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McCarthy’s Impeachment Impotence Confirms He’s ‘Nancy Pelosi Lite’

In the run-up to the stolen 2022 midterm elections, I wrote several articles revisiting the fallacy of the so called two-party system and the illusion of things like elections, freedom, democracy, etc. I projected a number of scenarios that included the election theft and the illusion of change that would occur in a turnover in House leadership.

In a Nov. 2022 article laying-out 3 plausible midterm election outcomes, I put it like this in the third scenario [emphasis added]:

The Democrats maneuver to steal just enough of the right elections in some of the right locations so as to cling to those offices while politicians from the other side of the coin give the illusion of a change but allow the political class to preserve its power. Therein Republicans would actually be stepping-in for their colleagues to maintain this power through duplicity and lies. This would result in a new Speaker of the House, who Newt Gingrich has projected to be Kevin McCarthy. Kevin McCarthy stands to be Nancy Pelosi Lite and the illusion of change occurs at a veneer level but in reality, it will be business as usual but decorated to appear otherwise. McCarthy was positioned to help Trump in 2020 and did not. Who really thinks that leopard is going to change his spots in 2022? Not anyone with a modicum of common sense; that’s for sure. A very real chance exists that this is what we will see if the Democrats are not so brazen as to steal it all for themselves. There is perhaps a 50% chance this occurs.

Political Moonshine

Just like former AG Bill Barr didn’t appoint someone to a position that could undo himself with respect to the theft of the 2020 election as was the case with DEAD END DURHAM, the institution of Congress and the intelligence community didn’t permit someone with fidelity to the causes of truth and the rule of law to assume leadership and undo the whole lot of them.

Moreover and out of sheer self-preservation for McCarthy, recall that he threads through the FTX/Ukraine money laundering scandal that should be a critical component of any Biden impeachment.

Far from Speaker of the House and as an ordinary person with access to the same information as any other ordinary person, I had accumulated enough verifiable evidence and completed enough analysis on Joe Biden to have him and a full slate of others locked away for life and worse; and I had most of it before Trump was forced out.

Point being, 2.5 years later, the same evidence is now more widely available and more broadly accepted. It also includes substantially more evidence that was unknown at the time and all of it is aggravating; severely so in many instances.

Overlay all of that on this development: ‘Republicans decide to forgo Biden impeachment vote after internal fighting’. [NBC News]

As goes the leadership, so goes the House.

NBC reports that, “In a de-escalation of internal GOP tensions, House Republicans are now aiming to refer a Biden impeachment resolution to two committees instead of holding an immediate vote on impeaching the president.”

The House will vote Thursday to send a resolution offered by Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., to the Homeland Security and Judiciary committees. By forgoing the impeachment vote, Republicans will be able to avoid, for now, a messy fight that was already dividing the conference.

McCarthy confirmed to reporters on Wednesday afternoon that he opposed an impeachment vote right now, arguing that to “prematurely” pursue it “undercuts” GOP efforts to investigate Biden.

“It’s very serious,” he said of impeachment. “That’s why I don’t want to do anything that harms the investigation we’re going through right now.”

The House Oversight and Judiciary committees have probes focusing on Biden.


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., who urged rank-and-file Republicans at a closed-door meeting earlier in the day to oppose Boebert’s resolution, arguing that such an important issue should go through the committee process, three GOP sources who heard the comments confirmed.

NBC News

Sending this matter to two committees for potential investigations and hearings; as overlaid by the complexity created by the underlying national security issues, means one thing – it will take forever and produce nothing.

Any form of Republican leadership with a modicum of intelligence, fidelity to cause or common sense, would have leveraged their own internal investigations to begin the committees, investigative and impeachment processes long ago.

In this sense, Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-CO, would not have been compelled to file the resolution she did.

We should have been working on impeachment since we took hold of the gavels in this Congress, and I didn’t see any progress in the committees. And so that’s why I brought my privileged resolution to the floor to force action. And it seems that nothing happens in Washington, D.C., without force.

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-CO

If Biden is somehow impeached in McCarthy’s House, it’s because the intelligence community deemed it so in a reset of that side of the uniparty coin.

Otherwise, this all looks like more kabuki theater and yet another delay strategy designed to be fruitless.

The last one was DEAD END DURHAM.

Dead horse kicked.

By all appearances, any Biden impeachment is being delayed up to and likely past 2024.

It seems the power brokers will be resetting the Democratic field and the committees-based delay will permit Biden to potentially fade away albeit under intense scrutiny and painfully so, but not from anyone with any authority to do anything about it.

What can we logically deduce from our aggregate fact set?

That the spots on a leopard rarely change.

That Kevin McCarthy has been appointed and entrusted to artfully manage the Empire’s crumbling state of affairs in the People’s House and that he will do.

That McCarthy’s impeachment impotence is a clear indication that he’s Nancy ‘Pelosi Lite’ and it’s business as usual; just as projected.

That the timing of impotence is more important than impotence itself; and where McCarthy refused any relationship with impeachment until he was flaccidly forced into it akin to depositing a marshmallow into a piggy bank.

The best we’ll see is the illusion of change as Rome continues to burn.



  1. John Day June 23, 2023

    McCarthy is WEF glo-BAAL-ist
    Full stop

  2. SilverSunday July 1, 2023

    “ includes substantially more evidence that was unknown at the time and all of it is aggravating; severely so in many instances.”. It is all so aggravating!

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