be a first step to doing exactly that and it opens the door for legitimized Russian retaliatory strikes on U.S. soil.

Evidence of NATO’s continued encroachment can be found in this headline and extract that stands to further line the pockets of the military industrial complex given that it’s contingent upon further deliverance of Patriot missiles: Greece Under US Pressure To Send S-300 Missiles To Ukraine: “NATO member Greece is mulling the transfer of some of its Russia-made anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 to Ukraine, at a moment it’s reportedly under pressure from Washington step up support to Kiev. Previously Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos signaled that the government is mulling the S-300 delivery, but only if the US replaces these systems with Patriot anti-air defense batteries for Greece.”

Not surprisingly, Putin has confidently responded in kind to the U.S. supplying of Patriot missiles to Ukraine: Putin 100% Sure US-Supplied Patriot Systems Will Be Destroyed In Ukraine. Putin’s confidence infers kinetic aggression and that represents outright war escalation as incited by the Western Empire.

For anyone not distracted by the Western World’s holiday season but thinking these war escalations are somehow off-base or exaggerated, the coup de grace of the Western Empire’s escalating war rhetoric can be found in detestable, duplicitous and back-stabbing Lindsey Graham’s recent statement succinctly summarized in this headline: Sen. Lindsey Graham: Someone Must “Take Out” Putin For War To End.

“How does this war end? When Russia breaks, and they take Putin out. Anything short of that, the war’s gonna continue.”

[The United States is] “in it to win it, and the only way you’re gonna win it is to break the Russian military and have somebody in Russia take Putin out to give the Russian people a new lease on life.”

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC

The Globalist Western Empire that is now being piloted by a proxy in China, which stands to most greatly benefit from this escalating manufactured war, engaged in regime change in Ukraine to fabricate this war with Russia out of thin air.

It has all arisen out of the post-Cold War geopolitical environment and the further encroachment and incursions of NATO and the Empire on Russia’s national sovereignty.

It has placed Russia and her President, Vladimir Putin, on the defensive since the Empire rid itself of President Trump and wrecked the normalized U.S./Russia diplomatic relations that Trump engineered.

And now, one of the Empire’s worst miscreants in Lindsey Graham is calling for Putin’s outright removal at best and assassination at worst.

Do people understand how dangerous this is?

Who thinks this is going to just subside on its own?

For those who understand and study Putin, who rally thinks Putin is just going to stand idly by and permit all of this to unfold as his nation’s sovereignty is undone around every corner thus predisposing Russia to being captured by the Globalists just as America as been?

The war is manufactured from thin air.

When it goes kinetic, the war will immediately feature a second front.

When the second front opens, the war will become global.

It means that we remain on the precipice of a third World War and it’s being escalated under the cover of the Western World’s holiday season just like the biowar unfolded in 2019-2020.



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